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The Highest
Treason Substantiated
Conclusions drawn from the evidence in
the September 11, 2001 killings at the Pentagon
Part 1
By Dick Eastman
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Don Fredrick wrote:
I have tried to keep an open mind on this subject, and have read quite a few things sent to me by 9/11 skeptics. I do not underestimate the depths of evil or abuse to which a government - any government, Republican or Democrat - will go. I imagine that pretty much anything is possible. (I am skeptical, however, when they tell me they "see something" in a blurryPentagon photograph that, to me, simply looks like a blurry photograph.
Dick Eastman reply:
The Highest Treason Substantiated -- conclusions drawn from the evidence in the September 11, 2001 killings at the Pentagon
I examined the statements of all of the people who claim to be witnesses of the Pentagon crash. Enough unrelated people -- although some were suspiciously related as people working for USAToday and or witnesses like Lincoln Leibner who "saw the Boeing crash", who allegedly first told Rumsfeld it was a Boeing crash,and who alone was allowed to enter and bring out (selected) surivivors to the rescuers who were kept for some reason from themselves proceeding into the building,and Leibner who hid his face from photographers and would not give his name when asked for it -- Leibner the captain  who just happened to park far from the entrance for someone who showed up at the Pentagon at an unassigned time to see if he "could help out" .
So let's look at the crime scene and the evidence.
The jetliner by many accounts came "directly over the Naval Annex." (see witness statements below)
We are looking east at the west wall of the Pentagon. North is to our left. The "taxi" lamppost stood
to the right (south). Yet witnesses at the gas station at the time, Sgt. Lagasse for one, maintain in
multiple interviews and correspondence that the plane passed north of him. Thus it was impossible
for the Boeing to have been the killer object that brought down the lamppost. 
Let me show you how that conclusion was reached.
My conclusion that the Boeing flew over the Pentagon more from the west as the killer jet (or missile) came from the southwest is the explanation that best reconciles the witness accounts and the physical evidence. To many witnesses saw the jetliner come from over the Hotel, "directly over" Naval Annex and North of the gas station, or fly straight in to ignore. Yet the line from the southwest most lamppost that was knocked down to the impact point at column 14 -- the only place with a hole big enough to accomodate the width of a large plane (although photos show damage elsewhere on the wall indicating entry by a second object (air-to-ground missile) too far south to have been caused even by the tip of the starboard wing of a 757. I have thus presented the data-derived, data-controlled, explanation that reconciles the facts with the witness accounts -- unlike the no-plane-hit-the-WTC disinfo-dialectics cover-up team who fly in the face of 47 video recordings, of witness accounts of targeted people who were inside the building, of 14 firemen who colleagues were killed, who deny the importance of airplane shaped holes with the beams around the edge of the holes pushed in by the plane, by the absense of even one video what shows the south side of the South Tower exploding without first a plane hitting (when all of New York and across the Hudson had been photographing WTC complex that had sustained an airplane hit fifiteen minutes before -- so that there would be no way for a "no-plane-at-the-WTC black op to control for all of the cameras that would or could be aimed at the giant skyline dominating skyscraper at that moment, which reasonalby would be a great many.
The Army's own newspaper, the Stars and Stripes of September 12, 2001, presents this map diagram showing where the jetliner came from and the almost perpendicular angle at which it hit:
Witness Steve Riskus who was north of the crash headed south, saw the plane pass just 100 feet in front of him. He wrote that the plane appeared to him to have gone straight in, although he was not willing to argue with anyone about it. Only as after he returned to his car with his famous pictures and was driving further south did he see the downed lamppost.
Here is the witness-based illustration that appeared in the Times on September 12:
But look at this:
Kelly Knowles from an Arlington apartment two miles away saw two planes moving toward the Pentagon, one veering away as the other crashed.
Tom Seibert, in the Pentagon, listened to "what sounded like a missile" followed by a "loud boom."
Lon Rains Editor, Space News, was driving up Interstate 395 from Springfield to downtown Washington. "I heard a very loud, quick whooshing sound that began behind me and stopped suddenly in front of me and to my left. In fractions of a second I heard the impact and an explosion. The next thing I saw was the fireball. I was convinced it was a missile. It came in so fast it sounded nothing like an airplane."
Keith Wheelhouse and his sister, Pam Young were preparing to leave a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery when they watched "the jet" approach and hit the Pentagon. Both saw another plane flying near the jet that crashed. When asked if the other plane could have been an airliner performing a normal landing at Reagan National Airport, Wheelhouse stated that he was not confused by normal airport traffic.
More of my old discussion of witness statements here:
Several employees of USA today were out driving in front of the Pentagon that day and say they saw the jetliner crash. On of them was Joel Sucherman, who was in his convertible with the top down, doubtless so he could better listen to the news about the two planes hitting the World Trade Center in New York. At any rate he became a prime witness, among several loudmouths who shouted ridicule at other witnesses who spoke of seeing two planes. (There is at least one on-the-scene newscast where witnesses are overheard reminding the newscaster that some people saw two planes. (If you can't find it on youtube let me know and I will see if I can locate a URL.) At any rate, I took a careful look at Sucherman's story.
Joel Sucherman's witness story, if his estimates of distances are at all correct, actually confirms the Boeing passing everywhere north of where the lamppost was stuck.
Evidence 1.A "Sucherman cross ahead of him while northbound on Route 27 but the jet or missile that hit the wall crossed behind him.
Joel Sucherman locates himself on Washington Blvd. 100 yds from the Pentagon headed north. He sees the American Airlines jetliner cross Washington Blvd. (flying west to east) 50 to 75 feet in front of him. But the lamppost on Washington Blvd. that hit the taxi stood 322 yds southwest the crash on Washington Blvd -- behind Sucherman. If the killer object knocked down the lamppost and hit the Pentagon at a 50 to 55 -degree angle as the engineers insist -- then the jetliner Sucherman saw pass in front of him could not have been the plane.
The jetliner that witnesses saw came directly over the Naval Annex and pass north of the Citgo gas station just before crossing Washington Blvd proceeded straight on to the Pentagon. But a course directly to the crash point from north of the gas station crosses Washington Blvd. (route 27) too far north for that plane to have hit the lamppost on the southwest corner of the Washington Blvd. stone bridge at the center of the cloverleaf interchange. 
Witness Joel Sucherman confirms this fact when he says he was 100 yards from the crash location and that the plane crossed Washington Blvd. in front of his northbound car a mere 50 to 75 yards from his windshield. Thus the plane passed north of his northbound car. But the first lamppost that was downed stood on Washington Blvd. on the other side of the highway 322 yards away from the crash -- Sucherman had already passed it in the slow commuter traffic, it was well south of him, that is behind him, when he saw through his windshield the plane cross his path ahead of him. The the same plane could not have crossed Washington Blvd both behind and 50 yards in front of Sucherman. Sucherman had his back to the real killer plane (or missile) as it knocked down the lamppost and headed for column 14 of the west wall of the Pentagon.
Concept diagram: Joel Sucherman -- to the extent that his account is accurate -- proves that the jetliner he saw cross Washington Blvd 50 to 75 feet ahead of him when he was 100 feet from the crash point, could not have been the plane that knocked down the pole on Washington Blvd that was already well behind him and over 300 yards from the crash.
Distance of Sucherman from crash: 100 yards
Distance of Sucherman from the airliner than crossed Wash Blvd in front of (north of) his northbound car: 50 to 75 yards
Distance of the lamppost southwest from the impact point on same highway (from pillar #14): 322 yds.
Distance Sucherman in the northbound lane would have been from the crash if he was even with the lamppost 306 yds.
"USAToday.com Editor Joel Sucherman saw it all: an American Airlines jetliner fly left to right across his field of vision as he commuted to work Tuesday morning. It was highly unusual. The large plane was 20 feet off the ground and a mere 50 to 75 yards from his windshield. Two seconds later and before he could see if the landing gear was down or any of the horror-struck faces inside, the plane slammed into the west wall of the Pentagon 100 yards away. 'My first thought was he's not going to make it across the river to [Reagan] National Airport. But whoever was flying the plane made no attempt to change direction,' Sucherman said. 'It was coming in at a high rate of speed, but not at a steep angle"almost like a heat-seeking missile was locked onto its target and staying dead on course.'"
- "Journalist Witnesses Pentagon Crash." eWeek.com, 13 Sep 2001
What does it mean for the plane to have passed 50 to 75 feet ahead of Sucherman's car and that the crash occured 100 yards away from Sucherman? And what does it mean that Sucherman saw the plane cross in front of him from left to right? It can mean only one thing -- that Sucherman was headed north, that he had already passed the famous lamppost on the overpass at the heart of the cloverleaf (that pole is over 300 yards southeast of the where the killer jet crashed -- the pole on Wash. Blvd. that was knocked down by the killer jet and hit the southbound taxi) and yet, having past this pole, Sucherman saw the jetliner cross in front of him (as his car faced north) going from left (west) to right (east). This means that the plane that Sucherman saw could not have been the plane that downed the pole that Sucherman had left behind him. The plane Sucherman saw was the jetliner that come over the Naval Annex and flew from west to east north of the gas station and well north of that pole. Sucherman may have made an honest mistake when he interpreted the jetliner he saw as making the explosion that was caused by the plane that knocked down that pole and passed behind Sucherman's car and into the wall 100 yards from Sucherman. Sucherman -- an "unfriendly witness" -- backs up the already well-established conclusion that the jetliner was not the plane that hit the pole and that crashed into the west wall at a 50-degree angle coming from the southwest.
Some of these photos have a Boeing drawn in on the path taken by the killer object that passed behind Sucherman's car. Remember, the plane that Sucherman saw came from north of the gas station and therefore had to cross Washington Blvd. further north than where the lamppost was struck. In the photo taken from the gas station you can see the stone bridge where the lamppost stood on the southwest corner (right side). You can also see that if the Boeing flew to the Pentagon crash point passing north of the gas station (left in the east-facing picture) that it would have to have crossed Washington Blvd. north of Sucherman who had already passed the lamppost on his left as he headed north.
There were other witnesses who said they saw the Boeing crash -- the most interesting of which is Lincoln Liebner. He is the man who allegedly told Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that a plane had been what did the damage. Liebner was also the man who went in and brought victims out to Rescuers becasue rescuers were not allowed inside the building. 
Next I will send you regarding the security camera videos. After that I will send photos of the wall before they brought it down to cover the imprints of the killer object and a second missile --  but definitely NOT of a Boeing 757. We have only scratched the surface.  
And all the world who have been watching Fox and other mainstream media  is thinking that Fetzer's "no-planes-hit-the-WTC" is all there is to "9-11 conspiracy theories" -- how successful the perpetrators have been in keeping the public from the people who have collected the REAL evidence of the false-flag mass-murder frameup.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.
Ed Ward, MD Responds To 'Highest Treason'
'Accessories After the Fact'
By Dr. Ed Ward MD
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'Understanding The Scam of Thermite on 911' by 'Dick' Eastman
A simple rebuttal to the lunacy of http://www.rense.com/general86/therm.htm
The Bogus Science of 'thermite' was exposed long ago, so Dr. Stephen Jones and Dick Eastman have moved on to the Pentagon.
I'm not putting more efforts into the denial of nukes or the promotion of COMPLETE BS 'Super-Duper' Thermite - especially when the truth is already out there.  To try to ignore it has become beyond absurd.  The Pentagram information is from 'Spook Central' - and nothing leaves there unless it is Pentagram-approved. The Pentagon info is not needed...in light of the already proven Treason by this government and the ALREADY PROVEN TREASON WITH NUKES.  Unfortunately, these authors continue to obfuscate and misdirect the public.
Here is a key related story:
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--Dr. Ed Ward, MD
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