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La Commedia e Finita  
The Evil Farce, The Tragedy, Has Ended
Part One

By Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it


Of the fact that we live in a unique period of history is becoming obvious, even to the Lowest Common Denominator in Humanity. That is, even those who refuse to remove themselves even a little from their illusionary comfort zone are sensing that there is something seriously wrong in our lives, that things should not be the way they are, and that the future is ominous.

To some of us with more acuity of the status quo, it seems that, without wanting to, we are perceiving a phase in three D: Depression, Dementia, and Despair.

Add to that, talk of Degeneration, Decay, Desolation and infinite Destruction with Death of all physical things and you have a scenario of the World’s end!

In the past, I have mentioned the advent of Terminal Madness, the physical Fragmentation of Earth, and the Evacuation of Viable beings from all classes of Consciousness. This is all in preparation for termination of Physical Existence that arose from a spiritual Error that, in turn, had led to an Evil Essence expressing itself against the Divine Order.

The Evil Essence’s expression is this Evil creation, a doomed Virtual Reality in which some of us, not of Evil origin, are trapped. Others in this Illusion are the Sons and Daughters of that Error and they inimical to those originating outside of the Error and who are of True Love.

In the Illusion of this Virtual Reality we are victims of what I have called Cultivated Ignorance, a purposeful presentation of Untruth to keep us as ‘Mushrooms”, kept in the Dark and fed BS. And this Cultivated Ignorance is in the forms of spurious History, Science and Religion. It exists so that we will not awaken to the True Reality which, in spite of Evil’s persistent efforts to block it, is about to crash onto the heads of all of us in the physical realm, whether we want it or not.

In the past, I have also written a little about my role, my contact with “Aliens” outside of this dimension, my possible ontological identity and why it is “I” am so certain of what “I” say.

All my writings in some sense are spiritual and metaphysical, although if any of you were following them from their first publications in 1985, you may be in a position to vouch for their prosaic accuracy which is becoming even more pronounced and assertive as each day passes.

The question I want to pose today is this: Can we, using simple, lower mind logic and its flawed rationality, using a basis of observable facts, come to any sort of conclusion as to what is possibly going on in our lives, in the planet, to our Sun and to the entire Universe?

Let us examine each step:

1                   PROPHETIC CONVERGENCE:

There appears to be a convergence of prophetic events to occur around this time. The one that is most precise time-wise is the Mayan prediction of the end of their Long Calender and the massive changes that are to occur, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Also consider the following:

·        The Hopi prophecies of world change;
·        The Chinese ‘I Ching’ (Book of Changes) and its predictions.
·        It is interesting to note that theorist Terrence McKenna, using fractal mathematics in the 1970s, to understand the I Ching, independently came to the conclusion that 2012 would herald the end of the World.
·        The prognostications of St Malachi and his predicted end of the Papacy with the appearance of the ‘Dreaded Judge’,
·        The Revelations of St John the Divine as found in the Judeo-Christian Bible,
·        The Hindu Kali Yuga,
·        And many others more obscure sources, such as Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and so on.

All these point to massive changes in the planet, for the planet and for the people, flora and fauna.


People are being prepared for massive change in such circumstances as in

·        Near Death Experiences,
·        Out-of-Body Experiences,
·        Visions and dreams,
·        Episodes of Astral Travel,
·        Episodes of intuitive inner comprehension, etc.

These people have seen and are seeing destruction, the massive physical changes to come, and the End of an Era.

In my book “My experiences of Aliens and other realities”, I recount an episode in which my lower mind was shown physical world changes that were to come in virtually an instant in the near future. I have no doubt it referred to the fall of Earth on its axis.

From such things, we can assume that ‘Someone’, ‘Something’, ‘Somewhere’, beyond the confines of our dimensional Time and Space, is attempting to prepare all of us for inevitable change.

3                   ALIENS AND THEIR AGENDAS

As I had predicted, the sighting of UFOs, and of human interaction with aliens, have escalated to massive proportions since I announced my message of the Endtime in 1985. These interactions have been very much on purpose.

Do UFOs and Aliens really exist?

There is massive evidence on the Internet and in the released documents of governments all over the world to conclusively prove they exist.

This evidence is so massive, that any who deny their existence can be validly classed as IGNORANT FOOLS!

That classification is suitable for my peers also, such as the many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and members of Medical Boards I have had to fight in the last 30 years. They are indeed Dishonoured Masters of the Cultivated Ignorance.

So many people have had documented encounters, with both God and Evil Aliens, that the existence of Alien Life is now undeniable. Remember Drakes Equation.

History is replete with evidence. Consider these:

·        Caves drawing of UFOs and Aliens dating back millennia,
·        Stories from tribes such as the Dogon of Mali in Africa, and their repeated encounters with Alien visitors who gave them extraordinary scientific knowledge millennia ago. One such snippet was that they came from the region of Sirius which they said was a binary star system. This assertion of a binary system was only confirmed by astronomers in the 1970s. And yet, these primitive natives had known it for centuries. How could that be without the knowledge given to them by the aliens?
·        Sumerian texts and their extensive recounts of alien exchanges,
·        The Bible texts of giants, spacecraft, etc.
·        Medieval Artwork depicting spacecraft,
·        Ubiquitous Crop Circles,
·        Countless stories of the traumatic abduction of people,
·        Persistent animal mutilations,
·        Recounts of sightings and interactions by millions in the modern era, and
·        Existence of hybrids such as Chupacabras, etc., etc.


There are basically 2 types of aliens, Good and Evil, telling people different things. Realize once again that I am basing this information on the recounts of those who have had ‘contact’ today on the planet and not basing the facts on my ‘a priori’ knowledge.


Evil aliens are the ones who had been telling people not to be concerned, that they would heal the planet and turn it into a Garden of Eden once again. Of course as pollution became more and more obvious, and no amelioration occurred anywhere on the planet, some of these evil Aliens changed their tune.  They began telling people that Earth would be allowed to ascend to a Higher Dimension where all would be ‘god-like’.

As we shall see, that is hog-wash.

In the meantime, these evil Aliens, present in the Human population as Archonic figures, have been quietly and surreptitiously working to develop mechanisms for culling the population in due course. That is where the Eugenics Program fits in.


There are many types, and many species, manifesting in all sorts of disguises. Do not fall victim to useless detail. Go by the energy of the beings. It is either Good or Evil.

I do not have time to explain all these things in this short essay, and you are welcome to do your own research or go to my website for more details.

Why do they want to cull Humanity? Obviously they think they, the Archons, and their selected workers would be better off with less useless feeders on the planet. They see most people as not only useless and unproductive but also as space-occupying lesions preventing the implementation of their own agendas.

They view anything they cannot exploit the same way.

BTW, Culling is nothing new for the demons:

Warning: This video is very distressing, especially if you love horses.

(Just to diverge a moment, how do we deal with such cruel, unjustifiable and emotionally draining examples of this demonic world?

Such scenes tear the very fibres of our hearts, and the call for pity and compassion is relentless leading to depressive sorrow if we let it happen. If we allow ourselves to be drained, the Evil System wins again. All emotions, positive or negative, lead to energy loss. So how do we cope with such events? The answer is that we cope the same way we cope with tragedies that kill humans, babies, pets, and other aspects in this Illusion of Evil’s Virtual Reality that has trapped many of the Divine’s creation.

We see this, not as a sadistic exercise to pander to the greed of those of Darkness, which it is, but as a purposeful, often repeated CRIME against the true God by the Sons and Daughters of Zion, and by unawakened fools. Such gross delinquency and often repeated crime by Evil can, in essence, be seen as an unintended process by which the consciousnesses, trapped in those unwanted carcasses, are liberated to their spiritual fate.

Thus, we can turn these horrible experiences around and say that deserving ones, Viables, have been liberated from the physical, as we shall all be in due course, and others, non-Viable, have been liberated from the absurd cycle of Physical Death and Re-incarnation to fulfil the fate that awaits them.

You should think this way even when you see war deaths, deaths from mass starvation, road kill, accidents, deaths from the many tragedies that are about to hit Earth and cause billions to physically perish. Remember, nothing of value is lost when the shell is dropped.)  

Thus, the culling will continue. The Archons, being as greedy for wealth and resources as one can imagine, cannot wait to get to the natural resources of places like Africa. In order to gain that wealth, eradication of the whole population on that continent is on the agenda.

There are many mechanisms being developed and used to cause the culling.

i         Fluoride in water is one of the earlier mechanisms.

ii        Sterilization as a consequence of oestrogenic pollution and of other pollutants of soil and water is another. A fact given little exposure is the sterilization of males in all species. Some claim men are being sterilized at 2% a decade. This clip claims a 33% drop in 20 years!

iii       Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines:

Bill Gates and the Agenda:

iii       Chemtrails, ubiquitous and deadly, are slowly making people sicker. They cause Morgellons disease, respiratory problems and DEMENTIA with a combination of neurochemical pollutants and their interference with Vitamin B12 metabolism in normal people.

iv       Genetically modified foodstuffs have deleterious consequences on the Immune System of consumers. Thus, one can expect more cancer, lymphoma, leukaemia, etc., to appear. Such GMO foods can contain any number of agents to cause harm, including genetic specific poisons and sterilizing vaccines to target certain human groups.

v        HAARP technology for selective destruction of races and species via climate change, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. as we saw in Fukushima.

vi       Microwave technology that not only dumbs brains but also causes cancers and will soon be used to cause fatal cardiac arrhythmias in selected targets.

The evil Aliens want this planet for themselves. They are denying the possibility of Termination of all the Physical Universe and hurriedly attempting to create a species that will survive the harsh conditions that are developing on the planet.

There is evidence of alien DNA strands being implanted in humans even today, and this has been reported in the mainstream Media of late.



Good Aliens:  These too have made their existence obvious to many around the planet. They are the ones preparing Viables in all classes of consciousnesses to leave the Physical Dimension and continue their spiritual evolutionary cycle elsewhere.

They are the true Sons and Daughters of God.  Please note that there is no gender outside of the physical dimension and its sub-dimension.

It is they whom I represent on this level.

They  are Consciousnesses that existed before the Celestial Error, and will continue to exist after the Error is corrected.

They are the true God Consciousness.

Their role has been to awaken and prepare those who are to continue.

They have told contactees the Truth:

·        Earth is finished.
·        Those judged to be Viable are being lifted out physically and/or spiritually to continue elsewhere.
·        The others, having failed to show they can live in Truth. Peace and Love, shall be no more.

These recounts are concrete evidence that I, and many others, have found as evidence, via the similar stories of people throughout the planet.




What is the evidence of planetary disruption as predicted by many?

Apart from the assertion that Aliens of a superior consciousness visited the Mayans and other races, there are records of ancient races having more knowledge than we have in this present age. Some of this knowledge has to do with the movements of heavenly bodies and periodic alignment of structures.

From their records, and from our own scientific observations we know that:

i         There is a periodic shift in the magnetic polarity of the planet.

ii        We know that the planet wobbles and often, due to gravitational pulling at precise times, it physically and catastrophically falls on its Axis. The extra gravity that causes the collapse can and does come from rogue heavenly bodies that invade our Solar System periodically with a precise periodicity.

iii       Galactic Alignment that leads to such a fall is also known to occur every 25,800 years, give or take a few years. We are due for that fall of the axis NOW.

iv       Even ignoring the shift and drift of tectonic plates that would occur in such a catastrophe, that, as I say, has occurred many times before, the simple potential energy of surface water being transformed into kinetic and flooding energy for the surface causes devastation. We have evidence that this has occurred in the past and it will occur in the future. As well as that, we have the story of a Great Flood in all cultures of long, long ago. A distorted version is given in the Bible as Noah and his supposed salvation of Humanity and all Species by the Demiurge, Jehovah, the creator of this Abomination, also known as the evil demigod of Zion.

Thus, even if you do not believe for now that the Earth is in its final death throes, History tells us that it is in for some rocking and rolling that will kill many people physically. That is unavoidable.

The suddenness and massiveness of the change will be extremely traumatic, highlighting the need to be prepared mentally and spiritually. The physical counts for nought; it is all but finished.

v        All planets are targets for comets and meteors, rogue planets and miniature scavenging black holes. We have evidence of previous collisions on Earth, on the Moon, Mars and most other heavenly bodies. It would be foolish to think a massive celestial body that is mathematically overdue as a certainty will not strike Earth soon, as many have predicted.



Some argue that they can foresee a future far superior to the life we lead in regards to the technology that will exist on Earth. They use this notion to extrapolate that Earth will not end.

In actual fact, if any try to project more than 20 years into Earth’s future FROM NOW, they will see nought.

So, what are the visions they see of high technology? They can be of life in previous eras on Earth in which they existed and are now recalling from genetic memory.

Civilizations have undergone periodic destruction on Earth. This is the Seventh Age of a developing Humanity, and the least advanced, to be sure. The Age before this one, existing not so long ago, has left signs, in fact, of its existence in the form of electric batteries in Mesopotamia, writings of flying machines (called Vimanas), missiles, nuclear weapons and wars as found in the Sanskrit Writings including the Yajurveda, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata Purana, as well as in other classical Indian literature.


Such future visions can also be from memory of past lives in other far more advanced parts of the Universe, and not of Earth. Many people have had many lives on other planets in this Universe. Some are far, far more advanced than Earth. Many of the “Star Children” now born are such beings, re-incarnating on Earth as their planets have finished, all as part of the Endtime. They have memories of advanced technology. They have escaped but will succumb as all others will in due course.



We have all noted that Time seems to have accelerated. Is that not so?

It is an observation by the consciousness within us. Our clocks tick away at the same rate, and yet we sense that Time has accelerated.

The reason is metaphysical and I will explain shortly.

But I am using this sense of Time changing its nature to point to a possibility of INEVITABLE CHANGE for the whole dimension.

Time and Space are Illusions, as is Matter. It is the consciousness behind these properties that is the important reality. That assertion is not just metaphysical. Many Quantum Physicists have come to that conclusion as did Max Planck some years ago in the nascent days of Quantum Physics.

Here is a quote from him ‘I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.’ - Max Planck Quoted in The Observer (25 Jan 1931).

I know that Time is accelerating, and that means the vibration of Matter is DECREASING!

What this means is that the vibration of Matter will eventually come to a complete STOP! When it does so, it will decay and will not sustain physical life. It cannot, for it will be completely inert. The consciousness occupying that matter will be forced to evacuate as the matter can no longer express with the little energy at its disposal.

This goes for human bodies, for the Earth, Our Sun, etc., etc.

This notion I am putting forward is supported by our own Laws of Physics.

The Second law of Thermodynamics has to do with Entropy in an enclosed system.

As I have explained in previous essays, the Physical Dimension, having precipitated as Matter (due to a fall of vibration in the consciousness sustaining it) as per the Big Bang Theory (which is only an approximating analogy), has limited energy.

Thus, whether we want to accept it or not, the Universe will eventually die (become lifeless) due to the Law of Entropy and the exhaustion of energy.

Remember we are attempting to find physical lower mind evidence for the Death of the Planet and the entire Universe.

With Time accelerating and with energy at a premium, one can make a case that the Physical end is being advanced faster than ever before.

This assertion fits in with prophetic prognostications for this era.

I need to add that it is not just physical energy such as oil, coal, uranium or sunlight that I am writing about, but spiritual energy that drives the consciousness within.

Many have noted a depletion of such energy around the planet.

This is due to a number of factors, and I will diverge for a moment to explain:

a.       The ones who were involuntarily supplying much of the energy (trapped Theomorphs) have been evacuated as I stated in my essay “Phase of the Shells”.

b        Energy has been purposely cut off from this Illicit Physical Universe to allow its demise.

In order to sustain those who need sustaining before rescue out of this evil system, a new energy called the New Green Energy (NGE) has been supplied and distributed around the planet.

(BTW, I am extremely happy to report that some of the people at my recent Brisbane lecture saw the NGE in ACTION. Its presence was unmistakable to those attuned to it. Others who were inimical to this Divine Energy were virtually made inert by it.

This NGE exposes evil ones and their reactions to it are unmistakable. Simultaneously, those deemed Viable, even without their knowing of their spiritual status, are nurtured by It and glow with the Light of their Inner Divinity. Such effects are automatic. They cannot be feigned. They are unmistakable when they occur, and you will all witness them in due course.)


Can we make a case to sustain my assertions that Time is accelerating, that the vibration of Matter is decreasing and that we are heading for an entropic physical death?

Note carefully the changes that have occurred in all societies in the last 30-50 years. Life has become far more ungodly, has it not? In fact it is downright DEMONIC, with more violence, dishonesty, abuse, criminality, illicit drug use, demonic possessions, mental illness as a consequence of that, greed, lust, pornography, etc.

These things have always been part of ‘Humanity’, but now they are in an excess we, not of an Evil essence, could not have ever imagined. Homeostatic mechanisms have vanished. The Power of Shiva and Krishna, and other Avatars, has no longer descended to minimize the effects of Evil. Rather, it has come to affirm the destruction of all Evil and all its aspects. Thus do I assert it is the Endtime.

Look at the TV shows and movies being produced. They are catering to DEMONS.

If you still watch commercial television, and movies, you should develop your psychic skills by attempting to discern which shell (cardboard box, physical body) contains a robot and which contains a demon. Sometimes one shell will contain many demons and you will see them expressing sequentially. Famous movie stars, of the present and of past ages, are included in this exercise, of course.

Demonic behaviour is being exposed everywhere. Demons have been given free rein to self-destruct, and they are rushing headlong to their Doom for they can no longer disguise their true evil nature:

All this is clear evidence that we are descending into demonic levels! The very fact that we are now able to see demonic consciousnesses in the human shells is the fulfilment of an Endtime prophecy. This again asserts that we are in the Endtimes! That prophecy can be stated as this: ‘Knowing who is who’; or that ‘in the Endtime, all will be exposed in their ontological nakedness’.

As we progress, Matter will solidify more and more until it becomes inert.

Other perhaps less measurable evidence of Demonism is in the ability of people who are awakening spiritually to see Demons and evil Reptiles (which means the same thing) in human bodies.

This ability will manifest in you when you are ready. It cannot be forced.

Psychic abilities are developing at a much accelerated rate, as I predicted, so that we will all recognize who is who before the physical end of the planet.

Prepare yourself emotionally for many whom you may have considered ‘loved ones’ will turn out to be your worst enemies.



A working knowledge of the Clock Paradox as found in the Special Relativity Theory will assist you to understand this segment.

As consciousness vibrates faster and faster, Time travels slower and slower. In fact it is the very opposite of what is happening in this Dimension where time is accelerating and the vibration of Consciousness is reducing.

As one goes into Higher and Higher Dimensions, relative Time is far less.

Thus, as I have stated previously, the Dimension I visit as part of my work (I shall explain more in due course) has a vibrational rate so much higher than Earth that approximately 1.4 million days pass on Earth before one day passes in that Higher Dimension.

Extrapolating that notion, one may approach the concept which the lower physical mind cannot really comprehend. Namely, that there is a place vibrating fast enough so that that there is NO TIME! Each locus is occupied by the consciousness so there is no separateness, no distance, no travel, no TIME!

Thus, when people ask me “Why has it taken 14-16 billion years to correct this Error?” it shows they have no concept of the True Reality.

In fact, as far as the Highest Realms go, the Error has been corrected in no time at all!

At the level at which the Error occurred, the equivalent of a mere few days have passed!!

Note that time is a perception of consciousness. Thus, as Time rushes to decay, it means the Consciousness upholding that Time is in decay. And that, among other things is what is meant, by ‘Jehovah, the Chief Archon of the Error, is dead! Its consciousness has decayed to the point of inertness with massive deleterious consequences for his evil progeny who must and will stop expressing soon.


Is there any other evidence suggesting an Endtime?

Yes, there is. ISOTOPIC DECAY is becoming erratic which means the rate of vibration of the consciousness sustaining those isotopes is falling.

Secondly, the Sun’s emanations have changed. This we can see from the effects its rays are having on people. Skin cancers and melanomas are maximal while beneficial effects such as the ability to convert precursors to Vitamin D have been greatly reduced. The Sun is dying as all physical manifestations are and it is physically killing us as an inescapable consequence.

You may think that these changes are minor and a long way off from termination of the physical. But in thinking that, you are wrong. Like the fall of the Earth on its axis, the end of physical matter can come quickly once a critical point, as in nuclear explosions, is reached.


Mechanisms of Physical destruction are in place and are unstoppable.

All consciousness must leave the physical at some stage.

It is the Evil System that has continuously traumatized us with the fear of physical death. The body itself has no fear of death. It knows when it is going to die for every cell has telomeres which tell it when to die.

And yet, all who experience the process of dying, that is, escaping from the physical shell, state in unison that it is the most remarkable and rewarding experience one can have. Read for yourselves recounts of Near Death Experiences.

It is the Evil that has us trapped which has distorted the meaning of physical death in order to keep us traumatized, drained and trapped. And the Cultivated Ignorance has us honouring and treasuring the rotten carcasses of the deceased as if they were of great worth which they are not, of course.

As one awakens more and more to the True Reality and to the falsehood and fraudulence of this plane, one becomes increasingly nauseated by the lies and BS spewed by the Archons and their Media, by their Religious institutions, by false politicians and by what is written in History books by Archons. This is easy to explain. As one awakens more and more, the tendency is to purify spiritually more and more by doing things that reduce evil programming, pollution, and indoctrination in the shell, and in the situations that deleteriously affect the consciousness within.

Thus, with greater purification and clarity of mind, the negative energy is felt to a greater and greater degree and it has far more deleterious effects on a purifying consciousness than on one that is still engulfed by the evil muck.

Conversely, the more one purifies and awakens, the more is one nurtured by factors of the Numinous, including the energy I have revealed before: The New Green Energy.

Finally, realize that as you awaken more and more as the Endtime approaches, and you see things more clearly, the unawakened and non-Viable robots and demons will remain as the stupid, spiritually blind and evil beings that they are now and have always been. You will be unable to mingle with them for long before feeling very uncomfortable and even ill. The energies are incompatible.

They will not tolerate you, nor you them. Like will seek like.  Many partnerships will dissipate because of this. It may be difficult to find a Viable being to be with where you are situated. You must persevere, even if alone. Learn to enjoy solitude and cherish the comfort of your own Light within. This stresses the need for a firm spiritual connection to your Higher Self. Work hard at developing this.

BTW, Demons are fearful of darkness, loneliness, silence and solitude. They are forever seeking like-minded companions and noise. They fear the Inner Silence the most for within it is the howling reminder of what they are in essence.


To all the above, you need to add my presence and the significance3 of writings. Can one such as “I” really know, with ‘a priori’ knowledge, the Plan of Correction?

To be continued…..

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

November 24, 2012





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