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James Neff
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Subject: FANTASTIC!!!
Just finished reading your essay on "The War On Individuality...". I am literally shaking with the power of it! You have so perfectly verbalized what I've been saying and thinking and feeling for years. And what a voice!
I remember hearing about the shooting on talk radio (we don't watch TV anymore, and haven't since August 16 last year, when I was surfeit with Komrade Klinton's lies) and thinking "Well, I can certainly understand WHY they'd want to kill the jocks". My high-school experiences were normative for any "geek", and I remember getting beaten up more than once on school grounds in broad daylight by our Hometown Heroes.
An event took place in the rural Nebraska town we live in not too long ago. It perfectly fit the programming model you wrote about. It was the annual "Orange and Black Banquet" (yup, the school's colors here are Hallween colors...that gives me the willies!), a sports banquet. No awards are presented, no talks or's just this: the jocks get together, they're served the standard rubber chicken banquet, and then they are marched into the auditorium and the King and Queen of the year are crowned. That's it. When my wife described the ceremony to me (one of her painfully socially conscious co-workers had a kid participating in it), I recognised it immediately for what it was: an initiation ceremony. It was a way of intiating everyone to their place in the local social strata and letting them know that, as long as they live here, they'll never rise higher than they are now. Even as I write this I feel nauseated again. You hit the nail right on the head, James...
Coincidentally (serendipitously?), my wife and I were talking about individuality and living our lives by our own design last night. We do things very differently than the "Collective" would have us wife is a doctor of pharmacy and works full-time outside the home...I am a full-time parent to our daughter and am homeschooling her. I was reminded, as she and I talked, about my sophomore year of high school. I experienced an epiphany...I discovered Emerson's essay "Self Reliance", and it literally changed my life, it showed me that it was GOOD to rage against the machine, that I was RIGHT to be me. It kept me alive through the rest of high school, in a very real way.
After our conversation last night, I went downstairs and got my American Lit book and brought it up and re-read the essay this morning. It was like re-discovering my soul...and so tonight I read your excellent essay (which I've printed off several copies to keep for myself and several to hand out to fellow "resistance fighters") and it was like an affirmation, a roaring wind with tongues of flame. You deserve a've written a nearly perfect manifesto for all the resistance, all of us freedom fighters everywhere. And here I thought you were JUST an extremely talented graphics artist...!
You did a great job with your piece on the school shootings. I thought your take on the event really hit the mark. Keep up the good work!!!
Subject: Great article
Trust me on this, we need more thinkers like you, willing to put their thoughts out there, to stand up and be counted. Keep up the good work, and great site.
Subject: your essay on school shooting
James --   Your essay is very insightful. Thank you for writing it. I wish it could be printed in a major media outlet like Newsweek or the Washington Post.  
Subject: conformity & an unusual book
Hello, James Neff:
Good article. I agree with you completely. The worst part, as I saw it, was that if you are sufficiently different than other people--say, substantially brighter--it is very hard to behave like one of them. You just don't know where they are coming from, or what they're going to do. Bright kids have a serious adaptation problem in our society. Unless they are lucky enough to have supportive parents and a good school, they're going to have a hellish time. .
I used to think that when I grew up I would turn into a normal person. I thought that's what growing up meant. It took years and years before I evaluated my diligent effort to become like other people, and realized that _it should have worked by now_. Maybe there was something wrong with the basic premise...
There's a book called "This Tree Grows Out of Hell," by Ptolemy Tompkins. I think you would find it well worth reading. Tompkins discusses the Aztec culture. I'd always wondered why they did all those human sacrifices. IMHO Tompkins figured it out. He never once compares that culture to ours, but we clearly have the same problem, and we're doing something quite similar. There's a _reason_ for these episodes of bizarre violence. And for their reflection in the popular culture. This book completely changed the way I thought about us, our culture and our devolution. --It's readable and short. Tompkins doesn't pay me to promote his book. <grin>
Good wishes
Subject: Your article
First of all I am 40 years old, but I remember very well the hell of being an outcast! But, your article blames it all on the parents! Bullshit! I have a daughter that is into Marylin Manson and believes it's alright to cut his name into your skin ! Because her friends are doing it! She worries about her weight even though she's at what is considered a perfect body weight.  No I don't just ignore it! I've had her in counseling, I refuse to medicate her into submission! And I care so, is it my fault? It's easy to blame it on me! I've tried to nurture a relationship since her birth! Her sister is the bipolar opposite did I play favorites? No! Everyone it's seems today has all the answers! But they're working. What I'm trying to say is when your a teenager your friends become all important! These things have happened in the past, they just weren't plastered all over the media!  Now I also wonder how tthat all this is NATO's Fault?  We're all responsible for today's problems. Take responsibility for your own destiny! I had a rough childhood, but if you give up they win! Today it's too easy to cop out and say it's MOM's fault, it's Dad's fault, it's the NWO! Give me a break!  I've been in the Air Force for twenty years and believe me most experienced NCO's and Officers are not war mongers. I don't like what's going on in Kosova or Iraq any more than you!  I believe Europe should handle it's own problems, and we should offer moral support! Like  Greece, if we minded are own business more often we wouldn't have so many enemies! But this has nothing to do with our children. The problem is kid's listen to anyone that's sounds believeable at the time! The reason I'm writing is my daughter read your article, she showed it to me as proof that what happened in Colorado was not the gunmans fault! It was mine!

My Reply:
I think maybe you missed the gyst of my piece. I'm asking parents -- since they are in the spotlight right now in the media as relates to the slaughter in Littleton -- to look at themselves and question thier own reality. Deeply. If your daughter thinks carving the name of Marylin Manson into her flesh is anything OTHER than a reaction to complete mind control put upon her by 1001 powerful influences bent on the destruction of a generation... she's dead wrong. And you can show her this email. But I ALSO want to make it clear, and do in the article... we Moms and Dads are ALSO involved in this affliction of culture. Where and how and why do we support the madness on the small scale, or in ways we don't readily recognize as part of the problem.
No, I'm NOT blaming mom and dad. I'm REMINDING mom and dad that they too are part of the problem, NO ONE is divorced from it. No one.
Additionallly, if you look at my piece, I'm make a pin point focus on those who don't think they're part of the problem. When you bounce back with feeling insulted and falsely accused, that's the time to look harder and deeper. But I'm not isolating parents as the core reason, and my piece states this clearly. Its the system, as a whole. We're spoonfed this madness, all of us.
You're daughter is right about one thing, however. It's NOT the gunmens fault. They are the FIRST victims. Their victims are the second in line, and society is the third. Right now we're seeing endless hours of weeping parents and kids on TV in Littleton. Among the ones that did not lose a child, the bulk of them are crying beause they cannot believe that the dog they've been beating for so many years got angry and bit back, and that bite hurt like hell. Reap and sow. It's a simple reality.
Im not saying the dog should bite! I'm saying don't be suprised when it does. It's a wake up call, and it came in a horrible fray of blood and destruction in this case. I have a kid. 13 yrs old. A girl. She's homeschooled and STILL is influenced by the society around her, so I know what you're saying. I know how hard it is to be doing everything you know to do right, and they still go wandering off like idiotic zombies to cult figures and absolute garbage and bad advice.
Blame isn't the issue. Getting people to analyze their lives IS.
James Neff
Subject: Columbine
I really liked your article about the Columbine killings. I think it was right on target. I hate seeing things like this in the news. First there is the tragedy of the killings and then there is the tragedy of the news coverage of the killings. The overpaid pretty boys of the national media always miss the point by 180 degrees and thus assure that the killings will continue. I have gotten to the point where I cannot bear to listen to network news anymore. The false anguished "hand wringing" and moralizing while all the while they are supporting the very things that will continue tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. It makes me sick.
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 09:00:14 -0600 From: mumbob <> MIME-Version: 1.0 To: Subject: Come Home 4-23-99
Much of what you wrote struck a deep chord with me. I know what your talking about. >From 1969 through 1971, in junitor high and high school, I was made to feel lower than dirt by jocks. Thirty years later, my scars are still evident. Now forty-five, I hope it was not the defining moment of my life, but given my track record since high school (drug dependence and drifting from one intermittent job to the next), I have my doubts. Even today, thinking about those experiences makes my stomach churn and my blood boil. Rationally, there is nothing I can do about what happenned to me then. Emotionally, not a month goes by without myself drifing back to those days. When I heard of the shooting at Littleton and of the possible motivations of the two boys involved, my reaction was not one of blanket condemnation. I wondered if they were psychically frozen, immobilized, made to feel the awkwardness of adolescence a thousand times more than they should of through a daily ritual of intimidation, public humiliation, or worse. Like what's going in in Serbia, there's no excuse for the actions of those two kids. They killed people who had no idea of what they were going through. But just like I believe by it's actions NATO is making a bad situation far worse, so the 'system' set in place in Littleton and elsewhere in the US by administrators, teachers, and parents is taking kids who just want to belong or at least not be made into a group punching bag for 'socially acceptable kids' and through a blind awareness of their actions (or lack of) turning them into monsters. Thanks again for your Sightings postings. It made me feel I'm not alone.
Subject: High School Shootings
Sorry to disagree with your viewpoint on these shootings but what we're seeing here in all of these high school shootings is a product of government mind control. Sounds outrageous I know, but our CIA has all the technology and is more than capable of it. There are many victims of mind control who are now speaking out and pleading with people to listen. If you want to know the motivation for such a program, look at the solutions being proposed. These shootings will not stop until the public is disarmed.
Check out this web site to clue yourself in. It's worse than you thought. Remember, if you are really interested in the truth, then you must be willing to admit that everything you now believe may be wrong...if you're really looking for the truth. Otherwise, you are just looking for confirmation of what you already believe. Big difference.
Subject: Littleton Shootings
Just finished reading your viewpoint on what the hell really happened here. I have to agree with you, but not 100%. I would like to know where the parents of these kids were-were they so blind they couldn't see the signs? Or did they not give a damn about what their children were going through? I also blame the teachers and the so-called authority figures in these youths' lives. Aren't these the very people who are supposed to watch out for and properly educate our children? Are people so afraid to intervien, to lend a hand, a shoulder, a refuge? When I was in school, I was also tormented. However, I was lucky enough to have a couple of teachers to guide me, to encourage me, to tell my tormentors how wrong they were for doing what they were doing. I have taught my own children to fight back-but to fight back responsibly. I have on the other hand taught them that life is just too damn short to waste they're time and energy on members of our great society that are walking through this life with blinders on. My children have been taught that individuality is ok, there is nothing wrong with expressing themselves, and to ignore the stupidity that rules everyone elses lives. They're father does not agree, and constantly challenges their decisions and veiwpoints-one of the many reasons we got divorced. I refuse to live my life trying to conform, to make society happy with me in order to be accepted. I would rather die than be forced to live the same hatered these people create. My children are ridiculed often for accepting and befriending the outcasts in our town. They are not angry with their tormentors, only sad for them. Sad that they obviously come from angry, hatefilled homes. Sad that these same kids are only acting out what they have been raised-sad that they will probably never be happy in their lives-they will only live under the illusion of happiness. I have raised my children with love and respect and acceptance. It hasn't been hard, I don't consider it a chore to do so. Why is it so hard for society as a whole to do the same?
thank you,
Subject: WELL SAID, My Brother!!!
Very well said, I'm going to be 49 this year, and while there may be no visible scars, the effects of the soul murdering from all those years before continues -- Now, after 12 years clean and sober, a few thousand AA meetings and as many years of heavy duty group therapy, psychodrama, individual counseling , and occasional retreats, I am at long last beginning to find out what it feels like to be comfortable in my own skin -- But as HELLACIOUS as it's been, I would never trade away the pain, loneliness and terrible despair in order to be a self satisfied comfy member of the National Herd. I don't ever want to forget any of that stuff -- I want to continue learning how to live with it -- and to continue learning how to pass on to others whoWANT it, a little of the incredible hope, and strange inner peace that CAN be the priceless reward for surviving being adrift for 37 years on the spiritually barren open seas of this poor crazed culture of ours. May we look back but not stare -- one day at a time...........................
God Bless you Neff, and God Bless every single last one of us,
Subject: Shootings
I read you letter on the shooting. Well done. Your talents are endless. The truth will one day be known to all. There is order behind all the chaos.
Subject: Littleton web page article
Your article echoed many of my feelings, very well written, well thought out. High school for me was also about 20 years ago and I hated every minute of it,for many of the reasons you stated. In my own way, I rebelled against the 'programming' and still do, the best I can. I am trying to show my kids that even the news is not THE TRUTH. And when I do hear 'news' on national media, I try to descern between what is really true and the progammed national 'spin' that they want to brainwash us into. Like you, I certainly can't condone what the students in Littleton did, but I CAN understand why. I also wasn't all that suprised by the incident in Littleton. Thanks for writing & posting the article. It was one of the best pieces I've read in along time.
Subject: On your letter about the suicide of the gifted
I enjoyed this letter very much. I think a lot of us do relate to this and just wanted to you to know.
Thanks Dana



Subject: The War on Individuality

I am deeply moved by your article mentioned above. I am writing from New Zealand, small country, but I am certain we also are advancing towards the big nations' examples. I hope many will turn the clock back and reconsider where all this faked "progress" is taking us. I am trying hard to remain out of the "normal", today it is the "abnormal" who has the answers!
Best wishes