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Zika - H1N1 - Swine Flu

June 9 Zika Situation Report - WHO

Panama Microcephaly Cases Increase To Five

Maryland Zika Cases Increase To 21

Zika Cases In Virginia Increase To 25

Cape Verde Microcephaly Cases Increase To Six

Third WHO IHR Meeting On Zika

Confirmed Brazil Microcephaly Cases Increase To 1551

New York Zika Cases Increase To 189

Zika Cases In United States Increase To 772

New York Zika Cases Increase To 184

Florida Zika Cases Increase To 165

District of Columbia Zika Cases Increase To Six

Maryland Zika Cases Increase To 19

Zika Cases In Alabama Increase To Five

New Jersey Zika Cases Increase To 19

Zika Cases In Virginia Increase To 20

Indiana Zika Sequences Increase To Seven


New York Zika Cases Increase To 135

Florida Zika Cases Increase To 116

Ontario Zika Cases Increase To 40

Zika Cases In Canada Spike To 81

Zika Risk In European Region - WHO May 18

Zika Confirmed Microcephaly In Puerto Rico

Zika Cases In MMWR Week 18 Increase To 497

New York City Zika Cases Increase To 82

Illinois Zika Cases Increase To 17

Brazilian Zika Causes Birth Defects In Mice

Zika Causes Placental Damage & Fetal Death In Mice

Zika Microcephaly In Mice - Cell ST

More Zika-Linked Microcephaly In Sucre & Yaracuy VZ

Zika Fort Bend Co, TX Cases Increase To Two

Confirmed Zika Cases In Mexico Increase To 160

Zika Cases In Bolivia Increase To 15

Zika Confirmed In Australia ex-Vietnam

WHO On Zika Neurological Disorders & Microcephaly

Zika Linked GBS Death In US ex-Central America

Confirmed Microcephaly Cases In Brazil To 907

Preventing Zika in Labor & Delivery Settings - MMWR

Zika Confirmed Wise County, Texas

Zika Cases In Canada Increase To 32

Confirmed Zika Cases In United States Top 300

12,600 Zika Cases in Martinique

Zika Cases In Canada Increase To 32

Zika Confirmed Delaware 'Travelers' Up To 3

Zika Kentucky 'Travelers' Increase To Two

Zika Confirmed Kauai Hawaii ex-Latin America

Pregnant Zika Cases In US Increase To 18

Travel-Associated Zika Among US Residents - MMWR

Early Zika Infection = 14% Chance Brazil Microcephaly

Zika Linked Microcephaly In Panama

First Case Of Zika Virus Tied To PARALYSIS

Zika Confirmed Cases In United States Increase To 285

WHO Zika Situation Report March 17

Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 66

Texas Zika Cases Increase To 34

Zika Confirmed Delaware 'Travelers' Up To 3

Zika Kentucky 'Travelers' Increase To Two

Zika Confirmed Kauai Hawaii ex-Latin America

Pregnant Zika Cases In US Increase To 18

Travel-Associated Zika Among US Residents - MMWR

Early Zika Infection = 14% Chance Brazil Microcephaly

Zika Linked Microcephaly In Panama

First Case Of Zika Virus Tied To PARALYSIS

Zika Confirmed Cases In United States Increase To 285

WHO Zika Situation Report March 17

Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 66

Texas Zika Cases Increase To 34

Zika & Role of Placenta in Teratogenic Effects

In 1993, Noam Chomsky Delivered The Zika Secret

Zika & Microcephaly Study In Rio de Janeiro Brazil NEJM

Zika Retards Growth Of Human Cortical Neural Progenitors - Cell Stem Cell

Suspect Zika Microcephaly Case In Tolima Colombia

Zika Updated Guidance For Pregnant Women - Public Health England

WHO Zika Microcephaly & GBS SitRep Mar 4

CDC Tool From Predicting Zika Microcephaly Spike

Maryland Zika Cases Increase To Four

Illinois Zika Cases Increase To Seven

Zika Crisis Latest Findings - Harvard Forum March 4

Zika Confirmed Microcephaly Cases In Colombia

Second Confirmed Zika HCW ex-Venezuela In Cuba

Zika Confirmed In Contra Costa Co CA 'Traveler'

Zika 1st Trimester Infection Tied To Microcephaly In VZ

Zika Confirmed In Hawaii ex-Pacific Traveler

Zika Traveler In Harris Co Texas ex-Venezuela

Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 47

Feb 2016 Partial Zika Sequence From Moscow

Zika Cases In Miami-Dade Increase To 22

Zika Confirmed In Wake Co NC Traveler

Zika Confirmed In Houston Texas ex-Guatemala

Zika Cases In North Carolina Increase To Five

Wolbachia Targeting Mosquitoes In French Polynesia

Zika Microcephaly Cases In Brazil Grow By 10% In Week

Confirmed Zika Cases In Mexico Increase To 121

New York City Zika Cases Increase To Nine

Illinois Zika Cases Increase To Six

Confirmed Microcephaly Cases In Brazil Up To 641

Zika Confirmed Presov Slovakia ex-South America

GAO Zika Report

Partial Zika Sequence From Rio de Janeiro CSF

Zika Virus Genetic Plague Weaponized - Deagle - pdf

Confirmed Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 44

Zika Confirmed In Two Colorado 'Travelers'

Zika Confirmed In Utah Child 'Traveler'

Zika Can Cause Debilitating Neurological Disorder

Zika Affects Over 120, Including 11 Pregnant Mex Women

Zika - Scientists Show Evidence Of Guillain-Barré Link

Confirmed Pregnant Zika Cases In Mexico To 11

Partial 2016 Zika Taiwan ex-Thailand Sequence

Zika Cases In Germany Increase To 26

Partial Zika Sequence From Microcephaly, Ceara, Brazil

Full Zika Sequence From Fatal Case Maranhao, Brazil

California Zika Cases Increase To Ten

Illinois Zika Cases Increase To Five

Maryland Zika Cases Increase To Three

OR Zika Confirmed Travelers Increase To Five

Transmission Of Zika Via Sexual Contact w/Travelers

Zika Virus Infection Among US Pregnant Travelers

Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 35

Zika Confirmed In Hancock County ME Traveler

Zika Case In Tarrant County TX ex-Caribbean

2016 NZ Zika Cases Increase To 61 'Travelers'


Ohio Zika Cases Increase To 5 'Travelers'

Confirmed Zika Zhejiang ex-Fiji/Samoa Travelers

WHO Update On Zika Linked Guillain-Barre, 2-25

WHO Update On Zika Linked Microcephaly, 2-25

WHO Update On Zika Linked Breastfeeding 2-25

WHO Zika And Sexual Transmission Q&A 2-25

Zika In 2 Czech Republic Travelers ex-Caribbean

Zika Confirmed Kanagawa Japan ex-Brazil

Full Zika Sequences Guangzhou Guangdong ex-VZ

Confirmed Microcephaly Cases In Brazil Up To 583

US House Hearings On Zika Response Feb 24


Zika Confirmed Cases In FL Increase To 32

Zika Confirmed In Ingham Co MI 'Traveler'

Obama Asks For $1.9 Billion To Fight Zika

CDC Cites Examples Of Zika Sexual Transmission In US

15 Clusters Involving Zika Sexual Transmission In US

CDC Issues HAN Advisory On Zika STD In US

Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 28

Zika Travelers To Spain Increase To 27

Zika Confirmed In Mason Co WA ex-South Pacific

Zika Cases In MA Increase To Three

Zika Cases In PA Rise To Four - 124 Pending


Guatemala Zika Cases Increase To 158

Zika In Ontario Canada ex-South America

California Zika Cases Increase To Seven

CDC Emergency Partners Special Zika Edition

Confirmed Microcephaly Cases In Brazil To 508

Zika Cases In Florida Increase To 26


Interim Guidelines for Zika Infants and Children MMWR

Zika Link To Colombia's Guillain-Barre Cases - NPR

Maintaining a Safe and Adequate Blood Supply During Zika - Interim

Little Evidence Links Zika To Microcephaly


PA Suspect Zika Cases Increase To 14

The Other Deadly Disease In Zika Mosquitoes

Watch The Spread Of Zika

Full Zika Sequence From December 2014 Haiti Outbreak

Zika Sequence From 10-15 Queretaro, Mexico

The Truth About Zika - Rappoport And Corbett

Evidence That Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly?

Zika Virus - What The MSM Isn’t Telling You

In the Midst Of Zika, MSM Rolls Out Norovirus Stories

Brazilian Researcher Finds Zika Virus In Saliva

Puerto Rico State Of Emergency - Zika Cases Up To 22


Nicaragua Confirms 31 Infected Zika Cases Total

D225G In Deceased 2016 Stavropol Krai Russia H1N1pdm09 27M Case

Super Bowl 50 - Flu Deaths Increase By 18%

China To Exterminate Mosquitoes To Stop Spread Of Zika

Two DC Women Infected By Zika Virus, One Is Pregnant

Active Zika Found In Saliva And Urine And Blood

Phylogeny Of Zika Virus In Western Hemisphere, 2015

Zika Sequences From 11-15 Outbreak In Sincelejo Colombia

Zika – A Recipe For Disaster

Zika Confirmed In Travis County TX ex-Colombia Case

Full Zika Sequence From 12-15 Puerto Rico Outbreak


Full Zika Sequence From 12-15 Martinique Outbreak

Full Zika Sequence From 12-15 Guatemala Outbreak

Full Zika Sequence From 11-15 Guatemala Outbreak

Zika Virus Is Available For Sale Online

The Places Zika Virus Has Spread So Far

Zika - Sex & Bloodsucking Vampire Bugs...The Movie

Colombia 2016 - 600 Zika Microcephaly Cases

Harrisonburg VA ex-Guatemala Missionary Has Zika

3 Zika Confirmed Travelers From Washington DC

11 Confirmed Zika Travelers In New York

Direct Link - Zika & Microcephaly In Brazil

Blood & Organ Donation Ban On UK Travelers Over Zika


Cent Am Countries Agree To Fight Zika Spread

Four Suspect Zika Cases In Dallas County TX

Suspected 2nd Sexually Transmitted Zika In Dallas

Dallas County Issues Zika Sex Transmission Warning

Zika Emergency Declared In Four FL Counties

UN Nuclear Agency Suggests Radiation To Fight Zika Mosquitos!

Clip-On Insecticide 'Cloud' Device Protects Against Zike Mosquitoes

Confirmed Zika Cases In Mexico

Zika Having Heavy Impact On Travel Industry

Zika Cluster In Dallas, TX Via Sexual Transmission


First US Baby Case Of Zika?

Zika Confirmed In Two Ireland Travelers

Zika - Fourth Confirmed Zika Case In Spain

Two Confirmed Australia ex-Haiti Zika Cases

Fourth Confirmed Zika Case in Spain

First 2 Nicaragua Nika Pregnant Cases

Chile Reports Its First 3 Confirmed Zika Cases

Thailand Confirms First Domestic Case Of Zika

Third Zika Case Confirmed In Quebec Traveler

Honduras State Of Emergency Over Spread Of Zika

9,000 Russian Schools Quarantined In Flu Outbreak

Globalists Target Brazil With 'Zika' BioWar

Is It Zika ‘Virus’ Or Pesticides And Birth Defects?


Zika Confirmed In San Antonio TX Traveler

CDC Issues H1N1pdm09 Health Advisory

Three More Zika Confirmed Cases In Houston Area

Correlation - GMO Mosquitoes And Zika Virus Outbreak

Number Of Zika Cases In US Jumps To 36

WHO Declares Zika A World Health Emergency

How Much Should You Worry About Zika?

GMO Mosquitoes May Be Cause Of Zika Outbreak

Zika May Be Bigger Health Threat Than Ebola

2,000+ Pregnant Women Have Zika In Colombia

Guatemala Reports 105 Cases Of Zika Virus

Zika In Same Area GMO Mosquitoes Released In 2015


Is Dreaded Zika Virus Another Giant Scam?

Experimental Zika Vax To Be Rushed?

China, India Guard Against Zika Virus

Zika Outbreak Raises Unsafe Abortion Death Fears

Is Zika Next Tool For Forced Sterilization, Vax And Depop?

Texas Confirmed - Suspect Zika Cases At 15

Jamaica First Zika Case ex-Texas

Zika Virus Diagnosed In Reynosa

Zika Suspected In Police In Mexico

Brazil Zika Associated Microcephaly Totals

Guillain-Barre Syndrome In VZ Zika Cases

41 Guillain-Barre Syndrome In Colombia Zika Cases

WHO Says Zika Spreading Explosively - 4 Million Infected

US Health Agency Confirms 31 Infected With Zika America

Russia Now Has Control At Airports To Stop Zika

Zika 'Spreading Explosively'

Russia To 'Control' Flights From Zika Infected Countries

LA County Confirms First Case Of Zika Virus

Five Zika Cases Registered In Portugal - Health Institute

Zika Has 'Explosive Pandemic Potential' Via Common Mosquito

Zika In Europe - Cases Reported In Germany

Zika 101 - CDC Press Conference

Zika Virus Spread - MMWR Early Release

Zika Virus Microcephaly - Tip Of The iceberg?

Guidelines - Zika Virus Pregnant Women In US

DG Update On Zika

Swine Flu Sweeps Half Of Russia, Spreads To Neighbors

Over 20 Swine Flu Cases In Russia’s Kamchatka Territory

CDC Issues H7N8 Update

Wild Birds Tested In US 2015-2016 Season

N2 In Alaska Wild Birds Match Fujian H5N2

New Dubois H7 Confirmed Farms Are Low Path

LPAI H7N8 Dubois County Indiana - OIE

A Third Recent H5N6 Case In Shenzhen

9 More Dubois Turkey Farms H7 Confirmed

High Path H7N8 In Dubois Co IN Turkey Farm

Fatal H5N6 Case 42M In Jiangxi ex-Guangdong

Bird Flu Death Puts HK On Disease Lookout

Fujian H5N2 Judith Basin Montana Matches

Fujian H5N2 Barron Wisconsin Matches

Nebraska Fujian H5N2 Matches Novel Iowa Sub-Clade

Fujian H5N2 Dixon County Nebraska Matches

Fujian H5N2 Dickey North Dakota Matches

H7N7 Chicken Sequences In Lancashire UK

2015 Poultry H5N1 In Israel Matches Egypt

Israel H5N1 Wild Bird Sequence Matches Human Cases

H7N7 Bird Flu Confirmed On Lancashire Farm

Ebola Cases In Liberia Increase To Three

CDC Releases Full MERS Sequences From 2013 Oman Cases

South Korea MERS Cases Increase to 180 Deaths To 29

MERS S Korea Cases Increase To 166 - Deaths To 24

CDC - First Case Of MERS infection Spread Inside US

MERS Confirmed In Thailand Ex-Oman 75M

Guangdong MERS ex-South Korea - Eurosurveillance

Malaysia MERS Import N Gene Identical To Jeddah

MERS Deaths In S Korea Reache 20

MERS Confirmed Cases In S Korea Increase To 162

South Korea MERS Cases Increase To 40

MERS South Korea WHO Update

South Korea Soldier MERS Confirmed

MERS Transmission Chain In South Korea

CDC Release Full 2015 Riyadh MERS Sequences

MERS South Korea Tertiary HCW

MERS South Korea Tertiary Case 82M Dies

S Korea MERS Deaths Now 16, Over 150 Infected

S Korea MERS Emerged From The Pentagon BioWar Labs

MERS Confirmed Cases In Korea Up To 138

Guangdong H7N9 Foshan 18F Heyuan 4M

US Fujian H5N8 & H5N2 Wild Bird Species Frequencies

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 847

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 844

November 28 2014 Full H5N1 Egypt Human Sequence

Guangdong H7N9 Zhaoqing 59M

Anhui H7N9 Ma'anshan 48F Wuhu 75M

Hong Kong Ex-Dongguan Guangdong H7N9 61M

November 2014 Full H5N1 Egypt Human Sequence

HPAI On Duck Farm In Füzesgyarmati Hungary

Fujian H5N2 In Red Tailed Hawk In Benton Co WA

H5N2 Spreads To Aldergrove In Fraser Valley Canada

5th Farm With H5N2 In Fraser Valley Canada

H5N2 Fraser Valley Turkey Farm With 60,000 Birds

H7N9 Shanghai 38M

H7N9 Dongguan Guangdong

76% Of Newly-Tested H3N2 in US Are Low Reactors

Media Myths On The H5N2 'Strain' In Fraser Valley

H5 Confirmed In Four Fraser Valley Canada Farms

CDC Warns Of Severe Flu Season In US

H5N2 HPAI In Fraser Valley Canada

Is H5N2 In Fraser Valley Canada Fujian Clade 2.3.4?

H5N8 Wigeons In Netherlands = Independent Intro

CDC Warns Of Severe Flu Season In US

Eurasian Wigeon H5N8 November Netherlands Seqs

Is Fraser Valley H5N2 Fujian Clade 2.3.4?

More Canada Farms Infected In Canada - H5N8 Increasingly Likely

More Farms Infected In Fraser Valley - H5N8 More Likely

CDC HAN On Drifted H3N2

Fujian H5N8 In Fraser Valley Canada Increasingly Likely

More Farms Quarantined In Canada - H5N8 Likely

H5N1 Cases In Minya And Sohag Egypt

Did H5N8 Fly Into Fraser Valley Canada?

H5 HPAI In Two British Columbia Farms

H5N1 Confirmed Minya 25F

More 2014 CO & CA EV D68 Flaccid Paralysis Seqs

H5N8 Wild Birds Are Not Victims

H7N9 In Wild Ducks In Tainan Taiwan

H7N9 60F Jiaxing Zhejiang

H7N9 75M Yanchen Jiangsu

H7N9 31F Changping Dongguan Guangdong

New Map Showing H7N9 Cases

H5N8 In Wild Birds In Totorri Japan

France H5N8 Risk Increased To Moderate

Dead Migratory Birds In Kerala India

H5 Confirmed In Dead Ducks In Kerala India - H5N8 Likely

H5 Confirmed In Kerala India

FAO issues H5N8 Alert For Europe

Widespread Bird Flu In Waterfowl In India

Japan H5N8 Matches Germany Netherlands England

H5N8 Outbreak In Vorpommern-Rügen Germany

H5N8 Asymptomatic Wild Duck Ummanz Germany

H5N8 At Third Farm In The Netherlands

H5N8 At Fourth Farm In The Netherlands

H5N8 At Fifth Farm In The Netherlands

H5N8 In November 2014 Tundra Swans In Japan

H5N8 Spread In Europe Mimics H5N1 In 2005

Wild Bird H5N8 Transmission From Asia To Europe

2014 Riyadh MERS Full & Spike Sequences Match IN

2014 Jeddah MERS Full & Spike Sequences Match FL

H5N8 Seqs In England Match Germany & Netherlands

Wild Birds Bring H5N8 Asia To Germany, Netherlands, England

Bird Flu Kills Teen In Egypt

The Super Rich And Sordid Tales Of Selfishness

3 Cases Of H7N9 In Two China Clusters

DC Releases US Oct 2014 Low Reactor H3N2 Sequences

100% of New H3N2 Cases In US In Week 45 Are Low Reactors

2014 EV-D68 Analysis In The Netherlands

How Sneeze Particles Travel In A Plane - Vid

CDC Denies EV D68 Link To Illegal Alien Kids(!)

EV D68 - How Did The Current Outbreak Begin?

New Flu Shot Is Made With Dog Cells - Vid

30% of H3N2 Isolates In US Are Low Reactors

KSA MoH Reports Six New MERS Cases

Novel 2014 H3N2v Clonal Expansion In Ohio

EV-D68 Confirmed In Alberta Canada

2009 EV-D68 TX Distinct From NY 2009 Sequences

Some Of The Scariest Emerging Viruses Worldwide

Enterovirus 68 Now Strikes Utah

Hospitalized H3N2v in Ohio

New H7N9 Case In Urumqi NW China

Liberia IDs 2 Drs To Get ZMapp

Nigeria Index Matches Ebola Sub-Clade In Guinea, Sierra Leone

Novel Zaire Ebola Sub-Clade In Guinea, Sierra Leone

Kerman Iran MERS Clusters From KSA Pilgrims

MERS Death Toll In Saudi Arabia Jumps To 282

Sustained MERS Transmission From KSA To Jordan

Sustained MERS Transmission From Saudi Arabia To Jordan

Netherlands MERS Cluster Via Medina Casual Contact

CDC Battery Of MERS Antibody Tests

CDC Lab Confirmed Il MERS Retraction Raises Concerns

Deadly MERS Virus Could Be Spread By Dogs And Cats

Iran MERS Kerman Cluster Grows To Six

Iran MERS Cluster Linked To Umrah Pilgrim

Hidden Riyadh, Medina MERS Sequences Up Concerns

16 LA County Resident Cleared After MERS Exposure

Saudis Take Heat For Spread Of MERS

Netherlands Pilgrims Match Munster Cook Co MERS

Saudi Arabia Reports 2 New MERS Deaths

CDC Generates MERS Sequences From Suspect Serum

No Specific Treatment For MERS Coronavirus Known Yet - WHO

Foreign MDs, Nurses In KSA May Take MERS Global

3 FL Woman Infected With Chikungunya Virus

Bird Flu Experiments Pose Threat

Virus Experiments Risk Global Pandemic

Mystery MERS Meeting Raises Vectoring Concerns

Mystery MERS Meeting Predicts More IN Confirmations

Illinois MERS Transmission By Casual Contact

Jeddah MERS Sub-Clade Sustained Transmission

MERS Jeddah Cluster Exported To The Netherlands

MERS Outbreak Becomes More Urgent - WHO

MERS Is Still A Mystery Virus

Saudi Arabia Reports 5 New Deaths From MERS

Evolving Novel MERS Sub-Clade Confirmed In Greece

Evolving Novel MERS Sub-Clade Confirmed In Florida

Second US MERS Patient Spent 4 Hours In Busy ER

MERS Jeddah Export To Orlando Florida

Second US Case Of Deadly MERS Virus - Vid

MERS Case Confirmed In Florida - Real Time Tweets

Fifth Mers Death Recorded In Jordan

MERS Jeddah As SARS Guangzhou - Emergence

Novel Jeddah MERS ORF8b Changes Raise Pandemic Concerns

Revision Of WHO Definition Of Primary MERS Case Overdue

18 New MERS Cases Diagnosed in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah And Mecca MERS Sequences Match

Spike Q833R and ORF8b L6Q Define MERS Transmission

Widespread Human MERS Transmission In Saudi Arabia

MERS Clonal Expansion In Jeddah And Mecca

Jeddah MERS Contact Testing

Cause Of Jeddah MERS Primary Case Spike Unknown

Withheld Jeddah, Mecca MERS Sequences Raise Concerns

Did Jeddah MERS Sub-Clade Spread To Mecca?

1,726 Diseases Known Caused By Radiation

Fukushima Radiation Endangers Many Animals, Fisheries

Navy To Test 100s Of CA Homes For Radiaiton

Egypt Reports First MERS Case

Saudi Arabia - MERS Virus Cases Top 300, 5 More Deaths

64 MERS Cases In Oman

Saudis Report 11 More MERS Cases, 54 In 4 Days

Abu Dhabi MERS Superspreader Linked To 22

MERS Exploding In Saudi Arabia? Two More Deaths Reported

Saudi Arabia Fires Health Minister Over MERS Outbreak

SARS-Like MERS Spreads Among Health Workers

NJ Mumps Victims Were Vaccinated

Is Ebola Now In Europe?

Mysterious Virus Hits 5 Colorado Prisons

Jeddah MERS Export To Greece Raises Concerns

WaPo Rips Saudis For Lying About MERS Cases

Case Of MERS-CoV Infection Traced To Greece

Ebola Virus In Africa Outbreak Is A NEW STRAIN

Malaysia Reports First Asian Death From MERS Virus

Abu Dhabi MERS Superspreader Raises SARS Concerns

Clonal Expansion Of H274Y pH1N1 Tamiflu Resistance In PA

Novel H7N9 In Hong Kong Infant Import From Guangdong

H7N9 Sequence Identity In Baiyun Cluster

Guangzhou H7N9 Nosocomial Cluster In Panyu?

WHO On Guangzhou H7N9 Nosocomial Cluster In Panyu

Hunan H7N9 Shuangfeng Cluster

WHO On Hunan H7N9 Shuangfeng Cluster

WHO On Huaiji H7N9 Liang Familial Cluster

Huaiji H7N9 Geographic Cluster Of Familial Clusters

H7H9 Nanchung Jiangxi 79M

Guangdong 5 H7N9 Shantou Heyuan Meizhou Huizhou Jiangmen

Hong Kong H7 Case Ex-Dongguan Guangdong

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 838

Fujian H5N2 Wild Bird Clonal Expansion In US

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 833

Fujian H5N2 & H5N8 Clonal Expansion United States - WA & OR

Douglas Co H5N8 Seq A/guinea fowl/Washington/41613-1/2014

Douglas Co H5N8 Sequence A/chicken/Oregon/41613-2/2014

KSA MERS Feb 19 Riyadh 89M Khobar 83M + 5 Deaths

Guangdong Fatal H7N9 In Meizhou 79F

KSA MERS February 18 Khobar 58M

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 830

KSA MERS Buraydah 58F


Benton County WA - H5N2 Sequence A/Chicken

Fujian H5 Frequencies In US Migratory Birds Raise Concerns

H5 Confirmed In Taiwan Farms Increase To 823

Guangdong H7N9 Dongguan 65M

Egypt H5N1 Sharqia 2 and 4 Year Olds

5 KSA In MERS Riyadh, Tabuk, Alrass, Jubail

H5N1 Poultry Deaths In Tobruk Libya

US, Canada Fujian H5 Sub-Clade Matches Taiwan

Guangdong H7N9 Guangzhou 33F

Fujian H5N8 In Kings County CA Signals Spread

WHO Update On 5 KSA MERS Cases Feb 5-7

India’s Swine Flu Death Toll Rises To 485

WHO KSA MERS Update Details 43 Cases Including 14 Deaths

Fujian H5N8 Wild Bird Clonal Expansion In US

BioSecurity Audits Of H5N2 Farms In Fraser Valley Withheld

5 KSA MERS Riyadh 85M 34F Jeddah 43F Al Jawf 58F Khobar 38M

Increasing Human H7N9 Reassortment In China

Guangdong H7N9 In Meizhou 45M

KSA MERS In Bureedah 35M 23M Riyadh 54F

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 815

2015 Human Guizhou H7N9 Matches Northern China

Egypt H5N1 Cases In Cairo 32M 5F Dakahlia 28M Fayoum 22F

Fatal H5N1 Cases In Fayoum 20F 18F


Fujian H5N1 From US Green-Winged Teal At Genbank

6 More KSA MERS Cases In Najran, Buraydah, Khobar Alrass

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 809

Egypt H5N1 Sharqia 39M

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 803

Fujian H5N8 At Chicken Farm In Kings County CA

H5N8 In Backyard Farm Tumalo Deschutes Co OR

Fujian H5N2 In Another Backyard Farm Clallam Co WA

Fujian H5N8 At Chicken Farm In Kings County CA

H5N8 In Backyard Farm Tumalo Deschutes Co OR

Fujian H5N2 In Another Backyard Farm Clallam Co WA

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 803

8 KSA MERS Cases Riyadh Khobar Badea-Qseem

Guangdong H7N9 Guangzhou 51M Shenzhen 58F Chaozhou 82M 61M

H9N2 Case Confirmed In Aswan Egypt 3M

Five More Wild Birds Fujian H5 Confirmed In US - 30 Total

Philippine MERS - 11 of 56 Contacts Symptomatic

Confirmed H5 Taiwan Farms Now 798

5 KSA MERS Feb 11 Including Jeddah 73F Riyadh 41M

7 KSA MERS Feb 12 Incl Riyadh 58M 75M 29M Jeddah 46M

Shanghai H7N9 53M

Guangdong H7N9 Guangzhou 61M Shantou 60M

Egypt H5N1 Assiut 42F


Guangdong H7N9 Guangzhou 61M Shantou 60M

US Fujian H5N8 Sequences From WA Gyrfalcon

US Fujian H5N2 Sequences From WA Northern Pintail

Egypt H5N1 Kulabiya 2 Year Old

Full H5N3 Sequences A/Goose/Taiwan/01042/2015

Guizhou H7N9 Guiyang City 44 Year Old

Full H5N8 Sequences A/Goose/Taiwan/0103/ 2015

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 766

Minnesota Human H1N1v Sequence At GISAID

H5N3 PA Polymorphism Profile - US Swine

Fatal Fujian H5N6 Case In Yunnan China 44M

Guangdong H7N9 Shantou 33M

Fatal H5N1 Assiut Egypt 17 Year Old Student

H5N1 Egypt Sohag Alexandria Giza Abbasid

WHO H7N9 Summary Of 83 New Cases In China

Guangdong H7N9 Jiangman 48M Shenzhen 52M Zhongshan 73M

CFIA Confirms H5N1 In Eastern Chilliwack BC

Fujian H5N1 In Backyard Farm In Chilliwack BC

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 747

Guangdong H7N9 Cases 48M 76M 62F 55M 2F

H7N9 Human Case in British Columbia ex-China

H7N9 Hong Kong Export To Vancouver BC

CA Added States Without H5-Free Export Certification

H5N8 In Foster Farms 145k Turkeys Match Wild Birds

Japan Bans Poultry From CA - Avian Flu Pandemic

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increases To 445


Fujian H5N8 200,000 Turkeys In Waterford CA

Fatal H5N1 Familial Cluster Assiut Egypt 28F 5M

Fujian H5N8 CA Commercial Turkey Farm Stanislaus Co

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 370

Guangdong H7N9 Meizho 46M Chaozhou 77M

H7N9 Hong Kong Ex-Dongguan 79M

H7N9 Shanghai 75F

H5N1 Kafr El Zayat Egypt 60F

Five States In Nigeria Hit By H5N1

H7N9 Longgang Shenzhen 58M

US Week 2 Pneumonia & Influenza Death Rate Increases To 9.3%

Fujian H5N2 Index Turkey In Fraser Valley Sequence Released

Fraser Valley Fujian H5N2 Index Matches Wild Crane In Japan

H5N1 Assiut Egypt 3 Year Old Child

H5N1 Assuit Egypt Cluster Grows - Fatal 5 Year Old

Fujian H5N2 H5N3 & H5N8 Identified In Taiwan Chicken Farms

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan To 330 Including Chicken Rise

Fujian H5N2 Sequences In Taiwan

Six Tainan Taiwan Farms With H5N2 and H5N8

Fujian H5N1 In Teal In Whatcom County WA


Fujian H5N1 Reassortant In Whatcom County WA

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 301

Fujian H5N8 In Wild Teal In Yolo County CA

Backyard Chickens H5N2 Confirmed Canyon County ID

More Fujian H5 In Idaho Waterfowl

Fujian H5N8 In Wild Waterfowl In Gooding County ID

Fujian H5N2 - 3 Pet Falcons Fed Wild Bird - Canyon Co ID

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 270

Fujian H5N2 Confirmed In Backyard Farm - Canyon County ID

ID Poultry Bans Due To Fujian H5 On Backyard Farm

Fujian H5 Confirmed In Idaho Backyard Farm

H7N9 In Ningde Fujian 43M

H5N2 Backyard Farm Port Angeles Washington

Suspect Ebola HCW Newark ex-Sierra Leone

H5N1 In Turkey Farm Near Jenin Palestine

WHO Update On December H7N9 In China

H7N9 Heyuan Guangdong 3F Mild

H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

Fujian H5N2, H5N8 Spread To Taiwan Chicken


H5N1 Egypt Assiut 47F, Cairo 36F, Minya 6 YO

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Up To 239

Suspect H5N1 Familiar Cluster In Assiut

Fujian H5N2 Chickens Shengang Twp, Changhua Co Taiwan

H7N9 Shanghai China 69M

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 194

H7N9 Longhua Shenzhen 66M - Mild 1.5F

Fujian H5N2 Chickens Shengang Twp, Changhua Co Taiwan

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 194

H7N9 Longhua Shenzhen 66M - Mild 1.5F

Bird Flu Arita Saga Japan 72000 Chicken Farm

Three More Taiwan Farms With Fujian H5N3

Taiwan Fujian H5N8 & Novel H5N2 = Global Expansion

H5N8 Confirmed In Three More Chiayi Taiwan Farms

Confirmed H5N8 Cases At Rostock Zoo Increase To 43

H5N8 Confirmed In Nordhausen Thuringia Mallard

Fujian H5N8 & Novel H5N2 Migrate To Taiwan

Novel Fujian H5N2 In Taiwan Waterfowl

New H5N1 Cases In Aswan Egypt

H5N8 In Domestic Waterfowl In Taiwan

H5N1 Cases In Egypt Increase To 10


H5 In Backyard Farm Kano Nigeria - OIE Immediate

Is Fujian H5N8 In West Africa?

CA Fujian H5N8 Gadwall Location Not In US OIE Report

MERS Death Reported In Oman

Fatal H7N9 Zhaoqing Guangdong ex-Fujian 56M

H5N8 Domestic Duck Sequence from Lower Saxony

Fujian H5 - 30 Countries Restrict US Poultry

CDC HAN On H3N2 Anti-Viral Treatment & Supply

USDA Covering It's Butte In CA H5N8

More Fujian H5N2 Diversity In The US

Fujian H5N8 In White Crane In Germany Zoo

H5N8 In White Stork In Zoo In Rostock Germany

Three H7N9 Cases in Shizhou Jiangsu

Two H7N9 Cases In Xiamen Fujian & Three Earlier

WSDA Sets H5N2 Quarantine Zone Benton, Franklin Cos

Fujian H5N2 Spread To Richland WA

H7N9 Zhaoqing Guangdong 56M


H5N8 In Wild Birds In Saxony-Anhalt

First Case Human H5N1 Infection In The Americas

H5N2 Confirmed In Benton City WA Backyard Farm

H5N8 Conf In Hunter Killed Gadwall - Butte Co CA

Second H5N2 Flock Suspected Benton County WA

Fujian Fills Flyway - H5N8 & H5N2 In Pacific

Second H5N2 Flock Suspected Benton County WA

Fujian Fills Flyway - H5N8 & H5N2 In Pacific

Fujian H5N8 US Spread Raises Surveillance Concerns

H5 Confirmed In Gadwall - Butte County California

H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

H7N9 Shenzhen 6F

H5N1 Minya Egypt 30 M & 11 Year Old

H5N1 Gharbia Egypt 54M

Could The Ineffective Flu Shot Be Killing People?

H5N1 Cluster At Shariqia Egypt

H5 HPAI In Backyard Farm Benton City WA


Fujian H5N8 Diversity Raises Surveillance Concerns

H5N1 In Giza 6F And Menoufiya 45M Egypt

Fujian H5N8 Diversity In Kagoshima Japan & America

US Flu Widespread In 36 States

Novel H7N9 HK Ex-Shenzhen - Human H9N2 & H10N8

H5N1 Assiut Egypt 51M

Novel H7N9 HK With H10N8 & H9N2 Internal Genes

Full Seq H7N9 Hong Kong 68F 12-25-14

H7N9 Shenzhen 35F

WHO December 29 Ebola Update

WHO December 29 Ebola Update

H7N9 Jinhua Zhejiang 33F

H5N1 Helwan Cairo Egypt 42M

H7N9 Anchang Shaoxing Zhejiang 20F

H5 Culling In Nagato Yamaguchi Japan

H1N1 Swine Flu Fatal Human Cluster Spread In Libya

H7N9 Jinhua Zhejiang Cluster 57M 75M

Deaths In Tripoli & Tobruk Libya Linked To H1N1pdm09

32,000 H5N8 Birds Culled At Seongnam Market S Korea

H5N8 Suspect At Japan Chicken Farm


Russia Fujian H5N8 Healthy Wigeon Matches EU, Chiba

H5N8_Fujian_Russia_Match.htmlH5N1 Minya Egypt 25F

H5N8 Healthy Wigeon Sequence from Sakha Russia

H5N2, H5N8 Impact US Intll Poultry Markets

H5N1 Minofia Egypt 30F

Three Fujian H5N8 Sub-Clades Co-Circulate In Japan

H7N9 Hong Kong ex-Shenzhen 68F

WHO Probes Bird Flu Fatalities Tripoli & Tobruk Libya

Fatal H5N1 Gharbya ex-Matrough

Fujian H5N6 Cases In China Raise H5N8, H5N2 Concerns

Mexico Reinforces H5N8 & H5N2 BioSecurity

Jordan Reports New MERS Case - 70's M

Fatal H5N1 Aswan 5M


Alaska Issues H5 Warning To Hunters

Delaware DoA & DNREC Issue H5 Warning

H5 Clade Viruses With Both ?-2,3 And ?-2,6 RB

WA DFW Request Public Help ID H5 In Wild Birds

WHO Details 11 H7N9 Cases In China

Lead In Fujian H5 Probes In US Is USDA

CFIA Hiding Location Of H5 Small Holding(s)

H5N2, H5N8 In US FEMA Daily Operations Report

Flu Outbreak Spreading Rapidly In US

Fujian H5N8 In Oregon Matches Europe and Japan

USDA Sequence Data On H5N8 In Oregon - OIE

H5N2 Confirmed in Baoding City Hebei China

Seven H7N9 Cases - Including Four In Xinjiang

Backyard Fujian H5 In Aldergrove British Columbia

First H5N8 Sequence In Europe - Full Cloned E1

High Path H5 In Miyazaki Japan Chicken Farm

Fujian H5N2 Confusion In Canada

Suspect Bird Flu In Lower Saxony Germany Turkeys

Fujian H5N2 Flies Into Metro Vancouver SE

H5N2 Confirmed In Langley - 10th Farm Fraser Valley 53k

H5N1 35M Nakada Qena Egypt

H5N1 Sohag Egypt 12M

Disappearing H5N2 Farm & Changing Info On CFIA Table

Fujian H5N2 Spread To Matsqui In Fraser Valley

Fujian H5N2 Spread To Matsqui In Fraser Valley

Novel Fujian H5N2 Reassortant In Fraser Valley Canada

H5N1 35M Nakada Qena Egypt

Novel Fujian H5N8 Reassortants In South Korea - EID

Fujian H5N2 Confirmed Sites In Fraser Valley Now 9

Fujian H5N2 Fraser Valley Sites Increase To Nine

Fujian H5 Confirmed In Canada

Fujian H5 Confirmed In Fraser Valley Canada

Media Myth On Wild Bird Link To Fraser Valley H5N2

81% Of New-Tested US H3N2 Are Low Reactors

H5N1 1F Akhmim Sohag Cluster With 2F

Outdoor Grazing In Fraser Valley Raises H5N2 Concerns

Withheld H5N2 Fraser Valley Sequences Raise Concerns

H5N2 Confirmations In Fraser Valley Grows To Eight

H5N1 40F In Nile Delta


Media Myth On H5N2 Lineage In Fraser Valley

Fifth H5N2 Farm In 2014 Was 2009 Fraser Valley Index Farm

CFIA Withholds H5N2 Sequencing Data For Fraser Valley

H5N2 On Monitoba Turkey Farm 2010 - Avian Disease

KSA Appoints New Health Minister To Combat MERS

CDC Describes 7 D68 Enterovirus Sub-clades in US

H7N9 Meizhou City Guangdong 66M Death

Deafening Silence From Winnipeg On Fraser Valley H5N2 Lineage

Delays In Release Of BC H5N2 Lineage Raises Concerns

Guangdong Huaiji H7N9 Cluster Grows To Eight

Jordanian Dies Of MERS Virus

Swine Flu Kills 38 In Egypt Since December

H1N1 Flu Toll In SF Area Rises

Gaungdong Huaiji H7N9 Cluster Grows To Seven

Woman, 27, Among 9 New CA Flu Deaths

How To Make Sense Of H10N8, H1N1, H7N9 And More

Gaungdong H7N9 Export With Onward Transmission


Gaungdong H7N9 Export With Guangxi Onward Transmission

WHO On Guangdong H7N9 Cluster In Sanjiaozhen

Pandemic Talk After First Confirmed New Bird Flu Death

Guangxi Imported H7N9 Cluster In Hengxian

WHO On Hunan H7N9 Cluster In Jiangyong - 38M & 8F

Is H1N1 Flu A Super Virus?

Cases Of New Deadly Bird Flu Surge In China

WHO On Hunan H7N9 Cluster In Jiangyong - 38M & 8F

Cases Of New Deadly Bird Flu Surge In China

Guangdong Familial H7N9 Cluster In Huai Confirmed

Guangdong H7N9 Cluster In Baiyun - 29M& 5F

Hunan H7N9 Cluster In Jiangyong - 38M & 8F

Guangdong H7N9 Cluster In Sanjiaozhen

115 Fold Fetal Deaths From Flu Vaccine?

H1N1 Flu CA Deaths Now 147


Guangdong H7N9 Cluster In Huai - 28M & 5M

H1N1 US P&I Death Rate Jumps To 8.8%

H1N1 Kills Sacramento News 10 Employee

H1N1 - US P&I Death Rate Jumps To 8.8%

H1N1 Returns With A Vengeance

123 Dead From H1N1 In Mexicoi

East Bay Woman Dies In 4 Days From H1N1

'Mutated' H7N9 Bird Flu Kills 19, Infects 96 In 2014

H7N9 Bird Flu - Chinese Provinces Halt Live Poultry Trade

H1N1 Deaths Hit 123 In Mexico

Flu Deaths In Saskatchewan Hit 16

Five More Dead In San Diego From H1N

LA Hospitals Gird For Flu

H1N1 Dominating Flu Seasion

Alberta ex-Beijing H5N1 Has RBD Change D225R


9 New Bird Flu Cases In China, Zhejiang Closes Poultry Markets

CA Deaths From H1N1 Rise To 146

Sacramento H1N1 Deaths Rise To 17

2009 H1N1 Strain Showing Up In Many Flu Cases

TN Death Toll From H1N1 Hits Double Digits

Flu Medicines Can Increase Spread Of H1N1

Sacramento County Flu Death Rise To 14

Fresno Country Reports 4 More H1N1 Deaths

TX Doc Warns People Not To Fly Because Of H1N1 Flu - Vid

H1N1 Flu Outbreak Now Called Epidemic In FL

More Younger Adults Contracting H1N1

Doc Survives H1N1

H1N1 Risks, Symptoms, Affected States, Deaths


H1N1 Flu Widespread in Idaho, 39 Other States

Doc's Fast H7N9 Death From ECMO Shortage, Obesity

Why I Refused To Get A Flu Shot

13 Dead In CA Central Valley From H1N1 Strain

H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak In South Korea

H1N1 Kills 45 In CA Already

Some States Hit Harder By H1N1

H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Spreading In Mississippi

Dallas County Severe H1N1 Cases Spike Higher


China H1N1 Sequences Target Lung

Three More Michigan H1N1 Deaths

H1N1 Kills Six In San Diego In The Last Week

H1N1 Striking Young Adults The Most In Pittsburgh

Three More H1N1 Deaths In Their 20s In Detroit

Dallas County Severe H1N1 Cases Spike Higher

Bay Area H1N1 Death Toll Climbs To 15

Chicago Area H1N1 Cases Rising Fast

CA Week 1 - H1N1 Hospitalizations Spike Higher


Fresno CA Jail Inmate Dies Of H1N1

CA Week 1 - H1N1 Hospitalizations Spike Higher

Eight Bay Area H1N1 Flu Deaths Last Week

OH Woman Dies Of H1N1 - Had Gotten Flu Shot

H1N1 Fears Cause Run On Flu Vax In BC

2 More Die Of H1N1 In Alameda County - 11 Bay Area Deaths

Fresno Area Records Its 5th H1N1 Flu Death


Three Major Flu Types - How They Attack The Body

Two Deaths In Toledo Area - First In Years

National Death Toll Rises As Flu Spreads Fast

5th Sacramento Victim Dies Of H1N1 In One Week

3 Die Of H1N1 In Fresno, CA Area

Nearly 50% Of Flu Victims Hospitalized Are Obese


H1N1, H5N1, Seasonal Flu - Time To Panic?

H1N1 Flu Strain Making Comeback In CO

College Students Warned About Deadly H1N1 - Vid

Fatal H5N1 Export By China Ups Surveillance Concerns

Canada Reports First North America H5N1 Death

Flu Back In CA...Killing Again

Fatal H5N1 Encephalitis Cluster Raises Concern


H1N1 Kills Two In OR, Eight Hospitalized

H1N1 Flu Now Widespread In OR And WA

Canada Hit Hard With Deadly H1N1 Flu Cases

Texas pH1N1 Deaths Exploding

Latest On Genetically-Engineered & Pandemic Viruses

Tamiflu Resistance Driving Severe CA pH1N1 Cases?

3 More Die From H1N1 In Michigan...12 More On Life Support

5 Death, Nearly 1,000 In Infected With H1N1 In Alberta


H1N1 Death In Santa Clara County CA

Michigan pH1N1 ECMO Machines Maxed Out

UK 'Unprepared For Flu Epidemic'

H1N1 Patients In Ann Arbor 'Very, Very Ill'

H1N1 On Rise In Utah

H1N1 Worries In Vermont

H1N1 Kills Member Portland OR Family

Five More Contract MERS In KSA And One in UAE


H1N1 Spikes In St Louis

H1N1 Moves Into Eastern TN

H1N1 Now In Central CA

Silent Spread Of H1N1 Deadly RBD Change L194I

Flu Deaths Spike - At Least 13 Dead In Houston Area

Swine Flu Claiming Lives Again - CDC ‘Concerned’

Spread Of H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance In Sapporo Japan

D225G And Q226R Driving H1N1 Deaths?


H1N1 Q226R In Mississippi

Austin H1N1 ECMO Machines Maxed Out

CDC Issues H1N1 Advisory

H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Spreads To MS

H1N1 Swine Flu Levels Approach 100% In TX And US - pdf

TX On Flu Alert - Flu Spreading To Many States

6 H1N1 Deaths, 14 Critically Ill

Texas Issues Influenza Health Alert

Houston Fatal, Severe H1N1pdm09 Cases Increase

Houston Fatal, Severe H1N1pdm09 Cases Confirmed


Another Patient With 'Mystery Illness' Confirmed H1N1

H1N1 KIlls Six, Leaves 14 Critical In Greater Houston

H1N1pdm09 Confirmed Again In Montgomery Co, TX

MERS Infects Entire Family In UAE, Kills 2 In Qatar

More MERS Deaths Reported In Gulf States

H1N1pdm09 La, Tamiflu Resistance Cluster Grows

HK Quarantines 17 People Over Bird Flu Case

Hong Kong H7N9 Case(s) Raise Concerns

Qatari Camel MERS Sequences Re-Confirmed


ProMED Confusion On Qatar MERS Camel Tests

Detail On MERS Asymptomatic Camels Cluster In Qatar

MERS Asymptomatic Camel Cluster In Qatar

MERS And SARS Similarities Increase

MERS Asymptomatic Camels In Qatar Sequence Confirmed

MERS Camel Connection Heats Up

Saudi Arabia - Three More Cases Of MERS Reported

CDC Investigates H1N1pdm09 Louisiana H274Y Cluster

Qatar Announces Fourth MERS Death


Humans And Animals Likely Spreading MERS

US H1N1pdm09 Tamiflu Resistance Increases

Qatar Reports MERS Fatality

Saudis Announce Two More MERS Cases

Saudi Arabia Reveals Another MERS Death

Jeddah MERS Camel And Case Sequence Update

H1N1pdm09 Louisiana Tamiflu Resistance Cluster

WHO Confusion On Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Raises Concerns

Spain Admits New MERS Hajj Case


Four New MERS Cases Raise Epidemic Fears

Delayed Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Testing Raises Concerns

Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Raises Concerns

Scientists Shocked - H6N1 Flu Shows Up in Woman

Kuwait Reports Its First Two Cases Of MERS

MERS In Two Kuwait Travelers Raises Concerns

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Sequences

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Match Concerns

Media Myth On Jeddah Camel MERS Sequence


MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Sequence Match

MERS PCR Confirmed In Jeddah Camel

First MERS Case In Oman Dies

New MERS Case In Abu Dhabi

MERS Hajj Medina Mecca Jeddah Madrid Journey

Spain Confirms MERS In Hajj Pilgrim

MERS In Hajj Pilgrim Raises Transparency Concerns

Another H7N9 Dongguan Case Raises Concerns

Third H7N9 Zhejiang Case Raises Concerns


MERS Cluster In Jubail Royal Commission Hospital

Another MERS Super Spreader In Eastern Saudi Arabia?

MERS Case In Oman - French Case Ruled Out

New MERS Case Reported In Qatar

Another H7N9 Zhejiang Case Raises Concerns

H7N9 Case Confirmed in Shaoxing Zhejiang

No Mers Among Hajj Pilgrims...So Far

Shutdown Alarms Health Officials Over MERS Threat

What Happens When Only 16% Of Flu Patients Have The Flu?

CDC Cites Authorization For MERS Isolation & Quarantine

MERS WHO And KSA Transparency Concerns Increase


H7N9 Shenzhen Case Confirmed In Guangdong

New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills Woman

New Bird Flu Strain Tied To Death Of Chinese Woman

H1N1pdm09 Confirmed As Mystery Fatal Disease In TX

JiangChen Yangjiang H7N9 Cluster In Guangdong China

Texas Flu Rapid Tests Raise Serious Concerns

H1N1pdm09 Likely The Mystery Fatal Disease In TX

H1N1pdm09 La Tamiflu Resistance Cluster Expands

Scientists Proves Human MERS Also Infects Camels

Yangjiang H7N9 Case Expands Guangdong Reach


Fenggang H7N9 Case Raises Transmission Concerns

H7N9 Sequences At 2 Longgang Shenzhen Wet Markets

Familial H7N9 Cluster In Hangzhou Zhejiang

Nosocomial H7N9 Sequences At Tuen Mun Hospital HK?

Curious ProMED Comments On H7N9 Human Transmission

Hangzhou And Hong Kong H7N9 Clusters Raise Concerns

Nosocomial H7N9 Transmission At Tuen Mun Hospital HK?

Another Hong Kong ex-Shenzhen H7N9 Case

Novel Hong Kong H7N9 Constellation

Louisiana H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Expands To Utah

MERS Infects Entire Family In UAE, Kills 2 In Qatar

More MERS Deaths Reported In Gulf States

H1N1pdm09 La, Tamiflu Resistance Cluster Grows

HK Quarantines 17 People Over Bird Flu Case

Hong Kong H7N9 Case(s) Raise Concerns

Qatari Camel MERS Sequences Re-Confirmed

ProMED Confusion On Qatar MERS Camel Tests


Detail On MERS Asymptomatic Camels Cluster In Qatar

MERS Asymptomatic Camel Cluster In Qatar

MERS And SARS Similarities Increase

MERS Asymptomatic Camels In Qatar Sequence Confirmed

MERS Camel Connection Heats Up

Saudi Arabia - Three More Cases Of MERS Reported

CDC Investigates H1N1pdm09 Louisiana H274Y Cluster

Qatar Announces Fourth MERS Death

Humans And Animals Likely Spreading MERS


US H1N1pdm09 Tamiflu Resistance Increases

Qatar Reports MERS Fatality

Saudis Announce Two More MERS Cases

Saudi Arabia Reveals Another MERS Death

Jeddah MERS Camel And Case Sequence Update

H1N1pdm09 Louisiana Tamiflu Resistance Cluster

WHO Confusion On Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Raises Concerns

Spain Admits New MERS Hajj Case

Four New MERS Cases Raise Epidemic Fears

Delayed Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Testing Raises Concerns

Spain MERS Hajj Cluster Raises Concerns

Scientists Shocked - H6N1 Flu Shows Up in Woman


Kuwait Reports Its First Two Cases Of MERS

MERS In Two Kuwait Travelers Raises Concerns

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Sequences

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Match Concerns

Media Myth On Jeddah Camel MERS Sequence

MERS Jeddah Camel And Case Sequence Match

MERS PCR Confirmed In Jeddah Camel

First MERS Case In Oman Dies

New MERS Case In Abu Dhabi

MERS Hajj Medina Mecca Jeddah Madrid Journey

Spain Confirms MERS In Hajj Pilgrim


MERS In Hajj Pilgrim Raises Transparency Concerns

Another H7N9 Dongguan Case Raises Concerns

Third H7N9 Zhejiang Case Raises Concerns

MERS Cluster In Jubail Royal Commission Hospital

Another MERS Super Spreader In Eastern Saudi Arabia?

MERS Case In Oman - French Case Ruled Out

New MERS Case Reported In Qatar

Another H7N9 Zhejiang Case Raises Concerns

H7N9 Case Confirmed in Shaoxing Zhejiang

No Mers Among Hajj Pilgrims...So Far

Shutdown Alarms Health Officials Over MERS Threat

What Happens When Only 16% Of Flu Patients Have The Flu?

CDC Cites Authorization For MERS Isolation & Quarantine

MERS WHO And KSA Transparency Concerns Increase


MERS Migration Into Riyadh KSA

Curious Clade A Comments On MERS

18 MERS Cases, 3 Deaths, Reported To WHO Since 9-1

Lancet Paper On Transmission, Evolution Of MERS

Recombination And 45 New MERS Sequences

Egypt MERS Recombinant Raises Surveillance Concerns

Riyadh_1 Recombinant Destroys MERS Molecular Clock

Bisha_1 Recombinant Unwinds MERS Molecular Clock

Vague KSA-MoH& WHO Reports Confuse MERS Blogosphere

Camels Linked To Spread Of Fatal MERS Virus

MERS Outbreak In Riyadh Military Hospital

Suspect MERS Cluster In Tabzon Turkey Ex-Riyadh KSA

Bat Beta2c Coronavirus Recombination - MERS Evolves

Camel MERS Antibodies Raise Surveillance Concerns

More H3N2v Cases In MI With H1N1pdm09 PA & MP?

Michigan H3N2v With H1N1pdm09 PA & MP

Saudi MERS Worries Grow As Hajj Nears

TEN New MERS Cases In Saudi Arabia Announced

Qatar MERS-CoV Ramadan Links Raise Concerns

Bisha Bat Match Raises MERS-CoV Concerns

Another Qatar MERS Case Raises Ramadan Concerns

Bisha Bat Signals Multiple Species-Human MERS Introductions

Qatari MERS-CoV Case Raises Ramadan Concerns

Qatar Admits First Case Of MERS Infection

H1N1pdm09 PA In IL And IN H3N2v Cases

H1N1pdm09 PA In Ohio Ex-VA H3N2v Case

610 Died Of Swine Flu In India In 2013 So Far

New Saudi Death Breaks Suspicious MERS News Drought

Virginia H3N2v Case Raises Concerns

South African Bat Beta2c Distinct From Human MERS

Mild UAE HCW MERS Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

Asir Mild MERS Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

Virologists Study H7N9 Tree For Pandemic Threat

Hancock County, IN Fair H3N2v Cases Acquired N145R

Japanese Lack Immunity Against H7N9 Virus - Scientists

MERS Confirmed In Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Grant Co IN Fair H3N2v Cases Acquired N145K

MERS Virus Now In UAE - First Case Confirmed

Is MERS A Threat To Muslim Pilgrims?


WHO Acknowledges Possible MERS Sustained Transmission

WHO Forms MERS Emergency Committee

China Reports H7N9-H3N2 Coinfection And More Deaths

Study - MERS Virus Hasn't Yet Reached Pandemic Potential

2013 H3N2v Cases Spread To Hancock Co. Fair In IN

Qatari Patient Dies Of MERS In London - Death Count Now 43

Saudis Announce Two More MERS Deaths - Total Now 36

H7N9 Bird Flu Transmits From Person-To-Person - Study (gosh)

Indiana - Number Of Swine Flu Cases Increases To 12

Bird Flu Leads To Ban On Arkansas Poultry

MERS-CoV Essen Sequence Matches England

2013 Grant Co IN H3N2v Matches 2012 Cases & Swine

2013 Grant County Indiana H3N2v Matches 2012 Cases

Indiana H3N2v Outbreak Raises Concerns

All Hospitalized Al Hasa MERS Dialysis Cases Died

Sequence From Taiwan H6N1 Case Has G228S

H3N2v Confirmed In 4 Attendees IN Grant County Fair

Anomalies In Jordan MERS Cases

Saudis, WHO Report 8 Asymptomatic MERS Cases

Another MERS Death In Saudi Arabia

Two New Confirmed MERS Cases In KSA

MERS Continues To Spread - Pandemic Concerns Mount

More Than A Third Of H7N9 Patients Die Despite Treatment

Scientists Warns Against Complacency On H7N9 Bird Flu

8 MERS PCR Confirmations In Asymptomatic HCWs & Children

MERS PCR Confirmed In Asymptomatic HCWs In Taif KSA

Three More Cases Of MERS Confirmed In KSA

MERS-CoV Like Outbreaks In Al Hasa, KSA Hospitals

Mild & Asymptomatic MERS-CoV Cases Confirmed

Eight More MERS-CoV Confirmed Cases In Jordan ICU

Saudis Announce Four MORE MERS-CoV Deaths

MERS-CoV Taif Cluster Raises Ramandan Concerns

MERS-CoV Coronavirus Not So Much Like SARS After All

Swine Flu Claimed 161 Lives So Far - Gujarat, India

MIT Studies Pandemic Potential Of H5N1 & H7N9 Virus

Why MERS Isn’t SARS - Key Differences

Flu Cases In OhioMake Huge Jump Over Past Years


WHO Confirms Patient-To-Nurse Spread Of MERS-CoV

SARS-Like Virus Formally Named MERS-CoV

Health Care Workers MERS-CoV Confirmed In KSA

Adolescent MERS-CoV Cases Raise Transparency Concerns

11 Tested For H7N9 In Singapore - All Negative

China Poultry Prices Rise As H7N9 Fades

SARS-Like Virus Has Killed 15 Of 24 Infected In Saudi Arabia

WHO - MERS-CoV 'Probably Pass' H2H (gosh, really?)


Second French MERS-CoV Case confirmed

MERS-CoV Transmission In France Confirmed

Shanghai Ends H7N9 Emergency Measures, Poultry Shares Up

Flu Pandemics Could Come From Pigs, Birds Any Time

BBC - H7N9 Is A 'Serious' Threat (gosh)

H7N9 Bird Flu Killing At Least 20% Of Those Infected

H7N9 Spreads Southwest To Wugang Hunan

Scientists Fear H7N9 Pandemic - 20% Case Fatality Rate


US HHS Approves Emergency H7N9 Diagnostics

Evidence For Sustained H7N9 Human Transmission

WHO - 126 Lab Confirmed Cases Of H7N9 And 24 Dead So Far

US Warns Of Human-To-Human H7N9 Transmission

Four Yr Old Child And Of H7N9 Infected Man Also Infected

Spread Of Avian Flu Raises Concerns

H7N9 Zaozhuang Shandong Cluster Raises Concerns


H7N9 Spread To Zaohuang Shandong Confirmed

H7N9 Human PB2 Changes Raise Pandemic Concerns

H7N9 Zhejiang Chicken Sequence

H7N9 China Cases Rise To 91 - Half Had No Poultry Contact

US Hospitals Told To Watch For H7N9 Bird Flu

PB2 N701D - Enhances Mammal Transmission - In H7N9 Critical Case

China 'Suspects' H7N9 Human-To-Human (H2H) Spread (gosh)

Absence of E627K In H7N9 Zhejiang Critical Case


China Says 17 Now Dead, 82 Cases Confirmed

H7N9 Confirmed Cases Rise By Five To 82

H7N9 Minhang Familial Cluster Confirmed

China Confirms 82 H7N9 Cases, 17 Deaths

H7N9 Minhang Confirmed Cluster Grows To Six

H7N9 Cluster Obfuscation In China With WHO Complicity

H7N9 Bird Flu Cases In China Rise To 77 Infections, 14 Dead

H7N9 Minhang Familial Cluster Of Three Confirmed?


Beijing H7N9 Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

Asymptomatic Beijing H7N9 Raises Pandemic Fears

Two H7N9 Cases Reported In Henan Province

Deadly Bird Flu Hits Beijing - Total Known Infections Now 44

Chinese Colonel Say N7N9 Is US BioWeapon

WHO Threatens H7N9 Reporting Delays

H7N9 Bird Flu In China - 39 Infections, 10 Dead So Far

Report On 3 Who Died From H7N9 Shows Severity Of Strain


Confirmed H7N9 Cases Increase To 33

Two More Die From H7N9 Bird Flu In China

H7N9 Causes CDC Activation Of Emergency Ops Center

H7N9 Causes CDC Activation Of Emergency Ops Center

Ninth H7N9 Death Raises Concerns

Eighth H7N9 Death Reported - Suzhou Wuijiang Jiangsu

H7N9 E627K Raises Pandemic Concerns

Field Experiment On H7N9 Human Adaptation

Shanghai Avian H7N9 Distinct From Human


H7N9 In Avian Markets In Shanghai

H7N9 Minghang Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

H7 Q226I In H7N9 In Hangzhou

China Culls Birds As H7N9 Bird Flu Deaths Mount


CDC Following New Bird Flu Closely, Preparing Vaccine

Bird Flu Virus Claims 6th Victim, Pandemic Feared

H7N9 Avian Swine Human Adaptation

Avian Swine Human Adaptation

‘Hard To Track, Harder To Stop’ - New Bird Flu Kills 4 In China

New Bird Flu Strain 'More Likely' To Cause Human Pandemic

China Reports 9 More Bird Flu Cases - Coverup Allegations

Is New Bird Flu Linked To 20,000 Dead Pigs In China River

China Mobilises To Fight New Bird Flu - Japan, HK On Guard

New Updated H7N9 Pandemic Map From Dr Henry Niman

Bird Flu H7N9 Strain Infects Four More In China

China Bird Flu H7N9 Shows NO Symptoms In Poultry

Hangzhou H7N9 Cases Raise Concerns

Nanjing Jiangsu H7N9 Critical Case

H7N9 Bird Flu Cases Exploding In China - New Map

Three More Jiangsu H7N9 Confirmed Cases

H7 Q226L In Shanghai And Anhui H7N9 Cases

Suspect Shanghai H7N9 Familial Cluster

All Three H7N9 China Cases Have N9 Deletion

All Three H7N9 China Cases Have PB2 E627K


China Downplays New Bird Flu Fears

Recombination Creates Beta2c Coronavirus Sub-Clades

Media Myth On Beta2c Coronavirus Transmission In HCWs

UAE Beta2c Coronavirus Fatal Case In Munich

Jordan-Jeddah Beta2c Coronavirus Sequence Match

UAE Beta2c Coronavirus Critical Case In Munich Germany

WHO Says Beta2c Coronavirus Is A Cold Virus - Tweets

Most Mild Beta2c Coronavirus Cases In Jeddah KSA

Another Confirmed Riyadh Beta2c Coronavirus Cluster


Mild Beta2c Coronavirus Pandemic Concerns

HPIV-2 In UK Beta2c Coronavirus Contacts

KSA Beta2c Coronavirus Reporting Delays

More Media Myths On Beta2c Coronavirus Transmission

Another Fatal Beta2c Coronavirus Case 39M Saudi Arabia

Novel Beta2c Coronavirus Spike Q1020R & Q1020H

CDC Issues Novel Beta2c Coronavirus Health Alert

Another Beta2c Coronavirus Cluster In Riyadh?

Another Fatal Beta2c Coronavirus Case In Saudi Arabia

Recombination In Qatar Beta2c Coronavirus Sequence

New Human Qatar Beta2c Coronavirus Sequence

Bat And Human Beta2c Coronavirus Comparisions

New SARS-Like Virus Demands Swift Sleuth Work

Saudi Arabia Import Of Beta Coronavirus?

Addtional Beta Coronavirus Cases Raise Concerns

2013 Guizhou H5N1 Sequences Match 2012 Fatal Case

ECDC Beta Coronavirus Sequence Confusion

Mild UK Beta Coronavirus Case Concerns

UK Beta Coronavirus Cluster Media Myths

Indonesia Issues Beta Coronavirus Umrah Alert

Beta Coronavirus Umrah Link Raises Concerns

Beta Coronavirus H2H Transmission In Riyadh Cluster

Beta Coronavirus H2H Transmission In Jordan

Beta Coronavirus UK Case Raises Pandemic Concerns

Beta Coronavirus Surveillance Concerns

ProMED Myth On Beta Coronavirus Transmission

Toddler Is Cambodia's 6th Bird Flu Death Of 2013

ECDC Revising Beta Coronavirus Risk Assessment


Familial Beta Coronavirus Cluster In The UK

More Media Myths On Beta Coronavirus Transmission

More ECDC Flawed Logic On Beta Coronavirus Transmission

Novel Coronavirus H1N1pdm09 Dual Infection In UK Case

Novel Coronavirus H1N1pdm09 Dual Infection Detection

New York Reports Sixth Pediatric Flu Death

First US 2013 H3N2 Sequence Has T128A

US Week 4 - Pneumonia & Influenza Death Rate Dips To 9.4%

US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 62

Week 4 - 8 More US Pediatric Flu Deaths

US Week 4 - Pneumonia & Influenza Death Rate At 9.4%

Pandemic H1N1 In California Elephant Seals

All Recent 2012 H3N2 Sequences In UK Have T128A

New Hampshire Reports First Pediatric Flu Death

Reporting Delays In US Pediatric Flu Deaths

Alarming US Week 3 - P&I Death Rate Spike To Rate Of 9.8%

US Cities With Week 3 P&I Death Rates Above 10%

US Week 3 - Pneumonia & Flu Death Rate Spikes To 9.8%

US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To Fifty

13 Week 3 IN Flu Deaths Increase Record Total To 40

Colorado Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 5

35 Week 3 Flu Deaths In PA Raise Total To 75

Increased US Pediatric Flu Deaths In Week 2

US Flu Hospitalization Rates Raise Concerns

Week 2 - 33 Flu Deaths In MN Raises State Total To 60

US Week 2 Pneumonia-Flu Death Rate Spikes To 8.3%

Nine Pediatric Flu Deaths Cited In CDC Week 2 FluView

Media Myth On Pediatric Flu Deaths

New York Confirms Third Pediatric Flu Death

Delays In Reporting US Pediatric Flu Deaths

Pennsylvania Flu Deaths Jump To 40

CDC Updates Flu Advice For Pediatricians

Reported US Pediatric Flu Deaths Increase To 38

Stomach Flu Epidemic In France

Influenza, Not The Only Illness Spreading

Humidity Cause For Flu Peak?

US Week 1 P&I Death Rate Crosses Epidemic Threshold

US Pediatric Flu Deaths Jump To 33

Flu Surges Across America - Vid

New Strain Of Norovirus Spreads Worldwide

18 H3N2 Deaths In Pennsylvania In First Week Of Year

Three More WA Flu Deaths Reported

2011 OH Swine H3N2v Matches With 2011 IN & PA Cases

US H3N2 T128A Frequency Increases To 40%

Two Chinese Women Die From H1N1 Flu In Beijing

CDC Testing New H3N2 Vaccine Target

Serious Vax Failures - England H3N2 Has Abolished HA Glycosylation Site

MDR TB's Revenge

Need To Detox? Reach For The Hemp

Is Juicing Cannabis Better Than Smoking It?

Indiana Hospital Fires 8 Nurses For Refusing Flu Jab

Every Sixth Aborted Fetus Showed Signs Of Life

US Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths Increase To 23

9 Palestinians Succumb To H1N1

H3N2 Low Reactor Abolishes HA Glycosylation Site

US Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths Increase To 20

Eight Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths In Week 51

Spike In Adolescent Seasonal Flu Deaths

WHO - More Detail On Jordan Beta Coronavirus Cases

Dutch Research Proves H5N1 Spread By The Wind

Iowa H3N2v Child Matches 2012 Cases

Novel Beta Coronavirus HCW Clusters Raise Concerns

Fatal Novel Beta Coronavirus HCW Cluster In Jordan

More WHO Novel Beta Coronavirus Reporting Issues

Week 47 - Iowa H3N2v Child Without Swine Exposure

Identical Novel Beta Coronavirus Sequences Signal H2H

Jordan Fatal Novel Beta Coronavirus Cluster Confirms H2H


Fatal Novel Beta Cornavirus Cluster In Jordan Confirmed

WHO Corrects Novel Beta Coronavirus Guideline Errors

WHO Acknowledges Milder Novel Beta Coronavirus Cases

Massive H5N1 Wild Bird Outbreak In Krasnodar

Widespread Novel Beta Coronavirus Alerts Issued

Qatar Novel Beta Coronavirus Case In Mecca

Novel Beta Coronavirus Mecca Linkage Raises Concerns

ECDC In Denial Of Beta Coronavirus Human Transmission

Curious Coronavirus Comments By Saudi Health Official

Concerns On WHO SARS-Like Cornavirus Reporting Delays

Media Myth On Betacornavirus Nomenclature

Renal Failure In Riyadh Betacornavirus Fatal Cluster

Disease Onset Gap Signals Betacornavirus H2H Transmission

Betacornavirus Sequences in Saudi Arabia, Qatar Match

WHO Suggests Broader Betacornavirus Testing


Novel Sars Virus Infected 6 And Killed 2 So Far

Betacornavirus Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

4th Betacornavirus Case Raises Pandemic Concerns

Egypt H5N1 Matches In Fatal 2011 Cases Raise Concerns

H1N1 Flu Strain Affected Cats & Dogs

H3N2v Transmission At 2011 Washington County Fair

Increased Discordance Between Human and Swine H3N2v

Michigan H3N2v Cases With PB1 E618D And H1N1pdm09 M Gene

Ohio H3N2v Swine With PB1 E618D and H1N1pdm09 M Gene

H1N1v Case In Ontario Canada Has H1N1pdm09 M Gene

Human Betacoronavirus 2c EMC/12 - Human SARS CoV Match

CDC Describes 11 Hospitalized H3N2v Cases In Ohio

Wisconsin Mink H3N2v Matches 2011 Human Cases

Five Suspected London1 Coronavirus Cases In Denmark

London1 Novel CoV 2012 nsp12 Coronavirus Sequence

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 107 In 25 Counties


Acute Renal Impairment In 2003 SARS-CoV Cases

H1N1v Case In Ontario Canada

Saudi Arabia SARS-CoV Case Fatality Rate Raises Concerns

Saudi SARS-CoV Closely Related To Bat Coronaviruses

New Virus Linked To SARS Now In Britain

EU CDC Confirms H1N1 Vaccine Linked To Narcolepsy

Highly Virulent Form Of H5N1 Racing Through Viet Nam

Swine H3N2v Matches With LaPorte And Butler Cases

H3N2v Community Transmission In Michigan?


H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 106 In 25 Counties

Missouri H1N1v Case Raises Concerns

H3N2v Cases Linked to Minnesota State Fair

Wisconsin H3N2v Cases Increase To 20

CDC Human / Swine H3N2v Discordance Caught On Tape

More 2012 Swine H3N2pM Matches With 2011 Human Cases

H3N2v Pennsylvania Cases Increase To 41 In 5 Counties

CDC In H3N2v Sequence Denial

LaPorte Human And Swine H3N2v Do Not Match

H3N2v Sequences Refute CDC Swine Exposure Message

H3N2v PA Cases Increase To 38 In 5 Counties

Hospitalized H3N2v Cases Show Community Transmission

Lake County OH H3N2v With No Swine Exposure

Kentucky H3N2v Matches Clark County Ohio

Gallia Ohio H3N2v Matches Jackson County Indiana

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 102 In 25 Counties

H3N2v Case In KY Raises Serious Pandemic Concerns

Three H3N2v Case Cluster In Somerset County PA

Three H1N2v Case Cluster In Minnesota


H3N2v H2H Clonal Expansion Raises School Concerns

Recent Seasonal H3N2 Cases Raise Pandemic Concerns

Human Clonal Expansion Of July/August 2012 H3N2v

First Confirmed H3N2v Death - Ohio

18 H3N2v Wisconsin Cases In Four Counties

CDC Adds H3N2v Column In Week 33 FluView

West Virginia Reports H3N2v & Seasonal H3 In Week 32

Another H3N2v Confirmation In Minnesota

H3N2v NA N234D Spread To Minnesota


Minnesota, Maryland H3N2v Match WV Sub-Clade

USDA Releases First July H3N2 Swine Sequences - Ohio

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 99 In 23 Counties

CDC Prepares To Pivot To H3N2v Community Transmission

Wisconsin & Pennsylvania H3N2v Match WV Sub-Clade

CDC Acknowledges H3N2v Human To Human Transmission

CDC H3N2v Sub-Clade Secret Raises Pandemic Concerns

H3N2v Pennsylvania Cases Increase To 31 In 3 Counties

Curious H3N2 Cluster In KY-WV-OH Area


H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 98 In 23 Counties

H3N2v Heterogeneity Concerns In Jackson County IN

ECDC H3N2v Risk Assessment Is Still Fatally Flawed

HPA Recommends H3N2v Screening Of US Travelers To UK

CDC Retraction Of H3N2v / H3N2pM Pseudolinkage Overdue

CIDRAP Media Myth On H3N2v Matches In Ohio Swine

CDC Expands H3N2v Tests To ILI Cases w/o Swine Exposure

Swine To Human Transmission Not Supported By USDA Data

H3N2v NA N234D In LaPorte And Butler County Clusters


H3N2v Cluster Linked To Dakota County Minnesota

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 87 In 21 Counties

More CDC Obfuscation On Human-Swine H3N2v Sub-Clades

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 79 In 21 Counties

10 More H3N2v IN and OH Cases Match Novel WV Sub-Clade

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 72 in 20 Counties

Likely H3N2v In Ashland KY Without Swine Contact


CDC Obfuscation Of H3N2v Sub-Clade In 2012 Human Cases

H3N2v Case In Washtenaw County Michigan

Hospitalized Ohio H3N2v Cases Raise Concerns

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase To 66 In 17 Counties

Release Of Illinois H3N2v Sequences Overdue

CA H3N2v Health Alert - PCR Testing Of All ILI Cases

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase to 54 in 12 Counties

23 Confirmed H3N2v Cases In Washington County Indiana

CDC H3N2v Testing Bias Raises Pandemic Concerns

Sustained Efficient Human Community Spread Of H3N2v

CDC Ignores NA Lineage Change in All 2012 H3N2v Cases

H3N2v Ohio Cases Increase to 47 in 11 Counties


CDC Cites Recent Human H3N2v Transmission

H3N2v Testing Halt In Champaign County Ohio

NY Summer Camp Outbreak Raises H3N2v Concerns

200 H3N2v Cases In Gallia County Ohio

CDC Cedes Confimatory H3N2v Testing To State Labs

150 Tested For H3N2v Influenza A In Gallia County Ohio?

Explosion Of H3N2v Cases In Monroe County, Indiana

Explosion Of H3N2v Cases In Gallia County Ohio

113 H3N2v Flu Cases In 18 Indiana Counties

H3N2v Testing On Symptomatic Case Near Mason Co Fair - WV

H3N2v Case Confirmed In White County Indiana

Confirmed H3N2v Case At Ohio State Fair

Butler H3N2v Confirmed Cluster Grows To Fourteen

Suspect H3N2v Cases At Monroe County Fair - Indiana

Confirmed H3N2v Cases At Jackson County Fair - Indiana

Flu That Leapt From Birds To Seals Studied For Human Threat

Hawaii Match With Indiana & Ohio Signals H3N2v Pandemic


H3N2v Cases At Washington County Fair - Indiana

H3N2v Confirmed In Swine At Ohio State Fair

Bird Flu 'Engineered' And Spreading

New Bird Flu Jumps From Birds To Mammals, New England 

Seals Infected With New Bird Flu Virus

Expected H3N2v Cluster Expolsion In Jackson County Indiana

LaPorte and Butler County H3N2v Sequences Match

Cited H3N2v Cases At Monroe County Fair

Confirmed H3N2v Jackson County Indiana Case

H3N2v Butler County Cluster Grows To 41

Suspect H3N2v Cluster at Monroe County Fair - Indiana

Confirmed H3N2v Case In Maui, Hawaii

Ten Confirmed H3N2v Cases at Butler County Fair, OH

Seal H3N8 PB2 Recombination With Canine & Equine Sequences

PB2 D701N In H3N8 Fatal Harbor Seal Infections

Cited H3N2v LaPorte County Fair Cases Grow

Emergence Of A Novel Human H3N2v Sub-clade

More Cited H3N2v LaPorte County Fair Cases

Experts Condemn Plans To Re-Open H5N1 Research

LaPorte County Fair H3N2v Cluster Matches WV/UT Cases

Dozen Symptomatic H3N2v Cases At LaPorte County Fair

H3N2v In ASymptomatic Swine At LaPorte County Fair

H3N2v In Symptomatic Swine At LaPorte County Fair

H3N2v Transmission At LaPorte County Fair

Widespread Swine H3N2v Matches With Human US Cases

H3N2v Cluster At Indiana County Fair

Swine H3N2v Matches With Current Human Cases

H1N1pdm09 Tamiflu Resistance Emerges In North America

Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Clusters Raise Concerns

Transmitting D225G Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 In TX, CA

Curious Kawaoka Coments On A242T In H5N1 Ferret Transmission

Clonal Expansion Of 2012 H1N1 H274Y In TX & Mexico

Media Myth On CDC H5N1 Transmission

Illinois Swine Match 2011 Human H3N2v

H5N1 Transmission Changes In Egypt

Wild Birds Most Kawaoka H5N1 Transmission Changes

UT, WVA H3N2v Match Signals Human Transmission

2012 Media Myth On H3N2v Transmission

H3N2v In Utah Child

H3N2v Utah Match Raises Concerns

H5N1 N158D Is Missing Link for Human Transmission

Deadly H5N1 Flu Mutation Published

NSABB Withdraws H5N1 Publication Objections

Similarities In Nature Science & Virology H5N1 Studies

UK Flu Jab Link To Narcolepsy In Children

Two Mutant H5N1 Strains Led To World Controversy

'Why All Bird Flu Research Should Be Published'

A History Of Major Flu Pandemics

CDC Identifies 2012 H3N2 Low Reactors In United States

Curious CDC Comments On Maryland Death Cluster

High CFR In Maryland Cluster Raises H5N1 Concerns

Another Fatal H3 Case In Maryland?

Death Cluster H3 Confirmed

MD Denies Additional 'Similar Clusters' Of Deadly Flu

Swine Flu Outbreak In Mexico Kills At Least 29

NSABB Comments on H5N1 Transmission Censorship

H3N2v Match In Iowa Swine

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In 37 US States

Fatal Suspect H5N1 Case In Cengkareng Indonesia

H1N1pdm09 Recombination In Egypt H5N1 Raises Fear

China Censors News On H5N1 Guizhou Case

CDC Selects New H3N2v Pandemic Vaccine Target

Absence of Poultry In Fatal H5N1 Case In Guizhou China

WHO Confirms H5N1 Cluster In Fayoum Egypt

Published H5N1 One Change From Efficient Transmission

Suspect H5N1 Cluster In Fayoum Egypt

Egypt H5N1 PB1 Recombination With H1N1pdm09l

Egypt H5N1 Recombines With Seasonal H1N1 H3N2 pH1N1

WI H1N1v Links US H3N2v China H5N1 Swiss H1N1v - Thread

WI H1N1v Links US H3N2v China H5N1 Swiss H1N1v

MP Identities Confirm WVa H3N2v Cluster Transmission



Shenzhen H5N1 P198S Is In Clade 2.2 Escape Mutant

Q196K & S227R In Fatal H5N1 Case In Shenzen China

New Swine Flu Virus Could Complicate Flu Season 

Clade In Fatal H5N1 Case In Shenzen China


Critical H5N1 Case In Shenzen China

H1N1v H1N2v H3N2v Testing Bottleneck Expected

H1N1v H1N2v H3N2v Cases Dominate US Flu Sequences

Genetic Instability In H1N1v Wisconsin Case

Fatal H3N2v With H1N1pdm09 M Gene In Kansas Swine

CDC Requests 24 Hour Notice Of Suspect H3N2v Cases

PCR Failures Raise Novel Influenza Pandemic Concerns

Sustained trH3N2 Transmission In West Virginia

Novel Under-10 Flu Cases In US Approach 100%

West Virginia Large, Extended trH3N2 Cluster

Novel trH1N1 Case In WI Raises Pandemic Concerns


North Dakota Issues trH3N2 Health Advisory

trH3N2 Spread In WVa Ups Pandemic Concerns

Iowa Novel Influenza Testing Paradox

West Virginia trH3N2 Cluster Confirmed

Expected Explosion Of Novel Flu Clusters In US

HK Finds H5N1 In Chickens, Culls Many, Bans Trade 

WHO Issues Warning On Novel Influenza

CDC Requests Increased Influenza Testing In All States

CDC Recommends Increased Influenza Testing Of Children

False PAHO Comments On WV trH3N2 & MN trH1N2 In Swine


HK Info Request To WHO And US CDC On H3N2pdm11

ECDC Cites Serious trH3N2 And trH1N1 Testing Issues

Delays With trH1N2 Minnesota Case(s) Raise Concerns

CDC Upates Comments On H3N2pdm11 In Swine

CDC Discovers 2011 H3N2pdm11 Pandemic By Accident

78% Of US Adolescent 2011/2012 Flu A Sequences Are Novel

Evolution Of trH1N2 Minnesota Case Raises Concerns

Novel H1N2 Case In MN With H3N2pdm11 Genes

Novel H3N2pdm11 In West Virginia

trH1N2 Swine With NA And MP Matches With H3N2pdm11

trH1N2 HA NA MP Matches With Ohio Parent Of H3N2pdm11

Increasing H1N1pdm09 M Gene In US trH1N2 Swine


OH trH1N2 Swine Solves H3N2pdm11 Pandemic Puzzle

WHO Issues Pandemic H3N2pdm11 CDC PCR Kit Guidance

Iowa Swine trH3N2 Constellation Matches H3N2pdm11

Kansas trH3N2 Swine With H1N1pdm09 M Gene

Curious CIDRAP Comments On H3N2pdm11 Match

Fatally Flawed European Risk Assessment For H3N2pdm11 Pandemic

CDC Calls H3N2pdm11 Transmission A Mystery

Iowa H3N2pdm11 Surveillance Raises Pandemic Concerns

trH3N2 Swine Close Contact Media Myth

CDC Novel trH3N2 Swine Exposure Coup De Grace

Retraction Of Claim On Novel trH3N2 In US Swine Overdue

Clarify CDC Confusion On Novel trH3N2 In US Swine

Media Myths On trH3N2 Emergence And Significance

False CDC Claim Of Widespread Novel trH3N2 In Swine 


Iowa trH3N2 Cluster Of Five Forces WHO Alert

CDC Again Cites Swine Exposure In Request For trH3N2 Samples

rH3N2 Transmission In Iowa Cluster Of Five

CDC 'Have You Heard' On The trH3N2 Cluster In Iowa

Discussion Thread - trh3n2 Pandemic Confirmed

Three trH3N2 Cases In Iowa Confirm Pandemic

CIDRAP Maintains Media Myth On trH3N2 Swine Exposure

Most US Adolescent Infleunza A Is trH3N2

CDC Definition Of Swine Exposure For trH3N2 Cases

Abysmal Maine trH3N2 Testing Raises Concerns

First Swine trH3N2 Raises Pandemic Concerns

Scientists Create Lethal, Highly Contagious Bird Flu

Maine trH3N2 Sequence Matches Signal Human Transmission

Swine Exposure Drives trH3N2 Testing


Maine Detects First trH3N2 Case Using New CDC PCR Test

Both Maine trH3N2 Cases Linked To Fryeburg Fair

Fryeburg Pig Scramble Raises Swine Exposure Issues

More Swine Match Failures With Novel Human trH3N2

US Region 4 Influenza A Cases Raise trH3N2 Concerns

IHR Errors from CDC Reports Raise trH3N2 Concerns

Lack Of Sero-Typing In Infleunza A Positives Raises trH3N2 Concerns

Swine Linked To Indiana Vet Were Asymptomatic

Hospitalized Indiana Veterinarian With trH3N2

No Thought On trH3N2 Transmission Raises Concerns

WHO History On trH3N2 Raises Concerns


R193M And RBD Changes In H5N1 Bali Indonesia Cluster

trH3N2 Pandemic Vaccine Target Media Myth

trH3N2 Pigs To People Media Myth

Influenza Seal Deaths In New England

ProMED Comment On trH3N2 Rumor Raises Concerns

CDC Confirms trH3N2 Cases In Indiana And Maine

IN DoH Denies Novel trH3N2 Transmission In Humans

Indiana DoH Reports trH3N2 Case As Inconclusive

Indiana & Maine trH3N2 Cases NOT In Week 43 MMWR

Indiana DoH Confirms Second trH3N2 Case

RBD Changes In Fatla 2011 Case In Indonesia

CDC Charade On trH3N2 Swine Exposure


Absence Of Maine trH3N2 Unsubtypable Raises Concerns

Fatal UnsubtypablesIn the United States

Maine CDC Confirms 2nd trH3N2 Case In October

New trH3N2 Cases In ME & IN Raise Pandemic Concerns

Three October trH3N2 In Maine & Indiana Match

Emergence Of New human Contagion trH3N2

Seventh trH3N2 Reported In 2011 Confirmed

Seventh Novel Flu Reported In 2011 in Week 42 MMWR

Discussion Of CDC Shell Game With Unsubtypables

Maine trH3N2 Unsubtypable Not Reported In CDC FluView

Human trH3N2 Constellation NOT In Swine

WA County trH3N2 Cluster Update Fails To Find Source


Most Recent US Adolescent H3N2 Sequences Are trH3N2

CDC Hopes And Dreams On 2011 trH3N2 & Swine Link

CDC Hopes And Dreams On 2011 trH3N2 Evolution

Updated Need For CDC Fuzzy Summary Of trH3N2 Cases

CDC In Denial Regarding trH3N2 Human Transmission

Media Myths On Swine Exposure By trH3N2 Cases

Maine trH3N2 Sequences Signal Human Transmission

Maine trH3N2 Not Reported In Week 41 MMWR

Maine trH3N2 Matches Indiana And Pennsylvania


Frequent D225G In 1918 Autopsy Lung

CDC FluView Update On trH3N2 Cases Raise Pandemic Fears

trH1N1 Human Transmission In SD Prior To 2009 Pandemic

Absence Of Influenza A Sub-Typing Raises Concerns

Influenza A Confirmed In Erie, Pennsylvania

Two More PA trH3N2 In Week 36 MMWR

CDC trH3N2 Transmission Denial Raises Concerns

CDC Denies Sustained Transmission Of trH3N

CDC trH3N2 Mis-Match Myth Creates Confusion

CDC Media Myths On trH3N2 Sequence Relationships\


Records Set By New trH3N2 Contagion Cluster

The New Contagion trH3N2

Unsubtypables Dictate Widespread trH3N2 PCR Testing

CA - Jerry Brown Expected to Sign Merck HPV Bill

Standford Univ Hospital Patients Records Posted ONLINE

Linkage Of trH3N2 Cases To The Fair Is Tenuous

Source Sought For Novel Swine Flu Cases

Severe And Widespread trH3N2

Washington Co trH3N2 Sequences NOT Linked To Fair

CDC trHN2 Testing Bias Raises Pandemic Concerns

Identities In PA And IN Signal H3N2 Flu Pandemic

Identities In PA And IN Signal Pandemic

Washington County trH3N2 Sequences NOT Linked To Fair


CDC trHN2 Testing Bias Raises Pandemic Concerns

CDC Refuses To Take trH3N2 Cluster Seriously

WA County Fair Signals trH3N2 Transmission

Is The trH3N2 Case In Pennsylvania Unsubtyable?

Evolution Of The Swine trH3N2 Pandemic

CDC Adds UNSUBTYPABLE To Week 33 FluView Data

CDC Requests Nose/Throat Swabs For trH3N2 Testing


CDC Comments On trH3N2 Match Between PA, IN Cases

PA trH3N2 Testing Symptomatic Fair Attendees

Human Transmission Linked To H1N1 M Gene 

CDC Hiding trH3N2 Cluster In Minnesota

Discussion Of Match Between PA and IN trHN2 Cases

CDC Silence On H3N2 Pandemic Spike Ups Concern

trH3N2 Cases In Indiana & Pennsylvania Match

More H1N1 Low Reactors In Japan

Pandemic H3N2 Detection And Reporting Delays

H3N2 Pandemic Vaccine Linked To MN Cluster  - Thread


MN trH3N2 And OH Fair trH1N1 Clusters Linked

H3N2 Pandemic Vaccine Linked To MN Cluster

H3N2 Pandemic Vaccine Linked To MN Cluster

Pneumonia, Flu Deaths In El Paso Increases To 83

Chihuahua Reassortment Raises Tamiflu Resistance Concerns

Spike In Emergency ILI Cases In US Region III

Korean CDC Delays Confirming "Mystery Virus" Is H1N1

Pneumonia, Flu Death Toll In El Paso Increases To 68

Chihuahua H1N1 Likely Mystery Virus In South Korea

Fatal Stroke Linked to Influenza Infection In PA Child

H1N1 Likely Linked To Korea Fatal Pregnant Case

Frequent Tamiflu Resistance In Delaware And Maryland

Tamiflu Resisatnce Spikes In Delaware

More Chihuahua H1N1 In US

Air Force Cites H1N1 Chihuahua Vax Breakthrough

CDC Test, Isolaltion Bias Raises H1N1 Pandemic Worry

Frequent H1N1 Low Reactors In Japan


New trH3N2 Case Raises Pandemic Concerns

CDC Testing H3N2 Pandemic Vaccine

CDC Testing Two New Seasonal H3N2 Targets

CDC Testing Three New Influenza B Vaccine Targets

Identical H5N1 Deletions In Indonesia, Egypt, China

Influenza Vaccine Concerns

S118T Spreads To Southern Hemisphere

Alarming Increase In H1N1 Low Reactorts In Japan

Tamiflu Resistance Combination Concerns

Withheld CDC Tamiflu Resistance Sequences

CDC RBD Change (D225G, D225N, Q226R) UNDERCOUNT Thread

Review of D225G And D225N In Ukraine In 2009

RBD Changes D225N And Q226R In Egg Isolates

D225N On S186P Genetic Background, Chihuahua, Mexico


Concerns On WHO Comments On Japan Tamiflu Resistance

WHO Inconsistent On Tamiflu Resistance In Japan

Clonal Expansion Of Tamiflu Resisatnce In Japan

H1N1 Deaths In South Africa

El Paso P&I Death Toll Increases To 127

Swaziland Issues H1N1 Alert

Widespread Tamiflu and Relenza Resistance Clusters

Clinical Concerns Linked To S246N And H274Y Tamiflu Resistance

Fatal Tamiflu Resisatnce In Australia

S246N Tamiflu And Relenz Resistance Spread

El Paso Pneumonia And Flu Deaths Increase To 106


Are Colorado Dogs Suffering From A New (Swine?) Flu? 

Brazil President Hospitalized With Pneumonia, Flu Symptoms

US Air Force H1N1 Herald Wave Raises Pandemic Concerns

Pneumonia And Influenza Deaths In El Paso Increase To 51

Influenza And Pneumonia Death Rate Increases In US

WHO Denials On D225N Raise Pandemic Concerns

WHO Dismisses Receptor Binding Domain Changes In Mexico

WHO H1N1 Pandemic Alert - Message Management

WHO H1N1 Pandemic Alert - Rapid Spread of D225N


WHO Pandemic Alert Raises Vaccine Concerns

Alert - WHO Issues H1N1 Flu Pandemic Alert

WHO Issues H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Alert

WHO Issues H1N1 Pandemic Alert - Discussion

Discussion Of El Paso H1N1 Deaths

El Paso Vaccination Campaign - Limited Success Expected

H1N1 Death Toll Increases To Seven In Juarez

Influenza Like Illness Spike In Juarez Mexico

Death Cluster In El Paso Raises Pandemic Concerns

Emergence Of Chihuahua H1N1 Sub-Clade In US

H1N1 Fatality Confirmed In El Paso, TX

Pneumonia And Flu Death Rate Spikes In El Paso

Growing H1N1 Death Cluster In Guadalupe Chihuahua Mexico

CDC trH3N2 Match Silence Raises Pandemic Concerns

CDC Deafrening Silence On trH3N2 Match


trH3N2 Transmission In Pennsylvania?

Novel Chihuahua H1N1 Influenza Spreads Across The US


Frequent Detection Of D225N In Chihuahua H1N1

D225G In Novel H1N1 Cluster In Spain

H1N1 D225G In Upper Respiratory Tract In Mexico

Rapid Spread Of Novel H1N1 In South America

Mexico Initiates H1N1 Pandemic ICU Training Courses

Futile Vaccination 'Fences' In Mexico


Mexico H1N1 Pandemic Situation Bad - Discussion Forum

H1N1 Red Alert In Tamaulipas Mexico

Silent Spread Of D225N In Novel H1N1 Sub-Clade

Vaccine Breakthrough In Novel H1N1

Emergence Of Novel H1N1 In The United States

Pandemic Potential Of D225N In Novel H1N1 In Mexico

Novel Chihuahua Sub-Clade With D225G in PA

Withheld Novel H1N1 Sequences In The US

H1N1 Sequences From Mexico Pandemic Released

Mexico Reviews 'Atyical Pneumonia Deaths' For H1N1

H1N1 Spreads To El Salvador

H1N1 Spreads To Puebla Near Mexico City

Discussion On New H1N1 Pandemic Wave

Alarming Rate Of Severe And Fatal H1N1 In Mexico


Turkeys Slaughtered After H5N1 Found At MO Farm

H1N1 Death Cluster Grows At Juarez Mexico Traffic Department

Russian Doctors In Libya Enraged By Air Strikes

10 Deer From NW Kansas Test Positive For Mad Deer CWD

Rapid Evolution Of H1N1 In Mexico Raises Pandemic Fear

S188T Low Rectors In European H1N1

3 New Human H5N1 Bird Cases In Egypt

WHO H1N1 Tamiflu Resisatnce Scam 

Mexico City Begins Tarveler Checks From Chihuahua, Texas

H5N1 Bangladesh Cluster Concerns

S227R In H5N1 Virus In Fukushima Japan


H5N1 Cluster In Bangladesh

H5N1 In Bangladesh Toddler

Vaccines May Have Increased Swine Flu

WHO Response To Swine Flu Pandemic Flawed

Novel H3N2 In Minnesota With Pandemic H1N1

No Pharma Liability? No Mandatory Vaccines! - Vid

Vaccine Lottery

Novel H1N2 In Indiana With Pandemic H1N1 Genes

Novel Swine H1N2 In NC With Pandemic Genes

Novel Swine H1N2 In England With Pandemic Genes

Confirmed - H1N1 Vaccine Linked To Narcolepsy

US Pediatric Deaths Spike Higher

H1N1 And H5N1 Viruses Produce Dangerous Hybrids

H3N2 Vaccine Breakthrough Sequences

Japan - Drug-Resistant Flu Found In Boy


New H1N1 Sequences - More Evidence Vax Is WORTHLESS

H1N1 Fist Responder Death In PA

Flu Vaccine Failure In Western Pennsylvania

Incredible! - CDC Vaccine Targets Unchanged

WHO Issues H1N1 Warning

H1N1 Vaccine Failure

US Pneumonia, Influenza Death Rate Near 5 Yr High

Recombination Driving H1N1 Evolution

South Dakota trH1N2 Reassortants

Swine trH3N2 Evolution Increasing


Chihuahua Mexico Epidemic Alert On H1N1 Clusters

H1N1  Influenza Pandemic In Venezuela

H1N1 Death Cluster Spreads Thru Chihuahua Mexico

H1N1 Atypical Pneumonia Death Cluster In Juarez

Spike In H3N2 Low Reactors In US

Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Cluster In Delaware

Lack Of Poultry Link In Bangladesh H5N1 Cluster

Fukushima Rediation And H5N1 In Wild Birds


Dramatic RBD Chnages In Costa Rica Swine

CDC Silence On Unsubtypables Raises Concerns

Spike In Pennsylvania trH3N2 Unsubtypables

Why Flu Vaccine May Cause Narcolepsy

H1N1 Swine Flu S188T Recombination In Beijing

New Flu Vaccine Promises To Kill All Strains

Casual trH3N2 Transmission In Pennsylvania

trH3N2 Flu Transmission Concerns

Another trH3N2 Case In PA


H1N1 Identical US And UK Identical

US Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths Spike Higher

Human Guinea Pigs & Military Vaccines - Vid

H5N1 Receptor Binding Domain Change In Japan

Finn Researchers Tie H1N1 Jab To Narcolepsy Risk

H1N1 Swine Flu Dominant In PA And NJ

H1N1 Swine Flu Low Reactors In Germany

Pennsylvania Withholds Week 2 H1N1 Report

H1N1 Epidemic - Fixing S188T In 2011

Flu Epidemic Breaks Out In Hungary

Physician Says Flu Shots Are Silly - Vid

Japan Culls 410,000 Chickens - Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads

254 Flu-Related UK Deaths Since September

FDA Checking Post-Vaccine Seizures

H5H1 Bird Flu Detected In Japan

H1N1 Swine Flu Now Killing Elderly In UK

First 2011 Sequences Has S188T - From Mongolia

Dangerous H1N1 Swine Flu Now In The US


Can Recovered Patient Plasma Prevent H1N1 Deaths?

Vaccine Wars Heat Up

Dangerous UK H1N1 Flu Sequences

Iran H1N1 Sequences Signals Immunological Escape

H1N1 Immunological Escape In UK

CDC Issues H1N1 Flu Epidemic Alert In US

UK Hospitals Gridlocked Over Swine Flu

Doctors Ordered Top Stop Flu Jabs To Children 

Mandatory Vaccines To Implement Martial Law?

Brit Grandma Dies After Getting Flu Jab

UK Flu Deaths More Than Double To 112 

Pennsylvania Death Cluster Matches UK

H1N1 Surge In Potentially Fatal Secondary Infections 

Croatian Man Dies Despite Swine Flu Vaccine

Top UK GP Wants Private Flu Jab Ban


H1N1 Death Undercount In UK Continues

Liverpool H1N1 Death Cluster Increases To 9

Withheld UK Flu Death Data

H1N1 Death Undercount In The UK

Anti-Vax Doc Loses License - But 'Is Not Going Away' - Vid

Mutating Swine Flu Virus & Useless Vaccine

Fears Over Mutating Swine Flu Virus

New Flu Jabs Will Not Protect Elderly

Second Wave Of Flu Puts Elderly At Risk

Health Protection Agency Releases UK Sequences

Receptor Binding Changes Drive H1N1 Spread In UK 

D225G Recombination And Transmission In The UK

S188T Dominant In England H1N1 Flu Epidemic

GPs Told To Use Old H1N1 Vax - Deaths Hit 50 

UK Running Out Of Flu Vax

Death Cluster Increase To 12 In Manchster UK

H1N1 Dutch Flu Death Cluster

Another Pennsylvania Flu Death Cluster

H1N1 Flu Death Cluster In Liverpool

Two More Avian Influenza H5N1 Cases In Egypt

40th H5N1 Human Bird Flu Death In Egypt


H1N1 Threatens Health Care Delivery For UK Children

UK H1N1 Children's Flu Epidemic Predicted

2011 H1N1 Flu Pandemic Fiasco

2011 H1N1 Pandemic Discussion Forum

738 UK Flu Patients In Critical Care

UK H1N1 Vaccine Shortage

UK Rejects Flu Vaccine For Kids Under 5

Severe H1N1 Flu Causes Black Alerts In UK

Death Cluster Increase To 12 In Manchster UK

UK Flu - ICU Ventilators, ECMO Units Overloaded

UK Told To Jab Millions More Against Flu

Rising Tamiflu Resistance In The UK


A Second MN trH3N2Cases Raises Pandemic Concerns

Increasing Low Reactors On Novel H1N1 

Severe & Fatal H1N1 In Healthy Young Adults In UK, Spain

H1N1 Flu Situation Deteriorating In England

Increased Severe, Fatal H1N1 In England

Critical Escalation Of Severe, Fatal H1N1 In UK

Spread Of H1N1 Swine Flu Immunological Escape

Fatal H1N1 In Young Adults In UK

Increasing Flu Hospitalizations In Manitoba

trH3N2 Recombination In Cameroon

Flu Kills Previously Healthy Young Cdn Adults

Australia / trH1N1 Recombinant In UK

Recombination Driving H1N1 Evolution In UK

Alarming Rate Of Severe H1N1 Flu In UK

EMCO Shortfall in UK Raises H1N1 Concerns

Spike In Young H1N1 ICU Cases In UK

trH3N2 Flu Matches In MN, PA And WI

H1N1 S188T Flu Spreads To Whitechapel, UK

H3N2 Swine Pandemic Surveillance Concerns

The Emerging H3N2 Swine Pandemic

Spike In Flu Cases In Canada


Avian Flu, Human, Egypt 113th Case, 37th Death

Spike In Severe Young Adult Flu Cases In Canada

Flu Death Cluster Grows In Canada


Details On Manitoba Flu Death Cluster

trH3N2 In Manitoba?

H3N2 Flu Death Cluster In Canada

Linkage Between Human Triple Reassortants

High H1N1 Fatality Rate In Lehigh County PA

H1N1 Death Cluster Confirmed In PA

H1N1 Death Cluster In Pennsylvania

PA Issues Health Advisory On H1N1 And H3N2

Human Transmission Of Swine Flu Sequences

Emerging H3N2 Virus

HK Woman Hospitalized With H5N1

H3N2 Swine Flu Pandemic Confirmed


Novel trH3N2 Constellation Raises Concerns

Human trH3N2 Matches Human trH1N1 OH Cluster

Swine trH3N2 Phylogenetic Analysis w/o Sequences

Genetic Change In Kansas Swine H3N2 Present
In All Pandemic H1N1 Sequences

CDC Gives No Sequences Or Analysis On H3N2 Cases

CDC Fails To Show Swine-To-Human Transmission

Withheld H3N2 Sequences Raise Concerns

Pandemic Potential Of H1 Reassortants

Human Swine Flu Reassortants In Argentina

Table Proving D225G Is A LOW REACTOR

D225G/N Emergence In H1N1 Variants

H1N1 Vaccine Failure Raises Pandemic Concerns

H1N1 Virus Suspected In CA Teacher Death

Global Spread Of H1N1 XDR (Multi-Drug Resistant)

Spike In Pneumonia And Flu Deaths

Early Flu Season Start In North America

Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vax = Infertility In Humans

H3N2 Flu Virus Variant Spreading


RBD Change In H1N1 In India, Thailand, Oz, NZ

112th Case Avian Flu In Egypt, 36th Death


XDR H1N1 Pandemic Strain In Arkansas

Relenza AND Tamiflu Resistance In KS H1N1 Patient

D225G and D225N In Australia And New Zealand

WHO Hopes And Dreams

CDC Issues H3N2 Flu Strain Alert

D225G Low Reactors In US And Russia

Low Reactor H1N1 Transmission In MT In 2010

110th H5N1 Avian Flu Patient Dies, 35 In Egypt

Alarming H1N1 Case Fatality Rate In India

H1N1 Swine Flu Cluster In India

D225G transmission in Singapore

Transmission Of D225G And G158E In China

Novel H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Potential

Novel H1N1 Swine Flu In Midwest

New West Bengal H1N1 Cases - One Critical

H1N1 Spike In Ukraine

G158E And D225G In China

New Outbreak Of Swine Flu In Ukraine?

Spread Of G158E Duplication


Parallel H1N1 Pandemics In 2010

New H1N1 Pandemic?

40m Doses H1N1 Vax To Be Destroyed - $240m Lost

Canada Has $18 Million In Expiring Tamiflu

H1N1 Flu Vax Protects Against 1918 Flu

Pharma Encouraged WHO To Exaggerate Swine Flu Threat

Three New H1N1 Variants, India

US Has 71 MILLION Unused Flu Vaccine Doses


Discussion Of H5N1 Recombination In Egypt

Qinghai / Fujian H1N1 Recombinants In Egypt

Widespread Swine Flu Low Reactors In Europe

Seasonal Flu Vax Reactions Spread To New Zealand

Oz Children, Babies Bad Seasonal Flu Vax Reactions

Widespread Tamiflu Resistance In S Korea

Fed Officials Eye Complications Of H1N1 Vax (gosh)

Japan D225G D225N G158E Pseudospecies

3 BP Deletion In H5N1 Links To H1N1

H5N1 Silently Spreading To Mammals In Egypt?

Genetic Changes In pH1N1 In Georgia

Selection Of D225G In Swine Lung

D225G Only In Fatal And Severe Cases In Hong Kong

D225G Low Reactor In Washington


D225G In 2010 US Pandemic Sequences

All CDC Low Reactors Have Same Change

UK Cancels Swine Flu Vax Order

Rapid pH1N1 Death In Texas Raises Concerns

Excessive H1N1 Pandemic Deaths Raise Concerns

Serious CDC pH1N1 P&I Death Problem

Death Cluster In Malaysia

CDC Concedes Death Rate Over Epidemic Threshold

More Similarities Between 1918, 2009 Pandemics

Severe Pandemic Swine Flu Cases In Georgia

Pandemic Anniversary In The US

GA Hospitalizations NOT Tied To Vac Coverage

pH1N1 Tamiflu Resistant 2010 Sequences In Nagasaki

D225g In Georgia?

Swine Flu Rolling Through GA

Swine Flu No Big Deal? Look At Years Of Life Lost

Revelations About Fatal H1N1 Under-Counts In GA

Poor GA Surveillance Yields H1N1 Flu Under-Counts

Spike In HIN1 Atlanta Deaths Raise Concern

CDC Now Acknowledging H1N1 Spike In GA

French Scientists Try To Combine H1N1 & H5N1 (insane)

Fixing H274Y In Japan

Transmission & Rapid Appearance Of Tamiflu Resistance

Norway Refutes WHO Position On D225G

Jump In H1N1 Low Reactors In US

Confirmed D225G Link With Severe Cases In Norway

Sloppy Surveillance Raises Pandemic Concerns

Swine Flu Vaccine Failure In Europe


Swine Flu Vaccine Failure In Severe Caes

Widespread Swine Flu Tamiflu Resistance In Japan

560 People Died Of Swine Flu In China In 2009

More Signals Of Start Of Swine Flu Pandemic Phase 3

WHO Warns Swine Flu Pandemic Not Over

Low Reactors Recombine With D225G In Russia

Low Reactor And D225G Also Recombine In Ital

Low Reactors In Germany Raise Vaccine Concerns

Suspicious WHO Vaccine Target Selection Failure

WHO Vaccine Lessons Not Learned

WHO Vaccine Target Selection Raises Concerns

WHO Approves H1N1 Vaccine Without D225G

Confirmed Swine Flu Vaccine Failure In Wyoming


H1N1 D225E Converted to D225G In Egypt

Amantadine Sensitive H1N1 In Houston

Random H1N1 Mutation Paradigm Destroyed

Negative Duke D225G/N Death Data Raise Concerns

Major Spike In Mexico Swine Flu Death Rate

Two More Deaths Bring India Swine Flu Toll To 1296

CDC - 57 Million Americans Have Had Swine Flu To Date

13 Recent H1N1 Deaths In Michigan

Spike In Swine Flu Deaths In Mexico

A Mystery - Over 60% Flu Vax Still Unused

Recombination In Duke Death Transmission

WHO's Fake Pandemic

More Severe H1N1 Increases In Mississippi 

Pandemic H1N1 Disinformation Raises Concerns 

Swine Flu Pandemic Wave 3 Confirmed In US

H1N1 3rd Wave Start Signaled By Increase In NC Cases

Six CA Pediatric Swine Flu Deaths In One Week

Mixtures In Duke Swine Flu Death Cluster


Another Swine Flu Vaccine Recall

WHO D225G Intentional Transmission Omissions

WHO Obsolete D225G Reports Raise Concerns

Discussion Of WHO Outrageous WHO D225G Comments

Increase In H1N1 On NC College Campuses

Conversion Of H1N1 D225E To D225G In Rome

Recombination Driving D225G And H274Y

Deadly Ukraine D225G Found In North Carolina

Severe Swine Flu In North Carolina Raise Concerns

Widespread High Frequencies Of H1N1 D225E In Italy

Mystery Spike In US Pneumonia & Influenza Deaths

D225G/N Linkage Between Australia, US, China

Swine Flu D225G/N Recombinations In Oz, Duke Cluster Linked

H1N1 Replaces Seasonal Flu

China Denies Miscarriages Linked To Swine Flu Jab

Spike In US Flu Deaths

D225E Converted To D225G In Japan


More D225G In Fatal Ukraine Swine Flu Cases

D225G Shows Up In CA Swine Flu Sequence

H1N1 Death Rate In Memphis Children Raise Concerns

Memphis Spike In Severe H1N1 In Children

Fujian H5N1 In Israel?

D225G/N H1N1 Clustering Raises Concerns

D225G In First 2010 H1N1 Swine Flu Sequence

Duke Death Cluster With H274Y, D225G & D225N

New Ukraine Swine Flu Pandemic School Closings

Widespread D225G/N In Fatal Ukraine Cases

FluTracker Thread On Deadly Ukraine D225G & D225N

Awesome H1N1 Attack Rate Raises Pandemic Concerns

H1N1 Pandemic Infections Far More Than Thought

19 Yr  Old Girl Left Battling Blindness From Tamiflu 

Ukraine Swine Flu Deaths Top 1,000

50% Of D225G Sequences Fatal - New Nepal Cluster


Fatal D225G Swine Flu In India

Fatal H1N1 In Oregon Cat

Confirmed D225G RBD Swine Flu Transmission In Italy

Spike In D225G Cases In Spain Raises Concerns

Nations Dumps Orders For GSK Swine Flu Jab

Swine H3N2 In Iowa Case Lacks Swine Exposure

New Ukraine H1N1 Sequences Raise Concerns

Romania Panic - Fatal H1N1 Cluster In Likely D225G

D225G Now Found In India

Swine Flu - Can We Have Our £1 Billion Back Now?

The Swine Flu And State Scare Machine

Fatal Cluster In Romania Grows - D225G?

Ukraine Swine Flu Dead Now At 940

UK Swine Flu Call Center Staff Drunk, Poorly-Trained 

Transmission Of Fatal H1N1 D225G/N Accelerates Concerns


Identical Fatal D225G In Ukraine And Brazil

IV Vitamin C Saves NZ Man W/Flu Damaged Lung

Euro Health Chief - Drug Firms Cashed In On Swine Flu

D225G And D225N In Swine Flu Moldova Patient

H1N1 D225G In Nasal Swab From Fatal Brazil Case

New Delhi Swine Flu Death Toll Now 85

Truckloads Of NY Swine Flu Vax Being Returned

UK To Dump Millions Of Unwanted Swine Flu Vaccines

UK Swine Flu Deaths Jump 300 To 355 In One Week

Ukraine Swine Flu Deaths Now 882

H1N1 Vax Plan #976 - Send It All Back To Big Pharma

80 Fired From WV Hospital For Refusing Flu Jabs

D225G D225N D225A In Ukraine Lungs


Three New Swine Flu Deaths In Dallas/Ft Worth

Ukraine H1N1 Deaths Jump To 827 - 100,000 New Cases

Swine Flu Reinfections Confirmed

D225E And D225N RBD Changes In Turkey

Ukraine - 38 Swine Flu Deaths In 24 Hours

80 Fired From WV Hospital For Refusing Flu Jabs

D225G D225N D225A In Ukraine Lungs

Three New Swine Flu Deaths In Dallas/Ft Worth

Ukraine H1N1 Deaths Jump To 827 - 100,000 New Cases

Swine Flu Reinfections Confirmed

D225E And D225N RBD Changes In Turkey

Ukraine - 38 Swine Flu Deaths In 24 Hours

Ukraine Fatalities Jump To 759


Deadly Ukraine D225G, D225N Sequences Spread In Russia

D225G And D225N In Russia Near Ukraine

Ukraine Swine Flu Death Toll Spikes To 727

H1N1 D225G In Lungs Of Patients Across Russia

Swine Flu Remains Widespread In CA

Swine Flu Deaths Reveal New Patterns In Pandemic

Tamiflu Resistance Jumps In UK

Fatal D225N / D225G Cluster In Mexico

H1N1 RBD D225G and D225N in Mexican Swine

D225G And D225N In Mexican Swine

WHO Say World Swine Flu Deaths Now 11,500

23 More Swine Flu Deaths In India

Obama (Allegedly) Gets Swine Flu Jab


More Swine Flu Vaccine Recalled

H1N1 Swine Flu in Dog In Bedford Hills NY

Emergence, Evolution Of Pandemic Tamiflu Resistance

Lab Confirmed H1N1 In NY dog

Hawking Plan #4 - Re-Vax Those Jabbed Before 5:30 PM

Widespread Transmission Of Tamiflu Resistance

Tamiflu Resistance Levels Rise In Japan

First Tamiflu-Resistant Cluster In Germany

Ukraine H1N1 Cases Top 3 Million - 21 More Dead

UK Kids To Get Half Vax Dose To Avoid Fever

Swine Flu Vax For All Viriginians Start This Week

Swine Flu In Animals - Kills 2nd OR Cat, Infects CA Cheetah 

Fatal Tamiflu H1N1 Resistance Spreading

Hidden Transmission Of Tamiflu Resistance


Alarming H5N1 H1N1 Cluster In Vietnam

Warning Over The Combining Of H5N1 & H1N1

High Attack Rate On Tamiflu Resistance Cluster

Fatal Tamiflu Resistant Swine Flu In Delaware

NY Autopsies Show Swine Flu Damages ENTIRE Airway

Tamiflu Makes Accused Withholding Evidence From Trials

UK GPs Refuse To Jab Under 5s With Swine Flu Vax

Only 20% Given Tamiflu In UK Needed It

D225N In Ukraine Raises Pandemic Concerns

Fatal Tamiflu Resistant Cases In The Netherlands

Researchers Scale Back Severity Of Swine Flu

Mega Corruption Scandal At The WHO

Swine Flu Death Toll Similar To Regular Flu


Seasonal Flu Shot Crippled Cheerleader Recovery - Vid

Some Little Known Facts About Swine Flu

CDC - Swine Flu Widespread In Only 25 States

Midwives Who Won't Give Swine Flu Vax 'Irresponsible'

WHO In Denial On H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance & RBD Changes

Tamiflu Resisatnt Cluster In Eastern PA

Tamiflu Resistance Crosses Tipping Point

Transmission Of Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 In Maryland

Tamiflu-Resistant Strain Now In Georgia & Spain

H1N1 And H5N1 Could Combine Anytime

Seasonal Flu Shot Crippled Cheerleader Recovery - Vid

Some Little Known Facts About Swine Flu

CDC - Swine Flu Widespread In Only 25 States


Midwives Who Won't Give Swine Flu Vax 'Irresponsible'

WHO In Denial On H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance & RBD Changes

Tamiflu Resisatnt Cluster In Eastern PA

Tamiflu Resistance Crosses Tipping Point

Transmission Of Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 In Maryland

Tamiflu-Resistant Strain Now In Georgia & Spain

H1N1 And H5N1 Could Combine Anytime

Swine Flu Death Toll In Pune, India Hits 118

Reports Of Encephalitis Linked To Swine Flu

China - Dogs Test Positive For Swine Flu

Ukraine Swine Flu Pandemic Deaths Now At 446

H1N1 Tamiflu Resisatance Cluster In MD/VA


Transmission Of RBD D225G In Norway And Sweden

Tamiflu Resistance Transmitting As Mixture In H1N1

NJ Santas Worry About Catching Swine Flu

Swine Flu Claims 5 More Hajj Pilgrims In Saudi Arabia

Rapidly Mutating Flu Viruses Threaten Dogs, Cats

WHO OKs Glaxo's Swine Flu Vax

Proof Pandremix Is A Dangerous Nano Vaccine

H1N1 Evolution Outpacing Vaccine & Host Defenses

Bloody Lungs In IA & NC - Mutated H1N1 Strain In US

H1N1 Swine Flu Now Found In Dogs

RBD 225 Changes Create Vax Mismatch Concerns

Swine Flu Vax To Be Included In Seasonal Flu Vax

CDC Anti-Swine Flu Holiday Travel Campaign

Two Dead In France From Mutated Swine Flu


Update - Swine Flu Escaped From Lab Say Oz Scientists

Record Week For US Pediatric Swine Flu Deaths

WHO Confuses Media On Vaccine

WHO Confirms D225G Vaccine Failure

Nearly 8,000 Worldwide Deaths From Swine Flu

Oz Scientists Say Swine Flu Escaped From Lab

WHO Mis-Statements On D225G & H274Y Raise Concerns

Baxter's 'Error' - Moshe's Warning - Mutated Swine Flu - Vid

Global Swine Flu Deaths Surge

Swine Flu - Record UK Deaths In Last Week 

RBD D225G & Tamiflu Resistance In 2 Deaths In France

D225G Evades Humane Immune Response

Worldwide Transmission Of D225G Confirmed

WHO Silence On D225G Evading Immune Response

Mill Hill Calls Ukraine Swine Flu D225G A 'Low Reactor'


China Readies For Flu Mutation Epidemic

Probable Swine Flu In Congo - 3 Dead, Hundreds Sick

One Million Iranians Test Postive For Swine Flu

England Swine Flu Deaths Reach Highest Level

WHO Studying Swine Flu Mutations - (And Has Been For Weeks)

Garlic Prices Soar 15 Fold As Demand Skyrockets (Swine Flu)

D225G Ukraine Norway Link And China Spread

H1N1 Lab Confirmed Re-Infections Raise Concerns

Ukraine Dead Approach 400 - D225G Spreads

AMA - No Swine Flu Mandated For US Physicians

H1N1 RBD D225G And D225E In Norway

WHO's Spontaneous Viral Mutation Media Myth

Ukraine Pandemic Death Toll Reaches 388

Son Paralzyed By Swine Flu Vaccine

US Slow To Build Flu Defense


Fatal Cluster In TX Raises Pandemic Concerns

Hemorrhagic Swine Flu Iowa Deaths Understated

First UK Swine Flu Vaccine Death Reported

H274Y Tamiflu Resisatnce Explodes In The US

1918 RBD D225G In Lung Cases In The US

BioWeapon Warner Moshe Held In CA Psych Ward

Saudis Report Four Haj Pilgrims Die Of Swine Flu

Egypt Reports Tenth Swine Flu Death

Is China Cooking The Books On Swine Flu Cases?

Canada Recalls Killer H1N1 Vaccine

BC Sees Spike In Severe Reactions To Flu Shot

Two Ohio Cops Hold Boy For Forced Swine Flu Shot

Same 1918 RBD D225G In Ukraine, Norway

Evidence Of D225G In Ukraine, Norway Lung Cases

Tamiflu-Resistant Strain Of Swine Flu Spreading

Tamiflu-Resistant Swine Flu Spreads Among Patients


WHO Confirms D225G in Ukraine and Norway

Dr. Niman's Two Shoes Dropping Theory DEADLY ACCURATE

D225G In Fatal H1N1 Cases In Norway And Ukraine

D225G In Fatal H1N1 Cases In Norway?

Large H1N1 Tamiflu-Resistant Cluster In Wales

H1N1 D225G In Russia Raises Pandemic Concerns

Ukraine Deaths To 354 - Fatalities Have D225G

Sharp Rise In England Swine Flu Deaths

Swine Flu Vax Offered To Healthy UK Kids

The Killer H1N1Vax

Dutch Swine Flu Halted After Baby Deaths

Dutch Pull 110,000 Doses Of Pfizer's Prevnar

NJ Swine Flu - 6 Deaths In 9 Days

Oregon - First Cat In US Dies Of Swine Flu

Can Radical Measures Slow Swine Flu?

Plague Or Plan? Madsen On Ukraine Virus - Vid


D225G May Be Driving False Negatives

55% Americans Don't Want H1N1 Vaccine

Boy Nearly Dies After Swine Flu Vaccine - Vid

Swine Flu Surge In UK Kids - Hospital Bed Shortage

Media Myths Cloud Hearings On Pandemic Vaccine

All Fatal Ukraine Cases Show RBD D225G

Ukraine Sequences Released - 344 Now Dead

Why The D225G RBD Change In Ukraine Matters

RBD Change D225G In Ukraine Lungs Raises Concern

Ukraine Binding Domain Changes - D225G In Lungs!

H1N1 Receptor Binding Jumps In Brazil, China - Ukraine Next?

Ukraine, WHO & The Geopolitics Of Swine Flu Panic

Barack Obama Own Shares In Baxter Labs


Patent For Pneumonic Plague Vaccine - August 2009

Ukraine H1N1 Sequence Changes Raise Concerns 


The European BioWar Outbreak 

'The Virus Is Extremely Toxic'

Swine Flu - Previous Infection Could Offer Immunity

Hawaii - Medics Called In After Swine Flu Vax Given

Million Ukranians Hit By 'Plague Worse Than Swine Flu'

FDA Approves More Vax For 2009 H1N1 Virus

Ukraine Dead Now 315 - WHO Still Hiding Sequences

Swine Flu Tamiflu Resistant Cluster In Scotland

Record Number Of Pediatic Deaths


Ukraine Dead Increase To 299 - STILL NO SEQUENCES

WHO Directly EVADES Ukraine Sequence Questions

Ukraine Dead At 282 - WHO STILL Hides Sequences

Pandemic Swine Flu Hits 3 More Ferrets In Oregon

New CDC Estimates On US Swine Flu Toll

Hawaii Begins School H1N1 Vaccine Clinics


Long LInes At NY Flu Vax Clinics

China Says 2 Dead After Getting Swine Flu Vax

SoCal County Declares Declares Swine Flu Emergency

Tips On Traveling During Swine Flu Pandemic

H1N1 Swine Flu Hits Madagascar 

Pregnant Women Reporting H1N1 Vax Miscarriages

Behind The CDCs Soaring Swine Flu Death Totals

Swine Flu Causes Garlic Sales Boom In Serbia

UK Drop In Swine Flu Cases - Peak For 2nd Wave?  

FDA Killers OK Untested H1N1 Vax For INFANTS, Children

Ukraine Flu Deaths 239 - WHO Still Hiding Sequences

CDC Estimates US Pediatric Deaths Now At 540

Vaccine Victims Blamed For National Emergency

SoCal County Declares Swine Flu Emergency

My 10 Day Ordeal With Swine Flu


Vax Maker - Kids 'Will Need' 2 Swine Flu Shots

CDC Raises US Swine Flu Death Number To 4,000

Ukraine Deaths To 213 - WHO Still Hiding Sequences

WWI Ended But 'Spanish' Flu Would Kill MIllions More

Media Myths On Ukraine Swine Flu Raise Concerns

4,000 In US Are Dead From Swine Flu, Not 1,200

WHO Asks Ukraine For Help W/ Hemorrhagic Pneumonia

11 Die From H1N1 In War-Ravaged Afghanistan

Are Some Over-50s Immune From Swine Flu?

Time To Face Animal Feedlot (CAFO) Swine Flu Link

1/4 Million Swine Flu Cases Now In Belarus

189 Now Dead In Ukraine - Belarus 223,000 Cases

Woman Dies Of Swine Flu AFTER Getting Vaccine

Romania Swine Flu Death Near Ukraine Border

Timeline - WHO Silence On Ukraine H1N1 Sequences

WHO Refuses To Release Ukraine Sequences


Ukraine Swine Flu - 174 Dead, Over One Million Sick

Total Lung Destruction In Fatal Ukraine H1N1 Cases

Over 2000 Ukraine Health Care Workers Now Sick

Ukraine - 155 Dead, 48,000 Hospitalized, 969,000 Infected

Dr. Len Horowitz Blasts Ukraine Pres Yuschenko

1918 RBD Polymorphsm In Ukraine H1N1?

Swine Flu Vax Miscarriage (Death) Stories Pour In

WHO Continues To Deceive On Swine Flu

Report Ukraine Cases Nearly One Million

Ukraine Death Toll Rises To 144

Brazil H1N1 Gene Changes May Relate To Ukraine

Withheld Ukraine Viral DNA Sequences Raise Concerns

Turkey Swine Flu Deaths Now 27

Bangladesh Swine Flu Deaths Now Six

Spread Of Swine Flu In Ireland 'Intense'


More Than 8 Million Chinese Get Swine Flu Vax

Swine Flu Found In Denmark Minks

Another Doctor In India Gets Swine Flu

Some MDs Saying No To Swine Flu Vaccine

Pandemic 2009 Following Route Of 1918 Pandemic

H1N1 Jumps To Pets Raising Pandemic Concerns

Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Got Swine Flu Vax

Sheep Wrap Around Building For Swine Flu Shot

National Swine Flu Pandemic Declared In Bulgaria

Most Californians To Ignore Late Swine Flu Vax

Reported Cases In Ukraine Double Again

Ukraine - 109 Now Dead Of Swine Flu

Ukraine Confirms New Strain Of Swine Flu 500,000 Infected

Swine Flu Deaths Reach 32 In Scotland

Ukraine - 86 Now Dead, 148,000 New Cases In 24 Hrs

Review Of Four Approved Swine Flu Vax Ingredients

Pain Relievers Make Vaccines Even More Useless


Four More Die Of Swine Flu In Ukraine

Two More Swine Flu Deaths In N Ireland

Pets Termed Relatively Safe From Swine Flu

Too Many Scare Tactics - Too Little Vaccine

Ukraine Swine Flu Death Toll Rises To 86

CO Prisoners Get Vax While Residents Wait

First US House Cat Contracts Swine Flu From Owners

NJ Confirms 20th Swine Flu Death

Scandal - Vaccine Priority Given To NHL Team

Afghan Flu Cases Quadruple In 2 Days - 7 More Deaths

Swine Flu Hits Polish University

Ukraine Cases Double To 478,000 In 2 Days - 81 Deaths

WHO Targets Hemorrhagic HIN1 In Ukraine

Swine Flu Deaths Higher In Over 50s In CA

Ukraine Swine Flu Panic Intensifies

Flu Deaths In Belarus (Next To Ukraine)


Swine Flu H1N1 Found In Commercial Pig Farm

Two More Die Of Swine Flu In Kansas

WHO Say Pregnant Women Should Get Flu Vax

Since April, 114 Kids Died Of H1N1 - 700,000 By Abortion

WHO Confirms SEVERE H1N1 Situation In Ukraine

Ukraine H1N1 Deaths, Hospitalizations Spike Higher

Drs. Speak Out About Swine Flu & All Vaccines - Vid

Global Uptick In Swine Flu Deaths

Egypt Quarantines 40 British Kids By Armed Guards

Ukraine In Panic Over Swine Flu Outbreak

Ferret Dies Of H1N1 Swine Flu In Nebraska

NY School Nurses Give Fax To Kids W/out Parent OK

40 Romanian Students Hospitalized Wtih Swine Flu 

Has Baxter Released A BioWeapon In Ukraine?

Four Ukraine Doctors Dead In Swine Flu Crisis

Ukraine Flu Exploding - Four Health Workers Now Dead

Swine Flu Ukraine Attack Rate Explodes - 53 Dead

H1N1 Vaccines In EU Have Deadly Nano-Particles

Swine Flu Racing Around The World


Swine Flu Vax 'Safe' For Pregnant - WHO 

Feds - Vaccine Will Match Demand In A Week

UK Plans Mass Swine Flu Vax For Under-18s

Mass Vaccinations For School Children To Stop A-H1N1 

40,000 Get 'Serious Virus' In Ukraine - At Least 30 Dead

Tamiflu Resistant Swine Flu Passed H2H In US

If People Die After Swine Vax? It's Just Coincidence

19 More Children Die Of Swine Flu In US

WHO Emergency Response Team To Ukraine

10 Million More Swine Flu Vax Doses Due In US

Ukraine Deploys Mobile Army Hospitals In Swine Flu Crisis

Claims Of Many Flu Dead In Ukraine, Full Hospitals, Panic

Ukraine Schools Close, Travel Restricted After Deaths

UK Medical Chief Warns Of Anti-Vaccine 'Extremists' 

US Emergency Declaration Increases Concern

Pandemic H5N1 In Iceland Swine Raise Concerns

Swine Flu Cases 'Vastly Underreported' - CDC


'Poisoning' Charges Filed Vs French H1N1 Campaign

Obama Girls Get Swine Flu Shots

Feds May Toss Unused Swine Flu Vax

LA Free Swine Flu Vax Clinics Overwhelmed

The Victims Of The 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine - Vid

Why Drug Companies Are Pushing Vaccines

What Obama's H1N1 National Emergency Really Means

School Flu Undercounts Raise Pandemic Concerns

36,000 Die Annually In US From Regular Flu

Gardasil Vaccine Victim Speaks Out - Vid

Swine Flu Now Widespread In 46 States

Broxmeyer - The Swine Flu Is Not A 'Flu' At All

Obama Stumbles, Bungles Mandatory Vax Issue - Vid

Canada - Officials Address Conspiracy View Of Vaccine

First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1

Swine Flu Vax Rolled Out In UK

US Swine Flu Deaths Pass 1,000


Obama Declares Swine Flu National Emergency

US Swine Flu Vax Shortages Blamed On Drugmaker

Mandatory Flu Vax For NY Health Workers Canceled

Top Insurer Tells 1,000 GPs NOT To Give Swine Flu Vax

Drugs Regulator Pushing Swine Vax Doubles Dose! 

Swine Flu Spread Could Increase MRSA Cases

German Govt Gets Different Flu Vax Than Public

Japan, First Case Of H1N1 Swine Flu In Swine

New Strain of H7 Identified, H7N7 High Path

25% Critical Swine Flu Patients Under 16

UK Swine Flu Cases Almost Double In Week

Swine Flu Docs Shocked At Rapid Patient Health Decline

Half UK Swine Flu Dead Under 45

Significant Harm From Just One Mercury-Containing Vax

Ferret Gets Swine Flu From Oregon Owner - A First


190 Sick, One Dead From Swine Flu Vax In Sweden 

MD Says Vaccine More Deadly Than Flu - Vid

Cheerleader Crippled After Vaccination - Vid

Farrakhan - H1N1 Vaccine Developed To Kill People

Mass UK Swine Flue Vaccination Underway

Easy Ways To Prevent Swine And Other Flu

Serious Vax Reactions To Be Called 'Coincidence'?

Ten Flu Vax Questions Doctors Refuse To Answer 

75% Of Finns Don't Want Swine Flu Vax

Swine Flu Breaks Out At Ontario Turkey Farm

Wall Street's Naked Swindle - Rolling Stone

USDA Confirms H1N1 Virus Found In Pig

Organized Medicine Says Swine Flu Vax Safe

Virus Linked To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

FDA OKs Seasonal Flu Vax Fluarix For Children

Pandemic H1N1 Spread To US Swine Raises Concerns

NY Health Care Workers Protest Swine Flu Vaccine - Vid

German Elite Get Different H1N1 Vaccine


New Vax Overload Fears - Swine Flu Added To Kid Jabs 

Swine Flu Appears In Nepal

11 More Children Die Of Swine Flu In Past Week

CDC - Swine Flu Vax Production Lagging

More Than Half Of America To Refuse Swine Flu Vax

Volunteers To Give Swine Flu Injections

US & World To Stop Counting Swine Flu Cases, Deaths

Judge Halts Mandatory Flu Vaccine For Health Workers

Concern At Spike In Swine Flu Critical Cases

Kids Shouldn't Get Common Painkillers After Vax

Swine Flu Takes Toll On Hospital Health Workers

2 UK Pregnant Woman Die Of Swine Flu - Death Toll 106

Swine Flu Attack Rate Of 100% Raise More Concerns 

The Scary World Of Vaccine Adjuvants

More Damning Science On Squalene & Related Adjuvants

Vaccine Creators Will Refuse To Take H1N1 Vax!

Million Times More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!

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Swine Flu Vaccine Danger!


Michigan Gets First FluMist Batch

Poor Nations To Get Swine Flu Jabs In Nov

Four Year Old Survives Swine Flu...Barely

Massachusetts House OKs Bill Allowing Quarantines

OH School To Discuss 14 Yr Old Boy's H1N1 Death

Vaccination Justification Is Collapsing

Swine Flu Getting Worse In US

Low Antibody Response To H1N1 Driving Re-Infections?

Relenza Reformulation Into Liquid Kills Patient

US Study Confirms H1N1 More Serious In Young

Areas Hard Hit By H1N1 In Spring See Little Now

Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Teen HadNo Tamiflu Record

Nuremberg Code, H1N1 Vaccines & Their Nazi History

Lawsuit Seeks To Block Swine Flu Vaccine In US

At Least 64 TX Schools Closed By Swine Flu

'Lucky Break' Slows UK Swine Flu

Buffalo School Outbreaks Raise Re-Infection Concerns

First Batch Of H1N1 FluMist Arrives In LA


Spring Swine Flu Put Many In ICU

Dr. Moulden - What You Are Never Told About Vaccines

Florida Teen Dies Of Swine Flu

NY Nurses Lead Resistance Vs Forced Vaccination?

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda - Part 1 - Vid

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda - Part 2 - Vid

Sebelius - All Ameircans Must Get Swine Flu Vax

Gardasil INEFFECTIVE Says Top Scientist

Swine Flu FluMist Vaccines Begin With Children

GSK Orders For Swine Flu Vaccine Soar

The Big Pharma Swine Flu Bonanza

US Children Begin To Get Live Virus FluMist

China Reports First Swine Flu Death

FluMist Inhaled Swine Flu Vaccine MORE Dangerous

The Great Poisoning Of America Begins

Chicago Gets 16,000 Doses Of Swine Flu FluMist

North Texas, Indiana, Tennessee Get Some FluMist

MSNBC Asks - How Safe Are Swine Flu Shots?


Ineffectiveness And Dangers Of Flu Shots

UK Begins Child Swine Flu Vaccine Experiment

Swine Flu Vaccine And NY Health Workers

Next - Virus-LIke 'Particles' In Vaccinations 

Flu Vaccines Deadly Dangers ~ Pharma Fantasies That Kill

Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs?

1 Of Every 3 US Hospitalized Pregnant Women With Swine Flu Die

UK Swine Flu Vax To Begin This Month 

Swine Flu Vax Arrives - Fearful Scramble Begins

Army Soldier In SC Dies Of Swine Flu

UK Swine Flu Cases Up 45% In One Week

A-H1N1 Pandemic Sounding More Like 1918 Flu

25 US Cities, States Order Swine Flu Vaccine

Swine Flu Could Bury US Hospitals


Is H1N1 Swine Flu Really A Virus...Or Is It A Bacteria?

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Deliveries Delayed

TX Readies For First Delivery Of Swine Flu Vax

12 Yr Old TX Girl Dies Of Swine Flu

Swine Flu School Closings Could Cost Billions

29% H1N1 Dead Also Had Strep Pneumonia Bacteria

Cop Tells Retired Nurse About Forced Vaccines - Vid 

Illinois To Get H1N1 FluMist In Two Weeks

Baltimore 8th Grader Dies Of Swine Flu

US Military To Get Forced Swine Flu Shots Soon

Protest - Mandatory Swine Flu NY Health Workers Vax

BC May Stop Seasonal Flu Vax Over H1N1 Risks

Swine Flu Vax Of 2009 - Unlicensed And Untested

Silent Spread Of E627K H1N1 Raises Alarm

1,000 UK Kids Get Swine Flu Test Jabs

Fascist NJ All Kids Must Get Flu Vax - Or No School - Vid

E627K H1N1 Lower Temp Strain Raises Concerns

Tamiflu Metabolite In Japan Sewage, River Water


WHO Admits No Deadly Mutation Of Swine Flu

18 Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Your Kids

Mandatory Flu Shots Hit Strong Resistance

NY Nurses Refuse Forced Swine Flu Vaccine - Vid

Did WA OK More Mercury To Clear Way For 1976 Vax?

Supermarket Bloody Vax Campaign Pushes ObamaCare

The Scary World Of Vaccine Adjuvants

Panicked Parents With Kids Flood Houston ERs

Healthy Young Woman Dies Of Swine Flu - No Insurance

Infectious Disease MD Against Swine Flu Vax

FRAUD - US Naval Ship Flu Deaths Story A Hoax

Europe Nears Mass Injections With Untested Vaccine

Ott - 'Immuno-Sterilization' In Humans

66 More UK Schools Report Swine Flu Outbreaks

UK Swine Flu Cases Almost Double

First Of  New H1N1 Vaccines OK'd For UK 

Most Parents Will Refuse To Let Kids Take Vax


Children Dying In Flu-Infested Schools - 5 In 24 Hrs

Flu Overruns Many US Schools - Fatalities Rises

Updates On Student Swine Flu Deaths

2 Dead, Incl Capt, After Swine Flu Vax Test On Navy Ship

Fever Free Swine Flu In CNN's Anderson Cooper 

Passengers, Crew Health At Risk In Airliner Cabins

All UK Child Vax Records To Be Checked

Swine Flu Virus Created From Pig Vaccine?

Swine Flu - From Pigs Or Out-Of-Control Scientists?

Spike In PA Swine Flu Deaths - More Confirmed Cases

Sheriff Mack - How To Stop Forced Vaccines - Vid

Widespread Swine Flu  Antibody Confounds Clinical Trial

Why Vaccinations Continue

It's The Vaccines Stupid!

MOSSAD Microbiologist - 'Swine Flu Vaccine Is A Bioweapon'

H5N1 Bird Flu - Egypt's 86th Case Confirmed

Swine Flu Nasal Vaccine Contains Live A-H1N1 Virus


Swine Flu Surge May Cause Wave Of Heart Attacks 

Risks Of FluMist Nasal Swine Flu Vaccine

Patients Complications After H1N1 Misdiagnosed

The Truth About The Swine Flu Vaccine

Over 1,300 New Swine Flu Cases In Mexico In 3 Days

First US H1N1 Vaccines Will Be Nasal Spray - CDC

Reminder - Deadly Vaccine Used On 1976 Swine Flu 

Millions May Die Of H1N1 Unless Rich Nations Give $

Pandemic Swine Flu In Pigs In Northern Ireland

More Evidence Vit D Is Protective Against H1N1


Brazil Registers 899 Swine Flu Deaths

Rise In Swine Flu Signals Second Wave

Second Wave Of Swine Flu On The Way - Scientists

Another School District Closes Near Knoxville TN

More States, Institutions Require Untested Swine Flu Vax

Canada - Another Tamiflu-Resistant Swine Flu Case 

Flu Preps - Body Bags Sent To Cdn Indian Reservation

More Swine Flu School Closings in TX And TN

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Risks


Len Horowitz - Pandemic Charges Filed With FBI In NYC

GSK Won't Reveal What UK Pays For H1N1 Vaccine

Boston Flu Vax Tracking Allows For Swift 'Intervention'

CDC Puts Contraindicated Groups Up FIRST For Vaccines

FDA OKs 4 Swine Flu Vax - Virtually Unproven, Untested

Baxter Flu Vax Linked To Dyncorp Mercury H1N1 Patents - Vid

German Man Injured By Swine Flu Vax Trial Talks

Dr. Niman Shatters Media Myths - Swine Flu IS Swine Flu

Scotland Plans Mobile Morgues For Swine Flu (Vax) Dead

Tens Of Millions Could Get Swine Flu In China

Cornell University Hit With 'Flood' Of Swine Flu Cases

20 Year Old Cornell Student Dies Of A-H1N1 

Swine Flu Vax - 1 Dose 'May Be Enough' (To Poison You)

US Hospitals Urged To Force Hand Washing - Huh?

Squalene Loaded Swine Flu Vax 'Works In One Dose'

Swine Flu Vax Should Target Children First

NY Times Beats Drum For Untested Swine Flu Vax

Docs Refusing Swine Flu Vax 'Put Patients At Risk'

Critical Care Doubled For Return Of Swine Flu

Tens Of Millions Could Get Swine Flu In China

Scientists Warn About Swine Flu Extra Potency



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