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Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom

Terrorism and War Primer (Dr. Eric Karlstrom
Class Notes, ca. 2000)

Suzie Dawson 10-Part Video Series 'Opening
the Five Eyes Exposing the Spies' (Fall, 2019)
w/Transcriptions, Graphics, & Sample Quotes

Scope Structure & Purpose of Global
Gangstalking Electronic Enslavement-Torture
-Murder Ops (GGEETMO) 2) Psychological
Profile of Perps (Weaponized People) & Destructive Cults - 3) Protocols Now

The Global Warming Scam

Disproofs Of The Hypothesis Of AGW
(Anthropogenic Global Warming)
And Proofs That AGW Is A Fraud

The History of GeoEngineering
…Weather Warfare

Green Global Dictatorship - Regional
Governance, UN Agenda 21, Sustainable
Development And The Wildlands Project

2020 Riots and HUD "Opportunity Zones"
in USA Follow UN Agenda 21 (now '2030')
"Map of Death"

Weather Wars

The Great Global Warming Con

Selected Songs from Eric Karlstrom's
music CDs

Cognitive Warfare

153 Other Names For Organized Stalking
Electronic Torture

Behind NATO's 'cognitive warfare':
'Battle for your brain' waged by
Western militaries (by Ben Norton,
October 8, 2021)

Suzie Dawson 10-Part Video Series:
"Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the
Spies:" (Fall, 2019) W/ Transcriptions,
Graphics, & Sample Quotes

The Incredible, Astonishing State Of Mind
Control Technology Now Being Deployed
On Humanity

The Mass Mind Control And Abuse Of America

Synopsis of “Gangstalking-Electronic
Harassment” (Government No-Touch
Torture-Murder) Program In Quotes &
Movies (8-8-22)

Today’s COINTELPRO - The Deployment of
Civilian-Military Information Operations Against
Civilians (pdf by Camille Piona) w/ Relevant
Laws Violated

Over 20 Million Americans (Including President
Trump) Illegally Targeted, Tracked, Stalked,
Zapped with Directed Energy-Neuro Weapons,
and Surveilled 24/7 According to FBI/CIA/NSA

The Binder - Here’s why the corrupt FBI
raided President Trump’s home
( 8-10-22)

The Techno-Enslavement Of Humanity

Today's COINTELPRO - The Deployment of
Civilian-Military Information Operations Against
Civilians (pdf by Camille Piona) with Relevant
Laws Violated

Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research Funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation by David Larson (2002, pdf)

TI James Walbert’s Lawsuits Against Jerimiah Redford (2008) and Witchita Police (2011) Re: Directed Energy Weapon Attacks (10 related post; 2 videos)

Jeffrey Madore (TI and Electronics Expert) Explains Organized Gangstalking “Human Research” Torture-Murder Program (2); 2015-17 Video Transcriptions and Comments

Protecting Brainwaves Considering Signal Intelligence Advances (International Law Journal of London, 2014)

Synopsis Of 'Circle of Snakes - How To END
Your Gang Stalking!'

References On Gang Stalking, Mind Control
and Cults

GangStalking IS Community-Oriented Policing

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Exposes
Biggest False Flag Operation In History:
FBI / Fusion Centers

FBI Fusion Centers have become Gestapo
ruining lives Karen Stewart whistleblower,
former NSA analyst Jan 21 2021

FBI-DHS Fusion Center Murderers -
by Karen M. Stewart, Ex-NSA Analyst

International Tribunal issues Cease and Desist
Order against Neural Monitoring Genocidal
Conspiracy by WHO, WEF, Gates, Trudeau
et al and Mandates Constitutional Law
Enforcement of Tribunal Order

Is January 6 2021, A False-Flag State
Terrorism Event like 9/11? Tribunal of
Conscience finds FBI-Government
Human Rights violations Crimes against
Humanity June 9, 2022 US Congressional
Hearings akin to 'Stalin-era Show Trials'

Simulated Capitol ‘Insurrection’ -
FBI-DHS-Staged False Flag Fraud
To Incite Civil War 2.0 (12 videos,
1/8/21 – 6/8/22; 1 article, 6/14/21 Nail It!)

Sheriff’s Departments Behind The Gangstalking
Harassment: Brave TI Testifies (5/18/22):
Partial Transcription Comments and
Comments To ‘Circle of Snakes'
by Bobby Towers

Amerika’s SPYciety Into PERPetuity - More
Job Ads for 'Surveillance Team-Training Role
Players’Counter-Intel Role Players HUMINT
Instructor, etc By General Dynamics IT, ICE,
Inc, Lockheed, Raytheon, Etc

'Targeted Individuals' As Beta Tests For The
Intrabody Nano Network Installed Through
Covid Jabs - Dr. Eric Karlstrom On Jeff Rense
Program 5-6-22 With Extra Posts & Comments

The Surreptitious Reincarnation of
Gang-Stalking Program

TIs - Meet Your Stalkers Episode 2 -
Opening The Five Eyes - Exposing the Spies
Suzie Dawson 9/29/19 Transcription Graphics
& Stalking Perps CVs

Signature Reduction (SIGREDUX)
Dark State’s Undercover 60,000 Spy Army

Part I - The UN, Maurice Strong, Crestone
Baca, CO and the 'New World Religion'

The Surreptitious Reincarnation Of
COINTELPRO With The COPS Gang-Stalking

Directed Energy Weapon
Targeted Individual Patents

'Darth' Cheney - NWO-Shadow Government
Agentur, War Criminal, Executor of 9/11,
Wars, Global War on Terrorism, Torture,
& Doomsday Project (COG), Hunter of
Humans, Mind-Controlled Slave Master, &
Alleged Director of "Targeted Individual"
(Black) Program (13 articles and videos)

117 Posts Here PROVE Organized Stalking &
Electronic Torture IS Neuro-Hybrid Warfare &
State-Sponsored Terrorism Against Targeted
Civilians - Elements History Goals and Perpetrators

Lifeline - Essential Insights & Healing
Music For Illegally Targeted Citizens

Testimony of Stephen O'Keefe (Canadian
Targeted Individual)

Audio File - The Zionist Method Of Profiling And
Stalking...And The Devastation Of Human Lives

Laws of God and Man (US, UN, and
International Treaties) Violated by Organized
Stalking Operations

'Attack on the Brain - Neurowars and
Neurowarfar' by Armin Krishnan (In 'Space and
Defense' - US Air Force Publication, 2016)
Describes and Explains Secret Targeting
Torture and Assassination of TIs

The Controllers and Their Destructive Mission

The 'Controllers' and Their Destructive Mission
- Pt 4

Discussion of Dr. Robert Duncan's Mind
Control (EEG Heterodyning) Revelations (Dr.
Eric Karlstrom Notes & Rense Show Interview,

Dr. Robert Duncan - Science of Mind
Manipulation - EEG (Electro-Encepholagraphic)
Heterodyning-Remote Mind Control

Neocortical Warfare - Mind-Control State
Political Targeting Secret Weapons Testing
Medical Abuse and Guinea Pigs
(3 Perspectives & Karlstrom-Rense Interview,

Mass Mind Control And Severe TI Abuse -

Torture-Murdered TI, Andrea Metz - CRISPR
Tech, Genetic Theft and 'Authoritarian Political
Warfare' (aka Gangstalking)

Andrea Metz (Tortured and Murdered TI)
TI Statements 4-11-18

Emails to Webmaster from Andrea Metz,
Tortured and Murdered Colorado TI

Andrea Metz (Tortured and Murdered
Colorado TI) Comments And Letter to President Trump

Sagauche County Resolution 2021-07 - 'Civil
Emergency Or Local Disaster Regulations'
FEMA Plan For Martial Law - Agenda 2030
Takedown Of US Citizenry?

Dr. James Giordano - Battlescape Brain...
Military and Intelligence Use of Neurocognitive

Confessions of a High-Level Perp - Dr. James
Giordano - Battlespace Organized Stalking
Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons

Weaponized Brain Science Videos - Dr. James
Giordano lectures and weird compilations

Deep State Neuroscientists In Their Own Words
'It's Fun!'...'We Are Targeting Brains' - Dr. Eric
Karlstrom On Rense, 4-22-21

Neuroweapons 'Dark Network Supply Chains' -
'Man-Hunting Business' (aka Gangstalking)
And 'Hybrid Warfare' By Dr. James Canton - Video

Frankenscience, Transhumanism,
Gangstalking & 'TechnoCalypse'
Mark of the Beast...The Ultimate Agenda

Human Brain Project and 'A Brain
Implant Victim Speaks Out'

Hackable Humans Data Colonialism
Jewish Professor Harari Lecture On Davos
'Genocidal Agenda For The 'Useless Class'

Cybernetics Totalitarian Brain Science
& 'The Psycho-Civilized Society'
'The Minds of Men' documentary (2018) &
Partial Transcription

5 Mind Control - History and Applications
Prof. Eric T. Karlstrom, 2012

'Attack on the Brain - Neurowars and
Neurowarfare' by Armin Krishnan ('Space and
Defense' - US Air Force Publication, 2016)
Explains Torture of TIs

Cybernetics Totalitarian Brain Science
& 'The Psycho- Civilized Society' -
'The Minds of Men' documentary (2018)
And Partial Transcription

Real AMERICAN Music...Pt 1 - Enjoy

Real AMERICAN Music...Pt 2 - Enjoy

'Corona Crisis’ As A 'Crown Operation' And
Psychological & BioWarfare Application Of

Controlled Demolition of the United States
and Western World Through State-Sponsored
Unconventional Warfare

Descent Into Hell
MKULTRA’s Torture Doctors,
Scientists, Spies, & Politicians:
Hall of Shame Rogues Gallery

Gangstalking-Cyber Torture
in Flow Chart Diagrams

Appendix 100. 101 Diagrams Connecting
UN Agenda 21, NWO, Global Warming Fraud,
9/11 False Flag, (CIA’s) MKULTRA,
Cults (Crestone), 4th World Collective Mind-
Transhumanism, & Gangstalking-Blood
Sacrifice Intel Ops

Operation Crestone-Baca In Flow Chart-
Diagrams Cults, Mind Control, & Weaponization
of Religion For World Conquest

The Great Reset And Demonic 'Alien Agenda'
UFO PsyOp (And Counterintelligence Stalking!)
Exposed As The Same

Simulated Capitol 'Insurrection' - FBI-DHS
Staged False Flag Fraud To Incite Civil War 2.0

From the Phoenix Program (1967-1972)
to Today's Global Gestapo (G5, Global
Government Gangstalking Genocide

The Corona Vax And Its Effects On Human DNA
And Brain Hacking

From Operation 'Garden Plot' To Phoenix
Program And CHAOS To 'REX 84' 9/11 DHS
And Northcom - The Decades Old DoD CIA
DHS Perpetual War On Dissidents

Scientific-Techno-Satanic Dictatorship And
Longterm Plan To Use Covid-19 Kill Shots To
Destroy Humanity

COVID-19(84) Scamdemic, Global
Gangstalking And Govt-Media Lie Matrix Are
'Hybrid Warfare' To Achieve WEF's Great Reset
And Fascist Technocratic Police State

Jeff & Eric Karlstrom - The Incredible Long Trail
Of Diabolical, Satanic Planning For mRNA
World Depopulation And Control

Complete 10-Part Suzie Dawson Series
'Opening The Five Eyes - Exposing The Spies'
(Fall 2019) w/Transcriptions & Graphics

The NSA Global Spy Network - Episode 1
Opening the Five Eyes - Exposing the Spies

Episode 2 - Opening The Five Eyes
...Exposing the Spies

Episode 6 - Opening the Five Eyes
Deciphering UK's JTRIG (Joint Threat
Response Intelligence Group)

Episode 10 - Opening the Five Eyes
...Exposing The Spies - Episode 10

Dr. Charles Morgan Speech Highlights
...PsychoNeurobiology And War

Behind the Lies That Blind

The Global Gestapo - Intro by Dr. Eric Karlstrom

A Race of Cybernetic Slaves

Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Warning To Humanity

The National Security Racketeering Network

Converstion Between a Perp and a Target
(from 'Bright Light On Black Shadows' 2015)

On Recruits (Perps) By Dr. Rauni Kilde

Testimony of Stephen O’Keefe (Targeted Individual)

TI Tom Dooley (Targeted Individual)

Mama Don’t Allow No Gangstalkin’ Round Here