Strange Flying Object Captured
In Crop Circle Photo

Special thanks to Mona Farrell, Amy Copely and
The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Photographs ©Mona Farrell 2003
All Rights Reserved

2004 Sighting & Photo Of Mystery Craft


Confirmation Of New
UFO Type In The Sky

Another New Type Of UFO Photographed

©Joanna Emery, CCCRN

Mona Farrell heard about the new crop circle very near her home in Wallacetown, Ontario and as she put it, "thought we'd go take a boo at it." This was the first crop circle Mona had ever visited.

"It was so impressive, the way it was laid down... it was just so flat... it was weaved together..." She said she believed it to be too perfect to have been man made. The circle appeared in late August of this year. While standing in the circle, Mona's friend Amy took a 35mm photo of her. It wasn't until the film was developed that they noticed the peculiar looking object in the sky above Mona. "It's certainly strange," she said, "I don't know what it is." Mona took the film to a lab and had the negative examined. They determined that whatever it is, it's not a defect on the film, but is actually in the scene and part of the natural photograph.

This was not Mona's first UFO encounter. Roughly a year ago she saw a strange group of lights in the sky and upon grabbing her binoculars saw 5 disc shaped UFOs "weaving" in and out of a formation. Prior to this experience, she and a group of friends saw a UFO hovering in the sky at night outside their living room window.

The strange object in the picture appears to have an entirely symmetrical structure, with two "broom like" extentions on either end of a classic 'cigar' or cylinder shaped UFO body. There is also a bright 'orb' of light below it.

©Mona Farrell


©Mona Farrell

©Mona Farrell - Enlargement


©James Neff

Almost every conceivable UFO shape has been reported over time -- from cylinders to columns to snake-like or even 'organic' looking structures to the classic saucer or sphere. Could we be seeing yet another remarkable ship design in Mona's photo?

More pics of this crop circle can be seen at The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network under News and Updates

From Mitch Robinson

If you have ever seen a solar balloon, it is a long black plastic tube filled with air and tied off at the ends which rises when heated by the sun or other means. That is clearly the subject of this funny and not so clever hoax!
Mitch Robinson

Mitch - I have seen one and made one before, yes -- though I've never seen one that thin. Of course, I guess anything is possible. Thanks for the input! - Neff

While searching the web for possible similar sun powered balloons, I did come across this rather gargantuan solar powered airship. For $17.95 almost anyone could easily hoax a cylindrical UFO, I suppose.




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