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Mohammed Omer On 'Democracy' Now - Vid

Some background on Mohammed from one of his colleagues...
"He's so refreshingly outspoken.  As for Amy Goodman - anytime anyone prances around the word 'democracy' well, look out.  That's the fake label the zionists are all hiding behind.
Mohammed's younger brother was killed by rooftop Jewish snipers while walking out of his home because the bulldozers were about to demolish it. The snipers shot him dead, 7 bullets. A young woman (mother of four) ran over to help him, but the Jews shot her dead, too. Her husband ran to help the 2 fallen Palestinians and the Jew snipers shot him, too.  He lived.  His son ran to try to help the 3 fallen, but the jews shot this boy, too. He survived.  The brother of the injured husband came to help the 4 fallen, but the brave, courageous Jew snipers shot him, too. When ambulance crew arrived to help the 5 fallen, the Jews shot at them, too. Two weeks earlier, Mohammed's youngest brother had been shot, and had to have his leg amputated."
With that in mind, here is the video...
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