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History's Most Deadly TB Epidemic Raging In S Africa
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SA - XDR TB SA-1 Now In 'Every Hospital And Clinic' 

Do We Know How To Test, Treat Killer TB?

MDR TB Found In 200 Kenyans

Malawi Issues XDR-TB Alert 

SA Hires 1,000 Tunisian Doctors To Fight XDR-TB 

Quarantined US TB Patient Says CDC Should Apologize

CDC Stands By Decision To Sound Public Alarm 

XDR-TB In Malawi

TB Mows Down HIV/AIDS People In Africa

Cape Town, Durban Major Epicentres Of XDR-TB SA-1

XDR TB SA-1 News Racing On The Net Via Rense


XDR TB SA1 Strain Contains HIV Markers - Vid

NYT - SA Regime Response To XDR TB SA-1 'Poor' 

SA Causes XDR TB Via Poor Drugs For TB+HIV

Do TB-Type Bacteria Cause AIDS?

XDR TB Can Circle The Glode At 'Telephonic Speed'

XDR-TB 'Artificially Created' Claim Black Bloggers


'The Bulk Of SA XDR-TB Patients Die So Quickly...

Vital Health Workers Fired From SA TB-AIDS Clinics

SA1 XDR TB - 'Most Die Of Within 16 Days' - CBS News

'Only The Tip Of XDR-TB Iceberg' Visible Warn Doctors

Overflow XDR-TB Patients Taken To Cape Prisons 

Tuberculosis Briefing For Safety Representatives (UK) 

More Than 50% Of US TB-Cases In Foreign-Born

Global XDR TB - 'Untreatable, Unstoppable Calamity'

Two Million Already Dead From XDR-TB In S Africa?

XDR TB Video From S Africa (vid)

XDR TB SA-1 Spreads To Lesotho, SA - Nurses Flee 

What Or WHO Is Behind Mr. Speaker's TB Odyssey?

TB Patient Speaker Talks To Congress By Phone

WHO MIcro-Managing News Media About XDR TB


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