Greenspan Reportedly
Bribes & Aids Bush
In Various Matters - Part 2
Sherman H. Skolnick

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his three sons should be prosecuted for reportedly massive money laundering from the dope traffic and other illicit doings worldwide. Also, for bribery, and in the case of the Elder Bush, for treason. This is clear from the more than 300 secret reputedly authentic documents consisting in part of the following: [1] Federal Reserve bank wire transfer records showing massive amounts in and out of accounts that are reportedly those of the Elder Bush, his sons, and/or in which they have a beneficial interest and/or are the major owners of the entities involved. Most have the secret authorizing code of Federal Reserve Chief "A.Greenspan", who we call Alan Redspan, because he is like a corrupt Soviet commissar, answerable to no one.
[2] Hand-written notes of a Senior U.S. government official in the Office of Internal Affairs, U.S. Department of the Treasury. His notes with bank wire transfer codes lists 25 banks secretly transferring funds in and out of "Proteus/Potus", bureaucratic slang for Vice President of the United States/President of the United States. As we began to show in Part One of this story, and continuing now, Federal Reserve dictator Alan Redspan with his secret authorizing codes shown, arranged and approved of the massive transfer as a money laundry, of billions and billions of dollars to the Bush family as follows:
===to George Herbert Walker Bush, using the Spanish spelling he prefers as his first name, as JORGE Bush. And to George W. Bush (Texas Governor), Jeb Bush (Florida Governor, who has a wife from Columbia), and Neil Bush, once an official of the defunct-by-fraud, Denver-based Silverado Savings Loan. Sent to and from Banco Exterior de Espana, Malaga, Spain, for Pilgrim Investments, the reputed Bush money ship, with the codes shown. That this was arranged reportedly through the reputed Bush family cocaine bank money laundry wizard, Giorgio Pelossi, quietly arrested in Chicago, January, 2000. For Pelossi details, visit our website:
===the Elder Bush sharing proceeds of illicit transactions reportedly including dope trafficking, with the Queen of England, through her identified accounts in the British Monarchy-owned Coutts Bank, London. Remember or note if you did not already know: the British Monarchy directly and through the Jardine Family as their agents and others, have been kingpins in the dope trade since the Opium Wars in China, starting 150 years ago and continuing. Financing it over the years in various forms reportedly has been the enterprise owned jointly by the British Monarchy with remnants of the Chinese Royal family, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, merged more recently with the Jacobs Family owned Marine Midland Bank of Buffalo, New York and Chicago. [More on this later.]
===The Elder Bush, as a U.S. government official and afterward, to benefit him for having done certain acts and doings as such, taking benefits and bribes reportedly from the Emir of Kuwait, to start a war with Bush's disgruntled PRIVATE BUSINESS PARTNER, Saddam Hussein, Iraqi strongman. Details of Bush as such partner for the decade, 1980-1990, were part of the secret records fought over a Chicago branch of Italy's largest bank, Banca Nazionale Delavoro, owned in part by the Pope. It was a subject of an unpublicized federal suit in Chicago. Bush/Saddam extorted hundreds of billions of dollars from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf for "protection", same as mafia gangsters shaking someone down. I and my associates WERE THE ONLY JOURNALISTS attending the hearing in the federal appeals court. After which, I interviewed the participants, May, 1991, detailing the same on Radio Free America, hosted by long-time broadcaster and journalist Tom Valentine. A transcript appeared several times in the populist newspaper "Spotlight". Zero for the rest of the press who I call the newsfakers.
Saddam Hussein was suckered by Bush using a top U.S. official, telling Saddam it is purely a local matter of no interest to the U.S., for Iraq to seize a portion of Kuwait long-claimed by Saddam as an Iraqi province and oilfield. For sending U.S. soldiers in harms way and suffering post-war Persian Gulf Syndrome, the Emir of Kuwait reportedly bribed Bush. The proceeds went, in part, to and through reputed Bush identified accounts in Arab Bank Corporation, Monaco. Fifteen thousand U.S. military since 1991 have died of the strange malady and eighty five thousand are either in dying condition or suffering horrible debilities. In addition, Bush reportedly received from the Emir 15 million dollars in gold. This is all forbidden by the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 9: "No title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States; And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, of Title, of any kind whatever, FROM ANY KING, PRINCE, OR FOREIGN STATE." (Emphasis added.) What Bush did is also in violation of federal statute, as noted by the Senior Treasury official in his hand-written notations.
===The Queen of England and her control of British Counter-Intelligence, called MI-6, bribed and benefitted Bush to arrange for MI-6 to spy and coerce U.S. citizens in the United States and to destablize such persons, particularly the large Irish Catholic populations of places like Chicago. [Chicago has a considerable number of Irish Catholics who sympathize with the anti-British royality, anti-British, IRA.]
Further, Bush was bribed and benefitted to induce him to pursue a course detrimental to the United States. Bush's reputed pirate operation, Pilgrim Investments, received many billions of dollars through the Queen's accounts at her Coutts Bank, London. Bush's reputed firm is linked to the Pilgrim Society, an offshoot of the Cecil Rhodes Trust, formed from the South African gold and diamond mine cartel. The Rhodes Trust is pledged to the treasonous purpose of overthrowing the U.S. government and restoring British domination over the American continent by returning it to the status of puppet colonies. The Rhodes Trust takes the position that those of Irish and German descent, many Americans, are sub-human and are not entitled to occupy this land and have a government called by them the "United States of America".
Great Britain has vowed to take back this Continent since at least the War of 1812 and for that purpose has arranged the political assassination of two anti-British U.S. Presidents, President James Garfield and President William McKinley.
William Rockefeller Clinton [that is what I call him for good reason mentioned elsewhere] as a student attended Oxford on behalf of the Cecil Rhodes Trust and took a pledge to support the same which calls for the collapse and overthrow of the U.S. Government. Twice inaugurated as President, Clinton took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution. How is this contradiction resolved? [U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1.]
Visit the website: There you can consider the contentions of Al Fayed that the husband of the Queen of England, Prince Phillip, arranged with M1-6 to murder Al Fayed's son Dodi and his intended new wife, then pregnant with his child, Princess Diana of Wales.
As shown by the reportedly authentic Federal Reserve bank wire transfer records, hundreds of millions of dollars were sent through the Rockefeller's Chase Manhatten Bank to Marine Midland Bank of Buffalo, New York, to credit to Bush's reputed accounts, Pilgrim Investments, Inc. The Jacobs Family of Buffalo own Marine Midland Bank. They also own Emprise Corp., a reputed mobster international enterprise dominating the food and beverage and other concessions of many sports stadia and race-tracks in the U.S. and elsewhere. Later, because of the smelly links becoming public, the name was changed to Sportsystems, Inc. By the way, they reportedly made Buffalo-resident O.J. Simpson into a sports celebrity. [The Norby Walters case, 1988-89, in Chicago's federal district court dealt with sports celebrities having many times mafia sports agents, without which they would go nowhere. OJ's Buffalo business partner, in the major cocaine traffic, was murdered during OJ's first trial in 1995, according to a major Buffalo newspaper.]
Emprise Corp., in turn has been a major stockholder of Chicago-based Bally Manufacturing Company that has been the largest manufacturer of pinball and slot machines used in gambling casinos, too often under criminal domination. Published accounts link Emprise to Cosa Nostra families in at least two cities. In 1976, well-known Arizona reporter, Don Bolles, was investigating Emprise and intending to write about them. He was murdered by a car bombing, his last words included the word "Emprise".
The reported mobster details of the Jacobs Family and their Emprise Corporation and Sportsystems are in a long series of press reports. Such as: Chicago Sun-Times, 9/16/71, 11/28/72, 5/15/72, 1/16/72. Chicago Daily News [now defunct] 4/28/72, in their issue 4/24/72 it was said, after describing them as a mob-linked concession company, "The company, Emprise Corp., of Buffalo, N.Y., has made millions of dollars in loans available to major league baseball teams, race tracks and other sports enterprises. In return, Emprise usually has received ironclad contracts--sometimes running more than 30 years--to provide food and beverages at sports events." Also, Chicago Tribune 3/4/75.
The Jacobs Family runs the dog racing tracks in Arkansas, popular there and has contributed heavily to the "campaigns" of Bush family crony, William Rockefeller Clinton.
So, with his reputed criminal enterprises the Elder Bush was in safe hands running his game, with the help of Alan Redspan, through Marine Midland Bank of Buffalo. In more recent years, the Marine Midland Bank has merged with the British and Chinese royalty-owned, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank. One of those of Chinese royalty, now residing in the Midwest, is the reputed North American chief of the Red Chinese Secret Police. He has a direct link by FAX to the White House. When we fingered him in 1997, he arranged with the FBI to block the website on which my story about him with his name, address, and phone number was posted.
The reportedly authentic hand-written notes of the Senior Official of the U.S. Treasury detailing and summarizing the numbers and accounts that go with some of the details here, dealt with twenty five banks used by the Bush family, which tend to incriminate them in reportedly illicit trafficking and bribery funds. The Bush Family reported criminality overlaps that of William Rockefeller Clinton, a close family crony of the Elder Bush, going back to the time Clinton was a college student in England and spied on the Peace Movement in Europe under the auspices of the CIA Station Chief in London, as arranged by the Elder Bush.
The Al Gore Campaign Committee reportedly paid upwards of one million dollars for a fairly recent picture made undercover by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration[not 30 years ago]. It ostensibly shows George W. Bush[now Texas Governor] snorting cocaine with Bill Clinton. In exclusive stories on my website, I have detailed several attempts to assassinate Albert Gore, Jr. as Vice President. Is THAT what is deterring Gore from using this reported picture to finger George W. Bush, as of this date, a supposed political opponent? {Actually George W. is a Clinton crony.]
CBS Network apparently found out we were working on this several part story. Result: recently CBS's "60 Minutes" Program put up a "straw man" to knock down, to divert attention. "60 Minutes" referred to supposedly shocking allegations against former President Bush. They were made by a team made up of Mark Phillips and his apparent girl friend, Cathy O'Brien, in their book with a double-meaning title, "The Trance Formation of America". She claims she was put into a trance and became a "sex slave" by high government officials, including George Herbert Walker Bush.
Several years ago this couple were set to be guests on my public access Cable TV Program cablecast within Chicago. Before coming here, Mark Phillips called me as the producer/moderator of the show, and insisted on the following conditions: [1] all my questions were to be put in writing and submitted to them in advance and [2] I was to make a written, ironclad guarantee that I as the moderator would NOT ask them or her any "negative questions". Having due regard for my integrity and being independent-minded, I refused these outlandish conditions. So, to blunt OUR Bush criminality stories, CBS ran this sex slave story to divert attention.
Click the links below to view a few samples of the reportedly authentic records we have, some hand-written by a Senior Official of the U.S. Treasury, going over the numbers and accounts of the Bush family apparent criminality using Alan Redspan's Federal Reserve bank wire transfer notations as a summary.
More parts of this story are coming. Staytuned.
U.S. Treasury 1
U.S. Treasury 2
U.S. Treasury 3
U.S. Treasury 4
U.S. Treasury 5
Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer and since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, devoted to disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery[often implicating banks owned and operated by corrupt judges] and political murders. Since 1991, a regular panelist and since 1995, moderator/producer of "Broadsides", a one-hour weekly public access Cable TV program cablecast within Chicago to some 400,000 viewers. For a heavy packet of our printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS size envelope [#10 envelope, 4-1/4 x 9-1/2] WITH THREE stamps on it, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days, (773) 375-5741 {PLEASE no "just routine" calls]. Before sending FAX, call. E-mail: Website: [NOTE "s" after my name in website address].


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