Ohio Egg-Shaped UFO - Strange
Craft Chases Car In Texas
George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #44

SOUTHINGTON - On Tuesday, October 31, 2000, Hazel A. Eisenberg reports a very bright UFO with a diamond shape at one end was spotted at 7:30 PM. Seven of my friends were watching the UFO as I got out of the car and pointed it out to me. It moved very quickly and then suddenly stopped on a dime. It then hovered and then changed altitude very quickly At first I dismissed it as a jet, but upon watching it for fifteen minutes, we realized it was very strange. We all dismissed it and went on with our plans. I didn't give it a second thought until I read about the sighting in Middletown, and it was exactly what we saw. I think this is very cool. Thanks to Larry Clark
CYGNET -- NUFORC reports it has received several reports from several states in the Midwest about this October 31, 2000, incident. An egg shaped ship crossed the sky, stopped shot up about a half mile, hovered for a while and changed to a multitude of colors and departed. At 7:15 PM the witness a teacher says, "We were heading north on I-75 just south of Cygnet when we saw a meteor coming across the horizon from the east and out of space." It crossed over I-75 heading west, when an explosion or emission of some kind illuminated the craft. This event, looked not like an explosion proper, but rather orange, yellow and a sparkling gold bolt of lighting with many branches! It came to a quick stop. We grabbed the video camera, but the battery was dead. We pulled out binoculars and saw a flash of white light, and then the ship moved up half mile. That is where it stayed until we got to the Cygnet Road exit. The object was hovering a hundred feet above the trees so we pulled over and stopped. A woman stopped her car in front of us and asked us if we saw the UFO? We exchanged names and agreed to meet later. The UFO was dimming, getting brighter and then turning a multitude of colors, including red, blue, green, white, magenta and yellow. We moved closer and it became an intense red, and that's when we decided to leave. "I don't like the way that this is looking!" The lights on the jeep started to dim and brighten and then dim again and we drove away as fast as we could. "We kept an eye on it and went back to meet up with the woman witness." Later both men developed a pain in their abdominal region right below the rib cage. The abdomen was inflamed and red. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center
WOODLANDS -- On October 26, 2000, with rows of lights on the underside of each leg traveling silently and at fantastic speed. It is a clear, cold night and I was outside with my telescope facing ESE at Orion. I looked up from the telescope when at about my 11:00 position I spotted a V-shaped formation of circular diffuse white lights on the underside of a 'solid' V-shaped 'fuselage' which was transparent (could see star field behind it) and shimmered like a mirage. From 4 to 6 closely spaced lights down each leg of V and 1 at point. Their diameter was nearly the width of each leg. They pulsed slowly at one-second intervals and simultaneously, and shimmered in sync with rest of craft. At first sight, it was at least as big as both fists held at arms length. Estimate altitude at between 2000 and 5000 feet. Traveled straight and level SSE at what must have been thousands of miles per hour and was completely silent. Fantastic, dizzying speed. Within view for approx. 5 seconds. At last sight it was about the width of my pinkie at arms length.
SAN ANTONIO -- On October 30, 2000, two witnesses noticed a twinkling star with blue and red flashing lights at 11:30 PM. One witness reports that her ex husband grabbed the binoculars, looks and says, "Damn these binoculars work good, there's blue and red flashing lights coming from it." I looked and saw a round shaped white light with flashing blue light on the left side of the object and red on the other. It looked like a slowly moving satellite or star. I looked back about three minutes later, but the flashing lights were gone. Now there was only a single red light sitting on top of the object! Shocking and exciting to see! I looked again several minutes later, no red or blue lights at all and the shape of the white light had changed entirely. For one it was not horizontal anymore, it was more vertical and now it was shaped like a long hot-dog and pointed on an incline towards the heavens! It was moving into space slowly. I think it was a satellite, but my ex husband says satellites don't have lights on them or change shape. Thanks to NUFORC
SAN ANTONIO -- On Friday night, October 27, 2000, Awais M. reports, "My girlfriend was driving to San Antonio to pick me up when this unidentified object flew towards her car. At first the thing might have looked like a plane, but after closer inspection, it seemed otherwise, and she could not decipher or identify the object." "The unidentified object hovered and it came very near her car. It seemed like it was targeting her for several seconds. She wanted a closer look at it, but driving made things difficult. She also saw a white light and red flashes along the side." "While we were coming back to Corpus Christi, she saw it again and pointed the object out to me." He described the UFO as "stagnant and hovering perfectly. The object seemed to follow us back to Corpus, and before heading to my house I saw it up high." "The next day, I saw it again and wondered what the origin was. So I called the naval station (U.S. Navy base in Corpus Christi.) and not surprisingly, they had no idea what it was." Thanks to UFO Roundup Joe Trainor Editor. 11/2/00
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