The War On Individuality
Comes Home - Littleton
Shootings Predictable
James Neff

When I was in high school... when we all were in high school... there was a sick, twisted system long ago established by which the gifted -- those who by nature do not meld with the "Borg" of normative society -- were trampled, humiliated and slowly beaten down psychologically, and often times physically, until we fit the mold or perished.

Some of you reading this were the instruments of that torment, and you yourselves were guided and manipulated by peer pressures to do so. Adapt or die. And some of you reading this are still struggling with well disguised and hidden scars from those years. Adapt or die. Others... sloughed it off, burying it deep in the subconscious.

Adapt or die.
But some are not with us anymore. They dropped a load of sleeping pills to escape it; they pulled the trigger on Dad's 12 gauge in the garage seeking that perfect sleep; they wandered off in a fugue state never to be seen or heard from again. All the while the conformers, the normals, the happy-go-lucky cogs of the great Borg went on morally blind to the incredible tragedy surrounding them and in which they blindly -- or knowingly -- participated. No body count.
For me, that horrible period of life was more than 20 years ago. It was absolute hell then. It must be a sheer spiritual apocalypse on the soul of teens today, as things have distinctly gone from bad to worse. It has become hopeless and depraved, sending a veritable few over the edge to grasp hard steel and cock back shotguns to make it come to an end. An end to the system of pain, and as we've seen in Littleton, and end to themselves as well.
What we are seeing in Littleton, Colorado, and in the past 10 years in various other schools around the nation, is literally war. The geeks, the weirdos, the nerds, the outcast, the troubled-gifted, the challenged and the general "breakfast club" is no longer comfortable with crumbling into a million pieces and dissolving into the background to appease the accepted and normative jocks, 'socies' and picture perfect all-American jackasses soon to be our future political jackasses; afflicted of soul and body for the rest of their lives, the outcasts are fighting back. They have declared war on the normals and it's a real war, with real blood and real guns. Its a unique kink in the process of social evolution (or de-evolution), in a sense. Just so many decades of this can go on before the free radical stops bouncing around and starts attacking and creating a cancer that eventually kills the host.
The question is, is it deserved? That is not to say did any of these young people in Littleton deserve to die, but rather: Is this war, this 'rage against the machine' deserved?
I say yes. It has been a long time coming. It is much deserved. Not the deaths, not the tragedy. It's horrific that it has come to this! I have nothing but pity and sorrow for the victims and their families. But on a raw-truth level, this sort of lashing out is utterly predictable and sustained by a system even those parents participate in, regarding it as "normal" and "good." We reap what we sow. And I truly wonder how many of the people closely involved with this debacle have any clue how much they themselves feed the beast. They feed it when they hand their kid a charge card and tell them to go forth and reflect what the many varied cliques demand in clothing, in music, in style. They feed it when they buy into this disturbed system that creates a hierarchy of acceptability and conformity, and in turn demonstrate to their children that the 'way things are' is good... right... the 'way it should be' because it has always been that way.

I've heard it so many times it makes me want to puke. "Well it was good enough for me," says the parent from the previous generation, who sloughs off this issue entirely, "and I turned out okay."
No. Wrong. You turned out completely screwed up! If this is your perspective, you're part of the machine and have been. You were 'absorbed.' You traded your soul for a piece of the American pie, sold your birthright for a meal, chose conformity for the sake of an easy glide, and now you can't see, can't hear, can't think for yourself in the slightest. Its an easy road this way. Count the costs. And the same old excuses live on...
"It's my job."
"I was just following orders."
"Well, I survived it."
"What's wrong with the kids these days?"
What wrong with them is YOU.
It's all filtered for you and through you. Living outside of this system requires daily fortitude and spiritual upkeep. It is sacrificial. It is HARDER to live outside the system, where truth can really be truth and lies are exposed, no matter what the cost, ridicule, chastisement from the "world" at large. And most don't want to sacrifice. So they don't. They join up. It's very subtle. It's gradual. But its all consuming. And then, you're gone. The great dark-backward has had its way with you and what's left is not a rock's throw from 'Stepford,' repackaged for a new era so the seams don't show. And the beauty part is, you don't recognize it. They took your ability to recognize it ages ago. You gave it to them.
Wake up, sleeper.
This is the hideous, sinking, perpetuating gearworks of the system, designed to keep the sparks of imaginative, creative, unique life-force to an absolute minimum and populate the great gorge of culture with a vast throng of media-manipulated, perfectly possessed and automatonically controlled 'bots' who guarantee the survival of THE SYSTEM into the next generation! It trashes people who are going to create new people to trash, a cyclic, patterned process. Where and when will it end? It ended in Littleton, in a blaze of blood and bombs when two (possibly more, this story is far from over!) young boys decided "that was it... no more pain", no more being crushed and ground down to a pulp. Time for the crushing and grinding to reverse. Is anyone really shocked? Yes. The normals are stunned and shaking in their boots. They can't rationalize it because they gave up real rationalization many, many years ago.
Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols in my time was singing, "Anger is an energy!" and "I am an Anarchist, I am an Antichrist!" as a powerful downbeat on a podium for change, a throbbing mantra echoing out to all the disenfranchised, neglected, trampled kids. The gleam in his eyes across that broken, tormented face was intense, hypnotic and resonating. Generation X now has the blood of Nirvana's Kurt Kobain for a psychic ritual baptism, and the rites of passage are piercings, scarifications and tattoos declaring their divorce from the system. Hurt yourself before THEY hurt you.. and it won't hurt anymore. Control the hurt. Control pain. This is the solution when you're out numbered and know you cannot control the system. Sadly, they simply joined the 'other' well-crafted, perfectly controlled and manipulated hand of a multi-armed cultural diety. They have escaped nothing. When the wiles of youth wear off, the scars and holes and markings will be there to forever remind them of what happened. A stigmata of the machine. We have yet to see the end result of this particular schism in society. Brace yourselves for this one to explode.
In Littleton, that control took another course, however. It didn't parcel itself into thrashing guitars and strobes and acid house and now well established alternative-scene self-therapy (I hope everyone reading this realizes that that is precisely what we're seeing in the X generation and the music world now... ad-hoc, self-generated therapy for dealing with the madness of this culture and society. When you look at it, realize this fact. They are having to do it themselves, because no one else is going to do it for them. No one gives a damn. And it beats killing people, no?). It broke out with gritted teeth; with Network's prophetic "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" into the hard reality we now hardly make contact with today, thanks to the glitz and glimmer of cathode-ray visions and videodrome-like fantasy worlds which we've adopted into our lifestyles without any thought to its power over us. For the mature and rational, these things are not a danger. They can be simple entertainment. For the rest of the populace... they are simply elements of mind control. The New World Order is succeeding in its design to twist us and shape us as it sees fit. And if that sounds like paranoid madness to you, then you're already dead. Another one for the pile.
They don't train police officers and airline pilots using simulators for nothing! The idea is to wrap that virtual reality around the subjects' skull until he or she is perfectly programmed to respond to the situation given. Taking the abnormal situation and making it normative, as though fully experienced and logged to the memory; this is the very design. These kids in Littleton have grown up with their sensory mechanism entirely dominated by a programmable emotional matrix. From the music to the movies to the video games, they have been slowly "implanted" with very powerful, ultra-realistic impulse driven scenarios. Substitute jocks and socies for zombies and enemy space craft. Plastic reality. Plastic morality. Bang bang.. zap... kill 'em all an let God sort 'em out. Training ground for the mentally ill.

And heightening this mind control is a diet of absolute trash, speeding up the system with Jolt and Surge cola caffeine bombs, maltodextrins and complex sugars and God only knows what else, from habit forming molecular stimulants like excitotoxins to appetite triggers and flavor enhancers as well-crafted in the laboratory as any pharmaceutical dispensed by a physician. A multi-million dollar industry thrives on the casual addictions of our mouthes.. our ears... our minds. A society completely drugged, bugged and programmed.
It's going to happen again, folks. Again and again. The blood is going to flow as high as a horses bridle eventually. Are we going to wake up from this catatonic nightmare and put a stop to it? Or will we simply nod, fold our hands and submit to the NWO and everything it has designed for us? Its not just the kids in school, this effects EVERYTHING. Will we keep believing that NATO is stepping in to stop 'ethnic cleansing' like a knight on a white horse, while it bombs the hell out of northern Serbia, and Belgrade, all the while the REAL battle is 150 miles south where the KLA is desperately trying to fend off Milsovic's Serbian-nazi forces? Not a single bomb has been dropped to aid the rebels. Not one. Will we continue to listen to psychotics in government, backed by billionaires and corporations, propping up one cloned leader after another?
Recently a massively popular hit song was spawned from a newspaper columnists' "good" advice, beginning with sunscreen and roaming through a dozen other categories. It's the first thing I've seen in alternative culture media that had any merit whatsoever. But it didn't go far enough.
Well, in light of recent events, I have my own:
Trust me on this... Homeschool your kids. It's worth making less money for one of you to stay home and deal with it. Sacrifice the commercialized lifestyle you think you should be living for honor and dignity and truth. That's really living. You don't need that new DVD system, you need to spend time with your kid and show them that you love them. Teach them. Discipline them. He or she doesn't need to see what's on the DVD disc anyway. Throw it away. Stop eating crap. Stop eating it with your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your soul. Stop listening to the system, from either side... it's all lies and deceit. Read 1984 again. It's time. Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs your kids are listening to. Watch the movies they watch. Turn off. Tune out. Drop In. Get Real. Stop lying to yourself that you went through it too and it's just a phase. It's not a phase, it's a phaser, and it is set to stun first and kill second. Don't believe everything you read, but read more. Read what THEY tell you not to read. Instead of TV, watch reality. It might surprise you what goes on out there. Watch your kids. Closely. But most of all, trust me on this... homeschool your children. Don't give them over to the machine. They're too precious.
U.S. President Bill Clinton used his weekly radio address today to talk about
the Littleton killings. Clinton said Americans should use the tragedy to end the
"culture of violence" and he asked Congress to pass two pieces of legislation
that will tighten guns laws. (excerpt from )
-- What? Tighten GUN LAWS? Guns are not the problem here, and Clinton knows it. How many people in school who did not fit the mold did Mr. Bill crush and gring under his ultra-achiever ladder climbing boots? Culture of Violence?? That culture is merely a reflection of emotions deeply rooted in the true problem.
A nauseating attempt by the President to whitewash the situation ---
On the day following this piece, the email is running squarely in support of this viewpoint with dozens and dozens of comments from people who relate to the pressures, abuse and torment these two boys experienced, having experienced it themselves, bringing the situation in Littleton to this tragic end. Only one dissenting email has arrived, thus far. In several IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels on US.UNDERNET last night, I noticed the general sentiments of IRCers was also dramatically focused on the blame being shared by the students who pushed these two kids to this extreme. You can just beat a dog so many times before it bites back. This is NOT the sentiment or viewpoint one will find reflected in the slightest in the national media, and especially in the grotesque round-the-clock coverage provided by cable news channels like MSNBC.

A few emails have suggested that government mind control is involved. It is certainly not beyond my scope of belief to exclude that distinct possibility. When I say "New World Order" that of course includes the blackest, darkest possible scenarios and conspiracies. There are those that simply refuse to look squarely at the evidence regarding government conspiracy down through history, and for these people, who refuse to enlighten themselves to the facts and will not take the time to unmask the bellowing wizard to know the truth about the man behind the curtain... there is no hope. But for those who have been enlightened, who have forced a hand through the veil and discovered there is more here than meets the eye, kudos! You're on the road, you're aware, awake and that puts the great and powerful "them" in a position to work some serious overtime to construct a new mask fashioned just for you. And it will likely fail. You will see with new eyes, hear with new ears. You will digest everything that comes down the pike through a BS filter and survive this idiotic game.

Thanks to all the non-sleepers out there that took the time to email support. You're the only reason the NWO isn't flying a flag of complete victory!
- Neff
(often & erroneously called "Jeff".. but that's ok :) )
Now the unique -- and predictable -- emails start to come in! The ones from the people who are more than likely psychotic bullies themsevles. And, of course, the blind of society who say "Who me? I'm at fault?" And, the ones from those who think I am labeling the two trenchcoat killers as "heroes."

But the hundreds of emails in support of the views herein expressed, even in part, are clearly written by people who know better, who know what I'm saying. They know I'm not blaming movies, or TV or Jolt Cola... they see the big picture. It's not a question of nature over nurture, nurture over nature... it's bigger than this. And we know it. Having experienced the power of the force of society against us, we know of what we speak.

I will continue to post these incredible emails that always seems to reflect a very personal understanding of the kind of crushing power the "normal" society has inflicted upon them. These are the voices of the survivors of the FIRST crime, the crime being ignored by the media by and large, that resulted in another crime in Littleton. And again, I thank all of them who have written with personal experiences! We cannot forget who the FIRST victims were. The two boys... and everyone who has shared the affliction of being outcast, for whatever reason.
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Received 5/4/99
(note: we have continued to receieve dozens of emails in support of this issue/essay. Space requirements have limited the number we can post, but ALL of them are appreciated. Less than 1% have been negative.)
Subject: Homeschooling/Littleton
Someone sent your piece to me for my comment (to them) and I surprised them by agreeing with you about the superiority of home schooling and staying outside of the current government school systems. This was the first time I saw you writing, and I thought you may need some support. In the very early 70's, I worked as a postdoc in a lab affiliated with the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin. Their work was studying the effects of rearing conditions on later socialization, and I was able to help with various analyses of the work. Of particular interest were findings that infants reared primarily with peers and in prolonged isolation from parents had significant socialization problems later as they matured. When they became "teens" some ( not all) reacted in day to day confrontations with "explosive, unpredictable murderous aggression", and some even killed their mates. Some females killed their infants. This work was done in Rhesus Monkeys because, then, it was not ethical to isolate human children from their parents for sufficient lengths of time. Later, we came to believe it was unethical to do the work in monkeys. Nevertheless, the work was done to determine how human children might react to long daily periods of isolation from parents. The problem desperately needs to be re-addressed today in retrospective analyses, using children kept in daycare, head-start, preschool, and then in merged kindergartens with before and after school care. In the early 70's we spent 10's of millions of taxpayer dollars to conclude that the best place to educate and raise young primates is in the family unit. If they are "warehoused with peers" for most of the day, such as in the monkey equivalent of some of our modern institutions, a proportion became maladapted.
So you see this is why I believe that home is the best place to educate children. My prescription to correct and prevent the future occurrence of violence in schools would be to homeschool until about age 10, then in small homeschool groups, perhaps with older teens of role model quality until 15, and then, perhaps at 16 to 18, in larger numbers of same age peers in High Schools if the teen desires it. In my experience, the home school is definitely superior to today's government schools for socializing children. l fear we are just now beginning to see the start of a major epidemic of middle school and high school "explosive, unexplainable" teen aggression.
If this topic interests you, Dr. Harry Harlow and his group wrote extensively about the work in the 60's and 70's. It makes interesting reading. For your information, Yes, my work influenced me. My wife and I home schooled, some years ago. Then, it wasn't cool and we received considerable scorn and concern from my colleagues and threats from the state. Since I am still employed and not eager for this kind of publicity, should you do anything with this e-mail other than delete it, I would prefer that you not publish my name and address.
FYI, I received my Ph.D. in Comparative Psychology and Psychopharmacology 1971 followed by 2 years of postdoctoral training in Neurophsychiatry. I have worked for 26 years in Psychiatry Departments, the Pharmaceutical industry, and as a Consultant to the Biotechnology Industry. When I retire, I may even become a social activist.
My Reply:
Thank you for the excellent feedback and information. And I know what you mean about scorn regarding homeschooling. We homeschool our daughter and receive nothing but outrage and problems and upset from family and friends, who carry on with the tired old line "it (public school) was good enough for me, and I turned out ok." And I have to boldly point out to them that, no, they did NOT come out ok. They came out a complete mess, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
In the best of homeschooling situations, I believe you're correct. As the child gets older they should be introduced into small groups, very well organized and overseen by older homeschooled students -- a community school. Sadly, alot of homeschooling parent's don't have access to this. Alot of people who homeschool give in to the pressure when the child is 14 or 15 and send their homeschooled kid into the public school system, as if High School as an experience were utterly necessary. It simply isn't it. There is nothing unique in the socialization process that takes place in high school that our daughter has not already mastered at age 13 through normal social interaction by way of our introducing her to a myraid of life experiences. What she has missed is being overcome by peer pressures to act like an idiot, waste precious years, strive for popularity (the kindergarten of corporate ladder climbing) and the abuses from various sources (often teachers and administrators as well). Many people believe homeschooled kids are too sheltered from the "real world" but nothing could be further from the church. The same psychological and social interactions that take place in a school environment take place in a family and a community, apart from school. There has yet to be a study showing homeschooled children entering teen or adult life with deficits. On the contrary, all the studies show them as being well rounded, emotionally stable and intellectually fit. Thanks again, Barry! -Neff

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Received 5/1/99
Subject: a reply to your Littleton article
I thoroughly enjoyed your article "The War On Individuality Comes Home - Littleton Shootings Predictable." Your analogy of modern mass society to the assimilation of the Borg is quite apropos.
Another analogy to the current situation, which I have always found insightful, is from the 1950's movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." In this movie, plant pods came down from outer space, and grew perfect replicas of people, which killed the real people and took their lives over. The Pod People had no emotions and no souls. They were incapable of love. They merely mimicked humans.
Something like this is happening today. Look on the streets of any big city and you will see them. Suits and ties. Briefcases. Manicured. They work in hives like bees and do their works of death in destroying the environment, designing and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. Mammon is the acknowledged ruler. They are rewarded with large amounts of money and have their $600,000 houses and Saabs. They relax by making large purchases in shopping malls, which were built after clearing a wild area, which once had trees, birds and wildlife, and is now a sterile paved-over area. An artificial environment which has replaced the God-given environment the planet was created with.
These people are interested only in maintaining the status quo. Love, truth, God are extraneous factors which must be excluded in order to preserve their way of life. Their opinions are moulded by mass media and TV shows where the anchorman tries his best to look and behave just like they are.
Now the training ground for this unholy situation is the public school. Aspiring Pod People congregate in cliques, identify people who have any trace of intelligence, creativity, or nonconformity, and ridicule, harass, and take every measure to destroy their tender psyches. Other Pod People include teachers and administators who used canned curricula, and perpetuate a classroom environment in which all traces of spontaneity are blotted out.
All this makes the life of the geek, the weirdo, the gifted kid, a hellish nightmare. Since there is no recourse in the school, mass media, or culture for their feelings, they develop some kind of private world where their thoughts and feelings are considered valid. The lucky ones endure and survive. Others are destroyed.
But thank God that even a hellish nightmare is better than being a Pod Person! For some, this terrible experience serves to crucify them to the world, and God preserves them long enough for the Truth to enter into them, and they discover the evil in the world and avoid being swept up in it.
Psalms 65:5 By terrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us, O God of our salvation; who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are afar off upon the sea...
That is what it was like for me in high school in the late '60s - early '70s. I was a skinny, pimply-faced egghead with thick glasses, who absolutely dreaded going to school, hated the taunting and emotional destruction, most of all hated having to look at all the pretty girls who could not even bear to look at me, and who always ended up with Pod Guys.
I look back on it now and say "Thank God!" The Pod People, along with their father the devil, rule the darkness in the world, and tear the earth up and devour it for their own profit. Thank God that He has shown me this! Littletons are minor compared to the spiritual carnage.
Daniel 7:23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.
Daniel 8:24-25 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.
Galatians 1:4-5 Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father: To whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.
Thanks Ranter... and I couldn't agree more!
Subject: war on individuality
Finally someone who understands what I've been trying to say!! People are over looking the real cause of this thing. Guns are not the cause of the shooting. and more gun control laws won't fix anything. Just as black trench coats weren't the cause and not allowing children to wear them won't solve anything. The fact is, is that these children who went into the school and killed 15 people, were outcasts. In not conforming to the status quo, they were picked on and persecuted by the children as well as the teachers and parents who did nothing to stop it. The fact is, is that there is no acceptance of people who are different in today's schools. I'm not talking about skin color and ethnic background, I'm talking about the way people choose to live and even the way they dress. I'm having flashbacks to the days of the Salem witch trials. And the sad thing is, is that this incident did nothing to solve the problem.

The people who caused these two individuals to go on a killing spree still do not get why they did. The two kids saw this as their oppurtunity to say "Hey!! Stop messing with me!!" No one is going to talk down to you when they have a gun pointed at their head are they. The to kids saw this was the only way to achieve thier freedom from persecution for being different. And now what is worse is that those same types on people who tormented those kids for being different are now blaming those of us who are different, mainly those who were black, and are going so far as to threaten thier lives, push them down stairs, wrongly accuse them of crimes, and all and all double up thier efforts to abuse them physically and emotionally. And the same parents and teachers who let this go on then are letting it go on now. They look the other way and say as one principal told one of my friends "Normal people shouldn't be exposed to your type of lifestyle" what is wrong with this picture. Most of the people I know who wear black or dress gothic are some of the nicest and accepting people I know. All they want to do is make it through the day living and let living. Thats all they want is to be left alone to live their life as they see fit without being persecuted. The same thing happened to me in school as is now happening in schools across the country. When I was in High school, I was what you could call a hippie. I had long hair, wore tye dyed t-shirts and just wanted to live my life the way I saw fit. I may not agree with the peoples views who went to my school, but hey, thats how they wanted to live their life.

But guess what, we differed in that viewpoint too. Every day I had to be on the look out for people who wanted to beat up me or my friends. If they didn't out right physically attack me, then they did it verbally. They made it known that they thought I was the lowest piece of crap on the face of the planet. One of my friends got suspended when some one started a fight with her. the day she got back three different people started out right attacked her with no provocation, and she was then expelled, the others got ISS. One of my other friends was almost physically attacked by several people at once. He went to the pricipals office and the others were brought to the office for questioning. Later the principal told my friend that they people he identified said that they didn't do anything and that they had witnesses(friends) to prove it. One principal said "Well, kids are cruel sometimes". I beg to differ. I nor my friends were ever out right cruel to people. You know why, because we were taught respect for the rights of others. They point is, is that schools and children are pointing their finger at the goths because they were black, when they should be thinking about what they are doing to cause such anger to rise up in normally peaceful kids. Its not just gothic people who are persecuted, the only thing that is a requirement is to not be of the status quo. In otherwords anybody who is differents is persecuted. this needs to stop. If we call ourselves a free country, why don't we start acting like it.
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Received 4/29/99

Oops! The Generation Gap is Showing. Another Creation Of The System to Divide And Perpetuate The Problem!!

This letter was received today and I felt it deserved the title above!)
I just wanted to share a little different opinion on the Littleton Issue. First of all, you were, as you said, in high school 20 years ago. You don't have any right to report about what's going on in todays high schools! It's so different now, I am a senior in high school, whose best friend's cousin was killed at Columbine High, right now and as most high school students disagree with your views completely! You guys act as if those boys always constantly got picked on day after day and just sat there and listened. You are so wrong. Obviously, your brain is the one that is messed up. Those boys retaliated, every single day, sometimes even starting the toture on others themselves. The truth is that Eric and Dylan didn't get picked on half as much as they picked on others.You talk as if the cliques in high school are awful things. Yeah, they aren't that great but life has been like that forever. Think of the war or the roses.

All of you that seem to think, Oh god this was bound to happen are right but it is not because of the Jocks or the cheerleaders or anyone else, it is because obviouusly those boys could pick and nag and offend others with their Nazi racist attitudes, but when someone talked to them like they talked to others they couldn't handle it. They inevidabaly were weak and ignorant to the realization that these are the 90's and this is America. You don't go around speaking German, Heiling Hitler , building pipe bombs,and acting like you are superior to everyone else. Eric and Dylan suposedly complained that they were sick of all the people treating them like they were far less superior than anyone, then you tell me how they managed to walk in a school, act as if they were God and start choosing who they thought needed to die! You make me sick and I wish you could know the pain that having to deal with a problem like this in TODAYS high school(not 20 years ago) is like.

You are talking as if the people that are involved and help out their community and play sports are the bad guys and they deserved to be killed, while the real bad guys who shunned everyone that didn't go along with their facist views should be praised for finally doing something about it. I know that there are cliques and I personally do not belong to anyone of them but I know people from many groups and have had relations with some and there is not any reason for hatred of this magnitude to go on in any school, no matter how much you get picked on or who you are.
My reply is as follows:
I do appreciate you're viewpoint. I know that someone who is presently IN high school is apt to think that someone my age cannot possibly know what it's like, and has no right to speak out on the issue. But actually, Lindsey, the old sayings are very true... 'the more things change, the more they stay the same.' Granted, some things are drastically different today, but the core of things remains the same. The nucleus of the problem has been around a long, long time: human cruelty. Oh, and I certainly count Harris and Kleibold in that list... their cruelty is hideously evident!
What we're examining here is what drive Eric and Dylan to these, as you say, "Nazi racist attitudes." That's a vitally important issue. Why is it Lindsey doesn't have these same attitudes? What is it in your life that makes that different? You know?
When you say they "couldn't handle it," one must ask, WHY couldn't they handle it? It's not JUST what happened at Columbine that brought this about, but a lifetime of problems that rendered Eric and Dylan incapable of "handling" whatever it was that was making them so angry.... so angry to do THIS incredibly horrible thing, to so many people.
Lindsey, I'm not saying that people that play sports and who are popular are the 'bad guys'. If you read my essay again, I'm saying that we are ALL bad guys in the sense that we allow people to be humiliated and tormented by accepting that "the way things are" is normal, when it's not normal. I don't say that ANYONE deserved to be killed, Lindsey. I simply stated that this reaction is predictable, and that based on the crushing pressures and abuses put upon some kids, throughout their lives (not just at Columbine), a reaction of some explosiveness... a biting back... is deserved and long overdue. Not the murder of people! But SOME response that says "enough is enough." In this case, Eric and Dylan were obviously well past that stage... they were looking to form a holocaust of abuse of their own upon people they PERCEIVED as their enemies. I don't say what they did was right. I feel nothing but sorrow for the people who lost kids in this incident. But I am saying, it should have been expected and it's clear everyone was going along thinking people like Eirc and Dylan wouldn't matter and would fade away. Think again. The worst happened. The system failed. And that system involves everyone, from the whole of society to the mayor to the teachers to the counselors to the students.
Let me ask you a question: Let's say you were raised in a home where your father ignored you, unless he was insulting you and batting you around the room, taking out his own frustrations and problems on you. He beat your mother... he beat your brother's and sisters, too and they all suffered the same verbal brutality and insults and abuse as you do. Let's say your mother has descended into a deep depression, withdrawn from it, feeling she has no answers to the situation; attempts to get help have failed. It is a household of fear, continually, night and day. Because of your home environment, you are psychologically set up to deal with things very differently than your peers. You have tons of repressed anger. You're different. Very different from the kids around you. No one seems to understand you but other kids who are growing up in similarly secret horrible homes. At school you are an outcast. Few like you. You want to be liked so desperately, but it seems nothing you do fits... you're a round peg in a square hole, and you're reminded of that every day, in subtle ways that build and magnify, year after years. A punch here... an insult there... a continual battering of your self worth builds from grade school through high school. By high school, you're so screwed up you don;t know which way to go, what to be, how to do anything and you've given up trying. You can't seem to get any help... teachers aren't listening, there's things you can't tell... you're trapped.
Lindsey, can you imagine this kind of life? Can you imagine not having the ability to DEAL with, to HANDLE it anymore? You're suicidal, depressed and suddenly one day, you trip over the edge into psychosis. And now you're lost. You no longer see reality at all. All you see is blind rage.
There were kids like this when I was in school, too, Lindsey. I know people who have been killed. Girls who have been raped. Kids who committed suicide. Lives that have been destroyed, by the same system of "everything is ok and how it is is normal" mentality, same then as now. And I know kids in school today who are just as messed up. I deal with them all the time.
You say "there is not any reason for hatred of this magnitude to go on in any school, no matter how much you get picked on or who you are." I'm sorry Lindsey, that's simply not reality. Maybe you're one of the blessed and fortunate ones who will go on to a sparkling and exemplary life, and that's GREAT. But there are those who can't handle it. You can't see into someones SOUL and know their pain well enough to determine if this is true. Some people are just crazy... chemically imbalanced. But others have been pushed and shoved and crushed and insulted and beaten, physically and mentally and spiritually for years and years, and then they show up at your high school and are expected to just "handle it" ??? No. It doesn't work that way. Some people are broken. And it doesn't help when the ones who are not broken, such as yourself, brush them off as nutcases. I'm sure that's precisely what happened here. Eric and Dylan, early on, long before they got to Columbine, were brushed off. Very sad. They are victims too, Lindsey.
This "old fogy" wishes you the best in life... and I hope you make it through everything with a sound mind and spirit. I hope all the parents make it through... I know they have it the hardest and will for years. But try to realize, Lindsey, things aren't that much different from when I was in High School. God, could I tell you stories! Next time you see someone being berated for being fat, or being ignored because they don't fit the mold, ask yourself... how long has this person been suffering this being an outcast? Try to empathize with their pain. And befriend them. Make them a warm place in a cold world in your life, no matter what it costs you. If it costs you every friend you have, because they are snobs or think themselves better than that person, then DO IT. Lose those lousy friends. They're plastic!
And another real gem...
Subject: Shootings
I almost puked when I read your statement regarding the Colorado high school shootings. I did puke when I seen you quoting the bible. So it is the "rage against the machine" ehh? So we should feel pity for these sorry excuses for human beings that murdered. Oh, its not their fault. It is the fault of the system. Why don't you go to some third world country and then try and give your pathetic viewpoint. You and your type are wallowing in self pity and can not face reality. You don't know what it is. You think you know, but you have no clue. You hide behind your shell of bible scriptures and give us your lukewarm bullshit. If anything, you want to blame someone? You should look in the mirror. I myself was made fun of constantly and ridiculed and poked and prodded at. I am a man now and I look back and consider what it meant if anything. It doesn't mean jack shit. You know why I am a survivor and not some fool wallowing in self pity? I am a realist and I realize that I am a better human being than those who made fun and that gives me comfort. These people who kill to vent their anger and frustration are people that are the lowest of low and have the mental capacity of a cockroach. They, their offspring, and your type are the ones that cause the machine. Get off your knees and praying to your God that doesn't listen and do something for yourself. Those kids and their type are like a virus. I'll tell you what the cure is. The cure is do something for yourself and not to rely on others. I have visited this web site for almost two years. I think today was my last time. I already know what kind of reply of you have. It is based on nothingness and self pity. When people go quoting bible scriptures it shows their arguement is based on confusion.

Fascinating hatred for all things spiritual and religious! Insults toward myself and my God fall on seriously deaf ears. God answers my prayers, and I'm sorry you haven't opened up to receive that blessing.

You really think you're a 'better' human being that those who preyed upon you in school? That very notion is the problem... it's the very notion that fueled Nazi Germany. No, you're no better. You may have been less of an ass, but you're just a human being like they were/are. I'm glad you're a survivor. Now, the issue we're dealing with HERE is the ones who are not surviving it, will not survivie it and the future kids who will continue to experience it. Don't you think Eric and Dylan developed a sense of 'superiority' like you express, when they finally realized they were self-empowered to DO something about their hell? The "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" mentality doesn't offer many answers. In fact, it often feeds into the very thing we've seen go on a rampage and slaughter dozens. No, I have no self pity, sir. And I'm far from confused.

Comments (will be posted here newest to oldest)
(Email Addresses On File)
Received 4/28/99
Subject: Another 2-cents...
My husband has already written, but as I read you postings I have to respond as well. I grew up in a monstrous house, so at the time I went through the school system, I thought the treatment I received at school was a "normal" way to treat me. I can resonate with many of the others writing and have used my own paths for coping and escaping the jail sentence of my youth. The Class Ring salesman played this movie that said these were the "best years of my life".. that was just one of many times I thought of suicide. My running joke of the time was "stop the world I want to get off"...Thank the Lord-who-is that I have learned different and have had some wonderful healing to my heart... Here is a theory why my generation tended toward suicide and this one seems to like the mass killing approach: My generation was the first fully disposable generation (I say that like a mantra). We could be eliminated/avoided by abortion, birth control, nuclear war or moved about like a checker board with daycare, divorces, and adoption take-backs, and besides we are just the ameba that evolved into a human shape ("we're just animals")... however, we had the remnants of the social norms left over from the 50's and 60's so we didn't tend to shoot, knife, etc... Our destruction tended to be internalized. How many people from the age of 20-35 are on antidepressants???

In therapy?? How many suicides, alcohol related deaths, drug-burnouts, underachieving dropouts??? Now however, this generation and the one coming up next have NO social norms to hold them in check. And we are all working so hard on ensuring their self esteem and self expression... well there is a problem when the self to be expressed is homicidal... They have all of the "normie" versus "geek", the fully disposable, latch-key, dumbing down, the evil governmental and societal mechanisms AND no conscience. I work "inside" the system and tend to think of myself and an undercover rebel... I work with several of the parents your article was aimed at, and yet they will never read or listen to you. Sometimes I get so discouraged because I worked so hard to survive the school experience, just to find the same basic environment at the work place... ugh! I am not part of the machine, but dare not incur too much of their wrath because I have to support my family... oh the balancing acts I must do. At least I am an adult and can cope with the evil around me. Thank God for my wonderful husband who takes such good care of our little one and teaches her with sound wisdom. May the fight go on. But it would be nice to see our side win once in a while...
Thank you for your gifted, insightful, dare I say Prophetic article. Speak on, we are listening!
Subject: *LOVED* the "Individuality" article! - how coworkers responded
Hi y'all,
I'm sending this quick note to both James Neff & Jeff Rense. Not only so I won't get my J's mixed up. ;)
I've written some similar personal notes to Jeff and yes several were as angry if not more so than what James wrote. It's about time someone had the guts to say it like it is -- in public.
I just had to send James' essay to several people at work today. I got nothing but flak & misunderstandings back.
First, the essay is considered "politically motivated" so our d.p. director would not allow it to be posted on an internal state agency-wide news group. Totally expected, these people are part of the "they", if you get my drift.
Second, several people thought _I_ was going to "go postal" -- me, myself.
Third, there are the people who say "just do your job, it's not worth a heart attack worrying about it."
I expect nothing will change in the near or far future. Not around here, anyway.
Y'see, at 42yo, I still consider myself one of those 'geeks' that continue to get trampled on. I've been working for over 22 years as technical support for our mainly mainframe d.p. shop, what used to be one of the best state D.O.T. agencies in this country.
It's not "one of the best", not even in the top half IMO, any more. And I've been highly vocal about how things have gotten worse. It's due to one simple thing, and boy do I have the proof: the bosses really don't want your input, despite their advertising an "open door policy".
James' article hit all the nails squarely on the heads -- his article directly applies to all governmental agencies and private businesses, not just schools and general personal attitudes. It really does have such a far-reaching scope.
Jeff may remember my trying to get the bosses to listen to cost-saving ideas. Today for the Nth time I asked one higher-up, "Why won't anyone discuss these ideas?", after he'd (supposedly) read James' article.
I still cannot get even a simple reply to that question. I mean there hasn't been any -- "they" are ignoring me completely, again/still.
VERY DEFINITELY something is going on. The silence proves it. It's quite deafening.
It's almost time for SOTR to start. Thank you for reading this.
-- Paul Seniura (in OkC)
This email has been posted with my replies:
Subject: Re: Comments on your article about Littleton tragedy
> Hi James: > >
You do a great job for the "Sightings" web site, and I >really like the show and Jeff Rense.
thank you
> But your article was really a pathetic rant about the >situation in Littleton, CO. You were venting your anger about >so many things that are related and unrelated to that tragedy, >you were trying to sum up your views about all the "evil" in >the world, and somehow justify the murders in one fell swoop, >and in my opinion the article was totally unbalanced.
perhaps it was, but the majority of people responding resonate with it...
> I must agree with Brenda's comments that we need someone to >calmly address the problems, if that is even possible. Your "rebuttal" >to her was rude and inappropriate, filled with yet more accusations, >that she didn't read your article carefully, citing more "proof" of >your points with quotes from the New Testament, etc. Baloney, it is >*not* justified to read your rant carefully because your tone throughout >expresses the same message, over and over, and if that isn't hate, I >don't know what hate is.
Sandy... HATE is now defined as expressing ones opinion fervently and repeating it many different ways so that many different types of people can comprehend it??? Interesting! You're forging a unique new world with this line of thinking... but not one I want to live in. Hopefully I'll be long dead by the time you and Brenda have some control on our world. I do not mean to be rude, I mean to be blunt and frank and direct. I think the incredible mass of emails pouring in (more than 100 a day) supporting this piece, and 90% of them with personal reflections on the issue, demonstrate that somehow you don't understand what this is about, at least not on a personal level. And that's ok. I'm sorry that like Brenda you see what I say as "hate," but I'm not surprised... today good is bad and bad is good.
> I grew up in the so-called "evil" system you decry so >vehemently, and while it wasn't the greatest way to be "educated," >nothing is accomplished addressing the problems the way you do. >And nothing justifies murdering people.
You and Brenda both have this problem with the english language, you interpret rather than read. Where do I justify murder? Not once. Read it again. The murders were predictable... the response was deserved in light of the years of abuse these kids have received. But I don't justify the murders in the slightest and you know it. Your response shows me that you have not personally experienced the level of hell these kids did, or the many people who have written in their response with personal stories. I'm glad you escaped it! You're fortunate. But you really should try to relate.
> I fully expect yet another rude rebuttal to my comments, >that will accuse me of not reading your article carefully, and >citing this and that to "prove" how right you are. I'll have a good >laugh if you do, because I know what to expect!
Straw man arguments. Familiar with that term? Set it up, knock it down. Make it impossible for a response from the opponent. The vast number of people who are responding to this essay know this tactic very well, too. They're used to that kind of head game. Are you really THAT desparate to cling to this line of thinking and way of life? I'm not being rude... I'm not being mean... I truly give a damn what you think and why you think it. I wouldn't waste my time doing extra work to make this important issue a debate here otherwise. But I honestly do not understand your reaction, or how you can define expressive language as "hate" or how you can play straw man games on an issue of this magnitude.
I replied to Brenda strongly because Brenda was not offering any answers. She was giving a cheesy slogan robbed from Christ without its complete meaning, and that is always wrong. "Man shall not live by bread alone," for example, is NOT what Jesus said, but everyone can quote it. He said, "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." Big difference. Jesus was love and Jesus taught love and mercy, yes. But Jesus was not a weak kneed weenie who never fought back, the scriptures prove it. He was a powerful orator and railed quite often at those who were part of the "system" and the fools who followed the beast. If someone is going to throw Jesus in my face, they'd better be ready to throw the WHOLE Jesus in my face, which I will gladly accept. But tossing petty, contrived new-age Jesii at me is an insult to Christ, his words, his truth, his doctrine and the world he desires.
> This does not really apply to what you said, at least in >your article, but I must comment that the so-called "Christian" belief >that you have to "love your enemies" is yet another disingenouous >belief of justifying saying anything, and calling it love.
(Note: I was not sure how to respond to this statement)
This email has been posted with my replies:
Subject: Re: Denver Shootings
>Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding your Denver shootings post. >As cathartic as your posting obviously was, I find it disturbing that so >many people felt compelled to support such a essentially obvious diatribe >that ultimately addressed little of worth. As acidic as your 'borg', drone, >et al expletives may be, it seems readily apparent that you yourself are >all-too-willing to hang the restrictive and downright ignorant labels on >people that you claim contributed to this incident! >I was by no means considered one of the 'in' crowd during my high school >days, to the contrary when I wasn't being summarily ignored I was being >harrassed and threatened nearly daily by people of every social strata. I >too resented the 'goldenboy' treatment lauded upon the athletic 'power >elite' of my class, something every school institution is guilty of >virtually from grade school through college and even on to the workforce. >But to reduce these students to faceless automatons is foolish and unfair. >Their social standing is no indication of their ultimate worth, neither does >it preclude them from the same worries, doubts and fears that plague all >students during their awkward years. I would hazard to say that the special >treatment some receive during their school years eventually exacts a high >price when these emotionally stunted individuals leave school and realise >their best years are indeed behind them. >I find it ludicrous that so many people still nurse these 'wounds' inflicted >so long ago by people who, in the larger scheme of things, are >inconseqential! School is not a social institution in that it is obligated >to assure each individual an equal opportunity for peer acceptance or >popularity. Were public schools run correctly they wouldn't even have >extra-curricular activities such as sports, band, electronics club, etc for >students to divide themselves into, but would provide them with the basic >reading, writing, and math skills required for graduation and nothing more! >How quickly all these judgemental barriers would disappear if the only >criteria available to judge one's worth were academic excellence and not >whether they could throw a stupid ball through a worthless hoop! >Those two boys were not the 'victims' of some unfair conformity machine, >merely reacting to factors imposed upon them. They were little assholes who >cared so little for themselves, their families and their classmates that >their psychotic 'tantrum' was more important to them than human life. >I have no sympathy for those boys, nor anyone else who lacks the essential >perspective to realize that no one can rob someone of their basic worth or >dignity. Life is infinitely larger and more important than the restrictive >walls of some classroom. My advice to them, as it is to all who still harbor >resentment is to open your eyes, forget that in the past which is >unproductive and concentrate on building a present that you can be proud of. >As the old saying goes, Living Well Is the Best Revenge. >Matt
So long ago?? The past? My God, man... it's not an ancient problem, it carries forth into the work place and adult life. Maybe you've been spared this... most have not. For those who still know it, today, this essay was written. I'm glad you don't still experience it. Some, still do and will always until something changes.
I have great pity and sorrow for those boys, as well as their victims. And I cannot imagine NOT having pity for them, and trying to understand their rage and madness. It's almost as if you're saying it's not important. That the way things are is okie-dokie, so what if a handful of misfits get lost through the cracks. I can't accept that. Some of the greatest people in human history have been social misfits. An examination of the problem is in order, without resorting to absurdist politicized scapegoats like gun control or pat answers. Why these kids did what they did is vitally important, because this is NOT going to stop. It's going to get worse.
James Neff:  

I read your article, "The War on Individuality Comes Home: Littleton Shootings Predictable." I partially agree with your premise, but I also have some alternative explanations for what caused the Littleton disaster:  

1. Our culture continues to be one of juvenile sexual neglect.  We leave kids in the dark about sexuality as long as possible, then begin to parse out stingy bits of information, at a point when it is already too late.  The result is misdirected sexual energy in teens, leading to depression or sexual hysteria.  Kids don't know what they're feeling, because nobody told them about it, so they can't control it.  The cause of all this is our Puritan and Christian fears and superstitions about sexuality, especially sexuality in children: "don't think about it, and maybe it won't exist."  The nude body being a taboo for children to see is a prime symptom of this sick system.  It might help to picket: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Republican politicians, any organizations that have words like "morality" or "decency" in their names.

2. Parents have not been disciplining their children for 20 years now, leaving them to grow up barbaric: greedy, selfish, and bullying toward others.  This trend, it is self-evident, is accelerating.  The cause of all this is the narcissism of the Baby Boomer generation, who are satisfied to let society go to hell, as long as their own wants are gratified.  Part of the self-gratification is subscribing to a theory of child-rearing that is a lot less work than traditional theories.  The Boomers are in denial about this, however.  They feel like the world owes them something, and they are inflicting their terrible kids on society out of revenge for their own unfulfilled childhood needs. It might help to picket: Democratic politicians, Child Protective Services, your local school district, the lady in the store with her terrible kids.

3. Our culture continues to be one of adolescent neglect: kids' general psychological development during the stressful time of adolescence is left almost to pure chance, ensuring that a certain proportion of kids will not become psychologically mature. There is little initiation, or progress checking, or monitoring of kids' moods and opinions about themselves and others, or allaying of fears as they arise. The cause of all this is the establishment not placing a value on the individual.  This is a natural tendency in a society that keeps a working class, a class that needs to be at least partially populated by the psychologically stunted, people who do not have the mental skills to rise above their pain and improve their situation. It might help to picket: your local school district, your parents if you are a teen who is being neglected, your neighbor who is neglecting his teenage kid in the same way that he was neglected.   Numbers 1 and 2 above partially represent the "Culture War" that has been raging in America for some 30 years now.  One feature of that war is that our children wind up in the crossfire.

Subject: Thank You
James Neff - Brilliant - Insightful - The Truth I am in complete agreement with your analysis of the insidious, pervasive, culture-bound conspiracy of The Collective Un-Conscious to invalidate and disenfranchise individuality in any and all of its' manifestations, be it at the level of a single Being or an identifiable group (ethnic, racial, religious, sexual identity, political, philosophical, etc.,, ad-infinitum & ad-nauseum). You contribute to Universal Integrity via your writing. Please add my e-mail address to your mailing list.
Subject: neff questions
how far will we walk out of our way for the opportunity to scapegoat guns/music/video games/etc.?
how far will we walk out of our way to avoid examining parental responsibility?
how young must a child offender be before we'll look at ourselves?
how far must a child offender go before we'll admit that something is wrong, and that the child is a pure reflection of us?
don't priests wear black, incidentally?
didn't Christ say "Let the dead bury their dead"?
didn't MLK say "Riots are the language of those who have not been listened to"?
does the word "antisocial" inherently scapegoat the victim?
if the kids knew that there was a "Trenchcoat Mafia," but the adults/administrators were surprised, then were the adults listening?
how young will we administer capital punishment?
will we blame children when they explode at 10 yrs old? 8 yrs old?
if tribal societies before us sustained an unbroken oral tradition for 4000 yrs or more, and they had "rites of passage," are we just smarter?
did "Bob Dylan" know the answer, when he asked "how many roads must a man walk down to become a man"?
are we oversensitive?
should we "just get over it"?
is Littleton a mystery?
if things are this far out of control, and some of us know it, then why are we staying?
if there's a bomb in the house, is it reasonable to "get used to it"? to stay?
is there a bomb in our house?
who decided for me that my "voice," or, "the voice of the generation" was someone I never believed in?
how long before I am labelled a member of "the Littleton Generation"?
does vigilance equal paranoia?
isn't trust expensive?
who can be trusted?
why don't we hear about all of the American expatriate communities abroad, in almost any country, of those who have fled, foreseeing?
can we have a page for those who agree with Neff?
why don't you ever smile?
had enough?
is anyone interested in leaving together?
Subject: Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence ...
He had that rare weird electricity about him -- that extremely wild and heavy presence that you only see in a person who has abandoned all hope of ever behaving "normally." -- Hunter S. Thompson, "Fear and Loathing '72"
Intolerance is the last defense of the insecure. -- Anon.
When I was seven years old, I was once reprimanded by my mother for an act of collective brutality in which I had been involved at school. A group of seven-year-olds had been teasing and tormenting a six-year-old. "It is always so," my mother said. "You do things together which not one of you would think of doing alone." ... Wherever one looks in the world of human organization, collective responsibility brings a lowering of moral standards. The military establishment is an extreme case, an organization which seems to have been expressly designed to make it possible for people to do things together which nobody in his right mind would do alone. -- Freeman Dyson, "Weapons and Hope"
In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. -- Galileo Galilei
Mad, adj.: Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence ... -- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"
People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense. -- Ken Kesey
Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tide and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. --Teilhard de Chardin
Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
10. COOL: You're cool, you hold everything in and always put "a good face on it" -- you never cry or laugh much, or show emotion in any way, certainly not in public. Your psychiatric label is "tearlessnicity."
9. SERIOUS: You always do the proper thing -- never anything unusual, playful, spontaneous, "different," wild, or creative, if you can help it. You believe playing and being silly is beneath your dignity and only for children. You have a psychiatric label of "stiff upper lippity."
8. NICE: You always act nice even if you can't stand the person to whom you're talking. You never say what you're really thinking. Your diagnosis: "inappropriate smiling."
7. ALWAYS RIGHT: You always do everything right -- wear the "right clothes," say the "right thing," associate only with the "right people"-- you know there is only one right way, and it's your way. You are diagnosed as "conformity prone."
6. BORING: Your conversations, life and living space are dull and boring, and your lawn is always manicured no matter what. In the more advanced stages you have much inner "lifelessness" and "flat affect" -- in other words, you are one of the "walking dead." Your psychiatric label is "hyperinactivity."
5. OBEDIENT: You always try not to offend anyone, especially those in authority -- your security seems to depend on that. So therefore you are willing to put expediency ahead of principles. Your psychiatric label is "adjustment prone/adjustment reaction."
4. GULLIBLE: You believe that the doctor always knows best, that the media is telling the truth (major newspapers always print the facts, right?), and that the medical model of "mental illness" has been proven scientifically. Your diagnosis is "normal naivete disorder."
3. AVOID FEELINGS: You are out of touch with yourself, with the natural world, and with what is going on with other people. It has become too hard to face how others are being oppressed, so you choose a more comfortable path. TV starts to look very, very good. You are labeled with "severe blinderitis."
2. DON'T TRUST YOURSELF: You learned in school that it's important to always pay attention to those in charge and not to trust your own thinking. You learned to "play the game," and you are still doing that. You believe your own lies. You have an advanced case of "schoolmania," which, if not stopped in its early stages can lead to severe overwork and, in advanced stages, "corporate asskissingitis."
1. INDOORISM: You lost touch with the wildness in nature. You do not rebel against ecological destruction. Label: "Tame."
DON'T PANIC: If you have two or more of these signs, within any lunar cycle, you probably only have "residual normality." No case of 100% normality has ever been discovered. So it's not too late!

Subject: Columbine
I am a single mom of a boy about to be 21. After reading James Neffs' essay on our society going down the tubes, I remembered my son's year in sixth grade. It reminded me how terribly cruel even the very young in our society can be. My son was hounded by a young girl and it did not end no matter who I spoke to, be it principal, teacher or my son himself. I was at a loss, and thus I gave up. The girl did finally fade away or move on or move away but the results will stay with my son forever. Perhaps into his next life. I believe we are here to learn lessons and to learn from those lessons. I hope everyone involved learned from his growing into a fine young man despite the very hard lessons. We are here to grow in mind and sprit. I know he did. I love and cherish every moment I have with him. Mothers testament to son who survived a Fort Collins Colorado school system.
(Email Addresses On File)
Received 4/27/99
From someone in Littleton:
Hello James,
Even when confronted with the most evil of people, the Master, Jesus Christ, loved his enemies. Your comments which contain juvenile name-calling are evidence of unresolved anger of your own, and for that I am sorry for you for you still continue to suffer.
We here in Littleton do not need more hate-filled people commenting on our situation. What we need are the wise and compassionate to finally address this issue.
An energetically balanced human being has no desire to harm another in any way. What this means is, that the unbalanced minds that provoke the weaker to also become unbalanced are in just as much need of ministration as the ones who succumb to violence out of frustration to get even.
Thank You,
My reply:
As a devout Christian myself, I challange you to look at the Scriptures for further enlightenment and possible understanding of what my Essay was speaking to/about. From your response, I can barely tell that you read it! Of course I love my enemies. If I didn't love them, I would not care and not comment. I pray for them continually. I pray fervently that those who have submitted themselves to the great BORG of this culture, and parents who continue to routinely "pass their children through the fire" as God commanded Israel NOT to do (look that one up and compare societies) will wake up and stop sending their kids into the flames.
GROUPS are involved here....
James 2:4 "Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him? But ye have despised the poor. IS IT NOT THE RICH WHO OPPRESS YOU, and draw you before the judgment seats?"
James, the brother of our Lord, casting aspersions on a CLASS of people??? Yes, indeed! Where's his Christian love and tolerance? Such is a misnomer of modern, watered down Christianity.
Name calling? Let us look at our Lord and Saviour as example:
Matthew 23:33 Jesus railed at the Pharasees calling them "You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" Let's not forget he also shouted at them and called them hypocrites. And he took a cord of rope and drove the thieves out of the temple, whipping them.
There is no HATE in my essay. Only IDENTIFICATION of one of the primary sources of the problem. Remember the Apostle Paul, who says "Expose the works of evil."
Romans 1:28 Is Paul not being "christian politically correct" enough for you when he rails here?
"And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."
I think perhaps you have adopted a PARTIAL form of Christianity which utterly ignores the harsh and demanding elements, and embraces only the love. God is not only love, but justice. Remember, "Satan decieves the whole inhabted earth, save those who names have been written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the earth." The works of Satan are to be EXPOSED. If exposing them is an unchristian act, then you and I have two distinctly different Christs whom we worship. My Lord has commanded me to judge with righteous judgement; he has not commanded me to not judge at all.
1 Corinthians 6:2 "Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?"
Your last paragraph clearly demonstrates that you didn't read my essay or skimmed most of it, I think. I have not called for revenge. I'm not still working on some ancient hurts. They are long past and cast aside. But I have not forgotten the evil and I will continue to expose it for what it is. Evil. Pure and simple. Satan's greatest achievement is to congregate the mass of society into the very thought pattern you exhibit. That way, nothing changes. Everything remains screwed up.
I appreciate your reply and response, but I can't really see that you read what I wrote! What Littleton... and every other town... needs is to wake up from the this insane sleep and radically change its culture. But that won't happen. That requires sacrifice of the status quo. We won't see that destroyed until the Lord returns and "treads the winepress of the wrath of the Almighty" with his own two feet.
Guess who the grapes are?
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Received 4/26/99
Your article made a whole lot of sense. It was so much different from what I was hearing on our local radio.
The NPR show, This American Life, was devoted to 'school misfits' this week. They featured a kindergarten teacher in the second half of the show who tried to get the kids to play with anyone who wanted to join them. She had noticed that although they had rules about fighting and such, it was just accepted that there were 'in' groups and 'outsiders'. For some reason, she spent some time asking the kids if they would like to have a rule that everyone had to be included. But when she finally put the rule into effect, she stated that the kids were relieved.
This was a very enlightened teacher. Schools are wrong when they think that they are providing a socialization benefit, when all too often they are encouraging this 'in crowd' mentality. Kids are ignorant and insecure. They need a lot of adult leadership. They don't need or deserve to be left to the mercy of their own 'kid' societies. All too often, kids just think that they are expected to be tough. They create a crazy, maddening life for themselves and everyone around them. I've worked in a plant with tons of recent high school graduates, and nothing I said or did kept them from judging everyone and giving everyone hell. On the other hand, I worked on a job with 3 recent high school graduates, and I was able to get them to calm down. What is disgusting, and unforgivable, is when adults are so deluded that they encourage or even lead one group of kids in tormenting another. I'll never forget a scout troupe where the scout masters picked on one kid, stealing his hat, even tossing set wolf traps to him to catch. Of course, some people even do this within their own families. It's wrong. It's insane. And I was very glad to see your article.
Jim Holsen
Subject: TRUTH
OH man.  I am VERY compelled to write to you.  THANK YOU!!!   THANK YOU!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!   I haven't even finished reading the article that you wrote on Sightings, but I had to stop and say it.  "The truth shall set you free!"  Been there, done that.  SURVIVED!!!  I didn't drive my car off the turn.  I didn't take the pills.  I didn't give in My husband and I both are survivors.  The scars people carry from the crap is a far bigger tragedy than the shooting at Columbine.  It's a scale so massive.  So many good people lost, seemingly irretrievably.  So much potential down the toilet.    You speak the TRUTH!!!  It's up to us to do what we can to change it.  We have children.  They do NOT attend public school.  They started there and it sucked worse than it did when we were there.  We teach them at home and they have the ability to CHOOSE their social situations.    Anyway, I could very easily go on and on and on here, but I'll spare ya :)   
THANK YOU FOR saying what it seems NOBODY wants to hear.   
Blessed Be B
Subject: "War on Individuality"
Extremely articulated with a raw passion! Definitely, I could feel your words brimed with passionate truth, it had prompted me email you.
There are those of us, few and far between, who always known the illusion of our current state of reality. Even fewer who should be daring and brave to confront it with change...change for the good of mankind. An naturally, even less, who knows their destiny with such purpose and meaning. Not only 1984, but Animal Farm and Brave New World were my novels read during my Junior College American History days. Taught by a very sophisticated gentleman in a very unprogressive city. I was quite fortunate to have him open my eyes at such a young age.
We all must be brave in confronting the lies and half-truths which bombards us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. It's up to others, like ourselves, who are willing to teach our children the proper, basic values of humanity. Fortunately, my fiance and I believe in doing what you described. At 36, my children will be warned of the dangers of living, but also, the passions worth fight for to enjoy it.
Thank you my friend for writing what many dare not say.
Subject: Shootings
Thanks for posting your Littleton shootings essay. It was sensitive and insightful. It was so phenomenal I copied a few sentences so I can quote you in the essay I'm working on. Yours is the first commentary I've seen that I feel gets close to understanding some of the deeper motivating issues. Of course, those whose state of denial demand a quick and easy scapegoat aren't likely to think too kindly of your point of view.
I'm among those who believe some extreme mind control is involved in this case. In fact, I belive those kids had probably been victims themselves of vicious and perhaps overt and intentional programming.The pattern of this incident as they relate to the previous ones, the timing as relates to several factors, the satanic, gothic and reptilian overtones smack overwhelmingly of specifically targeted mind control. It appears it had been set up and maintained for a long while, and triggered on that specific day at that specific time. At this point, my comments are speculation. Hopefully, those of us who are investigating the mind control angle will be able to come up with some compelling evidence and argument. Til then, even though it appears Eric and Dylan's fingers were actually on the trigger, regardless of the details, I think the example you set is the right one: to hold Eric and Dylan in a compassionate light, along with the other people killed or traumatized by this incident.
I resonated with your article "The War On Individuality Comes Home - Littleton Shootings"
I've shared it on numerous lists and have sent it on to some American Indian Elders.
You might enjoy the following:
We each begin in innocence.
We all become guilty.
In this life you find yourself guilty of being who you are.
Being yourself, that's Aboriginal Sin,
the worst sin of all.
That's a sin you'll never be forgiven for.
We Indians are all guilty,
guilty of being ourselves.
We're taught that guilt from the day we're born.
We learn it well.
To each of my brothers and each of my sisters, I say,
be proud of that guilt.
You are guilty only of being innocent,
of being yourselves,
of being Indian,
of being human.
Your guilt makes you holy.
--Leonard Peltier
"American Indians share a history rich in diversity, integrity, culture and tradition. It is also rich in tragedy, deceit and genocide. As the world learns of these atrocities and cries out for justice for ALL people everywhere, no human being should ever have to fear for his or her life because of their political or religious beliefs. We are in this together, my friends, the rich, the poor, the red, white, black, brown and yellow. We share responsibility for Mother Earth and those who live and breathe upon her. Never forget that."--Leonard Peltier
All my relations,
Rainbow Warrior
Subject: Reply
I liked you article on the shootings, ie some of the reasons it may have happened. I buy into the Mancurin canadate thing. These we 2 smart bright and even the gov. said they were likely to succed so what went wrong. You didn't see Bill Gates hunting down the people that made fun of him. I was the guy that all the really cool kids like to pick a fight with back in my day (52 yrs old) Hell I learned to fight thru the tears and the blood from my nose just to survive. But it didn"t make we want to kill anyone, just win once in awhile. I get upset when I see Hulk Hogan and the NWO tshirts and wonder where peoples heads are. If I show it to you enough you'll think its not real. Anyway thanks for the aritcle and keep writing
RE: Punishment of the gifted
I am in my 50's; but I can still recall harassment by jocks and my math teacher (the coach) because I liked to read in the library and was physically small and clumsy.
The verbal and physical assaults during 4 year HS career were acquiescently sanctioned by the administration and faculty. Considering they observed various (numerous) incidents involving myself and others like me and did nothing I can only conclude this was their policy. To this day I look upon my years in HS as some of the most miserable ever spent in my life!
AND, it has been the same for my sons although my threats of litigation cooled their jets.
Keep telling the truth...
Subject: Your Littleton Article
Subject: Shootings
I agree wholeheartedly with your article.  And it is a shame.  I've seen it over the years where the "geek", "nerd", or whatever, gets put down in more ways than I care to count.    My senior year in high school, I was a year older than the kids in my class.  We moved to a new town 900 miles north.  I didn't fit in.  I spoke with a southern accent.  I dressed funny.  I didn't fit in.  But what scared these cliquish(?) people is that I would not back down.  They were ignored by me as if they weren't even there.  It was hard to do and I was usually scared to death.  But not everyone can be as self-assured as I was at the time(maybe I was just a little crazy).    It's usually the Jocks that are the cliquish of them all.  And that I never really understood.  More than half of them have proven to have room temperature IQ's and the females(the cheerleaders, etc.) are no better.  And no better are the parents of these people.  If it ain't sports, it just ain't.  Pressure from the "alumni" get the sports department anything and everything they need.  

Here in Yuma, I saw funds set aside to refurbish the theater get slushed out to the athletic department because they ran short of money for new lights for the stadium.  There was nothing wrong with the old lights, except maybe the lightbulbs.   When it comes to the kids, the ones who want an education, they a shuffled aside so that the school can, move to the state championships.  Anything any other department wants, clubs need, there are bake sales, car washes, candy sales, fund raisers galore.  The allotted funds from tax money, though, goes to the sports department.   If you're not in sports, you're not.  I, for one, am glad that my kids chose other extracurricular activities.  There was little league and city soccer league to fill their athletic needs.  I did not want to have to put up with the fanatical parents, usually alumni, at the school.  I had a daughter who played soccer and was involved in FFA.  One boy was in band.  Everything they got was through fund-raisers.  And they had to fight to get buses to go to band competitions.  That was reserved for the band.  My other son was into the theater, special effects, sound and set design, and with the Corollaries singing group that "represented" the school.  They went to Hawaii and go around the country on fund raising monies not by taxpayer funds that might deprive the athletic department.   But it is the parents of the kids that are as much at fault as the kids.  And I mean that for both sides of this Littleton issue.  Where were these boys parents when the bombs being made?  Why did they parents of the other kids see fit to teach their children to treat those that were different like they were trash.  It all comes down to the system WE have created or allowed to be created.  Somehow that has to change.   Maybe this will be the beginning of change.  We'll have to wait and see.  
Subject: ease off the rhetoric
To James,  

I read your essay  "War on Individuality".It was thought provoking and filled  with unresolved anger.Were you picked on that much as a kid?Do you think these kids were picked on so much that it justified these murders?You almost make them sound like martyrs for all those outcasts who have ever been picked on. Nothing can justify murdering innocent people, James. I was a good student/athlete(excuse me JOCK as you like to name THEM) in high school and college. Never once did I go about harassing people different than me or see other athletes do the same. I respected people for who they were. If they were jerks I didn't respect them. I am sure the people who took this approach out weighed the people who harassed others.You on the other hand section people off into two groups. The outcasts and the jocks /All American Jackasses etc. You make the  "normal" people sound like 2-d cutouts using words like BORG,HERD and BOTS. On the other hand making the outcasts into heroes. The reality is ALL of us are complex, ALL gifted and ALL of us are individuals who can share experiences to help each other. We are all on the road to finding the truth; just some people take more time than others to get to that point.  Ease off the" us against them mentality", it just makes you sound like your still holding a grudge from your teen-age years. It also makes you sound no better than the "system" your trying to fight against. Judging from the e-mails your stirring up prejudices towards innocent people who haven't "woken up" to the truth of what's going on. A little less self-righteousness would go a long way. thanks,
My reply:
I had my share of humiliation, non-acceptance, physical violence and such. I knew many, many others who suffered the tortures of the damned, however, compared to what little I went through. I know the rage I felt for many years then, and afterward. It is a rage which gets locked into ones self esteem at a time when ones esteem is being entirely created and growing.
I have never found any redeeming value whatsoever in the 'normals.' None. By no means am I justifying what these two kids did. I make it very clear that what they did was wrong, heinous. But what I am saying is, it's predictable and it is part of social evolution in this culture that this particular dog that has been ritually abused for so many decades and has finally bitten back... and it hurts... and it's scary to the 'normals' who are amoral psychotics and sociopaths themselves, who fit the mold of the all-american amoral psychotic society. The normals ARE 2-D cut outs. They are a BORG. They are a HERD. They are BOTS. They are, by and large, plastic, souless monsters. They destroy everything and anything that doesn't mindlessly mimic their idiotic frequency of mass "look alike" cookie cutter mind control stupidity and status quo. If they cannot destroy it, they drive it out. If they can't drive it out, they label it criminal or, by virtue of their perpetual social structure, make it impossible for the non-borgs to function in society. The streets are filled with their human refuse. A scant few organizations break their backs picking up the pieces of the broken lives.
By no means are these two boys heroes, and I don't make them out to be. But I do say what they ARE... they are a symbol, a sign, a wake up call... the hard slap in the face much and long time now deserved. It's too bad it took the form of bombs and guns and severe bloodshed, but that's what happened. And I notice no one gives a flip about the damage inflicted up them and many others by the hapless, amoral normals, who crush and grind people left and right as a routine of daily life. Can't see that blood. Can't see those corpses. They're not material, so there is no 'shock' value.
Thanks for your input. I will post your dissenting view with my comments tonight late.
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