Greenspan Reportedly
Bribes & Aids Bush In
Various Matters - Part 4
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
More about WHY and HOW Foster was Murdered and the Reputed Role of Redspan/Bush. [Note: we decided to call this Part Four instead of Part Three, Section 2].
The suppressed report of the retired intelligence agents showed that Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was a high-ranking official of the super-secret National Security Agency, NSA. There was no actual title for him. In effect, however, Foster was the Chief of Bank spying, operating jointly with Alan Greenspan, the bank dictator who is like a Soviet Commissar, hence, called by us Alan REDSPAN.
As bank spy chief, Foster did this for some twelve years, purportedly as an attorney/strategist for the apparent NSA proprietary, Systematics, headquartered originally in Arkansas. His team included his reputed "lover", Hillary Rodham Clinton. She certainly was clever and knew how to pose as one thing and be another. Her late father reportedly was a mob "laundry man", washing illicit funds. A CIA "darling" from an early age, Hillary went on to become by 1990 Board Chairman of a reputed CIA proprietary conduit, New World Foundation, financing apparent CIA-paid agents-provocateurs to discredit indigenous dissident movements. Publicly, some thought she was a flaming liberal. Yet, she was for GOP 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
Foster's pal Hillary was in a position to understand criminality. Her family came apparently from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. Law enforcement personnel there contend her family was reportedly linked to the Gambino crime family, New York and Chicago and had mobster-linked cronies on the Chicago exchanges.
William Rockefeller Clinton, on the other hand, was tied to the Chicago mobsters and their traditional mobster vacation site, Hot Springs, Arkansas, where his reputed mother was a mob "party girl".[Documents of the alleged "Bill Clinton" and his early years have been more or less destroyed. Visit our website for more details:] In its simplest form, the Bill/Hillary couple was/is a CIA-mobster marriage of convenience.
Of the trio, reportedly with Systematics, Foster was the traveler and super-courier. He did a lot of the "leg work", worldwide. After his demise, requests under the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, caused disclosure of some 700 pages of documents as to him/Systematics/NSA. Many of the records, however, were heavily blanked out, called in FOIA parlance "redacted". While traveling, Foster had a more private mission. Hillary had long apparently confided in him that some day she was going to have to divorce Bill. So, among other things, like a typical unhappily married wife, Hillary wanted to know where her husband parked the money. [Our court reform group has a number of members who have been in divorce court. Finding their spouse's money is a key matter for them.]
Foster found one of Bill's coded accounts in Switzerland: Ten million dollars, apparently part of his cut from the CIA-dope trafficking through southern states jointly with Ollie North and George Herbert Walker Bush. Account code name included "Chelsea Jefferson", the daughter's first name and Bill's alleged middle name. Hillary reportedly told Foster that if and when the marital battle begins, to put a "brick" on the Swiss and other of Bill's secret coded accounts, EVEN THOUGH THE ELDER BUSH IS INVOLVED, through a beneficial interest, and EVEN THOUGH THE WIRE AND OTHER TRANSFERS WERE ARRANGED BY ALAN GREENSPAN. One of the accounts is listed as bank account #18, on the hand-written list of a senior U.S. Treasury Official, Office of Internal Affairs. [See Part Two of this series, and attached documents.] Some of Bill's coded accounts were actually an overlap with the Elder Bush and Caspar Weinberger. After Bush lost the 1992 election, he pardoned Weinberger from being prosecuted by Independent Counsel Walsh to keep this concealed. These accounts were arranged by former secret police chief Bush, Bill's CIA mentor.
So, in an expected marital battle, Foster was pledged to aid pal Hillary, even if it meant wrecking and exposing her estranged husband's cronies, the Elder Bush and Greenspan and Weinberger. A dangerous confluence of events, howsoever it were to occur.
The Internal Affairs Office of the U.S. Treasury was reportedly well aware of this criminality overlap. Could the American Republic survive a current President and former President jointly prosecuted for high crimes and treason, an event caused by a new top official in the White House named Foster? Realists thought, probably not.
A series of horrendous events led up to the death of Foster, in July, 1993. About a week earlier was the downfall of the American CIA plot to topple Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, by a CIA-paid-for coup by Iraqi military intelligence officers. A watered down story of what happened did not appear in the American monopoly press until on and after November 1, 1993. A top White House official reportedly called off the coup which was to have assassinated Saddam. Aborting the cabal was President Clinton himself and/or jointly with former President Bush. The Elder Bush, as we have written about exclusively based on a unpublicized Chicago federal court proceedings, had been for the decade, 1980 to 1990, the private business partner of Saddam in oil kick-backs and extortions as to the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf.
Bush/Clinton had to stop the assassination of Saddam. Why? Saddam's half-brother in Geneva, Switzerland, who also had the documents of the Bush/Clinton/Greenspan/Weinberger criminality and treason and their Swiss coded accounts, promised documents would be released requiring the treason prosecution of Bush IF BUSH AND HIS CRONIES ARRANGED THE MURDER OF SADDAM. To avoid such event, Saddam's half-brother himself was assassinated. But the documents were conveyed to an independent-minded commentator.
Investigating this whole situation of Clinton/Bush/Greenspan/Weinberger was former CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner. The Admiral was checking into the Elder Bush and his family and their reputed cocaine bank money laundry wizard Giorgio Pelossi. [Visit our website for related item.] Turner was traveling with the head of the Costa Rica secret police as well as an eight-person team from Secret Police of Spain. Their airplane was sabotaged and crashed, seriously injuring the Admiral and killing his wife, and most of the secret police onboard who were checking the Spain links to the George Bush family reputed dirty business aided by Redspan and the bank secret wire transfers. This occurred not so long before the posting of this story.
So, just before the murder of Foster, the Iraqi plotters were tricked into trusting Bush/Clinton/Greenspan. By this duplicity, Saddam found out and had the plotters assassinated.
The day before the murder of Foster, the Director of the FBI, William Sessions, was sacked by Clinton. What was the reason planted in the monopoly press? That Sessions had misused his position by taking his wife along, at unauthorized government expense, on official FBI airplane flights. Sessions had in place an elite team, he believed were above reproach, investigating the high-level treasonous criminality of Bush/Clinton/Greenspan/Weinberger and related culprits. The way Sessions was unceremoniously removed was a tip-off. Sessions should have known he was sailing into shark-invested waters.
Several weeks before the death of Foster, German counter-intelligence in Frankfurt were actively surveilling three Israelis apparently residing only temporarily in their venue. This team were reportedly academic types actually, properly called "professors" in Israel. They had no known criminal or other negative background. But the German secret police through long reliable sources came to understand that this trio were actually a one-time contract "hit" team, not directly under the auspices of the State of Israel or The Mossad. In plain language, paid, private, contract killers, exclusively for this mission.
Through their American affiliates, the German spooks traced the team later to the District of Columbia. The Germans were informed that their bird-dogging of the "hit" team would lead to tremendous U.S.-German intellience agency friction. That is, they were told to lay off.
[Also reportedly a part of German Counter-Intelligence from Frankfort, was Andreas Strassmeir. He reportedly infiltrated one of the several teams involved in the multiple bombings of April 19, 1995, of a Federal office building in Oklahoma City. Among other things, he was reportedly aware that the Elder Bush, upon the conclusion of the Persian Gulf War, quietly brought some five thousand Iraqi military intelligence officers and their families to reside in the U.S., many became residents of Oklahoma City. Through German-U.S. co-operation, arranged by the Elder Bush, Strassmeir was kept out of the hands of the FBI as part of the FBI cover-up. Prior to the trial of the so-called "lone bomber", Timothy McVeigh, his attorney filed a Petition for Mandamus, to try to require the McVeigh murder trial judge in Denver (where the case was removed to) to put into the public court record certain documents. The extra-ordinary Petition, filed with the federal appeals court, was not mentioned, if at all, in the monopoly press. The Petition referred to documents, some in the secret record and some in the public court record, showing that Iraq was behind the Oklahoma city terrorism, operating through U.S. dissidents as surrogates not knowing for whom they are doing it. Saddam Hussein, Bush's former private business partner, got his revenge on the U.S., and Clinton/Bush covered it up because of the treasonous links to themselves.]
Related facts: Little known, when it comes to security of the President and other high-level U.S. and foreign visiting dignataries, the U.S. Secret Service has been known for decades to rely on so-called "retired" or elder statesmen of the crime syndicate. So, when a President was to come through Chicago or stop there, the advance team of the Secret Service consults with local, trusted mobsters. Was there some lone nut weirdo would-be assassin going to endanger the President, they inquire. The elder mobsters and their own intelligence network always accommodated the Secret Service with pertinent answers and data. True in the past, true now.
Further, when the Secret Service works on a particularly difficult project, they set up what nowadays is called a "focus group", but made up of university criminology professors, "retired" mobsters, and other highly well-informed types. So, after the death of Foster, the Secret Service set up several "focus groups" to consider what had happened. And some of the "focus group" participants later informed us. Those details were corroborated by the suppressed report of the retired intelligence agents referred to in this series. The several sources thus confirmed details included:
===That the Israeli one-time "hit" team was known to be in the vicinity of the District of Columbia at the time of the murder of Foster.
===They they confronted Foster that fateful day in July, 1993. They dealt with Foster the same way the Gestapo team did when they came to the home of General Edwin Rommel, during World War 2. Rommel knew. Foster knew. They had to go with "them". The Gestapo taking Rommel from his family, went with him nearby. They told Rommel they knew he was part of the cabal plotting to overthrow Hitler and thereby committing treason against the German state, during the War. They handed Rommel a weapon, stating he can either shoot himself as they walk away, or if not, when they come right back, they will have to do the job. Either way, he was told, your family will be spared problems and it will be announced as a natural death or a suicide caused by bad health. And that Rommel would remain an honored General in the public mind.
Similarly, Foster was told that they knew what he had done. That he cannot be allowed to endanger the then new President, Clinton, and former President Bush, and Greenspan, and Weinberger, and the future of the U.S. central government. At the behest of Bush/Weinberger, Israel was owed a favor. Israel was the trans-shipment point for weapons from the U.S. to Iran from the start of the Iran-Iraq war, 1980. That Israeli intelligence had documented proof and pictures, proving Bush arranged the delay of the release of the U.S. hostages held by Iran, in return for the U.S. weapons shipments. The delay designed to show President Carter, running for re-election, as a wimp, unable to get back the hostages. The treasonous deal, done in a Paris suburb, October, 1980, called the "October Surprise", put in the Reagan/Bush ticket. The hostages were released just at the moment Reagan/Bush were inaugurated, January, 1981. And the Israeli government had proof of President Clinton's complicity later in the cover up of treason of his crony, the Elder Bush.
Foster was confronted with his role jointly with Hillary Clinton in American LaFarge, the U.S. unit of a French firm in which the Elder Bush reportedly has a large financial interest. Hillary had been a director of the firm which reportedly supplied the ingredients for poison gas to Israel's sworn enemy, Iraq.
Foster was suicided near the White House. His body was transported to Fort Marcy Park, Virginia, a Civil War memorial site. Finding the body there would enable Israel and others to possibly set off an international scandal. In that, right across the road, about 650 feet away from the park, was the residence mansion of the Saudi Ambassador. Questions could be raised. Was the Ambassador complicit in the death of Foster? Did those in the residence hear the shots? And so on.
Of course, the White House knew the truth. The super-secret National Reconnaissance Office, in charge of satellites, satellite spy and imaging, had images showing the body being moved to Virginia. The White House and that location in Virginia are under total 24 hour surveillance. Fort Marcy Park is not far from the CIA headquarters. Every blade of grass is under satellite imagery. A key operative of the NRO, who knew about all this, Daniel Potter, was murdered in March, 1998, and covered up as an unsolved crime.
Other details discussed with the "focus" groups and corroborated in the suppressed report of the retired intelligence agents:
===Foster's body was prepared for cover-up burial by a reputed CIA-contract mortuary, doing work for the "Defense Department" as a cover.
===The prosecutor in the District of Columbia, under the real circumstances of the death of Foster in the Capitol, certainly knew that his office had jurisdiction to investigate the murder of Foster, the highest ranking U.S. government official to be murdered since the assassination of President Kennedy. The prosecutor's office had more than 500 clear pictures, showing various aspects of the body and related matters. Some pictures showed Foster was finished off with a small caliber gun shot to the back of his neck, directly contradicting any story of supposed "suicide". Three days after that prosecutor's office began their inquiry, several purported "government agents", heavily armed, showed up but did not show credentials, if any. They quickly carted away most anything and everything in the prosecutor's office that could have contained Foster pictures, documents, and data. This event was never reported in the monopoly press. The pictures were referred to, however, in the suppressed report, and discussed during the sessions of the Secret Service "focus" groups.
Several years later, the Washington Post ran the barest mention of some of the details of the "hit" team. One story was by then Washington Post reporter Michael Isikoff. To pander to his CIA-media bosses at the Post, he wrote a story designed to heckle all items contradicting the Foster "suicide" story as mere conspiracy theories, starting one article very briefly mentioning me. [The Washington Post was exposed in a book, the first edition which was suppressed. "Katherine the Great" about Katherine Graham, supposed owner of the Post and her CIA links, by Deborah Davis.] Isikoff went to work for the sister publication, Newsweek. Isikoff reportedly is an asset of The Mossad. Some contend his meddling and complicity resulted in the murder of White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney, who was murdered by an intelligence agency team in a Starbucks Coffee Shop right in the District of Columbia, July, 1997, and now falsely blamed onto a "lone nut". Mahoney knew of Clinton giving U.S. financial, industrial, and military secrets reportedly to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, who is also a private law client of alleged "Independent" Counsel Kenneth W. Starr.
Another story about me in the Washington Post was on the front page, July 4, 1995. That early morning I received two calls. First caller, identified himself as a U.S. correspondent for the Israel newspaper, Ma'ariv. "Mr. Skolnick, your story is going to cause the head of The Mossad to be assassinated. You are a Jew. How can you do such a thing?", he blurted out. He did not want to hear that nobody from the Post had interviewed me in respect to the story that day. I did not finger the chief of The Mossad. I offered to FAX him some details. He hung up.
The Second caller that morning, identified himself as the U.S. correspondent of "Israel National Radio". He started right off condemning me, the minute I answered the phone: "Mr.Skolnick, you are a bad Jew. Stop these terrible stories!" he screamed at me. Without hollaring back, I tried to explain what I knew. I suggested, "You in the Israel press, should grill your man Isikoff for putting matters upside down and now you condemn me for it as if I own the Washington Post." The caller did not seem interested in my explanations.
So, in sum, these are the ones who had an interest to either have Foster murdered, or cover it up when they found out it happened. One way or another, Foster had to be silenced about his foreign bank accounts which overlapped those of the Elder Bush/Caspar Weinberger, and were reportedly arranged by secret bank wire transfers directly arranged and approved by Alan Greenspan, head of the super-secret PRIVATE bank, called the Federal Reserve:
(5) ALAN GREENSPAN or as we prefer to call him ALAN REDSPAN
Refer to the documents attached to the Part One and Part Two of this story, and particularly the Swiss bank account, Geneva.


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