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Germany's 'Die Glocke'
From Flying Discs To The Kecksburg Crash

Could It Have Been The Power Source For Some
Of The Stunning German Flying Discs?





Dr. Hans Kammler was the genius director of Germany's die Glocke (the Bell) Ultra Secret Project.
According to 'official' WW2 history, Dr. Kammler was killed at the end of the war in Germany.
That story fails to explain how Clark McClelland DSc met and spoke with him, twice,
at Cape Canaveral during the Apollo Program! Virtually the entire US Space effort was
conceived and run by Dr. Kurt Debus (First Director of NASA!), Werner von Braun and
the likes of the secretive 'deceased' Dr. Hans Kammler...all of whom were brought to the US
along with many hundreds, or thousands, more under top secret 'Operation Paperclip' after the War.

Above is an artist's concept of how the Germans ran tests of the anti-gravitic 'bell'.
An extremely strong concrete structure was built to which the 'glocke' was tethered
to hold it firmly in place while tests were being run on it.

Above…This may be a valid photo of a tethered test of the 'glocke' power source.

The structure itself still stands today. Here are some photographs of it. If only it could speak…
Note the light blue steel (?) reinforced top inside corners of the concrete structure.



It is suggested that the 'Glocke' was, in fact, used as the power source of the German discs.
A quick look at the drawing below shows why that is suspected. Look carefully and you will see
the 'bell' shape in the center section a typical German anti-gravitc flying disc...


More artist renditions of die Glocke

For a major compilation of known photos of German flying disc technology, go HERE

It is also strongly believed by Clark McClelland that the object which crashed in Kecksberg, PA on December 9, 1965 was, in fact, an evolved German die Glocke which
was being tested and either got loose or control of it was otherwise lost. Clark was sent by NASA to the crash site and
personally examined the object and maintains it was a German 'bell'.

To listen to Clark McClelland tell his entire amazing story to Jeff Rense about his being flown to the Kecksburg crash immediately after it happened, click HERE

Actual Kecksburg object leaving a trail...

This may well be a legitimate photo of the crashed Kecksburg object already loaded on a military trailer and about to be hauled away.



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