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UFOs Seen From Shuttle - New Sightings From Coast To Coast
Latest UFO Sightings From Around US - Vivid Encounters
Week's UFO Sightings From New Jersey To Hawaii
Week's UFO Sightings Include Big Triangle Gliding Above Highway
Chevron-Shaped UFO With Blinding Light Among Week's Sightings
Spider-Shaped UFOs, Red Lights, And Triangles Seen Around US
Another Disc Taped Over Bedhampton By Anthony Woods 
January UFO Reports On The Upswing After Holidays
End Of Year UFO Sightings - From Discs To Eerie Lighted Orbs
Week's UFO Sightings Include Increase In Euro Events
UFO Sightings Pour In From Across US
Stunning UFO Sightings Continue To Increase Around US
Week's UFO Sightings Include More Triangles And Discs
UFO Sightings Down After 911 But Reports Continue
Eyewitness Describes Flying Chupacabras In Calama, Chile
Vivid UFO Sightings Continue In Spite Of Terror Attacks
Radar Confirms UFOs Over Carteret, NJ - Vivid US Sightings Continue
Week's UFO Sightings Sparse But Interesting
 More Triangles Over New York - Another Roswell Confirmation
 UFO Reports Dwindle As Holiday Approaches
 UFOs Fly Past ISS - Sightings In NY, NJ, Formation Of Triangles In AZ

 Discs Spotted Over DC, Florida And Ireland
 UFO Activity Heats Up Around The US
 UFO Sightings For The Week
 Ohio Egg-Shaped UFO - Strange Craft Chases Car In Texas
 Gigantic Illuminated Saucer Over NY - Huge Boomerang Craft Near NJ
 Halloween Link To Abduction Phenomenon? - Week's UFO Sightings
 Week's UFO Sightings - Diamond Craft To Triangles
 Strange Lights And UFOs - Man Snares 'Rod' In Grocery Bag?
 UFO Sightings Pick Up After Labor Day Weekend
 PA Disc Flies Above Nuke Plant - Cylinder Over Tennessee - UFO Flies Out Of Pacific
 Gettysburg UFOs Photographed - UFO Hovers Over Man's Georgia Home
 Third Anniversay Swissair Near Miss With UFO - Week's Sightings
 Weekly UFO Sightings Include Reports Of Disappearing Aircraft
 Sightings Increase: Huge UFO Attempts Landing In Illinois - Big One Seen In Texas
 Week's UFO Sightings Include Saucers, Discs, Triangles, & Cylinders
 Week's UFO Sightings - Many Reports Of Strange Lights, Some Craft Seen
 NY City Huge Red Light - Jets Chase Florida Lights - Kansas UFO Filmed?
NY UFOs Dive Into Ocean - New Jersey Sightings Continue - Much More
Graphic UFO Sightings And Abduction Reports This Week

Latest UFO Sightings - Triangles, Boomerangs, Cigars, Discs Seen By Dozens
UFO Upswing - Flying Amoeba-Shapes, Fireballs, And Blinding Lights
UFO Reports Up In March - Triangles In Maine, Alabama & Kentucky
George Filer Recovering - Latest Filer's Files Reveal More ET Reality
NY UFO Sightings - Another Seen From Airliner Over Arkansas
More Fascinating UFO Sightings - Some Recorded On Video
New Intelligent Signals From Space
Strange Case Of Missing Time & Melted Ice Cream In NJ
Bizarre Report Claims Black Triangle Shot At By Fisherman
More Signs The Environment Is Failing
Lots Of New UFO Sightings Around The US - Abductions Linked To CFS?
UFO Sightings Continue In Eastern US - Italy Getting Big Show
Stanton Friedman Speaks About "Lake County" And UPN
Soviet Army Vet Says TNT Special Genuine - Latest Europe-US Sightings
Enormous "V" UFO Astonishing Encounter With US Navy Nuclear Sub
Falun Gong Leader Paints Grim Picture Of ETs
USAF Book Calls For 'Intensive Scientific Study' Of UFOs
Roswell ET Craft Said To Have Helped Develop Our Spy Planes
New York Tops List Of Recent Sightings
More SSE Fallout - Interesting NJ Sighting/Encounter?

More Fascinating UFO Sightings Around The US This Week
Sightings: Some Old, Some New; Some Silver, Some Blue
Two New Jersey Men Spot Landed UFO And Then Lose Time
US UFO Sightings For The Week - Deer And Pigeons Acting Weird
Big Sightings Flurry In Florida
Amazing Florida UFO Sighting - Two Big Triangles Seen Near 990 Location
Week's UFO Sightings - Crop Circle Eyewitness?
Vivid UFO Seen Over LA - Missing Time In NJ - Hot UK Activity
Exotic UFO Sightings Abound - Deer Hunters Claims To Have Seen ETs In Woods
Weird UFO Report In Georgia - Latest On Ramey Roswell Photo Flap
Stunning UFO Sightings In Georgia - Activity Picking Up Everywhere
New Jersey Sightings Probed: Other New Reports
Is ET Capturing Our Spacecraft?
Discs, Huge Triangles Sighted - Canadian Reports ETs On Ground
Vivid UFO Sightings Around US Continue
Huge Triangle UFOs Mark Busy Sightings Week
Busy Skies - More Unusual Sightings During The Past Week - NY To Oregon
AF Academy Taught Future Officers About ETs - Also Latest Sightings

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