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La Commedia e Finita
The Evil Farce, The Tragedy, Has Ended
Part Two

Finis Vitae (Fisica), sed non Amoris

By Joseph Chiappalone, MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It!



 Please read Part One before proceeding...Click Here


There is a most ridiculous belief sponsored by the New Age fools who are desperate to deny what I assert, namely that there is to be a sorting of Viables from non-Viables with the latter scheduled for physical and spiritual termination.

That belief is that Earth will ascend by raising its vibration, as will ‘Humans’ by an act of Will, and become a godly state with all of us becoming gods in a Higher Dimension.

This belief is held by ones who are blind to the Truth, to True Love and to the True Light. If they were not so blind, they would see the Truth of what is going on.

Evidence, as I presented in Part One, clears points to the very opposite of what they believe and assert.

The vibrational rate of Consciousness is DECREASING. That is why Time is accelerating.

That being the case, there cannot possibly be an elevation of consciousness and ascension of Earth. The “Locus”, the consciousness of Earth is gone! We are existing on a dead rock, doomed for demolition, as are all other physical structures in the Universe.

Why do you think that:

·        The Earth’s homeostatic mechanisms are no longer sufficient to cure its ills?
·        The fauna and flora are disappearing at an unprecedented rate?
·        So many have been given the Message of Finality for the Physical?
·        “I” descended to prepare the Viables and take them Home?

From the evidence, we know more and more are expressing a demonic consciousness which means the vibrational rate again is dropping. Are they god-like? That is a contradiction in terms, and moronic. How can demons, by the definition we use, become god?

The degree of physical pollution, apart from this spiritual pollution, is such that the Earth has no future. How then, could it ascend to be a god-like structure? Can you see the ridiculousness of this assertion?

All Matter is evil, as I have written in my books. Nothing of Evil can become Divine.

These New Agers are kidding themselves as they descend into the Transmutation vats. Unfortunately they are fooling many others.

Let me give you simple analogies. Can a rotting apple in your rubbish bin suddenly, miraculously, turn into the Taj Mahal? Of course not!

Can a stripped car shell in a wrecker’s lot suddenly turn into a ten miles long intergalactic vehicle driven by ion engines and Dark Matter conversions? Of course not!

This idiocy is sponsored by the same evil Archons who promised to heal the planet as long as we did nothing. In fact, they wanted to lull the sheople into idiocy as they subjected those sheople to the mechanisms of culling which I enumerated earlier.

Besides, logically, Earth Ascension is absurd because of what and where the Earth is. Would it drag its Moon with it to that godly Higher Dimension? What about the Sun, and the other planets in our Solar System? This system is part of the Milky Way. Would all the Milky Way ascend? If that were the case, why not the entire Universe?

Thus you see, these idiots are trying hard to believe that chalk will turn into cheese, and that Evil Matter will turn into Material Divine.

The very opposite is true. Matter is to be totally eradicated, transmuted back into inert energy. And, from what I have presented, that is exactly what is occurring if the evidence is examined in an unbiased way.



If this is the End, we should be able to see fatal fragmentation in the 3 main pillars supporting the Virtual Reality, namely History, Religion and Science, and also in their handmaiden, the Media, which up to now has been allowed numerous gross mechanisms for programming the lemmings (robots, unaware human, mushrooms, sheople) to do the bidding of the Evil Masters of this Universe.

We have had a pronounced awakening of sorts in the lowest ranks of ‘Humanity’, and now the talk is of Illuminati, Archons, Reptiles, Aliens, etc., controlling people and nations. The Zionist control of banking communications, the Media, security, etc., has been exposed admirably so that those who want to see what is going on can do so with ease.

I stated the chief Honcho, Jehovah, is dead. Frederick Nietzsche was aware of this situation and said so, even if his words were not as clearly defined as I state them here.

‘Jehovah’ was the controlling influence on the Illusion. Now that it is neutralized, it cannot supervise the Illusion or its minions. Nor can it provide them with instruction and energy. Therefore, one would expect that all the mechanisms of the Illusion would fracture fatally. And that is exactly what is happening.  


The exposure of the evil doings by the media moguls, especially Rupert Murdock and his Empire, has weakened the programming capabilities and the deleterious influences that the all-controlling Media has had on the awakening mushrooms to date. Everywhere the lowest common denominators seem to be awakening and rebelling against the mental constraints forced upon them by the Ruling Elite via the many special branches of the Media with their unending lies, obfuscation and propaganda.

The Media has lost its power to fool the masses with its mendaciousness. Thus, in the recent murderous response by Israel to the pitiful cries for help by the suffocating Palestinians, people everywhere are now siding with the Palestinians inspite of the Media, ALL OVER THE WORLD, pushing to make Israel the victim.

Let us not forget that the Zionists stole that land, citing a directive by the chief Demon, Jehovah, then drove virtually the whole population into exile, killed millions who resisted, prevented legal return, destroyed the indigenes’ abodes and farms with virtually no excuses,  cut them off from the world, reduced their abilities to gain food, clean water, medicines, etc., etc. Viables in the Jewish race are disgusted with their nation’s evil, open brutality as are many Zionist religious figures who do not condone property theft, violence and murder.

Who would not complain under those circumstances? Israel has done all this with the blessing of the USA as we all know. All bullets, missiles, illegal phosphorous bombs and other weapons fired by Israel against the trapped population in Palestine, which it purposely targets against the Principles of all war conventions, are paid by the American Taxpayer.

They are shooting fish in a barrel. It is planned Genocide that began the moment Lord Balfour put pen to paper in 1917, and justified by the mythological death of 6 million Jews in WW2, something that never happened! But people are waking up to this skulduggery, and Luria’s prophecy that the whole world will rise against such Tyranny and destroy Israel and most of the Jews will be fulfilled. It has been the Media that has sustained the lies and the Myth of the Holocaust and the justification of invading Palestine for this long. But, the lies will work no more!

Once again I need to remind you that not all Jews are Zionists and that not all Zionists are in the Hebrew race. When that nation is destroyed, as many other nations will be, we must recall the Higher Mind Mechanism with which we will cope: We will remember that the Viables are being liberated to go Home and the Demons and other non-Viables are being sent to the Transmutation Vats.

Now people all over the world are seeing the EVIL involved, inspite of the Media attempting, as usual, to portray Israel as the poor, weak, defenceless  democracy in the midst of an unending sea of savages that must be eradicated!

That born of Lies, sustained by the pilfered energy and blood of innocent ones who are senselessly slaughtered, cannot survive exposure to the True Light.

This axiom goes for all aspects of Evil, be it Israel, the USA, this whole world, the whole Universe, in fact, and the Illusion within the Virtual Reality created by the Liar and Murderer, Jehovah. (John 8:44),

The Media has failed because of the inevitable fragmentation which is part of the dying process for this Whole Universe, this evil Virtual Reality.



History too is being seen as the fraud it is in the main. Let us take a few examples: The Internet abounds with the real reasons for wars, such as WW1, WW2, The Spanish-American war of 1898, Vietnam, the attack on Iraq, the attack on Afghanistan, the real reason for 9/11, etc., etc.   

Remember, History is always rewritten by the victors and up until now, the victors have always been Evil!

Start here and follow the trail:

Those who are awakening can see the hypocrisy of the leaders (who are always the Archons, Demons) who pursue their passion for murder and theft.

The Jeff Rense site is replete with wonderful articles and videos about the fraudulence of History. Read on and awaken fully!



Anyone that denies the existence of Evil should per force read my book ‘Death of an evil God’. In it I cite in detail the despicable evil committed by the pseudo-Christian churches in the name of their ‘god’ which is really the Ghoul.

Religions are evil mechanisms for control of the masses and for obstruction to the Truth. All religions are run by Evil Archons, and all have their headquarters in Hell. No exceptions! They are not paths to God. They are obstructions to the Path to Enlightenment.

Religions have been losing members for a long time now. They only ones making progress by measuring the numbers that attend are those who have unashamedly turned themselves into social clubs, with music and singing and dancing, and allowing social interaction for those looking for sex and partners. I have written about this topic previously.

But now I want to draw your attention to a fatal blow to the Catholic Church, the most evil of all the Churches, that comes in the form of a Royal Commission in Australia to investigate the long-standing and hidden practice of molestation, abuse and rape of young children under the charge of priests, ‘Christian Brothers’ and nuns.

This is world-wide phenomenon of which I am sure you are aware.

It is a mechanism by which demons, dressed as the clergy, gain energy through the sexual exploitation of minors.

The Church fought hard to conceal these crimes and to prevent this open inquiry. Why would it do that if it stood for Love, Truth and Honesty? The fact of the matter is that it does NOT stand for that. It stands for Hypocrisy, pilfery, rape and theft as History so abundantly exposes.

Although it may appear as just another inquiry into the lecherous abuse of children by sex starved clergy, the significance is far greater than that. In fact, in spiritual terms, this exposure of the Church’s evil is a fatal blow to it. Thus, this pillar of the Illusion, the Virtual Reality, this mechanism of containment of the sheople, has been weakened enough to allow eventual collapse of all religions and the whole Illusion.



The Laws of Science are nothing more than suppositions. The top scientific mind of our era, Stephen Hawking, has stated this many times. In fact, we know they are only a working approximation of what we think we see on this level because of the lack of real answers and the innumerable incidents of phenomena that do not follow the Laws we live by.

Thus, there is no explanation under the Laws of Science for the erratic behaviour of sub-atomic particles that vanish into other dimensions and return before our very eyes.

There is no explanation for the phenomena dealing with the behaviour of UFOs as witnessed frequently by observers. Our Laws do not apply to how they appear and disappear, how they fly, change course, ignore gravity, ionize space, etc.

With the Laws we have formulated in our present Science, we cannot explain such things as

·        Solids passing through solids as has been observed in cases of Alien abductions,
·        The existence of superimposed dimensions as seen by many on Route 66 and other locations,
·        Artificial intelligence far superior to humans in robotic structures such as the Alien Greys many have seen,
·        Consciousness in Crystals, rocks, rivers, water, automobiles, houses, etc.

These things are beyond explanation by our restrictive science, mainly because the Science we revere is fraudulent!

How can a fraud, any fraud, lead to Truth? It is impossible.

But the fraudulence of Science does not rest on what it does not know and what it cannot explain. It very much rests on its evil mechanisms of Denial and Obfuscation.

But those mechanisms have received fatal blows, too, by experimentation that has spontaneously occurred in the last 50 years or so.

In hypocritical collaboration with ruling Archons in Government, Science denied the existence of UFOs. It has denied the existence of a spiritual component in our existence.

Why do you think psychiatric treatment is in such a mess and so ineffective? Suicide is becoming a major cause of death and its numbers are rising very rapidly. Medical scientists have fraudulently attempted to place the cause of all mental illness on physical and/or genetic factors.

Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic:

And yet, the very scientists who denied reality so that the Evil Illusion could be upheld knew the real situation. It is just that they did not want it exposed. In this way the sheople could be kept in the Dark, and would be easily manipulated.

Sooner or later, the awakener comes to the realization that  the Media, History, religion and Science are is all about control of the masses and relentless exploitation of their energies on which the Archons feed.

To give you one brief example, Carl Sagan went to great lengths to deny spirituality, the existence of UFOs, demons, etc., when he very well knew about contact with aliens by the US government and when he very well knew his own ontological nature. He was a demonic Archon!

Recent advances in Thanatology, in recounts of Near Death experiences by eminent and open-minded clinicians and scientists, experimentation with Astral Travel and Out-of-body-experiences at University levels have destroyed the ignorance Science attempted to impose upon us about Life after Death.

There are many examples on the Internet. Here is one:

The experiences are not all happy. This one, in fact, reinforces the Evil Illusion:

Follow the trail. The book ‘To Hell and Back’ by Dr M. Rawlings is a good read.

Warning: As I have stated previously, you need to realize that the states described by the experiencers are still within the Virtual Reality.

The fact that my consciousness, the “I” in me, the ‘I am’ is able to travel to inter-dimensional loci strikes a fatal blow on Scientific idiocy.

There are many more examples one can cite to show Science is a fraud. Read up on them. Space is limited in this short essay.


And so, again we come to the question of credibility.

What makes me so certain of what I say and write?

Is it really possible that I have been out of this dimension and back again?

Could the directive given to this shell, this cardboard box, this physical body, to co-operate with a Higher Consciousness and to announce the End be real?

Could the people of the planet be really prepared for the eventualities? What assistance could be given to those to be rescued? Would any listen? The reception I got back in 1985 when I tried to discuss this material and give the Message was hatefully abusive on me. Well, what could one expect from ignorant sods?

As time progressed, I stated the number to continue. How could I possible know the number of Viables and non-Viables?

By what Power do I declare that there exists an immutable Plan of Correction of this Error and for the total transmutation of Evil and all its progeny?

Who am I to declare that ‘Jehovah’ is dead? How do I know that? How can I declare this is an Evil Empire? By what authority do I label some as Beings of Light and others as Demons?

Why did I know about the New Green Energy when no one else did?

These questions are not that important. And yet they traumatize the fools.

The confirmation of these assertions is either within you or it is not. It is as simple as that.

Those who resonate with the energy of my information simply accept what I reveal, for they have, within them, the knowledge to understand and accept what I say.

That knowledge is called the NOUS by Gnostics. It is contained in the Blueprint indelibly inserted by the true God at the creation of the Divine Units of Consciousness, seven of which co-operate to form a Human consciousness.

The questions are not important. What is important is to know that we are following a meticulously executed Plan for the Correction of this Celestial Error and for the destruction of all the Virtual Reality it spawned. It will culminate in the Transmutation of all Evil and the Liberation of Viables from this energy-sucking, destructive Nightmare..



As usual, on matters of such grave importance and consequences, we come to the question of credibility.

What is to be believed? Can what I write be reality or is it aberrant Science Fiction at best?

The Queensland Medical Board, that bastion of spiritual and philosophical Idiocy, served by, and catering to, Masters of Cultivated Ignorance, as will be seen in due course, described my work in no uncertain terms as late as 2010.

Via its chosen, so-called learned representatives, doctors and psychiatrists no less, the Board published in print, the opinion that my work is of one who is OUTRAGEOUS, IRRATIONAL AND DELUDED.

Highly specialized medical personnel representing the Board, after a cursory and very inadequate glance at some of my work, used all their diagnostic powers of profound unawareness and ignorance to condemn what some believe to be the most insightful and explicit exposition of Truth ever given to this Planet. Indeed, fools do judge in ignorance with disastrous consequences…… for them!

What I have disseminated is not learned knowledge. It is ‘a priori’ knowledge known by the Consciousness using this cardboard box. It has nothing to do with the cardboard box. The shell merely provides the voice to speak the words and the hands to write down the information.

No physical mind could possibly know of the structure of Creation, of the Celestial Error, of the Total Plan of Correction of Evil, of the creation, formation and evolution of Consciousness in the Classes as I have described.

No physical mind can or could know about the numbers to spiritually survive and the numbers to be transmuted, about the placement of Viables, where they are to be placed, and the mechanisms of altering potential survivors so that they are converted to Viables with special mechanisms.

No lower mind could have the knowledge of the Demonic World, of the Plans of the Archons, of their creation, of their modus operandi, of their fate and ultimate destruction.

Further, how could a lower mind know of the following?

·        The cessation of energy entering this dimension,
·        The Creation of the New Green Energy,
·        The Structure of Intermediate villages to house Viables temporarily, and
·        The identity of every individual unit of consciousness in all Classes of Consciousness in existence?

The information I release resonates with Viables once they are able to bypass the EVIL Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination blocking their lower minds. It is familiar to them for it has been instilled into the ‘blueprint’ within them.

For evil ones, who are obviously, by definition, non-Viables, this Pristine Knowledge is unfathomable. They can never understand it. It means their demise. They cannot understand it for they are blind to Truth, Light and True Love. But, in the End, they will know it is the Truth. At that point, there can be no measure of their despair.

BTW, I highlighted the Queensland Medical Board because it is on record, and I have it in writing, that it described me, and my work, using the words I just used. You must realize that in spiritual terms, and they ultimately are the only terms worth considering, ALL institutions in this Virtual Reality, run by Archons in ALL cases, are bastions of idiocy catering to Cultivated Ignorance in their attempts to obfuscate Truth and keep us as lemmings and mushroom, in Darkness, and fed BS, as I have explained previously.

Any who attempted to expose the Truth, including the real Jesus (not the baloney Jesus of mythology as created by the pseudo-Christian Institutions) and all the Gnostics throughout history were mercilessly hunted down and slaughtered for their attempts to expose the Evil of this plane. But, you should know those stories well by now. Such institutions include, of course, the Scientific Communities in part, and the established, Institutionalized Religions in toto.

Again we need to ask: Who are the Archons? They are the evil Sons and Daughters of the Evil Essence, which we, in latter times, call ‘Jehovah’. They are the progeny of the Demonic Creation arising from the Error, as distinct from the Robotic Creation. You will need to read my books for further details.

Jesus exposed their presence in John 8:44, and for this utterance, among other things, He was crucified. He was a Gnostic and belonged to the Gnostic Essenes. This fact reveals that Gnostics were not early Christian heretics at all as the pseudo-Christian Churches mendaciously contend.

Gnostics existed long before the establishment of the vile pseudo-Christian brain-washing programs. For example, Plato was a Gnostic and he exposed somewhat the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom. Zoroaster was a Gnostic, as was Buddha. Do you really know what Buddha taught? Of course you don’t if you go by the books written about Him and his Teachings. Not a word was written down until 500 years after his death. Can you imagine the distortion that occurred? His followers had turned the Pleroma and Nirvana, into an unstructured nothingness in essence. Idiots!

The Pleroma is the Gnostic concept of the spiritual world, representing the fullness of the (Ultimate, Supreme) Divine Being and the eons (Avatars and all lower Classes of Consciousness) emanating therefrom.

Almost as a reflex, when Truth is presented onto this level, the Archons seize it as plagiarizers, and then distort it into nonsense. My work has suffered the same fate and you will see many examples throughout the Internet of such evil corruption. The demons trap the unwary with the lies, their obfuscation, and their so-called facts of their Cultivated Ignorance. That is their role.

Also, be mindful of the fact that not all who yell ‘Gnostic’ or call themselves Gnostic know what they are talking about. Beware.  If they do not know of the Keys of the War of Essences as I have revealed them to you, and know of the Plan of Correction of the Celestial Error, know that they are frauds. Ignore them. Entertain them at your peril.

Here is an exercise by idiots, Masters of the Cultivated Ignorance, to interpret Gnostic knowledge in the Nag Hammadi Library. What results is confusing, convoluted, useless BS:

In the video is mentioned a John Lash, who has done more to destroy the Doctrine of Gnosticism with his ignorance than anyone else I know.

As I stated previously, Archons are characterised by their 3 lusts; for Power, Money and Sex. As well as that, they are hypocrites. They are extremely dishonest, murderous and idiotic. You can see that this is a very flammable combination of evil assets to have.

Do you need an example of how vicious and evil they are? Recall the bombing of Bagdad not so long ago in the opening night of their war against Iraq. The people of Iraq were on their knees begging to be spared the horror of war and, according to members of the CIA, willing to do anything to appease the American Archons.

And yet, the blood-lusting demons could not contain their true, murderous nature. The city was bombed mercilessly, killing over 100,000 people.

This article says that up to one million civilians perished along the way.

What was the excuse given by the bombing archons for this unjustifiable carnage? They said they wanted to remove Saddam from power! Where was the logic in that? There was no logic. They love to kill and cause suffering, for Archons live on the energy released by their suffering victims.

Relatively few voices were raised in protest within the USA against this massive crime against Humanity. Most were happy to share the National Hubris arising from such criminal and very evil power demonstrated by these demons from Hell who knew, without any doubt, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.



Why am I revisiting this era and war?

I want to remind you of the actions of Demons, of Terminal Madness, of the mechanism of instant Karma, and the reason why the US will be hit by the rebounding Evil it inflicted on others. Americans should not question the extremely bad ‘karma’ they have brought upon themselves by supporting these Demons. The suffering they will undergo soon shall be great, and they have no one else to blame. The economic destabilization they have recently experienced is minor in comparison to what is to come.

We are all responsible for our actions. Indeed, we all reap what we sow. In due course, China’s superior and still very evil Archons will inflict great suffering on the people of the USA which it, in turn, had imposed on others. That is the way of Evil.

This is another reason for the perennial War FOR Terror established by the American Archons that we see now. Spiritual Energy, as I have said often in the past, is running out for the reasons I have stated before. It has been cut off from the Universe, and the major portion of Theomorphs with the energy the Archons crave were removed in 1999. Again I refer you to my essay called the Phase of the Shells.

Archons never think out the consequences of their actions and they lie about their intentions. The Archons, evil sons and daughters of Jehovah, are, without exception, idiots. And they inspire idiocy with their Cultivated Ignorance in those they program, control and influence.  As we see throughout History, they take punitive measures, of which there are many examples, against those who do not succumb to their idiocy.

Here are a few examples of that idiocy:

·        As scientists in Oz they poisoned rabbits with disastrous consequences by using a biological poison called the myxoma virus. There we go again with ‘culling’. Archons love to play the (evil) god.
·        Archons used fluoride to cause dementia with the excuse it is good for teeth; A Harvard study proved now that children in areas where fluoride has been placed in their water have lower IQs.
·        They used spent uranium to cause indiscriminate cancers in innocent populations far away from their targets. Do they care? Not in any way we can discern. Remember, they were created as liars and murderers, just like their father Jehovah, from the very beginning.
·        They are using Chemtrails to cause dementia and severe respiratory diseases as well as Morgellons. Their excuse is to save the planet. But militarily the particles distributed in Chemtrails allow them to reflect ELF waves and target countries they want to destroy as well as causing earthquakes and tsunamis.
Their prime aim was to affect the brains and minds of people so they would become more compliant automatons, and thus far more easily controllable, as they go about culling numbers from 7 billion plus, down to less than one billion. The Chemtrails are doing just that. People are becoming far dumber and the rate of developing DEMENTIA is accelerating at an almost incredible speed.
·        Archons caused the experimental destruction of Maldec, the planet that forms the asteroid belt. I realize that you will have to take my word for that occurrence.
·        They experimented on Mars and ignited its atmosphere. The Archons who developed the Atomic bomb last century had memory of doing just that and were anxious the atmosphere on Earth could ignite with the new bomb.
·        They Experimented with crystals and solar radiation and destroyed Atlantis.
·        Now we have their HAARP technology to cause such ‘accidents’ as Fukushima, their GMO products and vaccines, ELF and microwaves to poison and dumb down billions,
The list can be expanded ad nauseum.

Archons meticulously cultivate ignorance and eradicate those who would express Truth. Universities in the main are brainwashing institutions as are Religions ones. All aspects of Science are such, allowing no room for free thinking. If one does not regurgitate what is taught, one fails. If one does not mouth the lies and distortions of governments, one loses one’s job in the government, or in military, in politics, etc.

We have seen many, many examples of vile manipulation by Archons Why do so many in official positions fail to speak out and condemn the murderous acts by rogue nations including  Israel against the Palestinians? They are threatened not to speak up. Why are so many still afraid to speak up about the pseudo-anarchistic but murderous barbarism of the USA government-sponsored 9/11?

There will be increasing numbers of wars, tragedies, crimes, calamities and natural disasters that will severely test us, tugging at our hearts as we feel compassion and sorrow for the victims. These events will drain us terribly if we let them, especially when we see grossly unfair activity, massive deaths of infants, children, animals, etc. Even road kill, which is very, very common in Australia and many other lands, can be disturbing. I wrote in Part One the way to cope with these events

How are we to handle the calamities ahead?

Mentally prepare.  We are being allowed to see the Face of evil so that we will come to the conclusion life as we know it cannot continue in this way. By the end of it all we will scream for a stop to the vile, evil madness!

·        You MUST see these episodes as Evil expressing its unjust, violent and murderous ways. Idiotic New Agers will no longer be able to deny the existence of Evil.
·        Remember that Evil has been allowed to act without restraint in this Endtime period in order to self-destruct.
·        View the deaths in this way:
i         If they are of non-Viables, then think of the physical deaths as their passage towards the Transmutation vats.
ii        If they are Viable humans, animals, units of Vegetation, think of them receiving their tickets Home. They will go to IINTERMEDIATORY VILLAGES, that I have mentioned in the past, until all are gathered to proceed to the New Dimension.
iii       Send all of them love and affection, for you cannot know who is Viable or not,  but do not be blackmailed into Pity, Compassion or Sorrow. That is what the Evil System wants. That is how it drains energy from beings that have the Divine Energy it craves.

(BTW, my ex-wife Amitakh and her husband Steffan, a convicted felon, are two very evil reptilians who have also written about such villages. Realize that they have plagiarized everything they write from me. In most cases they have distorted my material to trap unaware ones.  And for Goodness sake, if they have trapped you, do NOT give them any money. Make every effort to escape their influence.

I can now reveal they are special evil agents sent down with the express, personal purpose of attempting to stop my work. That explains the vile essay they have plastered all over the Internet called ‘PROMENADE 10’.

They have failed miserably in their attempts to stop me. The Transmutation vats await them along with the fools they had conned to go along with them and attack me. They will all taste Justice. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is personal in any way. They are of no more personal interest to me than any other vile demon in this Illusion. The description given by Jesus as reported in John 8:44 suits them well, as it does all demons.)

Bear this description in your mind at all times for the percentage of demons in human bodies is increasing exponentially and alarmingly and you will meet more and more of them as time progresses. Failing to recognize them can have deleterious consequences for you and those you love.

Judge everything via the energy of the contents, yours, mine and theirs. In fact, judge any and everybody’s work in that energetic way. Doing that, you will not be misled and trapped in Evil’s Falsehood.

This next assertion I make will be seen to be, in due course, axiomatic and immutable: All who are inimical to my energy, such as the above pair I have just named, are spiritually doomed. Reactions to my energy have nothing to do with my shell’s likes or dislikes, needs or wants. People, and in fact, all consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness, react to my energy in accordance to their ontological identity.

It is an automatic process. There can be no errors whatsoever. I know, because I know, that some on this level have already come to this understanding.


Archons have the notion that they are gods. In fact, they are splinters of the evil demigod. They have no awareness of Righteousness. They cannot recognize Truth, or True Light, or True Love. They are never contrite. Thoughts of Repentance to them are meaningless. Such beings cannot receive Mercy. They will be subjected to Divine Justice.


To summarize, let us re-iterate some facts:

1                   Many are now sensing an Endtime scenario.

2                   What is about to happen is beyond the control of ‘Humans’.
3                   ‘Humanity’ has never been in control of its destiny.
4                   Individuals do not create their own reality. Most create their own illusion.
5                   The majority of ‘Humans’ are robotic consciousnesses. A percentage of these have been deemed Viable.
6                   A few thousand are Theomorphs assisting me in the Rescue Process. The majority of Theomorphs had been spiritually evacuated in November 1999.
7                   30% of ‘Humans’ are Demonic consciousnesses some of whom are
Archonic. All of them, and the robotic consciousnesses judged to be non-Viable, will be transmuted in due course.
8                   There are over 10 classes of consciousnesses wearing Human bodies.
9                   Earth is NOT unique in any special way, neither is ‘Humanity’.
10              Prophecy of an Endtime scenario is converging from many sources. Could all those sources from such diverse paths and times have been in a conspirational collusion to cause this?
11              Can Earth’s End (and that of the whole Universe) be a self-fulfilling wish? How could it be if very few want such a scenario?
12              Many have noted their psychic abilities have expanded and they are seeing reptiles and Demons in human bodies. These are spontaneous events. No one can be forced into such a phase of the true Reality.
13              UFO sightings are ubiquitous and increasing exponentially as I said they would. Is that a case of being outrageous, irrational and deluded liked the Queensland Medical Board said it was?
14              Pollution of air, soil and water is so obvious, only fools would deny it.
15              Homeostatic mechanisms for Earth have failed. It is dead!
16              Sterilization of males is a scientific fact.
17              HAARP, GMO foodstuffs, injurious vaccines, Chemtrails and Morgellons are a reality.
18              The Eugenics Program to cull Humanity is real.
19              The notion that Time is accelerating, a concept totally contrary to the logic of our lower (monkey) minds is ubiquitous. How could we all be fooled by such a strange perception?
20              The prediction of the certainty of a devastating meteor strike on earth is a scientific, astronomical and mathematical one, not an astrological one.
21              Magnetic polarity is shifting now.
22              The Earth will fall on its axis soon, with disastrous consequences for the physical and for those unprepared.
23              Near Death Experiences have been validated and experienced by some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. These aver to:
i             The existence of life after death,
ii            Duality of existence with the shell (physical body, cardboard box) and the consciousness being two separate and distinct items, one very temporary, the other perhaps in some cases eternal.
iii           The prophetic announcements to the experiences of NDE that an Endtime scenario is upon us;
iv           The existence of other dimensions outside of the Physical Dimension
v            Confirmation by experiencers that this physical dimension is the less preferred place to be in.

12      The Prophecies of St Malachi have been extremely accurate in retrospect and there is no reason to suspect that his remaining prophecy about the Endtime and (metaphorical) appearance of the “Dreaded Judge” is not real. Research what is written about these utterings, and bear in  mind that the last prophecy is an interpolation, thus making this present pope, a demon if ever you are going to recognize one, is the last pope.


The fact that someone such as St Malachi can be so accurate, as many others have also been, with their forecasts, avers to the fact that another dimension that contains both the past and future of this one exists. This makes a mockery, of course, of our scientific attitudes and physical mind thinking of time and space and living in the “NOW”.

13      I have asserted that there exists a special energy which I have called the New Green Energy that will nurture only certain ones I have labelled Viable and expose demonic ones as nothing else can, instantly on contact. Many have experience this.

14      My essay “Terminal Madness of the Endtime” and my other writings have been nothing less than blueprints of what was, and is, going to develop. Their accuracy is well established and confirmed by those who have taken the time to read my words.

Considering all these points, what then are the odds that I will be accurate also about:

i         My exposure of Evil,

ii        My description of my Plan of Correction of the Error,

iii       My assertion that Jehovah is dead,

iv       My description of the mechanisms and Timing of the End?

v        My identity,

vi       My consciousness’ origin from, and my visitation of, another dimension?





So, to conclude, let’s turn our attention to these Latin words. What do they mean?

Finis Vitae (Fisica), sed non Amoris

Literally, it means ‘The End of Physical Life, but not of (True) Love.

In other words, the Physical (Universe) has all but ended. But those of True Love (Viables, Divine Theomorphs) will live forever!


Copyright Dr J. Chiappalone

November 28, 2012





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