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Erica Khan

Jeff & Erica - More On The The Poor Quality
Control in The Manufacture Of The DOD's
BioWeapon 'Vaccines'

Jeff & Erica - World's First Program Revealing
Who REALLY Owns The BioWeapon 'Vaccines'
- Force- Released Pfizer Docs Show It's A DOD

Jeff & Erica - There Is NO Graphene Oxide
In The 'Vax' - Fraud Exposed By Extensive
German Study

Jeff & Erica - Trying To Save The 20%
The 80% Are Fading

Jeff & Erica - Guest Nurse Anne - Hospital
Horrors From Amyloid Lies To Spike-Laden
Organ Transplant

Jeff & Erica - How The Spike Injections Kill - Pt 1

Jeff & Erica - BioWeapon Human Suffering
& Death - Pt 2

Jeff & Erica - The Fight To Save The 20%
...Shedding And Smells Update

Jeff & Erica - Trying To Save
The Unvaxed & Luciferase

Examples Of Luciferase - Video 1

Examples Of Luciferase - Video 2

Jeff & Erica - Exploding Spike Protein Killer
Cancers And 100% Fatal Creutzfeld-Jacob
(CJD) Hitting Millions

Jeff & Erica - More Proof Of Shedding

Jeff & Erica - Breakthrough...Why And How
The Vaxed Are Emitting Smells And Odors

Jeff & Erica - Increased Shedding & Doctors
Profiting On Fear

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Is Getting WORSE
- Beware

As Jeff & Erica Have Been Warning About For
Nearly Two Years...Shedding Is 100% Real,
Extremely Dangerous And Must Be Taken
Very Seriously...

Confidential Pfizer COVID Vaccine Documents
state ‘Shedding’ is possible via ‘Skin-to-Skin
Contact’ & ‘Breathing the same Air’ and can
cause ‘Menstrual Disruption’ & ‘Miscarriage’

09-02-22 - HR2 - Jeff & Erica - Dr. James
Giordano...The Battlefield of the Brain

09-02-22 - HR3 - Jeff & Erica - Hidden Spike
Horrors Going On All Around US

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest ‘Linda’ A Natural
Healer Who Can Identify The Vaxed On Sight

Jeff & Erica - More Stories Of How The
Deadly Spike Kills Without Mercy

Jeff & Erica - The Immense, Hidden Number
Of People Whose Lives Have Been Ruined
By The BioWeapon Shots

Jeff & - Vaxxident Toll Increases And More Real
Human Shot Tragedies You'll Never Hear On

Jeff & Erica - With Special Guest Jon Wood
On The Covid Remdesivir Death Factories
Called ‘Hospitals’

Jeff & Erica - Rising Death Tsunami Of The
Vaxed, Carefully Hidden By The Complicit MSM

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Sickness, Post
Vax Carnage, And Monkeypox-Covid
Combination 'Vaccine'

Jeff & Erica - CRISPR Is A Bad Idea - Potential
Side Effects Are Incalculable - More Genetic
Modifications Coming Soon - And Those Virus
Denying Sellouts And Profiteers

Jeff & Erica - New Moderna Booster
Approved In England...And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Media Frauds And Phonies
Hustling Supplements To The Sick &
Frightened - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Induced Porphyria,
Monkeypox, Stealth Adapted Covid Virus,
Enormous Amyloid Clot Surgically Pulled
From A Beating Heart - Stunning Video

See Surgeons Remove An Enormous
Amyloid Clot From A Beating Heart
- Courtesy of the BioWeapon

Evidence the vaccines shed other toxic
materials besides Spike Protein - Pt1

Evidence the vaccines shed other toxic
materials besides Spike Protein - Pt2

Bhakdi's Newest Warning, Monkeypox Vax
'Shortage', New Potentially Fatal Virus In China,
Manufacturer's Evidence Of Shedding

Jeff & Erica - 'Cindy' Explains How She Was
Spiked By A Relative And How She Is Dealing
With it

Jeff & Erica - Exploding Cancers, Spike-Caused
Neuro Damages Getting Worse And Worse
- As Is Shedding

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest 'Sheri' (Unvaxed)
Tells Her Horrible Shedding Story - More

Jeff & Erica - The Ever-Increasing Dangers
Of Shedding From The Vaxed - Extremely

Jeff & Erica - Monkey Business Update
- The New Vax Sweepstakes Are Underway
- Pets Are Dying Of Spike

Jeff & Erica - The Monkeypox Vaccine Hustle
...Why They Are A Very Bad Idea - Much More

Jeff & Erica - Monkeypox Is Now Fully In Play

Jeff & Erica - Monkeypox, Malone Unloads
On Fauci, Birx

Jeff & Erica - Finally, One Doctor Tells It Straight
As We've Been Doing Here For A Long, Long Time

Jeff & Erica - Yeadon Says It's Easy To Poison
An Entire Population Without Them Knowing
- More Doctors Warns About Permanent Gene
Changes From The BioWeapons, Much More

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Robert Malone(v) Says Fauci
Is Deep State, John O'Looney(v) Talks About
Baby Deaths, And Live Blood In The Unvaxed

Covid BioWeapon Deaths Ravage
Neighborhood Including Couple
Who Died On Sofa Watching TV

Jeff & Erica - Harrowing And Grim Stories
Of The UNvaxed Being Shed Upon

Jeff & Erica - Harrowing And Grim Stories
Of The UNvaxed Being Shed Upon

Jeff & Erica - Vaxxidents And More -
Special Guest Ann, A Victim Of Three Vaxed
Driver Accidents In Last Year

Jeff & Erica - Smells, Serious Behavioral
Changes In Many Of The Vaxed And Severe
Shedding Results - & Ann Part 2

Jeff & Erica - Vaxed Smells, Cancer Explosions,
Severely Injured Oz Nurse Forced To Take The
Deadly Injection... The Inexorable Progress Of
The BioWeapon Catastrophe

Jeff & Erica - Vaxxidents And More - Special Guest Ann,
A Victim Of Three Vaxed Driver Accidents In Last Year

Jeff & Erica - Smells, Serious Behavioral Changes In Many
Of The Vaxed And Severe Shedding Results - & Ann Part 2

Jeff & Erica - Pfizer Horror To Double Strength
Of Its Covid BioWeapon - Yeadon Says Spike
Protein Was Chosen Knowing It Would Kill And
Harm People

Jeff & Erica - Monkey Pox Vaccine Deployment,
Omicron Specific Boosters, And Shedding

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Spells Out Certainty Of Spike
Protein And mRNA Shedding On The Unvaxed
- Big Drop In EU Vehicle Traffic - Many Vaxed
Looking 10 Yrs Older

Jeff & Erica - More Adults Dropping Dead
Of SADS - Hideous Walensky Announces
Open Season On Infants, Toddlers With
BioWeapon Shots - Parents Already Injecting
Their Children, Many Funerals Just Ahead -
More Human Injury Reports

Jeff & Erica - Is Graphene Back? Can It Cause
Protein Misfolding?

Jeff & Erica - Mass Murder Of Our Babies
And Toddlers And Dr. Richard Fleming
'Setting The Record Straight'

Jeff & Erica - Grieving Mothers Talk About
What The Death Shots Did To Their Children -
Novavax OK'd

Jeff & Erica - Amyloids And Very Suspicious
Monkey Pox

Jeff & Erica - Vaxxidents With Special Guest,
Justin And More On Terrible Shedding Events
And Reports

Jeff & Erica - The Human Suffering Of
The BioWeapon Victims - Part 1

Jeff & Erica - The Human Suffering Of
The BioWeapon Victims - Part 2

Jeff & Erica - Prion Update And The Next
Misdirection In The Spike Genocide - Urine
'Therapy' - Never Mind Urine Carries Spike
Generated Prions!

Jeff & Erica-Monkeypox Or Monkey Business?
205 NewSPIKE Protein Vaccines In Trials!
Several Doctors Talk & More

Jeff & Erica - Explanation Of Deadly
Amyloidosis And Amyloid Clots - A
Revelation Of The Dangers

Jeff & Erica - Monkey Pox Update - Evusheld
Monoclonal Antibodies For The Immune
Compromised - Amyloidosis And Plaques

Jeff & Erica - Amyloidosis Recap And
The Mystery Of Monkeypox Global Spread

Jeff & Erica - Why You Must Understand
Amyloidosis And Amyloid Plaques

Jeff & Erica - How The Vax Maimed And Injured
Are Being Hidden And Censored - Special Guest
Is Moderna-Injured Dr. Joel Wallskog MD

Jeff & Erica - AIDS Is Spreading And Underlying
The Huge Spread Of Some Form Of Severe
Flu-Like Illness

Jeff & Erica - Prions, Chimeric Viruses, AIDS
Pt 1

Jeff & Erica - Prions, Chimeric Viruses, AIDS
Pt 2

Jeff & Erica - UnVaxed Senior Care Crisis,
Special Guests...Nurse Ann & Mike

Jeff & Erika - Most All US Vaxed Are Developing
AIDS And Bill Gates Describes How To Sneak
Altered mRNA 'Vaccines' (BioWeapons) Past
FDA Regulators

Jeff & Erica - Paxlovid Failures And Why
Deadly Children's Hepatitis Is Increasing
...And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Multiple Updates On The
Covid BioWeapon Injection Genocide

Jeff & Erica - Shedding By The Vaxed Formally

Jeff & Erica - Vanden Bossche Forecasts
New, Highly Infectious Treatment-Resistant
Covid Variants - The Amazing Predictions
Of Anthony Patch

Jeff & Erica - Masks, Airborne AIDS, Airborne
Prions Tsunami Of Death Surges - 1993 MIT
Paper Describes Using Synthetic Biology
For Mass Population Control

Shocking Visible Proof How Masks WORK
- Look

31 Year Old ‘Healthy' Vaxed Female
Tests HIV+ At A Routine Doctors Visit

Nick Szabo - 'Life In The Era Of Humane
Genocide’ - MIT 1993 - How Synthetic
Biology Will Be Used To Reduce Population

Geert Vanden Bossche - Covid Super Variants
Due To BioWeapons Are On The Way

Anthony Patch - Incredibly Prescient Video
Predicts Epidemic Of Rabies In Humans,
Deadly ‘Flu’ Shots And Third Strand DNA
- Watch

Results Of Immune System Destruction Exploding

Dr Luc Montagnier - 16 Shocking Cases Of CJD
Appear Right After Taking The BioWeapon Injections

Italian Researchers - Vaccines Won't Work
Because SARS-CoV-2 Is Also Entering Your
Bacteria 3-15-21

Toxin-Like Peptides In Plasma, Urine And Fecal
Samples From COVID-19 Patients 7-8-21

Modifying The Human MicroBiome
(From The BioWeapons Handbook)

Jeff & Erica - Snake Venom In Your Tap Water...
Or The Latest Disinformation PsyOp?

Jeff & Erica - H5N1...Is The Next Pandemic
Here? China Reports 19 Human Cases Of H5N6
Bird Flu And More Novavax INSANITY
...People Flying Internationally To Get Novavax
- Even To India!

How The Synthetic Spike Protein Sterilizes
All Women Who Have Taken Or Will Take
The BioWeapon Injections

Jeff & Erica - People Deceived By Novavax And What It Really Is - Malone On The New AIDS - UK Warning And Horrible Video On Synthetic Hearts

Horrible UK Booklet For Kids Telling Them
Massive Heart Damage Is A Normal Result
Of Vax

Jeff & Erica - CJD And Prion Explosion -
16 People Get CJD Mad Cow Even 1 Day
After BioWeapon Injection - Bhakdi Says
Spike Can Change 'Entire Personalities'
EXHALATION Will Transfer Vax And Spike
Protein To The Unvaxed

Jeff & Erica - Spike Proteins, Prions,
Shedding And Transmission Worsening,
How To Try To Stay Safe

Jeff & Erica - More On The Growing Danger Of
Spike Generated CJD Prion Disease, The Micro
Clotting Cause Of 'Long Covid’…And Much More

Jeff & Erica - The Alarming Unfolding
Novavax Story The EVIL Spike Protein
Creating AIDS In The Vaxed And Update On
The Spike CJD Prion Horror Explosion

Jeff & Erica - The Incredible Diversity Of
Death Caused By The Spike Protein

The Many Ways The Spike Protein
Annihilates Human Life

Reports from morticians and embalmers
regarding abnormal clots Soaring

Jeff & Erica - Tinnitus And Other Neurological
Injuries After One Year Of Being Vaxed
- NovaVax - Spike Protein As A Binary Weapon

Jeff & Erika - NovaVax, VAIDs, AIDS And HIV

Jeff & Erica - Novavax Spike Protein-ONLY
'Vax' Presents Enormous Risks - Latest On
Those Who Are Leading The PsyOp That No
Viruses Exist

Jeff & Erica - Two Different Kinds Of Blood
Clots ... The Spike Clots And Normal Clots
With Ryan Cole Plus The Amazing Claim
Of 35% Blood Saturation

The Truth About The Novavax Injection And
Dissolving Pills To Track You And Make Sure
You Take Your Medicine...

Jeff & Erica - BioWeapon Injections Destroying
Women's Reproductive Ability, More Virus
Denier Lunacy And Much More

Dr. Richard Fleming - Viruses, The BioWeapon
Known As Covid-19 And The Kill Shots

Jeff & Erica - Maybe 30 Pentagon-Built Deadly
Bio-Weapon Labs In Ukraine, Why?
BioWeapon 'Vax' Spike Protein Micro-Clotting
Killing Human Tissue

Jeff & Erica - HIV Scam Gets Closer - Spike
Protein Is Killing The Body Piece By Piece -
Death By BioWeapon

Moderna BioWeapons Destroying Future Fertility
Of Baby Girls - Mass Sterilization Revealed

Whistleblower 2020 Showed Hidden Sterilization
Ingredients In The Deadly BioWeapon Shots

Watch Moderna CEO Stefan Bancel squirm
as he is pressed to explain the discovery
of a PATENTED cancer gene sequence in
the SARS-COV-2 virus

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne -
US Hospital Healthcare On Brink Of Collapse -
ICUs And ERs Are Overwhelmed With Vaxed

Jeff & Erica - Shedding And 'Bringers Of Truth'

Jeff & Erica - Helping Virus Deniers Find
Their Wits

Jeff & Erica - The Great 'There Is No Virus'
PsyOp And The Coming HIV Plandemic

Jeff & Erica - The Fake 'HIV AIDS' Scam To
Hide The Vax-Caused AIDS Nightmare - The
EMF Radiation Weapons Use By Black Clad
Cops To Cook PeacefulCanberra Civilians

The Fake HIV AIDS Scam To Coverup The
Vax Caused AIDS Nightmare
- See The EMF
Radiation Maiming And Burning Devices
The Oz Government Used On Its Own People

- Self-Spreading Vaccines - The Mystery Of
BioWeapon URA-3665 Solved?
- Why Would
Rational People Gather By The Thousands
In One Place? LRAD? Transfer Of Spike And
mRNA? Remember The Sick At Bard's Fest?

Jeff & Erica - Black Ops Cops Maim 100s
Of Peaceful Anti Mandate Protestors With
EMF Microwave Weapons

Jeff & Erica with Special Guest Nurse Anne

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Cliff Mickelson -
Stunning New Images Of Complex 'Nanotech'
Devices Found In NZ Pfizer 'Comirnaty' Vials

Jeff & Erica - HIV Worry Explodes In UK
Get Your Tests Now! Moderna MRNA HIV
Vax Trials Are Already Underway With 57
Participants In Four US Cities

Jeff & Erica - Shedding Worsening And The
Stunning Dynamics Of The Spike Protein And
What It Does

Jeff & Erica - Car Crash Victim Describes How
He Woke Up In Hospital Covid Final Care Mode
Hear His Full Story - Incentivized Covid Murder
In US Hospitals? Beware!

Jeff & Erica - Former Cell Boss Explains 5G
And Covid Link 2 Years Ago - Novavax - Richie
From Boston And Two Women Talk About The
PLAN And The Protocols Of The Learned
Elders Of Zion

Jeff & Erica - Malone Defends Gates, Worldwide BioWeapon Deaths Surge, Deadly Lipid Nanos In CV 'Vaccines' - New John O'Looney Video - Our First Year Weekly Program Anniversary!

Links - Malone Defends Gates - Covid Is a
Jewish Operation
- Photo Of Just A Few Of
The Super Wealthy Big Pharma Jews
- New
John O'Looney Warning Video
- Moderna
SM-102 'Vaccine' Lipid Nano Particles
Safety Sheet Warnings

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Ryan Cole On The Exploding
Super Cancers Among The Vaxed And The Ever
Worsening Danger Of Shedding & Transmission

Jeff & Erica - To Continue To Mask Or Not -
The Difference Between The N-95 And The
KN-95 Masks - Testimonial Of Professional
Healer Getting Spiked In Small Treatment
Room With Poor Ventilation And What She
Did To Fix It & Recover

Jeff & Erica - Dr Ryan Cole On The Explosion
Of Cancers Airborne AIDS-How The BioWeapon
Destroys Interferon In The Cells - Natural
Healers Freak Out...'See' Vaxed Patients
As Being 'Dead'

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne

One More Flush...The 'King Cobra Venom’
In Your Tap Water Farce - More Novavax
Craziness - And Why So Much Less Traffic
On Many Of Our Streets

'Watch The Water' Actors Are Backpedaling
And Into Damage Control - The REAL Source
Of Snake Venom From The Covid BioWeapon
- Listen

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Nurse Anne Wit
h More Astonishing Horrors In NY Big City
Hospitals, Clots And Cancers In Babies And
Surging Mass Death

Jeff & Erica - China Scientists Warn of Potential
'High Fatality & Transmission Rate' of
Coronavirus NeoCoV discovered in South Africa
- And Much More

Jeff & Erica - Who Is Running The World?
New Novavax Due Out Under EUA Soon,
Two New Dangerous Pills To 'Fight Covid'

- Heavily Pro-Vax FLURONA Video Out

Jeff & Erica - Are Brucellosis And/Or
Mycoplasma Masquerading As The Omicron

Jeff & Erica - John O'Looney's First Video After
Escaping Hospital And Obvious Attempts To
Murder Him - Listen

Jeff & Erica - The Covid Narrative Is Falling
Apart? Are Cats And Dogs Being Affected
By 'The Virus'? And Much More Important

Jeff & Erica - Special Guest Ann Blake Tracey
Why Are Doctors Prescribing SSRIs For Covid?

Jeff & Erica - A Hemorrhagic Virus Loose In
China? What's Making People Sick In The US
Right Now? Malone On The WEF, Gates And
The 'Government'

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne...Supreme Court And
The Collapsing American Health Care System

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne...The Supreme Court
And The Collapsing US Health Care System

Jeff & Erica - Dr Chetty...'Spike Protein Is One
Of The Most Contrived Toxins or Poisons Man
Has Ever Made' - Dr. Bhakdi...The 'Vaccines'
Are Killing The Young, The Old And Our
Children - And Some Nose 'Schwabs' Are
Contaminated With Radiation

(See Video...HERE)

Jeff & Erica - The Failed Attempt To Murder
John O'Looney...And Dr. Robert Malone Warns
Of Ebola Like Hemorrhagic Fever Super Virus

Jeff & Erica - The 'Rapid Test' Scam And A
Stunning German Publication On The Failing
Immune Systems Of The Vaxed, And Much More

Jeff & Erica - The Real Dr. Robert Malone -
Great Die-Off - Euthanasia Suicides And A New
Pfizer BioWeapon Mystery Protein Found...
Larger Than The Spike - What Does It Do?

Jeff & Erica - Top Covid Stories - New German
Study Shows Vaxed Have Already Lost 87% Of
Immune Systems And Will All Have AIDS Soon

Jeff & Erica - John O'Looney Hit With Severe
Illness Somehow Escapes Hospital And Is
Expected To Live

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Bahkdi's Latest Bombshell Video And Big Oil And Gas Planning To Replace ALL Vaxed Employees By 2025

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne Pt 2 - Life And Death In
Big Hospitals - 'Black Blood' In The Vaxed And
How Many Patients Are Being Pushed To

Jeff & Erica - Absolute Visual Proof How The
BioWeapon Destroys The Blood And Circulation
- Photos Video

Here Are The Stories And Links Talked About

Jeff & Erica - Nurse Anne Update On Life And Death
In Major Hospitals

Jeff & Erica - Degenerative Changes In Blood
Of The Vaxed Showing Disturbing Growth Of
Bacterial And Fungal Pathogens

Videos - Dr. Charles Hoffe On The Deluge Of
Micro Clots Following The Covid BioWeapon
- Dr Armin Koroknay Analyzes The
Rapid Thickening Of Blood After BioWeapon
- Dr. Suzanne Humphries Dark Field
Microscope Live Blood Analysis Videos Were Made At 4000x And Appear To Show
Proliferating Bacteria And Likely Aggressive
Fungus In The Blood Of The Vaxed

- This Patient Took The Pfizer Injection 4
Months Earlier And Has Suffered Neurological
And Cardiovascular Problems Ever Since - Last
Video In Group Is 'How Invasive Fungal
Infections Spread In The Blood' - Watch

Jeff & Erica - A New Infection Is Racing All
Over US (Not Delta, Not Omicron) Chimeric Flu?

Jeff & Erica - How The Covid BioWeapon
Masters Are Playing The Masses - One Phony
'Threat' After Another

Jeff & Erica - Stories Of Horrible Injuries
Of Vaxed BioWeapon Victims

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Russell Blaylock And The
Hidden Danger Of Deadly Spike Protein
Micro-Clotting - And The Raging
New BioWeapon Cancer Pandemic

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Russell Blaylock On The
BioWeapon Injection And Latest On The
Graphene Oxide Flap

Jeff & Erica - Dr. Russell Blaylock
On The BioWeapon Injection - Pt 2

Jeff & Erica - UK Mortician John O'Looney's
Newest Commentary And An Update On
Shedding Dangers

Jeff & Erica - 'Nurse Anne' Returns For Another
Shocking Look Inside A Major US Hospital

Jeff & Erica - How The mRNA And Adenovirus
BioWeapons Destroy The Human Immune
System People Are Now Dying Of All Sorts
Of Diseases

Jeff & Erica - Excellent Update On Diabolical
Spike Protein And The Probability Of Digestive
Bacteria ALSO Being Infected

Jeff And Erica With Special Guest 'Anne'...
A Career Professional Nurse Explaining
The Severe Vax Injuries Suddenly Appearing
In Hospitals In The Past 6 Weeks

Jeff & Erica On The BioWeapon Destruction
Of Planet Earth

RNA Created As A BioWeapon And Dr. David
Martin 'A BioWeapon Engineered For The Post
Extinction Of Humanity' - Get It?

SARS-CoV-2 Shown To Infect Digestive
Bacteria And SA Dr. Chetty Describes The
Deadly Covid BioWeapon

The Contrived 'Happy Hydra' Story Is Falling
Apart ...The REAL Nano Contaminants In The
Vax And Pfizer Ads Tell 5 Yr Olds They Will
Develop 'Super Powers' By Taking Their
BioWeapon Injection!

Italian Paper On Possible SARS Cov-2
Viral Infection Of Intestinal Bacteria Discussed

Dr. Richard Fleming Validates Everything
Erica Khan Has Been Saying About
Contaminants In The BioWeapon 'Vaccines'

Jeff & Erica Khan - Happy Hydra And Vax
Shedding Update

Latest On The 'Hydra' Contaminant (?) In The
BioWeapon Controversy And Dr. Robert Malone
Says The More Vax The Better - Shocker

The 'Things' Found In The BioWeapon Vials
And Blood The BioWeapon Has Turned To Sludge

How The Vax Destroys The Blood Just Like It
Was Designed To Do - Malone Says Vaxed
People Are The Big Danger - Madej On 'Live’
Organisms In Vax Fluid...The Hydra Mystery

Jeff & Erica Khan - SuperCancers In Vaxed
Breaking Out All Over - Dr. Sean Brooks
Warns School Board Of Nearing Vax Doom

Explosion Of Super Cancers And Fatal
Clotting Among The Vaxed Everywhere

Dr Ryan Cole (Video) On The Raging
Deadly Cancer Outbreak Among The Vaxed

Jeff & Erica - Our Bard's Fest Warning Was
Correct Tenpenny And Over 35 Sick And One
Dead Remdesivir Hospital Murders And The
Amazing Effectiveness Of Ivermectin

Project Veritas Part 2 - FDA Economist Wants
To Use Blow Darts On Unvaxed More Actors
Dropping Dead

HHS Nurse Blows Whistle On Fraud Vax - Says
They Are 'Full Of Sh*t - People Are Being Murdered

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cumbre Vieja Yellow Alert
And UK Funeral Director Blows Entire Covid
Fraud Pandemic Wide Open - Pt 1

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cumbre Vieja Yellow Alert
And UK Funeral Director Blows Entire Covid
Fraud Pandemic Wide Open - Pt 2

The Urgent Danger Of Shedding - Some
Bystanders Are Being Infected, Needing
Transfusions And Killed

Jeff & Erica Khan - Green Goo - Life In The Era
Of 'Humane Genocide'

Jeff & Erica Khan - Resolving the Issue
Of HIV In The Vax

Jeff & Erica Khan - Australian Vax Tyranny
And Harald Kautz Vella, Joe Imbriano And
Barry Trower

Jeff & Erica Khan - Internet 'News' Sites Running Wild With Graphene Oxide Abetted By 'Borrowed' Research From La Quinta Columna - The Mass Mind Control Now Unleashed On Americans With 'Get The Shot' Thoughts

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Incredible Forecasts Of Anthony Patch - How People Are Changed Instantly By The Kill Shot - Dr Charles Hoffe, Heroic Canadian Doctor

Jeff & Erica Khan - Bad Times Ahead With
Dr. Larry Palevsky & Anthropologist Alexis
Bugnolo Via Video

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cancers Breaking Out In
Vaxed People, Spike Proteins And Radiation
From Graphene Oxide, FDA Hustle And A
Remarkable Covid Presentation In Barbados

The Graphene Oxide Vax Controversy

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Covid Vax Dead Often
Show Radiation Poisoning - Programming Cells,
Mind And Memory Control

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Vax War On Children
And Dr Ryan Cole

Jeff & Erica Khan - Ionizing Radiation, 5G
And Graphene Oxide

Jeff & Erica Khan - Older Vaxed People Are
Shutting Down And Literally Dropping Dead

Jeff & Erica Khan - More Doctors Are Stepping
Forward With The Truth - Listen And Share

Jeff and Erica Khan - Less that 1% Of Vax
Injuries Are Reported - 45,000 Dead In 3 Days
Of Being Shot And The Totals Are Off
By A Factor Of 10x To 100x

Jeff & Erica Khan - Dr. Bryan Ardis...Remdesivir
Is A Fatal Drug Used To Kill Huge Numbers Of
‘Covid’ Patients - Listen And Learn, Facts Are

Jeff & Erica Khan - The Gruesome Price The
Unvaxed Are Paying Simply Be Being Near
A Vaxed Person

Jeff & Erica Khan - Cutting Edge Data On
Radioactive Isotopes and Resulting Radiation
Damage to The Vaxed, 5 Doctors Excerpt...
Tenpenny Has Earned A Vacation

Jeff & Erica Khan - Dr David Martin Says Vax
Is Obviously An Agent Of Death, Mass Murder
And Planned Genocide - Listen

Jeff & Erica Khan - Anthony Patch Laid Out The
Entire Vax Genocide And Third Strand DNA
Plan Perfectly...7 Years Ago - Listen

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning New Revelations
About The Killer Vax, Shedding And Patents
Part 1

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning New Revelations
About The Killer Vax, Shedding And Patents
Part 2

Jeff & Erica Khan - Remarkable New Analysis
Of Horizontal Transmission Of Killer Spike
Protein And Other Possible Hidden Items

The Black Mold Explosion In India - Here Next?

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning Overview Of
The Spike Protein - Genocide Attack On Human
Kind - The Latest Data - Part 1

Jeff & Erica Khan - Stunning Overview Of
The Spike Protein - Genocide Attack On Human
Kind - The Latest Data - Part 2

Spike Protein Damages Worsen
'Magnetic Vax' Update

First Analysis Of The Severe Dangers
Of Adenovirus 'Vaccine' Injections And
Resulting In-Body Spike Protein Overwhelm
And Shedding Transmission

Stunning Developments In Covid Vax Crisis
From Severe Blood Damage & Worsening
Injuries To EMF Emitted From Injection Site

New Information - Magnets Sticking To Injection
Sites And An EMF Meter Reading Emissions
From A Vaxxed Spouse!

The Growing Concern And Fear About Being
Dosed With Spike Proteins By The Vaxxed

Spike Protein Shedding...And Dr. Mike Yeadon

The Passing Of Something...Spike Protein Or
Virus (Or Both) ...from The Vaxed To The
UnVaxed...Is Clear And Resulting Serious
IllnessIs Now Clear - Worse By The Day

New Reports Of The Vaxed Transmitting
Synthetic Spike Proteins To The Unvaxed
Causing Severe Reactions - Esp In Women

How The Vax Will Make Your Immune System
Attack And Destroy Your Own Body - Listen

Erica Khan, NanoScientist
Terrible New 'Vaccine' Revelations

Jeff & Erica Khan
'Vax' Deaths And Injuries

Jeff & Erica Khan
Deadly News On The 'Vaccine' & Virus

Jeff And Erica Khan
Truth About The 'Vaccine' and Virus