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State Created Replacements For 'US'


By Jim Kirwan

‘Pixabay Artifical Intelligence Free Images’

Artificial Intelligence has been taken over by the global-state to replace the need for people. The problems with this technology have not been faced, because ‘replacing people’ is a total farce, regardless of how innocuous their proposition might try to present itself to the rest of the world. This has been on-going for decades, yet none of the real problems with these currently attempted uses for ‘technology’ have ever been realistically approached.

Here’s an introductory interview that outlines just some of the problems that are being ignored.

Robots will create art and may even fall in love…

Robots are already making decisions about loan applications and they are taking over many medical and personal decisions, as to who qualifies for what procedures ­ are we better off because of this ­ or is this just part of the problems that involve ‘capturing the public today’ by robots?

Robotics wants to be able to teach robots what it means to be human. How is that possible when humans have been wrestling with this for the entire length of human existence on this planet ­ and because ‘education’ has blocked our understanding of ourselves: Whatever robotics might be able to do, one thing is certain: To implant ‘responsibility’ into robots, by government decree, is not the same thing as the people who are refusing to become robots in service to the state today.

The human race has failed at ‘learning’ which is one of our basic problems now: Real learning is part of what we are on this planet to use and increase to benefit humanity not some privately criminal corporate entity. The guest talks about 100 years from now, when in fact a great deal of his planning has been secretly introduced into every phase of life today already.

Humans are far more complex than the creature in the interview suggests. Not only do we have what we have each learned in our lives we are directly affected and connected to that knowledge by emotions and the physical awareness of everything that affects our life. Some of that is covered directly by Velikovsky in “Mankind in Amnesia”. Pages 148 ­ 150.

Memories Awakened

What is behind the great shift that, with the young generation in its grip… A nineteen year old hippie and his middle-aged parents in outer appearances do not appear as one and the same species, but in their thinking and behavior do not appear as one and the same (either)…

The well-groomed, properly dressed parent is in pursuit of everything his own parent were ­ advance and achievement in study and profession, procreation and recreation in marital and extra marital sex, comfort and pleasures, golf, a motorboat and a summer-house, possibly a Sunday visit to a church, a daily study of Wall Street news; nightly boredom and an occasional escape from it, in some swanky eating and drinking place ­ and overall security and status, status and security.

On the other side of the generation gap a fundamental parting with everything just enumerated ­ from purpose of life to appearance; barefoot, in torn jeans, with long and unkempt hair on head and face, these being the outer signs of rejection of anything accepted, revered, striven for, or possessed by those on the other side of the gap.”

Kirwan: How can such experiences or the knowledge gleaned from these inherent differences be inculcated into robots? How can a robot be taught values, in any realistic sense of that term?

What is beneath this complete change of inner and outer values?

What drives men or women to such a resolute separation from their fathers and mothers ways of life and ambitions? What makes them prefer a sleeping bag to a well-sheeted bed? A life with hardly any shelter to a life secured by parental care, in a suburban villa, protected by stocks and bonds?”

Kirwan: How can this rejection or the reasoning behind it be included in the acceptance of the parental view ever be taught to any robot? It cannot - because all of that is dependent upon the emotional understandings and the human questions that arise from questioning the purposes and the motives behind those directions, as these often naturally differ between the adult and the teen-ager, not to mention the results of those thoughts as they will possibly affect the whole of the future life of some maturing teenagers?

What causes then a well-recognized portion of the young generation to strive in the opposite direction? What is it then that makes them reincarnate the cave man in appearance… a caveman without a club and instead, a flower?”

They are bitten by something which they know not and which makes them seek an ascetic life. They are frightened and they don’t know by what, but the solid ground on which their father’s built is to them a most insecure base, a place to flee.”

Kirwan: The Corporate invasion of “the Men in the Grey Flannel Suits” was the embodiment of that fear because it represented the personal severance of all that was stable or secure. The corporate choice that was made by too many in the late 50’s was what led to the rebellion of the 1960’s ­ and very few of those that made that choice, for their families, ever understood that that was what was behind the breakup of so many families at that time.

The young are most concerned with life, even more than their stable, sturdy fathers. It appears that born of parents who lived and some who fought in WWII and of grandparents who lived and some who fought in WWI, the new generation looking back into a past filled with violence senses the approaching doom.”

Kirwan: Especially as the sixties had become the era of Vietnam which was obviously their own living hell into which millions were afraid of entering because many would die there in their view - and mostly for nothing but more violence to create more illicit profits and to extenuate the same perpetual nightmare that had obviously destroyed their own families, from the start of their teenage years. Ironically the creatures that ended up running the rebellions of the 60’s took over that movement and sold out their own view of life when they traded in their flowers for drugs and the corporate-life of free-wheeling power and profit that became the leaders of the most criminal government the United States has ever seen. John Kerry, now Secretary of State was one of them, as was Newt Gingrich, the man who shut down the government under Reagan ­ it’s been one very ugly ride, this hijacking of the rebellion that tried in the 1960’s to change the world…

‘Pixabay Artifical Intelligence Free Images’

The goal of the traitors then was to use the flower-children to remake the world into their empire, when all that happened was that they ended up outdoing the corruptions of their own generation, as they have continued to overreach the past, and none of that could possibly become inculcated into the robots in any kind of future for whatever’s left of mankind.

In fact the only real change now is that the Human Race

Has become the real-time impediment to the Global Police State.

Late 1960’s: Student Unrest

University campuses grew malcontent and soon turned into scenes of violence. Presidents and other administrators were locked in their offices, furniture and laboratory equipment was smashed, archives were dispersed or thrown through windows, or burned, entrances to public rooms were blocked, police were fought, barricades were erected.

Student unrest had been sifted by many authorities for causes both elusive and explosive… (But) what force then was really behind the unrest? It was motivated by all of the foregoing, but more than anything else by students’ realization that in the new age of man as different from the over-stayed Victorian Age as that was from the neolithic, they were being instructed by inadequate methods from antiquated textbooks, by teachers whose recognition of a new era in sciences and humanities is often discernable only in the feverish pursuit of grants.”

That’s why the push for global robotics is underway

To replace humans, rather than to bother trying to subjugate them.

Robotics are what must be destroyed now

Rather than the global-population it’s been designed to replace.




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