Same Mystery Object
Photographed in England!

Ed & Kris Sherwood


Earllier Mystery Object Photographed

©Mona Farrell


©Mona Farrell

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'Mystery Object' Also Over Glasgow, Scotland
From John McVey
Dear Jeff,
Just read on your site how that mystery object has been sited over Wolverhampton in the English midlands. You may be interested to know that the same object may have been in the skies above Glasgow, Scotland, of 6th September 2003.
My friends and I had just been at an international soccer match at Hampden Park in the Mount Florida area of Glasgow, and were returning to the city centre by bus when I noticed out of the window a strange object high up in the sky, but just sort of hanging there. It didn't seem to be going anywhere, but it looked like it was rotating, albeit very slowly and a little irregularly. This object appeared to be long and thin, but not cylindrical. It was relatively dark greyish. Not really metallic, but quite matte. Nonetheless it appeared to catch the sun when it rotated.
I joked with my friends that I thought it was a rod, knowing full well that they wouldn't take that seriously. Of course, they didn't. But then again, it was only a tongue-in-cheek opinion.
The weather that day was sunny with a few very broken-up clouds (and, of course, a few of those seemingly obilgatory criss-crossing chemtrails, albeit in another part of the sky). There was a slight breeze at ground level, and you could see the clouds sailing by quite freely. So, there's no way it could have been a balloon - it would surely have gotten blown away otherwise.
So, what was it? It clearly wasn't a plane or helicopter or any other apparent human powered vehicle. Still would love to know what that object was. We can't have been the only people that day to see it.
Kind regards,
John McVey

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