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Gilad Atzmon

In Between The Taliban and COVID

Globalization of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

A Catastrophe Unveils Itself In Israel

The American Left, the Jewish Question,
and the Repetition Compulsion

Talking to Zionists

The Image Of Victory

The Gibraltar Covid Massacre

Everything You Need to Know about Israel
and its Mass 'Vax' Campaign

Israeli Politics and the Metaphysics
of the Shtetl

Hot off the Press - Pfizer CEO
Albert Bourla admits Israel is the 'world's lab'

Bibi Pfizer and the Election

Israel's Third Lockdown
A Spectacle Of Failure

Israel leading Scientist Admits The Vax
'may not be as effective as we thought'

A Brief Examination of Some Facts
Related to Mass Vaccination

The Fascist Scale Revisited

Being 'Chosen' vs Being 'Ordinary'
in 2020s America

The Interpretation Of (Left) Dreams

The Democratic Facade

Israeli Arms Trade...The Lobby...and the
Meaning of Chosenness

Why Do Some People Keep
Repeating the Same Mistakes?

Why the 'Left' is Dead in the Water

Why The Political Is Dead

Americans Can Criticize America But Not Israel

Once Again Anti Zionist Zionists
Manufacture 'Quotes' - Vid

Atzmon - Israel, UK And Brexit

Atzmon - Scandal...An Impoverished Labour
Council spent £136.000 to stop me from
playing sax and got Santa Claus instead

Atzmon - Uri Geller and Roseanne Barr to Use
'Telepathic Powers' to Stop Corbyn

Atzmon - Try to Figure Out Where Labour Ends
...and Likud Begins

The Beauty And The Beast
Gilad Atzmon vs Rachel Riley

Atzmon - Fighting Poverty with a Hate Map?

Atzmon - Oh, The Services of Islington Council

Atzmon - Senate Votes Down Anti-BDS Bill

Atzmon - The Witch Hunt...from Pontius Pilate
to the Labour Party

Happy New Year From Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon - 'I Own My Words!'

Gilad Atzmon's Christmas Message

Atzmon - The Battle On Britain

Atzmon - To Rid the World of Antisemitism

Atzmon - Divide And Conquer

Atzmon - Cherev Gideon Pennsylvania's
'Israeli Tactical Training Academy.'

Atzmon - Robert Faurisson and the Study of the Past

Atzmon - Making a Massacre into a Lesson

Atzmon - Smear and Shekels

Gilad Atzmon - Trump The Zionist And Brave Ann Arbor Protest

Gilad Atzmon - Back To The Future

Atzmon - Corbyn and the Jewish Question

Atzmon - Haaretz Warns US Jews Of Trump's Downfall

Atzmon - Now, This is Racism!

Jeremy Corbyn, Jewish Assimilation and the Lobby

Atzmon - The Holocaust And Its Deniers

Atzmon - For The Few, Not The Many

Atzmon - Is It Zionism Or Jewishness? You Decide

Atzmon - Zuckerberg On Denial and Being Wrong

Atzmon -Silencing Diversity In The Name Of Diversity

Atzmon - Falter vs Atzmon Update

Atzmon - Living In An Orwellian Dystopia

Atzmon - The Crumbling 'Holocaust', An Israeli Perspective

Jeff & Gilad Atzmon - Bibi & The Deal - FREE Listen MP3

Atzmon - The Final Stage Of Chosen Narcissism

Atzmon On Jews, Jewishness & Zionism - Radio
Cypress Vid

Atzmon - The Jewish Timeline...From Moses To Bibi

Atzmon - The Banality Of Good - Pt 2 - Blaming Victims?

Atzmon - The Banality Of Good - Part 1

Atzmon - How Dare Trump Include ALL Victims In
His 'Holocaust' Remembrance Comment!

Atzmon - The Kushman Dilemma...America First Or IDF First?

Atzmon - Why Did The Al-Jazeera Exposé Fail?

Atzmon - Britain Pulled Stings On UN Settlement Vote

Gilad Atzmon Coming To NYC This Wednesday! - Details

Israel National News Attacks Gilad Atzmon

Atzmon - Is This Rabbi A 'Holocaust Denier' Or Truth Seeker?

Atzmon - How Corbyn Plans To Win British Workers

Atzmon - The Israeli Lobby Dominates US, Britain And France

Atzmon - The United States Of Detachment

Atzmon - On Trump’s Victory

Atzmon - Is Trump What Michael Moore Promised To Be?

Atzmon - Trump Whistles His Dogs

Atzmon - On Being Aloof And Democratic

Atzmon - October Boomerang

Atzmon - Top Five Donors To Clinton Campaign Are Jews

Atzmon - A Glimpse Into Jewish Guilt & Aggression

Atzmon - Can Jews Ever Leave Their Cult?

Atzmon - War Dogs – A Film Review

Atzmon - Jewish Bigotry On Speed? Check Out Rabbi Sacks

Atzmon - Yawn…The Jews Are Furious Once Again

Atzmon - Is Bibi A Lizard?

Utopia, Nostalgia And The Jew

Atzmon - Ernst Nolte...The Last German

George Soros - The Oligarch Who Owns The Left

What Do Trump, Sanders, Brexit Have in Common?

Atzmon - Theresa May Decided Britain First

Atzmon - Turexit Next

Atzmon - Chilcot, Israel And The Lobby

Atzmon In NYC Talk Thursday - Trump, Sanders, Brexit Share

Atzmon - Britain Is Not Going To Leave EU Soon

Gilad Atzmon On Brexit, Jewish Power And Identity

Atzmon - Rabbi Lerner Watch Your Language

Atzmon - Rabbi Lerner - Master Of Compassion…Or Deceit?

Atzmon - The One Thing I Really Like About BDS

Atzmon - Israel Is Fighting Your War!

Atzmon - I Oppose All Forms Of Jewish Politics

Atzmon - Zionism Is A Jewish Symptom

Corbyn Labor Not A Party, More Like Occupied Territory

Judea Declares War Against Malia Bouattia

Will The Jewish Lobby and The Holocaust Educational Trust Apologise For Lord Janner’s Child Sex Abuse?

Jewish Identity vs Humanism

Atzmon - 'Gay, Neocon And Islamophobe'

Atzmon - Hillary And The Syrian Shoah

Atzmon - We Need To Out Bernie Sanders As A Jew

Atzmon - Meet The New Sniper Golem

Atzmon - Jewdas...A Glimpse Into Jewish Left Duplicity


Gilad Atzmon In NYC This Weekend

Atzmon - Cameron, The Holocaust And Forgetfulness

Atzmon - Charlie Hebdo – One Year

Atzmon - Sarah Colborne...A Solidarity Campaigner - Or A Traitor?

Atzmon - We Leave The Dirty Job To The Turks

Is Cameron A Chamberlain Pretending To Be A Churchill? - Vid

Atzmon - The Diary Of Anne & Otto Frank!

Atzmon - A Battle With No Front

Atzmon - Arthur Topham vs Theodore Nathan Kaufman

Gilad Atzmon’s Index And Topics

Atzmon Expert Witness Testimony At Arthur Topham’s Trial

Atzmon - Jewish Elite, The Bell Curve & End Of The West

Atzmon - Netanyahu Is A History Revisionist

Atzmon - The 3rd Intifada & The New Religious War

Atzmon - Stabbing Each Other

Atzmon - On Jews And Criminality

Atzmon - Poo, Menstrual Blood In Contemporary Jewish Art

Atzmon - Corbyn’s Victory

Atzmon - David Cameron Performs The Pre TSD

Jihadist Is US Jew Named Goldberg

Atzmon - The Israeli Nuclear Project

Atzmon - Refugees Should Seek Help In Synagogues

Atzmon - Antisemitism And The Math

Atzmon - The Meaning Of Corbyn

The Kingmaker - Subject Of A Huge Zionist Smear

Atzmon - Backfire

Pope Francis, Alison Weir And The Senhedrin

Atzmon - A To Zion, The Definitive Israeli Lexicon

Atzmon - The Final Piece Of The Jewgsaw Puzzle

Liberal Jews Want The Solidarity Movement A Goyrein Zone

Atzmon - No Left Is Left

David Aaronovitch And The Jewish Solidarity Industry

David Aaronovitch And The Jewish Solidarity Industry

French Comedian To Get Intl Freedom Of Speech Awd

Alan Dershowitz Plight

ISIS In Greater Israel's Scheme - Vid

Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk - Vid

As I See It (Politico Analysis)

Atzmon - The Protocols Of The Elders Of 'Anti' Zion

Gilad On The Richie Allen Show

How Jews Undermine The Palestinian Cause

Atzmon - The Jewish Solidarity Spin

A To Zion - Definitive Israeli Lexicon Is Out! - Vid

Gilad Atzmon Comes To America

Is Max Blumenthal An Imbecile? - Vid

Israel - Lying Abroad For Your Country

Atzmon - At Last I Met My Rabbi

Ex Amb - Israel Sucker Punched Us Again

Watch Congress To The Bibi Dance - Vid

A Very Kosher Dishonesty

Saker Interviews Gilad Atzmon

Atzmon On Jazz, Love And Being In The World

Atzmon On Bibi's 'Comeback'

Gilad AND ALL THAT JAZZ- NYC Documentary Premier - pdf

Gilad On RT - 'Gaza Mon Amour', Zionist Threats - Vid

Reverse The Concert Cancellation Of Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble

Manchester Music School Gives In To Zionist Pressure

Atzmon - The Meaning Of Bibi

Madie In Israel - Isis Parody

The Discordant Who? Atzmon And Debate

Atzmon - In The Name Of Mammon…Straw & Rifkind

Are The Jews Manipulating The BDS Movement?

The Great Robert Wyatt On RT Sputnik

The Sun Will Rise On Jewish Power

A Glimpse Into Jewish Goy Hatred

Atzmon - 'Treating Anti- Semites As Sex Offenders'

The Fraudulent Rise In UK Anti-Semitism

Jewish Power, Political Correctness And The 'Left'

George Galloway Accuses BBC Over Jewish 'Set-Up'

Atzmon - Jewish Power, Dershowitz And Sex - Vid

Atzmon At Nottingham


Atzmon - Dieudonne', Anelka And Me

Galloway Made It Again

Atzmon - Clear Crisis In US-Israeli Bond

Schabas Resigned Over Powerful Israeli Pressure

Govt Panic At Thought Of Jews Leaving UK

God Promised Anti-Semitism To The Zionists

The New Judeo-German Patriot

'We Give, Give And Give' And They Still Don't Live Us

'Holocaust' Memorial Day 2015

Anti-Israel Cartoon Breached Standards

Atzmon - Here Comes The Whistle Blower

Military Might Ineffective Against Terrorism

Why Is Charlie Hebdo OK But Not Dieudodnne?

Stewart On French Hypocrisy And Dieudonne

Jews Turning Backs To Alan Dershowitz


Guardian Names President Of Israel 'Hero Of 2014'

Happy 2015 And Reason To Be Cheerful?

Atzmon - ‘UK Must Overcome Pro-Israel Lobby’

Christmas And The Jews - 3 Vids

Antisemitox And French Survival Instinct

Where Are The Oath Keepers, 9/11 And Beyond - Vid

Atzmon - BBC Questions Future Of Jews In West Africa

Atzmon - Jewish Insanity - A New Jew State In Germany

UN Urges Israel To Repay Lebanon $850m For Oil Spill

Atzmon - Vaxberg Supports Blumenthal, Sheen

Framing Without Water - Pal Ag In Jordan Valley

Jewish Cosmopolitans Have Reached The Poo Stage

Muhammed Ali's Funniest Interview - Vid

Jewish Culture And Cognitive Partitioning

Truth In Berlin

Atzmon - Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Israelis Furious Over Leaked Video

The Jewish Technological Mind


The Israeli Scientific Mind

Dead In The Water - Jewish Attack On USS Liberty - Vid

Shakespeare To Be Rewritten In Yiddish

Atzmon - The Jewish Left Is The Heart Of The Problem

How 'Genius' Are The Jews? A Talk By Gilad Atzmon

Chomsky According To Dershowitz - Vid

The Jewish State And Gilad Atzmon

The Guardian Of Judea Or The Observer Of Zion?

Jews Extort Croatians For $4m In 'Holocaust' Reparations

Atzmon vs Alderman - Vid

Saban Pledged Support For Hillary For President

Palestinians Topple Another Israeli Govt

Atzmon - A Third Intifada In Palestine? - Vid

Atzmon - The Pathology Of Max Blumenthal

Atzmon - I Support Israel's National Bill

Atzmon On Miliband, Labor And The Jewish Lobby - Vid

The Brainwash Race - Vid

Atzmon - Not 3rd Intifada, It Is The End Game

Har Nof Jerusalem Is Deir Yassin…Not Forgotten

Atzmon - Max Blumenthal Incites Jewish Terrorism

Shlomo Sand And The Jewish Left’s Lie

An Israeli Conundrum - Vid

Jews Must Believe They Invented The Wheel...

Atzmon - Miliband Is Losing His Jewish Donors

Jewish Army Unit Gasses Itself! - Vid

Why Do They Hate Atzmon And Love Sand?

Max Blumenthal's Toilet Scene - Vid

David Sheen Ttestifies At The Bundestag - Vid

Jew Pleads Guilty To Assault On Galloway

Gaza Loss Of Innocence - Vid

The Jew, The Left And Whatever Is Left

Think You Had Enough Jewish Left...Follow This Story

Atzmon - I'm Featured On Pink Floyd’s New Album

Atzmon Debates Lee Kaplan - Judaization Of Jerusalem

Jewish Leader Indicted For Calling Dieudonne 'Anti-Semite'

Gilad Atzmon On Cognitive Partitioning

Is It Haskalah Or Culture Of Deceit?

What Is Wrong With Gareth Porter - An Interview

Gilad Atzmon On The Latest Gaza Conflict

Oligarchy And Zionism, Part 2 - Vid

Diaries Of Two IDF Soldiers During Gaza Invasion

The End Of Jewishness?

Atzmon - Israel, Here Comes The End

The Kosher ‘Philosopher’

How I Stopped Being A Jew By Shlomo Sand

Atzmon - Watch Slavoj Zigzag Zizek - Vid

Gilad In Italy This Week

Atzmon On Muhammad And Friends - Vid

Atzmon - What Is Left Over?

A Glimpse Into Jewish Self-Love

Atzmon - The Great Jewish Anti-Zionist Swindle

Gilad Atzmon In NY - Get Tickets

Quenelle In The UK

Jewish Terror Again

Steven Sotloff and Israel

Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

Premiere...Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

Why The Silence On The Attack On Galloway?

Jewish Terror Alert

Atzmon - Holocaust Fashion Is Back

Alain Soral & Gilad Atzmon Paris Conference - Vid

Atzmon - Chased By A Klezmer

Middle East Friendship Chart

Israel's End - The Countdown Has Begun - Vid

Ex Mossad Slips About London 7/7 Bombings - Vid

Frankfurt School & Proliferation Of Alterity

Gaza, Essentialism And Jewish History

In 2008, Israel Agreed To Protocol For Port Of Gaza

The IDF Has Been Here - Vid

We've Had Enough Of Wiesel And His Ilk

On IDF's Failure And Jewish Ethics

The Voice of Resistance - Vid

A Jew I Trust and Respect - Vid

The Destruction Of The Palestinian People

Atzmon - Clash Of Civilizations

Jewish Soldiers Detonating A Mosque - Vid

Alison Weir - How The US Was Used To Create Israel

Russell Brand Dismantles Hasbara - Vid

A Jew In Our Midst

6 Palestinian Youths Executed By IDF In Bathroom

ISIS, Israel Different Sides Off Same Coin

Video Documents The Killing Of Journalist Ramy Ryan by Israeli/US Missiles

Richard Silverstein On Israel Murdering Its Own Soldiers

Hamas - 'A Vicious, Medieval, Racist, Genocidal Organisation'

Jeffrey Goldberg And The Israeli Defeat

Poll Confirms Israelis Love To Kill

Jewmerican Journalism - Vid

Joan Molinsky (Joan Rivers) On Gaza - Vid

Jon Stewart On Jewish Power - Vid

Atzmon - The End Of Israel

So, Who Is Under Siege?

Living In A Jewish 'Democracy' - Vid

Once Again Jews And Trains

The Sound Of Resistance - Vid

Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza - Vid

Honest Reporting For a Change - Vid

'We've Just Moved To Heaven'

Filter On The Roof (satire)

3rd Intifada Or Nakba II?

Chomsky, BDS & The Jewish Left Paradigm

The Fed - A Century Of Enslavement

Living Under Jewish Occupation - Vid

Czech Jews Unhappy With Mel Gibson's Latest

Atzmon On Israel's Genocidal Nature - Vid

Israeli TV On Hebron Kidnapping - Vid

Alain Soral & Gilad Atzmon In Lyon - Vid

Avoiding The J Word

Gay Pride - 'Bigger And Jewier Than Ever'

Mark Curtis - On The Real Terrorists - Vid

Pro War Harry's Place Are Upset Again...

Lib Dem Friends Of Palestine Promote Atzmon

The New Jewish Prophet

Atzmon...The New Jewish Prophet

Stop Watching Porn, Abe

Jewish Cognitive Elite & The West - Vid

Wiezmann Outlined The Nakba In 1941

Dead Sea Israelis Making Business

Ed Miliband - A Shameless Zionist In Our Midst

Exposing The Jewish Shtick

The Jewish Bank That Rules The World - Vid

Death Of 'Klinghoffer'

Israel Back At UN Human Rights Counci

Hasbara Defeated...Atzmon Shreds Lee Kaplan - Vid

The Jewish Plan For The Middle East And Beyond

The Controversy Of Zion - Interview With Gilad

Omar – Film Review By Gilad Atzmon

Atzmon - On Jewish Blood Rituals

S_X Hasbara For Israel

The 50 Most Influential Jews – Not A Single Humanist On The List

Gilad Atzmon Talks To Paul Eisen - Vid

Diplomatic Defeat To Israel & The Jewish Lobby

Atzmon - A Brave New Radio In London

Atzmon - The Workless Class Woke Up

Holocaust Religion Challenged

Orwell And The Jews - Vid

Precious - Holocaust Religion Challenged

Atzmon - Is It Nakba 2.0 or Nakba 1.9?

Jazz & Jews - Power vs Beauty - Vid

Land Ownership In Palestine-Israel

The Jewish State’s Jewishness

On Kosher Statistics

Born Smart, Born Equal, Born Different

Imperial Decay - Vid

Call It Colonialism, Occupation...Just Not 'Apartheid'

Top 10 Holocaust Films

I Love Dieudonné!

Jews And Terminology

Jewish Power, Left, Fascism And Soundbite Culture

The Jewish State And The Indigenous - Vid

The Jewish Notion Of Capitalism

The Holocaust's Visit To Yad Vashem - Vid

Atzmon - Jews And Terminology

Gaza’s Ark Attacked

Gilad Atzmon...A Radical Thinker

Atzmon - The Biology Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Vid

US Foreign Policy ‘Tragically Dominated’ By Israel Lobby

Atzmon - Jesus In Auschwitz For Easter - Vid

Atzmon - An Interview With David Rovics

Are There Israel Lobby Gatekeepers On The Left?

'Special Relationship' Since 'The Israel Lobby' Book

Young Gilad (Age 22 ) In An Israeli Big Band

Atzmon - Kosher Trinity & Jewish Quantum Mechanics

The Most Interesting Tube Ever - Vid

What Heidegger Hysteria Tells Us About The Press

Mideast - March...By The Numbers

More Quenelle Victims In Britain

Atzmon - He’s Back Again! - Hitler Satire #1 In Germany

RabbI Meir Kahane On The Jewish State And The Arabs - Vid

Israeli Lobby Dominates US Foreign Policy & Budget

Abunimah - Absolutely No Reconciliation With Atzmon

The Banality Of The Guardian Of Judea

How The US Was Used To Create Israel

The Kosher Pinocchio - Dershowitz On Atzmon & Finkelstein

When PC Is Gone, Truth Prevails, Shoa Panic Detected - Vid

Reassessing US Israel Special Relationship - Vid

Oz TV Dares Show Real Israeli Occupation - Vid

How Jewish Intelligentsia Destroyed The Working Class (By Mistake)

Gilad Atzmon's Most Important Talk To Date - Vid

My Two Days With Gilad Atzmon

God's 12 Biggest Moves In The Old Testament

Atzmon - Hate Me, Please

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land - Vid

Gilad Atzmon Coming To NY Next Week!

Rabbi's Threaten Kerry With 'Divine Wrath'


Welcome To The United King-Doom

Atzmon On Dieudonné, Alain Soral And Zionism

Zionist Media Distorting Realities

The Un-Controlled Opposition

Greta Berlin Interviews Gilad Atzmon - Vid

A Great Woman...Shulamit Aloni 1928 -2014 - Vid

Palestine 1948...The Nakba - Vid

Look At This Kind Man - Vid


Dieudonne Breaks Silence On Quenelle

Quenelle News

Atzmon's Message On Anelka & Quenelle - Vid

The Quenelle - As Short As It Gets - Vid

David Baddiel, Anelka And Quenelle - Vid

Dieudonné Resilient To Jewish Nationalist Terror

Jewish Money, Sport & Elementary Freedoms

We Better Move On...

The Rabbi And The Congressman


My First Ever Karaoke Experience - Vid

Sharon Is No Mandela

'Personal Is Political' Unless You're Black - Vid

Gilad In Japan - Workshops, Lectures, Concerts

Atzmon - Angry Sabboth Goy

Atzmon On Dieudonné And The Quenelle - Vid

French Palestinian Solidarity Deserves A Quenelle!

Alain Finkielkraut - Jews And Immigration


The Sycophantic Palestinian Solidarity Movement

The Palestine Comedy Show - Concealment & Truth - Vid

Gaza Drowning In Power And Media Blackout

RT - Who Has Nukes In The Middle East - Vid

How 'Whites' Took Over America, Pt 2 - Vid

Israeli Lobby ‘Threat’ To Western Politics - Vid

Gilad Atzmon On O'keefe's Middle East TV- Pt 2 - Vid

Gilad Atzmon On O'Keefe's Middle East TV- Pt 1 - Vid

Israel's Killer Robots - Vid

Confessions Of Jewish Zionists & Israelis


Clashing Views Of Reality - Chomsky vs Dershowitz

Uri Avnery's 90th birthday

Concealment And Truth In Palestine And Beyond

World Tired Of Israel War Policy On Iran - Vid

Meet The New Israeli Pioneers - Vid

Life And Loathing In Greater Israel

If I Were A Rothschild And The Yearn For Mammon - Vid

XYZ vs Gaza - Vid

Israeli Ex-Chief Rabbi Nabbed For White Collar Crimes


Gilad In NY - Short, Fun Film By David Blackwell - Vid

Everything But Real News - Vid

Atzmon Conference In London, Saturday 11-23-13

Atzmon Important - Everything But Real News - Vid

We Are Not The Enemy

Atzmon Review - Goliath...Life & Loathing In Greater Israel

Slavery In the Jewish State - Vid

Life And Loathing In Greater Israel


Atzmon - What Killer Deliberately Leaves Fingeprints?

How God Made The Brits A Chosen People - Vid

The Truth About Syria At The House Of Lords

Seek, Speak, Spread Truth - London Conference

Yasser Arafat Was Killed With Polonium

Gerald Clark’s Nakba – A Masterpiece For Palestine

Norman Watt-Roy - The Faith & Grace Tour - Vid

Atzmon And Friends At The Queen Elizabeth Hall - Vid


Simon Cowell Reportedly Gave IDF £150,000

Galloway Addresses The Most Dumb Question - Vid

A Modest Proposal To The Anti-Defamation League

Was Jesus Crucified? - New Evidence Proves Otherwise

Ex British Foreign Secretary Told Truth For Once

Soros, Palestine And Controlled Opposition - Vid

Sheldon Adelson - The US Should Drop A Nuke On Iran - Vid

Atzmon - Is It Really Israel's New Racism? - Vid

BDS - Can You Spot The Difference?

Egyptian Family Said No To Yad Vashem

On Hasbarah Making

Why, When, How Ali Abunimah Asked Me To Lie For The Cause?

Abunimah, Rosenberg, Anti-semitism And Dishonesty

Abunimah, Rosenberg, Anti-Semitism, Dishonesty

Jews Are Not A Race...Jewish Identity Is Racist

Yossi Gurvitz - On Jewish 'Ethics' - Vid

Atzmon Film Review - Jewish Intolerance

Atzmon - How Shlomo Sand Ceased To Be A Jew?

Yiddish Humour - Vid

On Freedom Of Speech & Telling The Truth

Israel Encircles Palestinians In Gaza - Vid

Atzmon - MJ Rosenberg On Anti-Zionist Zionists

The Sound Of The Past - Vid

And What About The Spanish Shoa?

British Jewry’s Golden Age

Yom Kippur, War & Power Of Deterrence


Jews, Movies And The 'American Dream'

Yom Kippur, War & The Power Of Deterrence

Israeli Projection - Vid

The New Smartphone Holocaust Game

AIPAC A Grave Threat To World Peace

Portrait Of An Anti-Zionist Zionist

Atzmon - The Story Of The Jews – History vs Chicken Soup

Labour In The Synagogue

Israel, Jewish Lobby In Congress Debate On Syria

Obama 'Confused' About Syria Attack - Vid


Kosher PSC Exposed Once Again

Israeli Scientist Challenges Mideast Origins

Western Democracies, Criminal Interventionism

John Zorn - Artist Performs To Jews Only

Violinist Attacked For Jewish Apartheid Remark - Vid

Atzmon - Syria, Israel & The USA

Blankfort On Max Blumenthal & The Zionification Of Palestine

Purity, A Jewish Ideal And Max Blumenthal

Thank God It's Friday - Official Trailer - Vid


Listen To Lewinsky - Audio

Left, Arabs And The ‘Israeli Democracy’

Love/Hate relationships - Poetic Analysis

Dershowitz vs Atzmon...A Talmudic Deliberation

No Reference To J*W Allowed - Vid

The Pig & The Star Of David

The Jewish Question - Attack Iran...Yes Or No? - Vid

How Whites Took Over America - Vid

Jewish Snakes And Kosher Sharks

Freedom Stitchers Need Your Support

The Death Merchants Of Tel Aviv


Israel Behind Mystery Attack On Syrian Port - Vid

Atzmon - And Now They Want The Temple Rebuilt

Israeli Settler Explains Zionism To Palestinians - Vid

Jewish Self Love - Vid

Netanyahu On ‘The Jew’, Herzl & Tikkun Olam

A Conversation Aith Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Atzmon On The Gatekeeper Of Freiburg University

Football And Palestine - Vid

Smearing Alice Walker

Atzmon...Gaza In Brazil - Vid


Israelis Caught Organ Trafficking AGAIN!

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Metzger Arrested

The Most Contaminated Land In The Mideast

Atzmon - Jewish Culture, Jewish Lobby & More - Vid

Atzmon - The Most Contaminated Land In The Mideast

Jewish Humanist Charles Saatchi In Action - Vid

The Israeli Lab & Palestinian Guinea Pigs

Palestine Solidarity Infiltrated By Zionists


1,000s Torah Jews Protest Against Israel In NCY - Vid

Abunimah And Atzmon At The UN - Vid

My 50th Birthday Tour !!!

Abunimah And Atzmon At The UN - Vid

Organ Trafficking And Israel

'You Look Like A Bloody Jew' - Vid


Ben Fellows Exposes Bilderberger MP Ken Clarke

Israel Is Losing Its Syria Battle

London Declaration OnAnti-Semitism - Jewish Phobia

Supremacist Rabbi On The 'Nature Of Islam' - Vid

Rap Battle - Moses vs Santa Claus - Vid

My 50th Birthday Tour !!!

Atzmon On Synagogues And Rationality - Vid

Atzmon - Arch AZZ Surrendered

Take It From The Rabbi’s Mouth - Zionism = Judaism

Atzmon On Egaliteet Reconciliation

In Bed With Bibi


Happy Birthday To Jew - Vid

The Staggering Cost Of Israel To Americans

Photostories From Young People In Gaza

Welcome To The Jewnited Kingdom

Apologists For Israel Take Top Posts At BBC

Pappe's Discomfort

IDF Trains Dogs To Attack Muslims - Vid

Gilad Atzmon en Argentina - Part 2 - Vid

Silvia Cattori Interviews Gilad Atzmon

Atzmon - My Shortest Comment Ever...

Jew In A Bag


Celebrating Ethnic Cleansing - Israeli Vid

Atzmon - Controlled Opposition...From Goldstein To Soros & Beyond

Gilad Atzmon Who?

Israel Channel 2 Program On Anti-Semitism - Vid

BDS Movement And Palestinian Principles

Thinking Left May Be Possible

Max Blumenthal Shows His Stripes

Corbett And Atzmon - The Art Of Resistance - Vid


Deir Yassin Day 2013 commemoration

Arrest Of Palestinian Children In Hebron - Vid

I'm An Israeli Soldier - Vid

Atzmon - No To Lévy

Occupation Is Ugly - Vid

Thanks, Obama, For Supporting Apartheid Israel

The Curse Of Chutzpa

There's No Business Like Shoa Business

Atzmon On BBC World - 'Hear My Country'

Twin Towers For Purim


Purim And Genocidal Phantasies

Jewish Voice For Weizmann

Purim And Genocidal Phantasies

Review - Songs Of The Metropolis (4 Stars)

Twitter Sabbath Goy Of The Year Award

BDS Against George Galloway

Spielberg vs Tarantino

Gangnam Gaza Style

Jewish Expansionism - Vid


Gilad In Palestine

Atzmon - J-BIG vs P-Small

The Wandering Who Pt 7 - Vid

Prof Norton Mezvinsky's NYT Letter

Counter Ouch

Five Broken Cameras - Vid

The Gilad Atzmon Controversy...Why It Matters


I Love Israeli Ministerial Jazz

Gilad Atzmon With Jeff Rense, Jan 2013 - Free Listen MP3

Slave! - Vid

Atzmon - 'One Of My Most Interesting TV Interviews' Pt 1 - Vid

Atzmon - 'One Of My Most Interesting TV Interviews' Pt 2 - Vid

Atzmon - You Can't Criticize Jewish Politics

Genius - Avigdor Lieberman, The Debka Artist - Vid

The OHE's New Album - Songs Of The Metropolis - Vid

Israel Vows Veto If Hagel Confirmed (satire)


The Jewish Raffle - Vid

Atzmon - United Against Beauty - Vid

Palestine - Oppression Will Not Work - Vid

Just One Life - Vid

Teen Prostitution Ring Exposed In Tel Aviv

Atzmon - Mleeta, Khiam And The Resistance In General

Atzmon - 0.00012 % Jews Are Ethical, Universalists

Xplodastream - Vid

Sensational - Avigdor Lieberman 'Sings' - Vid

UN Article 19 - Human Rights & History Revisionism

Atzmon On Jewish Progressive Racism, Pt 6 - Vid

Richard Falk - An Open Letter Of Response To CRIF

Shocking Decline In Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate


Jewish Progressive Racism, Pt 6 - Vid

Jewish Projection For Christmas

Atzmon On The End Of Israeli Militarism - Vid

A Tribute To Prof Richard Falk

Opposing Hagel - Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Roadmap To Apartheid Trailer - Vid

Holocaust Not Hope...An Expose

Tony Blair Is Not Useless At All

Goldman Sachs And The Protocols - Vid

Germany Says Yes To Jewish Blood Ritual

From Blankfort To Gilad Atzmon & Philip Weiss

Atzmon - Not The Wisest Phil Around

Khaled Meshaal in Gaza

Israeli Apostate Blamed For UK Anti-Semitism

The Jewish 'Philsopher' - Vid

NO To Arabs In Israeli Public Transport - Vid

Atzmon - The End Of Jewish Power

Atzmon - Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind After All

Gaza Slaughter Cost Israel $1.8b In Tourism - Vid


Why I Am No Longer A Zionist'

Atzmon - Pillar Of Impotence

Israel Losing Battle Of Words In Social Media

Atzmon - Alan Dershowitz...Devil’s Advocate

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

Harmonious, Democratic, Peace-Loving Jews - Vid

Do You Really Support Israel? - Vid

A Report From Gaza Under Siege

Atzmon On Press TV - Israel Confused, So Is America

Atzmon - Sharon The Truth Teller

For God's Sake - The Army Of The 'Chosen'

Palestinian Resistance – The Human Right Of Self-?Defense

No 1 Gaza Music Video This Week - Vid

Atzmon - Operation Security Roof (satire)

Atzmon On Spanish National TV - Vid

Atzmon - Netanyahu Says No To Ground Operation...Yet

Atzmon - From Stalingrad To Gaza With Love

Israel And Its Worldwide Propaganda

Atzmon - Chief Rabbi Caught Off Guard - Audio



Tel Aviv Is Next

Ali Abunimah On Gaza And Lust - Vid

Atzmon - Pillar Of Biblical Cloud

Israel - Petraeus Was Unfaithful To Us

Hitler & Zionism -1933 The Transfer Agreement - Vid

BDS, Arab Land & Custodian Of Absentee Property

Bashar Assad Exclusive Interview With RT - Vid

UK's Responsibility To The Palestinians


A Comment By Nahida Izzat On ICH

The Return Of Ali Abu...Fighter

Gilad & All That Jazz On Amazon

Sabbath Goy MP Denis MacShane Resigned

Arch Pedo Savile Devout Zionist, Israeli Supporter


June Terpstra - Gilad, Who?

The Judification Of American Democracy - Vid

Bulldozers In Gaza, Anti-Fascists In Portland

Jewish Domination? Occupation More Likely


On BDS & Integrity- Vid

And Then They Came For Me

Ann Wright Disinvited To Join Gaza Blockade Ship

Freedom Of Speech Enters A Dark Age - Vid

Atzmon On BBC Weekend World Radio Show

An Open Letter To Ali Abunimah & Co

Hezbollah Sent Drone Over Israel

Wagner And Me


Free Gaza's New Board

Ramzy Baroud's FB Post Re Greta Berlin

Jeffrey Blankfort To Ali Abunimah

Gaza’s Ark Statement Re Greta Berlin

Parts Of Beautiful Palestine, Haifa, Akka, Bahaullah, Paradise

Stay Human - Must Watch 

Mandating Indigenous Holocaust Education

Atzmon - Abunimah Did It Again

Larudee On The Abunimah-Berlin Affair 


Greta Berlin In Salem MA

Derfner - Anti-Semitic Video Is ‘Disgusting’

How al-Aqsa Mosque Became A Refugee From Jerusalem

Self Love - Jews At The Heart Of Hollywood - Vid

Torah Jews Meet President Ahmadinejad In NYC

Red Line To Israel And Jewish Power...Now! - Vid

Who Supports Terror?

Israel Trying To Push US Into War On Iran 

Ken In Gaza...


Has Palestine Been Abandonned By Its Leadership? 

Atzmon On Zionism, Jewish Identity Politics

The Origins Of The Israel Palestinian Conflict - Vid

Beloved Jerusalem 

These Are The Israel 'Defense' Forces - Vid

Atzmon Taking On The Israeli Lobby - Vid

Berlin Rejects Israeli Pressure Over Subs To Egypt

Sabra & Shatila - A Preventable Massacre

No ‘Red Line’ For Israel


Zionism And Jewish Identity Politics - Vid

Hillary & Bernard

Genius - Top 60 Jewish Ghetto Names 

Mearsheimer - US Is Not Doing Well, What Went Wrong?

Israel, The Day After

Red Hot Chilli Peppers At The Wailing Wall

Atzmon On The Ugly Truth 

The Crisis Of Civilization - Vid


Is Amnesty International Abandoning Human Rights?

Did America Say NO To Israel?

I Killed Rachel Corrie... 

Carlos Latuff On The Rachel Corrie Verdict

Anthony Lawson - The Israeli Judge Lied!!!

Rachel Corrie & The Kosher Legal Stamp

The Kindness Of Banks

Chocolate, US, John Cleese & A Kosher Armageddon - Vid

Gilad Atzmon Interviewed By Rinaldo Francesca - Vid

David Mamet vs Gilad Atzmon


Deconstructing Avraham Burg

Dismembering The Arab World

Mezvinsky & Atzmon On Heidegger's Podium

'Obama Is Not Good For The Jews'

Farewell, Alex, My Friend - Jeffrey St. Clair

On Palestinian Kindness - Vid

Israel Is Begging For An Excuse To Start War

Gilad And All That Jazz...Film Review - Vid



Russian Spring Cancelled...Nyet To NGOs

Press TV Interviews Mitt Romney - Vid

A Film By Leila Sansour - They Came In The Morning 

Atzmon - Disintegration Of The Jewish State Has Begun

Did Israel Nuke Arafat?

Young Writers Corner

Are You United With Israel? - Vid

Lifta - Film In Progress - Vid


The Terror Within - Vid

Miko Peled On One State - Vid

Shoa Business News – 'Miss Holocaust' - Vid

On Choseness And Kosher Independence

Family Guy Offends Hollywood Jews - Vid

Thousands Of Israeli Protesters Clash With Police

Hebonics Now A Second Language At NY Schools


Five Broken Cameras - Vid

Ed Milliband And His Phony Populism  

They Start to Talk About The Role Of The Jews - Vid

New Jewish Home For Afrikaners - Vid

Gilad Atzmon à Bruxelles!

An Incredible Piece Of Music - Vid

We Are All Jews After All - Vid

The One Gay Solution


Israeli Navy Attacks Intl Human Rights Boat

Ex-Israeli Military Man Wants To Drop Israeli Citizenship

The Wandering Who - Part 3 - Vid

Atzmon - USS Liberty...What Phil Saw That Day

Lebanon, Palestine & Jewishness - Vid

Israeli Independence Day In Jerusalem 2012 - Vid

Celebrating Palestinian Resistance And Resilience

Hope Not (Jewish) Racism - Vid


Stopped By Apartheid En Route To See Madonna - Vid

Ed, David And Glenn

The BDS Cultural Boycott And Integrity

Hafez Aladdeen Is An Israeli Patriot 

AlNakba, English Documentary - Vid

Jeff Blankfort to AZZ Gabriel Ash

Atzmon - Postcolonial Theory, Whiteness & Palestine


Thoughts After Interviewing Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Intl Movement For One Democratic State In Israel/Palestine

The Palestinian Cause & The Discourse Of Solidarity - Vid

Monty Python - Politically Incorrect - Vid

Is Norman Finkelstein Telling The Truth?- Vid

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal


An Expose Of Omar Barghouti And Progressive Racism - Vid

Little Sarko Won In Israel

Israelis Are Running For Their Life - Vid

The Dirty Truth About Israel - Vid

Jacob Cohen - On The Wandering Who

Zionism Is Dead And Kicking

Paul Eisen Talks WithGilad Atzmon - Vid

Dershowitz Is Correct - Vid

'Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemies'

Shylock In Yiddish - Vid


A Comment On BDS From Ramallah 

The Globe Theatre BDS Scandal

The Shekel May Never Drop

Remember Deir Yassin

Lobby And War Against Iran - Vid

On Marine Le Pen And Populism

Alan Dershowitz On Tuba

Activists Who Talk Like Zionists Continue Betraying Palestine

'Never Again' Is An Empty Slogan

Atzmon On Günter Grass - Vid


Jews Framing Gentiles For 'Anti-Semitic' Hate Crimes - Vid

Atzmon - Rabbis For Violence, Brutality And Abuse

1600 Pal Detainees To Start Hunger Strike April 17

Kosher Face - A Glimpse Into Self Love - Vid

Günter Grass; What Must Be Said

Gandhi On Jews And Hitler

Jan Irvin: "Zionism and Jewish Identity Politics, Pt. 1

Between Kafka & Kabul – Gilad Atzmon interviews Sarah Gillespie

The Devil Sings Again

United Against Wikipedia

United Against Knowledge


Between Kafka & Kabul – Gilad Atzmon interviews Sarah Gillespie

Jonathan Pollard Clemency Rejected

The New Inquisitors And Their Slander Campaigns

Endorsements Of The Day

In Defense Of Gilad Atzmon 

Germans Are Behind Günter Grass
Beyond The Cult And The Clichés - Vid

Pro-Palestine CD Reviewed & Then ‘Un-Reviewed’

A Comment On Gunter Grass

Israeli Big Brother - Vid

Ali Abunimah On History & Culture - Vid

Interesting Documentary On Israeli Dissent - Vid


Sarah Gillespie - 'The War On Trevor' - Vid

Gilad Atzmon vs The Palestinian Establishment

There Is No Military Option In Iran

In Defense Of Gilad Atzmon

Wandering Who A Bestseller In France

A Special TV Interview With Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Jewish Survival Greatest Miracle In History

Ali Abunimah And Gilad Atzmon At The OK Corral

Who Is Gilad Atzmon And Who Are We?


A Glimpse Into Israeli Psychosis

Is It An Israeli False Flag Again?

McKinney Interviews Atzmon - Vid

Two People, One Hummus 

Zionist Immoral Intervention

Hasbara For Dogs 

Adnan Message Of Support From Ex Hunger Striker McKearney - Vid

Dershowitz Strikes Back - With Lies (yawn)

Israel Better Forget About Attacking Iran

Israel Better Forget About Attacking Iran

Taxi Driver On Khader Adna- Vid

Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands - Vid

A Different Kind Of Underground Movement - Vid

Atzmon - Tribalism, Racism & Projection - Pt 1

Newsnight On 'Responsible Capitalism' - Vid

Alan Dershowitz In A Nutshell - Vid

P.S.C. Members Read 'BANNED' Book

Jewish Theology For Beginners - Vid

Kosher Terrorists To Be Delisted

The Wondering Jesse


A Plan To Solve The Mideast Crisis - Vid

Dershowitz Attempt To Destroy MLK Memorial

Hebrew And English Press Censorship

In The 'Only Democracy In The Middle East' - V

The System - Full Length Trailer - Vid

Palestine 1896 

The Wandering Jazzman...Jazz & Politics

The System - Vid

The Zionist Caricature...

Harry's Place Thanks Its Jewish Anti Zionist Collaborators

Who Said Israel Has A Right To Exist? - Vid


Israeli Hasbara's Satire - Vid

A Glimpse Into Israeli Barbarism - Vid

Calling People Anti-Semites...'It's A Trick!' - Vid

1948 IDF Soldier Tells Nakba Truth - Vid

The Attack On The USS Liberty - Vid

The March Toward Jerusalem - Vid

1948 IDF Soldier Tells Nakba Truth - Vid

Operation Free Palestine - Vid

The Wall Of Hate - Vid


UK Charity With Mossad Links Secretly Denounced Anti-Zionist Jews To Government

Internet Killed Israeli PR - Vid

Paul Balles - The Doors Of Perception

Israel's UK Slave

The Wandering Herzl - Vid

BBC Choir Bus Stoned By Israeli 'Settlers' - Vid

Nietzsche, Hitchens & God

Mohamad At Eton - Vid

I Am Dying To See This Film - Vid


Gilad Atzmon & The OHE...Full Concert - Vid

Merry Christmas From Gilad Atzmon - Vid

If Jesus Came To IsraHell Today...

The Use Of Character Defamation As A Political Tool

Board Of Deputies Of British Jews vs Free Expression

Newt Gingrich And The Palestinians On Antiwar Radio

Gilad Atzmon - It's A Win-Win Situation!

Cameron Argues Britain Is Actually Christian

Richard Jones


Rich Siegel-The Way to Peace (New Album)

French National Front Searching For Support In Israel

Sleeping On Stones - Vid

Last Gilad Atzmon & The OHE's Concert Before Xmas

Gilad Atzmon Basically Says It All - Vid

The United States Of Denial - Vid

Netanyahu Lies Through His Teeth - Vid

Netanyahu Boasting About Manipulating America - Vid

Amazing - The Clock Of Giza - Vid


Atzmon - The Apocalyptic Rabbi - Vid

Gilad Atzmon - Desperate Dershowitz

Desperate Dershowitz Hits New Low

UK Lawmaker Under For For Truth

This Is Israel - Barbarism, Inhumanity, War Crimes - Vid

Jack Abramoff - The Lobbyist Playbook - Vid

Ron Paul On Iran And Israel - Vid

Israel The Monster Of Fear And Death - Vid

We Are All Palestinians


The BOD Is In A Constant Tantrum

The Daily Star And The Anti Muslim Agenda

A Review Of The Road To Bop - Vid

Come Home For Hanukkah - Vid

The Chanukah Pantomime - Vid

Can The Solidarity Movement Contain Apologists?

Political Islam & 'Jewish Identity Politics' - A Comparison

Bradford Says YES To Atzmon And NO To Zionist BOD - Vid

Three In This Marriage - The PSC, The JC And Harry's Place

Hope Not Hate

Islamophic Harry's Place Campaigns Against Palestinian Shadia Mansour

Shedding Light On Come From The Shadows by C. L. Cook

Yet One More Glimpse Into Zionist Desperation 


From De-Nazification To 'De-Antisemitification'

A Glimpse Into A Desperate Zionist Smear Campaign

Who Are The Warmongers?

A Guide To Hasbara Trolls

Zionists Won't Let You See This On Your TV - Vid

Boycott Israeli Goods - Vancouver - Vid

Collective Morbidity - 'Self-Loving Shlomo' - Vid

Sarah Gillespie - In Defense Of Gilad Atzmon

United Against Cultural Fascism 

A Letter To Every Cultured Person In This Country


Zionist Bad Press Is All You Need

David Landy's 'Israel Critic Jews' Reviewed By Gilad Atzmon

Exeter University - Atzmon...The Wandering Who, & Where?

Camden's Grand Inquisitor

Something Positive With Young American Jews - Vid

Gilad Atzmon Talks To Clueless Zionist Students

Gilad Atzmon - A Disturbing Jewish Political Exercise 

Richard Falk - Saying No To Alan Dershowitz

Gilad Atzmon - How Israel Runs The British Press

From Tribalism To Humanism

The Path To Freedom

Rense & Atzmon Talking About The Lobby - Vid

The Guardian Of Israel


Dershowitz Is Desperate

Armageddon Ahead

Greg Felton's Exploding Middle East Myths - Vid

Panel Discussion - Jewish Identity Politics Report

Glimpse Into Israeli Nuclear Madness

Did The Age Of Enlightenment Never Occur?

Gilad Atzmon - The Greatest Threat To World Peace

Rense & Gilad Atzmon - The Wandering Who - Vid

Gilad Atzmon - By Way Of Deception

Mike Bickle Predicts 'Prison Camps' For Jews - Vid

Heidi Vogel - The Wandering Who...Book Review

By Way Of Deception


Mike Bickle Predicts 'Prison Camps' For Jews - Vid

If Dershowitz Wants A Debate, I Will Meet Him 

Atzmon - Thank God For The Jewish Chronicle

Jewish Identity Politics Panel Discussion - Vid

Gilad Atzmon On Jeff Rense's Radio Show Listen Free


RootsWorld Review - Rim Bana & Gilad Atzmon

The Wandering Who, An Attempt To Clear The Dust

Atzmon - The Book They Don't Want You To Read

Bowman - Jewish Identity Politics Panel Discussion - Vid

Sabbagh - Jewish Identity Politics Panel Discussion - Vid

Atzmon - Liam Fox Is Not A 'Useful Idiot'

Atzmon On Jewish Identity Politics - Vid

Weber Answers Sarah Kershnar, Mich Levy & IJAN

Zionist Cowardice & A Thinly-Veiled Attack On Laura Stuart

Laura Stuart - A Mavi Marmara Survivor - Vid

The Invention Of The Jewish People vs The Invention Of Gilad Atzmon

Panel Discussion On Jewish Identity Politics, Pts 1 & 2 - Vid

Laura Stuart - It's Actually NOT All About "the Jews"!


Jews Talking To Themselves - 1 -

Jews Talking To Themselves - 2 - Vid

Gilad's Next London Talk/Music Event

Calling Out The Tribalists

Supremacism Revisited

AtzmonThe Long Arm Of Israel (The Anti Zionist Zionists)

Supremacists On 'The Wandering Who'.

Witness The Nazis Of Our Time - Vid

The Jew-Only Panic Mobile Technology

The Annexation Wall - Vid

The Neo-Book Burners And 'The People Of The Book'


Foreign Interests In Our Midst

Mazal Tov To Harry's Place & Mark Gardner

'Settlers' Attack Israeli Activists, Palestinian Farmers - Vid

'The Wandering Who' Is Out This Week

Gilad Atzmon - May vs Salah

Mearsheimer Replies To Latest Smears On Him

Endorsements For Atzmon's 'The Wandering Who'

Are They Really 'The People Of The Book'?

Moral Obligation And Jewish Identity

The Dangerous Cult Of The Guardian

A Panel Discussion On 'Jewish Identity Politics'

Alan Hart - Rosh Hashanah - Will God Forgive?

The LIGHT List - Nahida The Exiled Palestinian

A Lingering What?

Ken O'Keefe, Sameh Habeeb At Freiburg Conference


Mearsheimer Responds To Goldberg's Latest Smear 

London JC Made Attack On Prof John Mearsheimer 

PSC Has It Made

Atzmon - American Tragedy

Rainlore's - Wandering Who Book Review

The Wandering Who - Gilad Atzmon On Inside The Eye - 2 hours Live! (audio)

Progressive Closeness

'Anti-Zionists' Exposed Trying To Crush Free Speech? - Vid

Gilad Atzmon At The Freiburg Conference - Vid

Obama, The Palestinian State & Zionist Schizophrenia

They Need Your Support

Gaza Story - Challenging History Through Narration 

Atzmon - Bernard-Henri Lévy, 'Philosopher' And Hypocrite

And What About Our Spring?

Uprooted Palestinians Starts Its Fourth Year


Egyptians Storm Israeli Embassy - Others Should Be Next

Israel Better Think Twice

Paul J. Balles Review Of The Wandering WHO? 

Machine Of Israel - Vid

Farrakhan Exposes MIdEast ZioCon Plan

Freiburg Conference Update

Ode To Boycott

The End Of Innocence Revisited (9-11)

A Beautiful Video About Us!

Wes Clark - American Foreign Policy 'Coup' - Vid 


Terrorist! - Vid

Jews In Space

Iraqi War Survivor On X Factor Australia - Vid

Free Society And The Enemy From Within

Vera Macht - We Are All Palestinians In Gaza

An Interesting Exchange With A Jewish Anti Zionist

The Real Source Of The British Riots - Vid

Truth Justice & Peace - Vid

Is Change Even Possible In Israel? - Vid

Who Will Save The Black Man? - Vid

London Riots And The Big Picture

The Landlord Wannabe Protest


An Interview With Eric Walberg

Once Again, Hasbara Agent Exposed

The Israeli Lobby Controls US, Israel Falling Apart - Vid

Jenin's Freedom Theatre Attacked - Vid

T. Greenstein - Obsessions & Dark Criminal Past?

De-Zionification Now

Palestine, Israel, Germany- The Boundaries of Open Discussion

Norway And The Jewish Right Wing Connection

Norway Massacre A Reaction To BDS?

The Great Games - Review By Gilad Atzmon

Whenever Palestinians Need It, The Mavi Marmara Will Go


Officer And A Gentleman - The Israeli Version

An Interesting Collage - Two Psychopaths Juxtaposed

This Is Genius!!!

Gilad With Strings on BBC 3 In Tune July 4th 2011

Atzmon - Jewish Democracy For Dummies

2. Human Trafficking In The Jewish State - Vid

Jews Who Don't Think Israel Should Exist - Vid 

Gordon Duff On Press TV about Murdoch - Vid

Rupert Murdoch Song - Vid

Dr. Finkelstein In Defamation - Vid


Atzmon - The Herem Law...Jewish Past And Present

Israeli Contamination At Heart Of America

A Normal Day In Palestine - Vid

Culture Is Resistance

Arab Jews In Israel Finally Wake Up - Vid

Flotilla, Flytilla And The Prospect Of 'Civil Society Action'

Israel's 5th Columnists Silence Sheikh Raed Salah

Jewish Self-Reflection Overdue

Hasbara Psychosis - Vid 

Hero Activist David Halpin Talks To RT - Vid

Interview With Flotilla Spokesman

Interview With Juliano Mer-Khamis - Vid


Jeff Gates - The Real Inside Job

Israel Extends Territorial Waters, Greece Bends Over - Vid

Meshigine Settler - Vid

Assange And Zizek Conversation - Vid

Atzmon - Killing Goyim And Beyond

Flotilla Update - 'Israel Afraid Of The Truth'

Atzmon - Gaza Flotilla vs Diaspora Jewry

Mr. Raed Salah's Appeal Lodged 

London Rhymes With Palestine For OneWorld  

And What About Jewish Anti-Gentile Studies?

Self Reflection In Mondoweiss


Clownistan! - Vid

Portland BDS Coalition - Young And Determined - Vid

US Embassy In Tel Aviv - Israelis Follow Imm Laws - Vid

Don't Want To Wake Up Next To This Joker - Vid

RT - Israelis Want To Run Away To Safety

Sarah Gillespie - How The West Was Won

The Zionist Story - Vid

Addressing Some Typical Zionist Questions

Archbishop Tutu Endorses 'Freedom for Palestine' - Vid 

Israeli Undercover Agents Boast Of Killing Palestinians On TV

Brian Haw - Al Hiwar TV Interview - Vid

The Protocols Of The Elders Of London

1001 Lies About Gilad Atzmon


Let The Dog See The Rabbi

Jews & Their Self Interest - An Interview With Philip Weiss

The War Against Terror Within - Vid 

IsraHell Comes To Realise Its End - Vid

Glenn Beck - What A Joker! - Vid

For The Sake Of Jewish Sensitivities

'Give The Entire Mideast To Israel' - Vid

Elias Davidsson -  'A Radical Antisemite And Proud Of It'

New York Times Concealed Ukrainian Genocide - Vid

IDF Lethal Ambiguity - Vid


IDF Brutality At Kalandia Checkpoint, Al Naksa Day - Vid

Palestine Vs Solidarity Movement

'A Jewish Life More Valuable Than A Palestinian Life' - Vid

Marching In Step With AIPAC - Vid

Nahida The Exiled Palestinian - Jewish Voice For Peace? Really??

Atzmon - I Have Zero Respect For The Mainstream Media

NeoCon/Zionist Policy Introducing Fascism Into The World - Vid

Atzmon - The War Against Terror Within

Learn About The Israeli Wall - Vid

A Palestinian Exile Returns - Vid

Glimpses Of Palestine - Vid

Gaza Reels - Vid

Scenes From THE WALL Followed By Discussion - Vid


Lauren Booth - Bias At The BBC - Vid

THE WALL By Douglas Watkinson ­ Reviewed By Gilad Atzmon

Britain's PM Resigns From Jewish National Fund

They Warned Us - Vid

Two Female Soldiers Talk About IDF Abuse - Vid

I Will Not Kill Innocent People For Israel

Mearsheimer On AIPAC And US Interests - Vid

Watch How The IDF Treats Women - Vid

Wiki Jews - Vid

Gilad Atzmon On Dutch Radio - Vid

Jewish Collectivism, Israel Criminality, AIPAC & Psychopathy - Vid

Anti-Atzmon Jewish Clandestine Operation Exposed

The Next Israeli President

Gilad Atzmon's US Tour - Exposing Dangerous Myths

Atzmon On 'Anti-Semitism', Racism - Pt 3 - Vid


Uprooted Palestinian Returns - Millions To Follow

Bible Vs Archaeology - Abraham,  Moses Never Existed - Vid

Israel's Doomed Fate

Mazin Qumsiyeh' Arrest Yesterday - Vid

1948 Al Nakba- A Family's Collective Memory

Nabka Day At The Syrian Border - Vid

Atzmon On Chicago TV Show - Vid

'The Wanted 18' - Palestinian Documentary - Vid

Zionism, Jewishness And Israel Now Online - Vid 

Gilad Atzmon In Oakland On May 10


Dr. June C. Terpstra - Identity Without Supremacy

Return To Palestine - Vid

Changing Osama Stories 'Bizarre' - Vid

Winners And Losers In The UK Anti-Zionist Network

The Chance For Humanity

What Are They Afraid Of?

No Cancellation!

Zionists Try To Stop 'Zionism, Jewishness & Israel' Panel

Time For A Paradigm Shift

Young Arab Jews Open Letter Arab Peers

Israeli Cops Terrorize Palestinian Prisoners - Vid


Petition - No Fly Zone Over Gaza, Please Sign Now!

Happy Easter, From Israel - Vid

Vera Macht - Vik, You Are Missed

Tribal Marxism For Dummies

The Israeli So-Called 'Left'

Let Us Talk About Jewishness

Jewish Math

On Jewish Intolerance

South Tel Aviv Is On Fire - Vid

Alan Dershowitz - You're Not Welcome Here

Palestinian Filmmaker Juliano Mer-Khamis Murdered

Goldstone's U-Turn



Taking Deborah Lipstadt Apart

Inside What Job? A Film Review

To Call Zimmerman A Zimmerman

United Against The Anti Israeli Goyim

Europe Turns Against Israeli Policies Of Death

Beware Of The NY Jewish Militia - Vid

Dear Mr. Tzabar - Vid


Talmudic Logic For Beginners

France Arrests Pro-Palestinians For Anti-Israel Campaign - Vid

Israel Fears Sushi Shortage After Quake (no joke)

How About A No-Fly Zone Over Israel

Talking About Jewish Ideology & Zionism IN Germany - Vid

Extravaganza Of Jewish Power - Vid

The Shekel Has Dropped

What About A No Fly Zone For The Palestinians? 

The Penny Has Dropped

American Bloody Pragmatism

Dr. Hajo Meyer -- Selections From An Interview - Vid

Occupation Has No Future


The Names Of The Innocent Who Are Killed

The Pirates Of The Meditterranean

Atzmon Talks About Music Palestine, Zionism & Islam - Vid

Coexistence - An Incredible Photo

This Is Genius! - Islamophobia For Dummies - Vid

Israeli War Criminals Use Fake Names To Travel

John Galliano Must Be A Zionist

Hasbara's Smear Fell Apart Again

Hello, Is This Muammar?


How Rahm Can Make Chicago A Jewish City

How To Cook A Gentile?

To Call A Spade A Spade

Cronin Attempts Citizens Arrest Of Lieberman - Vid

British Govt...Where Money Comes Before Morals - Vid

Israeli Spokesman Making Complete Ass Of Himself - Vid

Who Were The First Terrorists In The Middle East? - Vid

Truth In Stuttgart


Israeli Economy For Beginners

Rabbi Shiffren's Amazing Freudian Slip Of Truth - Vid

Israeli's Blood-Soaked Teflon Economy

The French Philosopher

The Man With The White Yarmulke

The Global Intifada

O'Keefe - Tunisia, Egypt Global Revolution Tribute - Vid

US Media And The Mighty Uprising In Egypt

US Policy On Egypt Under Fire - Vid

Jewish Power Is Falling Apart

Gilad On Press TV - US Foreign Policy A Total Mess - Vid

Liberating The American People - Vid

The Palestine Papers And US

Interview With Hero Ken O'Keefe - Vid


Valley Of The Wolves - Vid

Atzmon On Israel, Nazism & Multi-Culturalism - Vid

Can A Criminal State Deal With War Criminals?

Life And Death In The Gaza 'Buffer Zone'

Palestinian Child Attacked By Settler - Vid

From The Mouth Of The Beast - Vid

An Urgent Appeal For Gaza

Cairo And Jerusalem

The Muslim Brotherhood Is Kosher

Strange Circles In The Sky Over Gaza

The Left And Islam

Egyptians On The Street Speak Out - Vid


IDF Troops Kill Innocent Man In His Sleep - Vid

Prof Richard Falk On 'Jewish Identity'

Meeting With The Founders Of Gaza Youth

Roles Of The US And Israel In The Mideast

Vera Macht Reports From Gaza

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Daring To Dream In Gaza 

Palestinian Memorial Week In London 

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Last Jew In Iraq Says It Was Heaven - Vid

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Milton Friedman's 'Capitalism & The Jews' Revisited - Vid

Anti-Semitism - Zionism's Indispensable Alibi - Vid

Six Wishes For The New Year - Vid

Quotes From Israel's Genocidal Leaders - Vid

The Israeli Siege Of Gaza - Vid

Jewish Diplomacy

Haidar Eid: Gaza - Two Years After The Horror

WikiLeaks Next Target Is Israel

Israeli War Crimes To Go On UK Buses

Bad News For Israel

UK Student Protester Dragged From Wheelchair - Vid


Jews, Judaism And Jewishness - Vid

Tears Of Gaza

Frank Talk About Israel From One Who Knows

The Zionist Left And The Loyalty Oath

In Support Of WikiLeaks

Shopping In Israel - Vid

Once Again Salutes Dr Hajo Meyer - Vid

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More On The Israeli Fire


A Surge Of Truth - Vid

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200 Israeli War Criminals Better Hope For Palestine

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200 Israeli War Criminals

Don't Call Me An Israeli! - Vid

Gilad Atzmon And The Orient House Ensemble

In Loving Memory Of America - Part 1

Israel - An Apartheid State - Vid

Pure Israeli Evil - IDF Laughs As Gaza Homes Destroyed - Vid

Paul Larudee - A Kind Of Schizophrenia

There's No Business Like Shoa Business

Another Victim Of Israeli Butchery In Gaza - Vid

'Zionist Tolerance' For A Change (Brilliant -JR)

Ken O'Keefe On The Mavi Marmara - Vid


Rap For Palestine!

The Bible - A Manual For Genocide - Vid

Jewish Integrity For A Change

For Gaza - Scenes From Jazza - Vid

From Scala To Wembley - Vid

For The Ghosts Within

Atzmon And Wyatt In Haaretz

Artists Unite In Jazz Festival For Palestinians

Lieberman And The Jewish Political Continuum

Kosher Oxymoron-Jewish Democracy


Huge UK Jazz Festival For Palestine

Gilad Atzmon On Press TV - Vid

Mavi Marmara Witness - Vid

Atzmon Talks To Robert Wyatt Re Cultural Resistance

Roger Waters And The Bombs Of David

Jewish Boat On its Way

On Gaza And Chutzpah


Israel Will Be Palestine 

On Jewish Loyalty

Talking To The Wall

Give History A Chance - Vid

Lauren Booth- Letter To Israel - Vid

BBC Bias & Outrageous Lies About Palestine - Vid

Artists For Gaza Is Jazza

Apropos The 'Peace Talks'...

Learn More About The Nabka

Palestinian Recognition Of Israel, A Jewish State - Why?

Tony's Bloody Memoir


Miliband..The Lowest Of The Low

One Democratic State In Palestine

Jews To Teach (Subversive) Wikipedia Editing

BBC Panaorama - Exemplary, Clumsy Journalism - Vid

BBC's 'Uprooted Palestinians' - First Class Propaganda

The Jewish Division

A Glimpse Into Israeli Paranoia 

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh - Bridge Experience - Vid

JudeoNazis In Action - Shocking Scenes - Vid 

Press TV Under Attack

Israeli Crimes Just 3 Years After Auschwitz - Vid


Israel Cannot Handle Its Past

Islamophobia In Britain - The Products, Names And Faces

Stone Forced To Apologize For Telling Truth

Israeli Legal System 'Racist To The Bone'

My Problem With Jewish Identity

Israel Braces For UN Fact-Finding Mission

A Freedom Charter Or A Second Nakba?

The Israeli Right's New 'Peace' Agenda

Strictly Dancing

British Jews Support Israeli War Crimes


Give History A Chance 

Aztmon And Siegel In Rochester And Geneva (US)

Zionism's Libinal Pleasure As The 'Victim' - Vid

Debunking The 'War On Terror'

Atzmon On The Left, Islam, Israeli Lobby, Chomsky, More

Kenneth O'Keefe Tells It All - Vid

Connecting The Zionist Dots

The Horror Of Occupied Palestine - Vid

Another Glmpse Into 'Jewish Humor'


Another Flotilla Victim Report - Captured, Imprisoned

Shooting And Sobbing

Gilad Atzmon Interviewed By Shabana Syed

The Helen Thomas Resolution

Howard Stern On Helen Thomas

More Kosher Crap Exposed - Vid

Morris Herman On The Flotilla - Vid

Israeli Attack On The Mavi Marmara - Raw Video

There's Nothing Christian About Zionism - Vid

'Don't Use Violence...We Are Civilians!!!' - Vid

Humanity Vs Israeli Tribalism - Vid

The Crucifixion Of Kindness


Jewish Ideology And World Peace

A Glimpse A Jewish Collective Morbidity - Vid

Israeli Collective Madness - Gilad Atzmon On RT - Vid

Dogs For Jews

On My Way To Athens

Review - 'Not Much Time Remains For Israel'

Well Done, Frankie Boyle!

Israel Will Not Be A Jewish State - Vid

Israeli Butchery At Sea

Hebrew Culture For Dummies

Humanitarian Flotilla Vs An Evil Navy


Talking About Athens And Jerusalem In Athens

Planet Chomsky Vs Dershowitz' Orbit

The Complete Manual For The British Jewish Voter

Welcome To The Jewish Comedy Club

Gilad Shalit 3D Animated Video By Hamas - Vid

AIPAC - The Voice of America -  Pt 1 - Vid

Holocaust Tax Allowance

Targeted Citizen - Discrimination Of Palestinians In Israel

Hard Talk By Nahida, The Exiled Palestinian

Polanski's Ghost Writer - Film Review By Gilad Atzmon

Symbolic Identifiers And Jewish Stereotypes

Israeli ID Order Set To Criminalise Palestinians - Vid


Remembering Deir Yassin - Vid

IsraHell - The Fox, Liver Man And Bibi

The Boomerang Effect

IsraHell's Ethnic Cleanser

Ramzy Baroud UK Tour - Don't Miss It!

Mohammed Omer On 'Democracy' Now - Vid

BBC - Israel's Nuclear Weapons (Banned. Censored) - Vid 

The Shylock Meets The Fagins

Music Is The Future Of Humanism

Minding The Cap - Judaism Between Law And Ethics

Samson & The 2nd Nabka - A Short

Study Of The Jewish Hercules

Judea Declares War On Obama

Who Is The British Dog?

Madoff In Jerusalem

Truth, History And Integrity

The Banality Of Jewish Symbolism

A New Jewish Goal

Dreyfus, The Protocols And Goldstone

Emotional Spin For A Change

Britain - You Better Wake Up

Atzmon Review - My Father Was A Freedom Fighter

British Citizens Vs An IDF Guard


UK Zionists Try To Change War Crime Law

The Holocaust Backfires

The Shoa Must Go On

Aztmon's Dream

Netanyahu, Hegel And The Jewish Spirit

'Defamation' - Astonishing New Film On Anti-Semitism Reviewed

Truth Will Prevail - Israel's Murderous Collective

Simon Wiesenthal - Holocaust Fabricator Deluxe

Israel's Iron Kipa

Aaronovitch, Miliband And Me

Film Review 'Avatar' - A Humanist Call From Mt. Hollywood

Film Review - 'A Serious Man' - Poetic Side Of Self-Hate

Auschwitz Yet Again

Debunking Antisemitism Studies & Yehuda Bauer In Particular

To Schlep Them To Justice In Safety

Israel's Leaders On The Run

Making Friends With Israel


'Anti-Semitism' Up, Islamophobia Down - New Study
25% Europeans Think Jews Have Too Much Power

Israeli Jews 'Vicious Beyond Comparison' - Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Want To Understand 'Anti-Semitism'? - Look In A Mirror

Ethics & Morality More Crucial Than The UN

Israeli Jews 'Vicious Beyond Comparison' - Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Want To Understand 'Anti-Semitism'? - Look In A Mirror

Ethics & Morality More Crucial Than The UN

Demjanjuk 'Trial' - Accessory Vs Perpetrator

Hasbara Author Vs Iran's Bomb


United Against Spitting

A Night Unto The Nations

Get Ready For Another Whitewash

Far Beyond Chutzpah

As The Light Onto The Nations

The Complete Guide To Killing Non-Jews

Britain Must De-Zionise Itself Immediately

A Harsh Media Portrayal Of Israel - Vid

From The River To The Sea

In Defense Of Larry David

Kosher Aristotle And The Shoa Survivor


Pornographic Past Vs Murderous Present

Bonaparte Blair & Co

After All, I Am A Proper Zionist Jew'

Backstroking The Jewish Tomorrow

Autumn In Shanghai - Israeli Infiltration At Every Level

Deception, Spin And Lies

The Nobel, The Brand And The President

Delusion To Vindictiveness

Who Is A Jew?


Netanyahu's UN Speech - The Pathology Of Evil

Vengeance, Barbarism - Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds

Loving Oneself At The Expense Of Another

The IDF - Israel's Organ Grinder

The Enlightenment - Vid

Judification - Vid

Bruno - A Glimpse Into Zionism?

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