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Act 3 - The Imperfect Storm
This concludes what began with 'Falling In Love'

By Jim Kirwan
There are many things still missing to our approach, in attempting to deal with what is about to conclude this final chapter in the life of the world as it was in the Twentieth Century. 'Context' is and has always been one of the major components that is still 'Missing-in-Action' but that must be found and implemented if we are to survive these next few months.
"Thought" must not only be the author of our 'actions', it must precede whatever we choose to do to confront a world that we no longer seem to have any voice in shaping.
In this massive takeover plan the world, 'according to Forbes Magazine in 2008, was facing-off against 793 Billionaires with a combined net worth of $2.4 Trillion. The top 793 individuals were wealthier then than the bottom three billion individuals, and the rest of us are just hanging on in the middle of a limbo here, with very often nowhere to go.' (1)
Less than a thousand people are still holding this planet hostage through their connections and their controlling interests in their financial, their military, and their social controls over virtually all of the world's people-despite the overwhelming numbers of the rest of us-that have yet to be heard from. If people began to really think about this nightmare, we might well be able to do something more than just continue to accept "the way things are" at this moment?
In 'Risk & Stability' I mentioned: "The public has been strangely silent while most of this continues to accelerate; but even those with a very limited awareness of history must remember what Franco in Spain, Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia and Mao in China did to their people. They did exactly what the Cheney-Bush-Obama administration is trying to do to us." (2)
What I neglected to mention is that the money-that real-time blood of tyranny that supported every one of those takeovers, which in some cases involved billions of people came from the same sources that created everything politically-since long before the First World War! That is a huge swath of human-history that was used and abused, purposefully, just to create their approach to this imperfect storm? This sounds incredible, but it is true nonetheless. What is however even more astounding, is that so far, these very ancient families who have spawned this evil are still at it; while generation after generation of those of us who have been targeted have apparently chosen to remain in the dark about what's going on, by choice!
The chaos that the world entered into with this New Millennium was designed for us by the descendants of those same forces that have so gleefully dragged the world in two previous World Wars-but it is within our power to stop their third-and-final-act-because a Third World War does not need to happen, if the billions that will lose everything will finally awaken from their apathy and their self-concern long enough to mount a real resistance to the ever-shifting masquerade that hides so few of the truly evil individuals, that have set their sights on everything that humanity ought to have been about. The question is about the future and who-exactly shall determine what that future will look like. Our problem is that this is an extremely complex situation-and to be effective we must become involved in voicing opposition to every aspect of this nightmare-because if apathy & self-absorption continue to rule our every waking moment; then we will be those self-less slaves that the New World Order has decided that we must become, in their ideal world, with a population of only 1.5 billion people instead of the 6.5 billion that currently occupy this earth.
We must look at the pages of history, not as just the collected pages of the long-dead-past but as a living book of the lives of those that made their choices which brought us to this point. If we learn how to 'seek' that which we need too know, then through context and understanding, we can finally close the book on this nightmare and begin to live as individuals and as people; that can finally begin to pursue the stars of our own choosing, in a world where money and power alone are not the end-goal for any real purpose any longer.
Think about it: less than one-thousand people are directly creating everything from the financial meltdown of the planet, to the bogus Flue Pandemic that isn't: The hatreds and the greed, that have created the racial and religious wars, not to mention the class wars and even the wars between the sexes, to the point where nothing can hold together and society itself is melting into that vacuum of fear and international terror that is consuming everything that used to keep the flames of life alive. It's an Illusion; nothing about these creatures has anything to do with life or with the difficulties of trying to live in the 'now' and for that tomorrow that these 793 elitists have tried to poison for all of us. (3)
There is not much time left but if each of us does whatever we can to both recognize what has already happened; and to act against the coming "final solution" then perhaps tomorrow might again hold some promise for most of us, instead of for only those 793 individuals that want to own it all!
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