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Falling In Love
By Jim Kirwan
"Build it and they will come" ­ is the phrase behind most of our dreams, but we have failed to fall in love with life so we built our fantasies on the ever-shifting sands of inauthentic lives. We should not be surprised then, that everything is crumbling now, or that there are almost no answers anywhere because we put our faith in all the wrong places, and especially in the wrong people.
We have allowed our owners to capture all the fresh young years of youth; to imprison the young so that they never have the chance to ask all those vital questions such as 'why is the sky blue', or where does life come from? That 'experience' is then very quickly expanded into an educational system that has nothing to do with education and everything to do with blind obedience. The result is that there is no time for dreaming, for imagination or for "What-ifs."
From the cradle to the grave this society has been molded like farm-raised fish swimming in their own wastes; never far from overseer's or authority; and all of this takes place because of the ever-increasing need for protection: not just from natural dangers but from life itself. We have not fought these trends, in fact we have scrambled to enroll our young ever-earlier in the system that keeps on destroying anything that does not fit into some designer's model of what we 'ought to be.'
The young need time to fall in love with life, before they begin to even look into what the future might have in store for them-yet we have insured that because of FEAR this must never be allowed to happen. Once initiated the process continues through the whole of any individuals life usually; or until some stark and life-changing event can jolt the individual to somewhere far enough removed from this mass insanity that they can actually see the nonsense and the chaos that far too many have come to worship and obey.
Just look at the emphasis we place on having a 'formal education.' This sickness continues for at least a full-third of too many lives that could have
been spent in the love affair of a profession of their own choosing: had there ever been any real choice available. Ironically the really excellent professions actually choose us, and not the other way round. Music calls to the true musician, just as architecture or engineering calls out to those so gifted; It's the same with writing or painting or anything that requires creative skill and mental agility to even begin to work at their individual craft: Today most are content if they can just get a job-any job-just so that they can stay alive. Except that this is NOT living it's just an existence that is spent completing tasks that are nothing more than the footnotes in other people's dreams. Most do not make the time to ponder this, or much of anything else because we are too busy trying to obtain all the things that we've been taught about-things that will somehow make everything better; but nothing could be further from the truth.
Instead we end up contenting ourselves with mere existence, which is a kind of living death that is practiced only in the shadows of real life-where nothing really matters to those that have embraced the remains of reality instead of the core of actual existence. . .
On this path too many have been far too busy with other people's plans for their lives, to ever have any time of their own to spend any time at all in someone else's shoes. In that process empathy for the plight of others becomes a still-born concept that is quickly done away with; along with private conscience. Without an awareness of the larger society, its problems or its potentials; the newcomers fail utterly to develop the skills required for everyday life, or even just the basics required for survival if chaos should envelope them at some unforeseen moment on their pre-selected path to nowhere.
From the glories of our formal education we learned cynicism, and over time we are able to refine selfishness into a bottomless pit of greed that can never be satiated. From our 'leaders' we learn about the power-of-lies, and the fruits of the trees that do not belong to us; but we are taught how to have what we say is ours, without the need to actually work for it because too many have now mastered the magic of investment and Piranha-Capitalism that we have been able to recreate through vulture capitalism and that oh-so-important key component-usury-that uses debt to kill the possibility in 'promise' and creates the transfer of the wealth from those who work to those who steal.
Having turned all of this into our unspoken national motto for success; how can we now fear the very things we have created, with such determined efforts all around? The deeds we have accomplished have created consequences that cannot be denied-and must be paid for in both blood and treasure, it's a natural law of nature and will become due and payable with interest!
The philosophies we have imbedded over decades have taught us to eat our young and to annihilate any that oppose us; yet now some of us want to believe that someone 'out there' will be coming to save us from ourselves. That is not going to happen, any more than the rabid dogs of capitalism will somehow magically loose their appetite for War, War, and Lots More WAR!
Love will win in the end, even if it has to live in the ashes of this society's nearly irreversible mistakes. How strange that it has taken such a total and complete failure to even begin to arouse the public to what's really going on across this planet. . .
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