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The Kecksberg Object





A witness named 'Myron' claimed to have seen, and drew this image, of a bell shaped object with' heiroglyphs' along its
bottom rim stored at Wright Patternson Air Force Base. Myron worked as a truck driver for a cement factory belonging to his family at Dayton, Ohio.
Two days after the incident occurred at Kecksburg, his firm received a large order for specially glazed bricks from the Wright Patterson Air Field.
A representative of the base had had a look at the bricks in stock at the factory and finally ordered 6,500 double-glazed processed bricks, which,
he said, "were for building a double-walled shield around a recovered radioactive object. " Myron later glanced inside the hangar to view what was inside.
The object was silhouetted by floodlights behind large silk -parachute-like screens. Myron described "the shadowy outlines of a large bell-shaped object....
perhaps about 9 feet wide and 12 feet high. Through a small opening in the tent, Myron could see that it was metallic, like some kind of whitish bronze."



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