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SA Hires 1,000 Tunisian
Doctors To Fight XDR-TB

By Adriana Stuijt
Exclusive to Rense.com
PRETORIA -- South Africa's health minister claimed in a press conference on July 4 2007 that the country was urgently recruiting some 1,000 doctors from Tunisia, Cuba and elsewhere -- and also trying to 'lure back' back South African medical professionals from Britain and elsewhere. She wants to reverse the country's self- inflicted 'brain drain' which is hobbling its health system. (see the picture below this article).
http://www.int.iol.co.za/index.php? set_id=1&click_id=125&art_id=nw20070704232518736C442852
The South African health minister often cites the so-called 'brain drain' for the steady collapse of her health-care system, which is increasingly unable to cope with the country's twin TB+HIV killer epidemics -- which have already claimed at least 2,6-million lives since 2003 according to World Health Organisation records.
However, this woman is lying through omission: Mrs Manto Tshabalala- Msimang completely fails to ever mention that this 'brain-drain' is entirely due to the ANC-regime's own racist hiring policies which dictate that only 2% of all the health-care jobs in the country (private-sector and public sector alike) may ever be filled with so- called "White" or Asian" health care professionals. For this reason alone, thousands of South African-born doctors, nurses, lab technicians and medical assistants were already forced to leave the country of their birth to find employment abroad since 1994. (see the picture below this article).
The Sunday Times of Johannesburg reported recently that these racist-hiring policies actually leave many hundreds of health-care jobs vacant because 'white' and 'Asian' medical experts who applied for them, were deemed racially-unacceptable for most of the country's public-sector and private-sector health jobs. See: South Africa's self-inflicted brain-drain:
LINK: http://www.sundaytimes.co.za/PrintEdition/Article.aspx?id=481544
For instance at KwaZulu-Natal province's 64 state hospitals -- the province also most afflicted by the XDR-TB epidemic -- only 15 hospitals have doctor vacancy rates of under 50 percent -- and not a single hospital in the province has every one of its doctors' posts filled. Gauteng hospital is also being dealt a double-whammy because the regime has decided to reduce its number of 'public service doctors' considerably:
http://www.int.iol.co.za/index.php? set_id=1&click_id=125&art_id=vn20070705023040519C991133
http://www.int.iol.co.za/index.php? set_id=1&click_id=125&art_id=nw20070627142953374C295047
The health minister failed to mention in her press conference whether foreign health-care professionals are being fully informed about the very real dangers of their job in South Africa: among the very first XDR-TB deaths officially reported in 2006 were five previously healthy nurses who had died within just a few weeks of contracting XDR-TB: four in KwaZulu-Natal and one nurse at Pollsmoor Prison Hospital in Cape Town.
http://www.int.iol.co.za/index.php? set_id=1&click_id=125&art_id=vn20070618104701176C119063
2,6-million deaths since 2003 from TB+Aids - the 'terrible twin' epidemics
South Africa's health care system is overloaded with dying patients: more than 1,000 people a day die from the deadly twin- epidemic combination of Tuberculosis and Aids. The country's current 7-million Aids-infected people (12 % of the population) are also rapidly developing a resistance to all drugs due to the fact that they are being medicated with the wrong medicines in SA health care facilities.
Thus most of the TB+HIV infected patients in SA now aredying of the unique South African mutated strain (SA-1) of XDR-TB.
Listen to a 2006 radio news report about XDR-TB in KwaZulu-Natal province on LINK:
Prof. Robin Wood, a top SA infectious diseases expert, warned that the regime's official statistics of XDR-TB deaths are being grossly understated: "If you look for it, you find it...' he told Reuters news agency on June 17. Contact him at: robin.wood@hiv-research.org.za
Also listen to the Jeff Rense radio expose in 2007 about the threat this deadly SA epidemic poses to the rest of the world:
Over the past ten years, the country already hired a large number of Cuban doctors under a contract deal in which Cuban doctors basically earn slave-labour wages -- because the Pretoria-regime sends most of their paychecks back to the Cuban government. These Cuban doctors leave South Africa as quickly as they can get their families out of Cuba and find jobs in Western countries.
Once these new medical recruits arrive in South Africa from Tunisia, they are set to work in rural public hospitals and clinics, the health minister said today. Many rural hospitals do not have fulltime doctors - thus the nurses and medical assistants often have to administer primary care for which they were never trained.
Isolate XDR-TB patients to prevent a global epidemic warns SA expert
One South African doctor who has been warning the regime for the past two years to isolate the (very infectious) XDR-TB patients away from all other vulnerable patients, Dr Jerome Singh, head of the country's Ethics and Health Law department at the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research -- this week again repeated his call to isolate these patients to prevent a global epidemic.
Due to the ANC-regime's anti-isolation policies, many suspected XDR- TB patients are now being treated as outpatients at clinics and general hospitals where they often share wards with people being treated with less-virulent strains of TB -- thus potentially- curable patients at being placed at risk of also being infected with XDR-TB, he noted.
Dr Singh writes:" Seen in this context, isolating XDR-TB patients - involuntarily if needs be - is a reasonable and justifiable measure to protect the health interests of the wider population."
http://www.scidev.net:80/gateways/index.cfm? fuseaction=readitem&rgwid=4&item=Opinions&itemid=637&language=1
Despite the steadily-spreading XDR-TB epidemic which now has been identified all over the country, the South African regime nowever still remains adamantly opposed to any mandatory isolation of infected individuals. The country's (medically-untrained health department officials who take these decisions) seem unaware that XDR-TB patients cannot be treated with any known medicine and thus remain highly infectious to all those around them. Thus the regime 's own stubborn behaviour is causing the epidemic to spread unhindered all over the country -- and eventually, the rest of the world.
See the ANC regime's policy against enforced isolation of XDR-TB patientson this YouTube video: LINK:
Singh also reported that the SA government was 'considering flying in emergency supplies of a 'vital new TB drug, capreomycin,' from Indianapolis in the US because it is not yet registered in South Africa - despite the application having been filed seven months ago.
However, there are medical warnings against Capreomycin ( brand name Capastat Sulfate) as it has some very toxic side-effects on the kidneys, the liver and the central nervous system -- and also should not be used with other injectable Tuberculosis medications such as streptomycin, as "they (capreomycin drugs) will add to the hearing and kidney problems ('nephrotoxicity') that can occur."
This drug also has never been tested to determine whether the drug is excreted into breast milk and could thus pose a serious health risk to babies of mothers being treated with it.
Professor Tommie Victor of Stellenbosch University, whose team discovered the SA-1 TB+HIV mutated strain of XDR-TB in 2003, already warned a full year ago that their own field-research proved that drug resistance may be an even bigger problem than previously thought among the Western Cape's TB-patients they had tested: these patients often harboured two different strains of TB simultaneously and they have found that their drug-resistant strain was actually made made more powerful by their being prescribed the wrong -- (cheaper) line of TB-drugs because of the ANC-regime's cost-saving policies.
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Picture: front page of Sunday Times article which shows how racial hiring policies are cripping the South African hospitals. The front picture shows heavily-armed public health workers protesting during their month-long health-workers' strike which started on June 1 and caused many deaths when hospital wards and emergency units were forced, often at gun-point by the strikers, to close down.



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