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The Inescapable Past


By Jim Kirwan


The above is a 5 by 8 foot rough sketch for a pair of doors that goes back to the 1970’s which outlined in detail what was already reality then; but which has been massively covered up from that time to this. Now the responsibilities for all that death and destruction must and will be paid for soon.

Included above: Global-debt, slavery, pawn-brokers, religions, taxes, children, governments, addictions, history, drugs, credit, the Four Horsemen, primary lies, deceit, death, treason, corporate criminal practices, unemployment, privatization and the many-faces of the mass-murder of global-society…

That’s already begun in global proceedings that are being launched into the events surrounding Kosovo and everyone that participated in that global-crime. This series of crimes is being brought before the world court, despite the fact that USI has claimed immunity from all such world bodies, since even before those global-bodies were formed: Because of U.S. immunity from all the global laws that other nations are supposed to observe—which is about to be globally challenged because we’ve so overreached that fake-privilege for the last fifteen years at least. The U.S. must be held to account, just as the Nazi’s were, in part, after WWII. But of course since this is coming from the slanted EU, it remains unclear how much of what they plan to do will ever become internationally observed…

The Vietnam War ended in defeat in 1975. By the time we got to the 1980’s and Reagan; most of the above was already set in stone. War had replaced whole societies and most of whatever international and national laws that remained. From that point on nation-states had already become anachronisms that had to be destroyed, in the name of globally-privatized profits for the Oligarchs and their illegal banks around the world. Yet most of all of this went unnoticed so long as the filthy-profits kept on rolling in: Even the millions of people that were slaughtered did not matter to most Americans.

This political-slant continued until the whole world could finally see the truth: After we murdered our former ally Kaddafi and erased Libya from history. It was only after that USI and NATO slaughter; that people around the planet finally began to have enough of “War, War and Lots More War”, all of which was only exasperated by everything that USI & Israhell did during Bush senior and Clinton: They combined to set the international-stage that led directly to Iraq, three times now, Afghanistan, the over sixty years of continuing war on Palestine, the murder of Libya and the continuing war in Syria; with Lebanon and others including most of Africa waiting under the criminally active wings of thousands of drones that still go unreported…


The EU is setting up a new court that’s expected to prosecute war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army in the late 90’s and these are the crimes according to European Investigators: ‘Ethnic Cleansing of Serb and Roma Population. Organ Trafficking. Abductions and illegal Detention and also Sexual Violence - Destruction of Churches and Religious sites….”

k) The segment goes on to touch on the unlikely potential of real convictions because that could threaten Western leaders and politicians. But this is this kind of serious action that the EU now wants to appear to bring out, to cover their own colossal ineptitude, in every aspect of the collapsing EU at the moment. All of this to divert attention from their utter failure in Ukraine and everything to do with the theft of that place from the people of Ukraine for USI, NATO and Israhell.

Because if too many (prominent Western criminals) may fall and this is already the black-hole of Europe. It is the poorest region. It is riddled with debt and crime and if it collapses this would be catastrophe for the West and they definitely don’t want to show this: So I’m afraid that none of the big kingpins will fall as well…”

This begins @ 17min 09sec and ends @ 23min 04sec“In the NOW” today. http://rt.com/shows/in-the-now-summary/237005-nemtsov-opposition-leader-killed/

It’s the Sanctions Stupid!”

To twist a now infamous quote from ‘Wag the Dog’ and the Clinton Campaign

It’s the Economy Stupid!”

The West has been viciously using illegal sanctions against any nation that dares to resist America’s hegemonic demands for Full Spectrum Dominance. The public first heard about this from former Secretary of State Albright when she went on record as condoning the deaths of over half a million Iraqi children, wherein sanctions were used to create those 500,000 murders by the US, under Bush I. http://www.democracynow.org/2004/7/30/democracy_now_confronts_madeline_albright_on

Today USI is waging wars all over the planet using SANCTIONS instead of bombs, primarily because we can’t afford to wage hot-wars; so instead USI has reverted to forcing the EU and others to engage in ‘sanctions’ to destroy nations and people around the world, as their weapon of choice at the moment.

The truth is that no nation has the right to wage WARS thru the illegal use of sanctions, anywhere on this planet. And the arrogance shown by the West of late is now totally out of control whenever this subject comes up anywhere in the world today.

Sanctions” have tried to pretend that they are just a variation on boycotts which are legal and have brought down a number of the practices done by some nations in the past. These two practices are totally different, which the current tyrants of this world want to pretend are the same, but this cannot continue unless the world concedes that the U.S. really is the leader of the entire world, which we are not!

Here’s what’s actually being covered up in depth globally.

It’s All About the money and the EU can’t comply http://rt.com/news/236701-nato-baltic-boost-spending/

The reason this was required is deeply rooted in this article from Veterans Today….

Time to Discuss Nuclear Treason


It is way past time that people the world over begin to open the doors at the top of this article and begin to deal with all those that have committed the tens of thousands of crimes that have brought the world into this condition.

If we don’t use our imaginations and desires ­ then someone else will’. That’s just a fact that goes to how much has already been stolen from us all. And those qualities were stolen from the core of each of us, one person at a time.

For real life to exist Desire, Intuition, Creativity and Imagination must be used to have a real life anywhere, in any time that’s actually being lived. Everyone has these primary qualities, perhaps in varying amounts, but the talents belong to all of us, so why not use them now!



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