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Exposing The Ugly Truths


By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday’s Treason by Congress & Netanyahu

Netanyahu, the current puppet of Israeli treason against the United States was allowed to do what no American citizen could ever do: Which was to publicly address the members of the Congress of the United States.

Over the last forty years the congress has worked very hard to block any communication with themselves, by the people who live here. We cannot contact any member of congress that does not specifically represent us. That prevents any mass protest from ever getting to the congress as a legal body, even though the current congress is an illegal representative of a foreign corporation, USI.

To add insult to injury the creature above gave himself permission; the “right’ to come here to speak to this country about our policies in Iran ­ yet no one has chosen to focus on the extent of this interference in US policy, when it comes to Iran or to anything else that Israel decides to do in the world.

Netanyahu has been saying what he said ‘yesterday’ for twenty years and Iran has still not developed weapons grade uranium, because making bombs is Israel’s permanent addiction, not Iran’s. Further, Bibi fails to notice that even if Iran had a nuclear bomb, and tried to use it, that would never happen because within twenty minutes of launch, Iran would be destroyed. It is Israel that is in love with the Sampson principle of committing national suicide, rather than to allow anyone to attack them—which is not the goal or the policy of Iran, which basically just wants the sanctions lifted so that that country can live its own way.

Meanwhile Israel just spit again into the face of the American public ­ by coming here to lecture us about our current polices, while they continue to hold all of their failed policies which we have paid for, that they have been failing at worldwide, since 1948. The RT program mentions only the public and much lower figure of support for Israel, because they left out the black budget, for Israel, which: When I began this round of writing fourteen years ago was just over $13 Trillion dollars, not to mention all the rest of what they’ve stolen from our arsenals since Kennedy’s murder in 1963. The first few minutes deals with this obscenity…

If congress had any guts they would have all attended: Stood up and turned their backs on the Netanyahu Charade.

The Enemy’s Enemy: http://rt.com/shows/in-the-now-summary/237337-netanyahu-capital-hill-speech/

The second major story on “RT’s In the Now” today begins @ 5min 02 sec, which concerns Israel’s Hollywood that has been openly owned since they were purchased during WWWII to run propaganda for USI. They were paid off by special arrangements that allowed the major studios to avoid taxes, to do the bidding first of the OSS, and now when they have virtually created ‘Pop Culture’ to deal with national and international information about USI’s criminal policies worldwide: They have indeed changed the world according to Obamanation.

Much is made of “the arts” but the arts were murdered in the 1950’s by the joint efforts of Israel, driven by the stealth manipulation of the entire “arts world”. That happened by insuring Zionist control of the galleries, museums, and eventually all US publications, not just nationwide but globally ­ the private corporations that secretly administered the government cabal took over the art world and sent it all back to a CIA revisionist version of stone-age art; in order to eliminate anything that might cause anyone to ever think about whatever was published, related to the Arts-in-America.

It was this effort that killed music, literature and art, which could have been the one established avenue that would have stopped this takeover of the planet before it began—had the more creative people throughout the arts world been allowed to survive, which they weren’t. By the late 1960’s most of the real talents had already been silenced: Hence yesterday’s article.

In this 10 minute segment many examples are given, and much can be clearly remembered about everything from continuing to speak, as if the KGB was still active, not to mention the blatant antics of “24” which has given way to Netflick’s current folly from Kevin Spacey, or in particular how Kiefer Sutherland was used to shape America’s view of torture, nationwide. Having America’s movies become so clearly in-bed with United States Incorporated, has been a real weapon that has kept American’s “occupied” and stupid ever since Vietnam. This segment of “The Enemy’s Enemy ends @ 10min 15sec.

One other ‘truth’ that was blatantly exposed today came in the video from CROSSTALK. The guest from the EU crucifies himself in conversation with the representative from America, the host and the comments from Brussels ­ which all in all clearly lay out the origins of the term “Balkanization”. That is followed by how Kiev is being shaped to follow in exactly the same footsteps which led directly to the criminalization of Kosovo, as that was practiced during the genocides committed in Bosnia Herzegovina ­ none of which has yet been answered for.

Ceasefire Holding: http://rt.com/shows/crosstalk/237321-ceasefire-ukraine-civil-war/

If the world doesn’t begin to take some of the above into serious consideration, then this will really be all over, largely because an end date has already been reached, even for those “too busy working” people of the world, if they continue to fail to acknowledge anything about this massive topic, below…

What makes this so obscene is that this has already happened, yet we have not responded in ways that could change anything about this particularly ugly truth.


The Inescapable Past

Part ll
Exposing the Ugly Truths



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