Confirmation Of New
UFO Type In The Sky
From Ed & Kris Sherwood
Organization: Millennium Research

Hi Jeff ...
Looking at the 'MYSTERIOUS UFO UPDATE' on your Headline News page, I thought you might like to see one of several near identical 'objects' from our 'Psychic Photography' image data base (attached).

The anomalous object was photographed above a sacred spot in the Mountains near Lake Isabella, CA, and was invisible to the photographer at the time, using a simple 35mm 'point and shoot' camera. Photo © 1999 Brian Milburn/Millennium Research. All Rights Reserved.
We also have two other examples recorded using two different 35mm cameras. One was photographed at the same location, one month later, showing again an almost identical object, a few feet from myself, and much smaller (perhaps no more than six inches long). The second object I photographed at a completely different sacred site, many miles from the first location, deep inside a small canyon I was exploring at the time, and is much larger than any other example I have yet seen. One thing I know about the objects we have photographed is, they are not any kind of 'balloon'! Apart from greatly varying in size I have held hundreds of Psychic Photography experiments since 1999 and only ever recorded them when with a certain person (Brian Milburn)! I intend to post a report, including additional images, in the near future about this phenomenon, and what I think these particular anomalous objects are, on the 'Psychic Photography Gallery' of our website, at:

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