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XDR TB SA-1 News Racing
On The Net Via Rense
By Adriana Stuijt
Exclusive to Rense.com
A google search today shows some 41 English pages full of bloggers -- and a large variety of Dutch, French, German and Afrikaans- language ones -- all commenting and passing along details of Adriana Stuijt's recent radio-expose on the Jeff Rense programme of the deadly XDR-TB South African epidemic 's very infectious mutant TB+HIV SA-1 strain.
Some bloggers also actively followed up these cited news reports by, for instance, listening to South African radio stations to check whether claims of deliberate censorship of this epidemic by the SA regime also are accurate. Writes one blogger named "GreyBear' on the compuserve.community: "I listened to a Cape broadcast yesterday and alerts on this are deliberately being squashed at all levels and being replaced with more successful stories about short quarantines, medication and release while under a long treatment with very powerful antibiotics. It appears the most recent SA-1 strain may be the airborne version of HIV in the fast-lane..."
The Jeff Rense radio interview of June 5 has even been (partially) placed on YouTube:
One blog was headlined: "Quick-Killing Aids New strain of TB' and writes:
"If the numbers on that new strain of TB are correct, and the data that it has indeed escaped, even to Lesotho, the BIG pandemic is on. Bond prices soared the day after that lady gave the interview on rense. And no wonder. This is not the XDR TB already common in the poor and jails out here in the west, imported mainly by Russian immigrants. That's pretty well under control. THis is a new strain entirely. And it requires drugs that themselves are very unpleasant and dangerous, for an extended period. It's unlikely anyone who hasn't been discovered and quarantined will turn themselves in for treatment. Rather it appears at least some have dove into a hole and died quietly, albiet spreading the illness into the population at large.
That response by the SA gov., sueing the health center for quarantining that dozen people, and demanding their release into the population seems very fishy to me. What do you think? As an aside, some preparedness folks I communicate with, are relating various alerts. Some from church, some from official sources, some from others who are better connected, that it's time to be ready to hunker down for a few months if need be. NOW. "
"http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/reply.php? messageid=397787&showdate=6/9/07&page=1&mpage=1&quote=6240671



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