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Heresy & The Human Race


By Jim Kirwan

The people of the world have been denied the truth about the true history of this planet and in that global-crime we have denied ourselves the real knowledge that could have saved our freedom while we would have changed everything about the way we use our time here, as a people in this universe…

What the hell am I talking about?

Just the real history of this planet and because we’ve been lied to about the fragility of our stay in the universe, we’ve nearly blown our chance to live the lives that could have developed real meaning, instead of just being part of the global-chattel being herded from one ‘holding pen’ to the next.

Immanuel Velikovsky was a man who lived in a very pivotal time, as far as knowledge of the planet is concerned. He wrote about his findings and tried to share them with the populations of the world in the 1950’s. But the powers that have had designs on us for millennia were part of the reason why the world was not allowed to follow the work of Immanuel Velikovsky.

By the time ten years had passed ‘regimented and controlled science’ and the New World Order had successfully squashed his work.

He was active during the time of Freud and Jung, but also when the works of Darwin, the theologian who was not a scientist, had recently come of age. Velikovsky wrote about these men and their impact upon the way the world received word about the life and birth of the planet in recent times. Their work has nothing to do with the really ancient birth of the much older planet as described in Part Two of Thunderbolts of the Gods ­ but that only makes the work that Velikovsky did, all that much more impressive.

The Road Not Taken

Velikovsky wrote three books, Worlds in Collision in 1950, Earth in Upheaval, in 1955 and Mankind in Amnesia, which was written long after the first two, but it wasn’t published until after his death in 1982. These three books elucidate the events which impacted all life upon the earth, through a series of cataclysmic events that should have altered the life of the people on the earth ­ making those who survived these events part of a very unusual new race.

Velikovsky was not the only person who was aware of these findings, many people had gone to the places where the evidence was readily available to see, and consequently were aware of the findings that could not be disputed: Darwin was among those who saw the remains of the events that had wiped out massive numbers of whole species of life on the planet ­ yet he chose in the end to deny what he saw and argued instead for the lies he told as part of his work in “On the Origin of Species” that appeared in 1859.

What the world was probably not aware of at that time was the fact that the organization behind the money-changers and the illuminati were headquartered in London at that time ­ which was the same place where the scientific organization that sponsored Darwin was also headquartered.

Consequently a great deal of consideration was given to their theories behind what did or did not happen in the early history of the planet, even if was not explainable at the time. Hence the ‘evidence’ was covered up and the colossal events that caused the massive die-off’s of hundreds of thousands of species, plants and animals, along with massive displacements of the mountains and the earth, as well as the oceans and many rivers and lakes that were also disturbed from their former locations.


The extent to which the fear of recognition that we travel on an accident prone vessel governs the thinking of modern science can be exemplified by a few instances.

Charles Darwin, as a young naturalist, visited South America, it was in fact the scene of his by-far-longest stay in the course of the circum- terrestrial voyage on the ship Beagle. He wrote in his journal of his voyage.

It is impossible to reflect on the changed state of the American continent without the deepest astonishment. Formerly it must have swarmed with great monsters: now we find mere pigmies, compared with the antecedent allied races.

The greater number if not all of these extinct quadrupeds lived at a late period and were contemporaries of most of the existing sea-shells. Since they lived, no very great change in the form of the land can have taken place. What, then, has exterminated so many species and whole genera? The mind at first is irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe; but this to destroy animals both large and small, in Southern Patagonia, in Brazil, on the Cordillera of Peru, in North America up to Behring’s Straits, we must shake the framework of the entire globe.’…

Having seen what he did in South America, Darwin could not but embrace catastrophism. He did not come by his information through men reading; he saw the very remains of catastrophe victims not in museums but in situ; in the Pampas and on the slopes of the Andes. Such an experience is more compelling than literary information. Yet two decades later Darwin propounded a non-sequitur in ascribing all changes in the animal kingdom to a very slow evolution, through competition and by extended dialectic he endeavored to demonstrate that the earth pursued a stable evolution, on a stable course of uninterrupted circling, because the idea of shaking the entire globe was mentally beyond him.

But he saw these animals, their bones splintered, heaped in the strangest of assemblages ­ giant sloths and mastodons together with birds and mice. He had to forget these pictures of disaster in order to invent a theory of a peaceful earth unshaken in its entirety…”

To deny that these events that had been cataclysmic and very intensely brief and cast them into the category of something literally unheard of before: And the powers that were at that time were not about to allow the public to believe that such an uncontrollable and dangerous situation could occur naturally, because it would disrupt the populations and might cause us to pay attention to this world and to the fragile nature of the planet that could change at a moments’ notice ­ which would have distracted people from commerce and their own pursuit of profits, if they thought for even a few moments that there might be something very temporary about living on this potentially vulnerable planet. That’s why Darwin’s tract was turned into a treatise of “no surprises” when it came to the past present and future of this place ­ but it also murdered the truth about the vulnerabilities of the planet and the people living on it.

The direct clash of Velikovski’s work with that of Darwin and others from the accepted Sciences of the long-dead-past, is what eventually shut down his books, despite the huge appetite for his work which their publication had created.

When this threat of the New World Order and the Illuminati first began to go public, shortly after 911, much was made about the secret knowledge that was being hidden from the people of the planet. That knowledge had been kept from the world at large for centuries, but now a lot of what we didn’t know has become visible ­ especially about the literal history of the planet.

That question has morphed from finding out about more of it, to doing something with what we are learning more about each and every day now.

The urgency of the conditions for humans on this planet is intensifying because all the laws nationally and internationally are gone ­ the global society is now totally lawless. In the middle of this slaughter almost no one can continue to give a damn about the deterioration of entire globe: Whereas if we had known more about what the planet and the people on it are descended from, then what we would have been concerned about could not have become the sole focus for all of existence from continual wars, rape, torture and pure hatred which it has become. Some of this was touched on in the first article today as to why we seem to be so consumed with arrogance, greed and unending blood.

A.I. - State Created Replacements For 'US'

If we had understood how possible it is that the planet could undergo more of what has visited the planet many times in the past: Ah but then the public would probably have been much more difficult to coerce into the kind of lives we tend to be living around the world today…

If you want to know more read those three books mentioned above…




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