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A collection of video links on everything under the sun
(Note: Some videos may have been removed or moved)

10 Minute Complete Expose Of Warming Hoax

Farmed Salmon Nightmare Exposed

Kid Expelled For Unloaded Shotgun In Car Off Campus

The Truth About Cigarettes

$3 Trillion Dollars Down The Drain - Why We're Broke

What America's Kids Are 'Playing' - Modern Warfare 2

The True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment

Great Statement Against Mandatory Vaccination In GA

VeriChip Acquisition Reason For Concern

LED Tattoos Could Turn Skin Into Screens

Oathkeepers - No Proof Of US Concentration Camps

Even Cats Have Obama's Oreo Cookie Number

Near Riots - UCLA Students Protest Tuition Hike

Great Fireball Lights Up Western US Skies

Inside Britain's Israel Lobby

Is Obama A Muslim? You Decide

The Lost History Of Helmand, Afghanistan

Beck - Speak Without Fear, Question Boldly

We The People Will Fight The NWO

The Criminal Rothschilds

UFO Ascends Off NJ Coast

The Myth Of The Illuminati

Salbuchi - We The People Will Fight The NWO

AMAZING - High-Speed Robot Hand

WTC 7 - Molten Metal At Bottom Of Debris DAYS Later

Molten Iron Flowing Like Lava At WTC

Swedish Journalist On Israeli Organ Harvesting

Water Crimes - The Fluoride Song

Insiders Plan To Destroy The US - Robert Welch 1958

Did Jesus Name The Anti-Christ?

Freemasonry Unmasked

Kissinger Threatens Regime Change In Iran

The Consequences Of Same Sex Marriage

Nutrient Density Key To Good Health

Chemtrails Outrage Florence, OR Residents

Gardasil Follow Up - The Terrible Consequences

Obama Kills Fly During CNBC Interview

Latest - Olsen Lake Champlain 'Champ' Video

New, Closer Look At Famous 'Champ' Video

George Carlin On 'Freedom of Choice'

How World Zionism Created WWII

You Are A SLAVE To The Government

The Hidden Story Of The Khazar Empire

Estonians Clean Entire Country Of Trash!

Obama, Cigarettes & Marijuana With Noam Chomsky

US Using Patriot Act Against Own Citizens

Obama Brings Indefinite Detention To America

Bill Northern Wows A Horse Doc

Obama's Budget 'Cut' Scam - A Visualization

PROOF - Clinton Admin Caused Sub Prime Crisis

Chemtrail Aerosol Assaults Continue

Aerobics - Sweatin' With The Socialists

Deek - Swine Fear Grips Humanity

48 Confirmed Cases Of Mexican Flu In NY State

Dr. Henry Niman - Swine Flu Evolution, Predictions

Ron Paul - Putting Swine Flu In Perspective

Horowitz- Swine Flu Is Genocide For Profit

New Swine Flu Is A Manmade Spliced Virus


Schumer Brags About Cutting Pandemic Funding

Ooops...Best Read The Flight Manual First

Schumer Brags About Cutting Pandemic Funding

Deek On The Flu - FKN News

Economy Turning Around? - Watch This Video

What The Israel Lobby Did To Chas Freeman

Happy Birthday Ernst Zundel

FEMA, DHS Thinking Mass Chicago Area Deaths?

Concerns Over Chemtrails Increase

Americans Growing Rage About Fraud Obama

Nut Cop Stops Reporters Covering Posse Violation

Senate Bills Could Take Down The Internet

Rockefeller Shutting Down Internet Bills 773, 778

The Great Depression - Video

Scenes From The Great Depression

Black Market Nukes

2008 Herzog Report On Collapse, Martial Law

What The Drugs Wars REALLY Cost

Welcome To Mississauga

John Maynard Keynes And Economic Fascism

Cops Surveil, Target Journalists, Protesters

Shocking Police Brutality On War Hero

Don't Talk To The Police

UFO Formations Reported Worldwide

Shape Shifting UFO

Ron Paul - What If Americans Knew The Truth?

Kucinich Bill To Nationalize The Vile Fed

Hollywood Does Chemtrails - 'Toxic Skies'

Peter Schiff On US Dollar Bubble

How Rifles Protected People During The LA Riots

Alan Keyes Says Barky Is A Communist

The Real Purpose Of The Second Amendment

Galloway On Zionists & Gaza Massacre

Get Ready For Mass Retail Closings

Overview Of Obama's Gang Rape Stimulus Bill

'Air Skiing'

12 Yr Old's Pro-Life Speech

Joe Biden - 'I Am A Zionist'

The Crash Of 2009 Is Coming To You

Operation Blue Beam Scam Over Russia?

Reid...The Dumbest Man In The Senate

Rapists & Illiterates - Your Child's Classmates?

Obama Worship At Frightening Fever Pitch

Wanda Sykes - Bailout Is Welfare For The Rich

Ashley's Life Ruined By Gardasil HPV Shot

Earth's Problem Is The HUMAN Species

How Barky Betrayed The Machinists Union

Gravel On Israel, Afghanistan And Pakistan

Dolls Says 'Islam Is The Light'

Fisher-Price Doll - 'Islam Is The Light'

Olbermann - Time For Cheney To Leave The US

Barky's Big Con - No Change

DUI Lawnmower Taser Arrest

Chomsky On The Obama Presidency

CEOs Feel 'Entitled'

Brian Gerrish Exposes Common Purpose

Seven Ways To Stop A Foreclosure

New UFO Sighting Near Stephenville

DREAD Weapon - Devastating, Jam-Proof, Silent

What If Reality Were Fiction?

Europe Fast Running Out Of Natural Gas

Kissinger Wants Barky To Create NWO

Doctor Decries Israeli Slaughter

The Solution To Cheating Women

The Anti-Semitic Side Of Zionism

Inhuman Israeli Horror For 1.5M In Gaza

Ron Paul Condemns Gaza Invasion

Net 'Gaza Attack' Vid Now Said '05 Accident

Men CAN Fly!

Marijuana Largest Cash Crop In CA

'Magic Mushrooms' - Lasting Positive Effects

MRSA - The New Aids

VT Secession Convention News Conf

Processed People - They Call It 'Food'

Pastor Manning Elaborates On Africa, Etc

Rare Nazi Film Surfaces - 'The Eternal Jew'

Cynthia McKinney Slams Israel

Super Size My Aspartame By Trillion

Bernie Made Off With Billions (The Song)

Best Of Barky's Minister, Jeremiah Wright

UFO Compliation

Pastor James Manning - Powerful Truths

Ahmadinejad's Christmas Message UK TV

Obama-Hitler Comparisons

Black Pastor Warns Congregation

Kids Singing Change the World

Hitler-Obama Youth

Sunday Morning Kids Song


US Economy - The Philopher's Stone

UFO Over Melbourne - Seen Taking Up Water

UFOs Over Melbourne

UFO Over Nanjing China

UFO Crashes On Desert Floor

UFO Over London

UFOs Over Santiago, Chile?

30,000 Scientists Sue Gore - Warming Hoax

Happiness In Catching

A 'Fairness Doctrine' We Can Believe In - Pt 1


A 'Fairness Doctrine' We Can Believe In - Pt 2

Tamiflu Resistance Jumps To 96% In UK

Sponsor An Executive

Best Grey ET Video

Fraud - Gore Sued By 30,000 Scientists

Miracle 5 Yr Old Blind Korean Piano Genius

New World Order Now In School Textbooks

Coke/Pepsi Used As Pesticides

Jewish Settlers Shoot Two Palestinian Men

Donofrio Blasts MSNBC's Pete Williams

US Homeless - This Is Not America

Are We Sadists?

Flaming The Classics

Cow Being Abducted?

Venice Sees Worst Flooding In 20 Years

Obama's Blatant, Dangerous Narcissism

Lack Of Gun Freedom Aided Mumbai Killers

Japanese Water Powered Car Here


Paul Warns Of Plans For Intl Central Bank

Kucinich On The Economic Crisis

Vatican Sex Crimes

Latest On Mumbai Attacks

Bailout Costs $8.5 Trillion

Israeli's Starve Gazans - Bush Pardons Turkeys

Overwhelming Evidence Of Ancient Giants

CNN - Roswell Witnesses Remain Firm

JP Morgan Founded The CFR

Meteor Lights Up Canada's Skies

Ford's Most Advanced Factory In Brazil

JFK On Zionist Threat Prior To His Death

Congo Refugees - 'We Are Being Massacred'

Media Malpractice - How Obama Won

Leichtenstein Cuts Cell Tower Rad By 90%

Obama - 'I Am An Illegal Alien'

JJ Johnson On Growing Militia Unrest

What Will Happen If GM Fails

Margolis On USS Liberty Slaughter By Israel

BUSH Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame

Rare - UFO On Leaked Military Video

Georgia War Crimes Against S.O.

Elephants Playing Football

Celente Predicts Revolution - Jeff Thu Guest

There Is No Democracy

EMF/EMR Blasts MA Home - Yours, Too?

New Vid Shows WTC7 Windows Blowing Out

Did You Know? - Amazing Facts

Rabbi Blasts Zionist Occupation Of Palestine


IDF Beasts Tormenting Bound Palestinian

David Dees...Inside Job

This Week's HeadLies With DEEK

Nader - Obama An Uncle Sam Or Uncle Tom?

Amazing Nano Technology's Near Future

2012 Debunked - Part 1

2012 Debunked - Part 2

Obama To Create New 'Civ Military Force'

Proof Obama Born In Kenyan Village

Best Stunt Pilot Ever?

Philly Cops Control Happy Fans - Next Tuesday?

New Documentary 'Indoctrinate U'

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing

FL Residents Buy Guns Fearing Obama

Powell Predicts Crisis On Jan 21 Or 22

Bad Astronomy vs Good Science

How Intl Bankers Gained Control Of America

The Complete Idiot's Guide To The NWO

SoCal Foreclosure Nightmare

Halloween Candy Melamine-Tainted?

Corsi On Obama's Radical Influences

Obama Wants To Redistribute Your Wealth

Many Witnesses - New Texas UFO Sightings

CNBC Analyst Blames 'Illuminati' For Crisis

Hear The Truth - Reverse Speech Blind Test

Attempted Citizen's Arrest Of Karl Rove

Why Bailout Could Not, Will Never Work

Fuhrer Obama Youth - Hitler Nazi Youth

Obama = Hitler

Wake Up, USA


McCain Blinked 104x In 60 Sec During Debate

WeAreChange Confronts CNN's Wolf Blitzer

Ahmadinedjad A Mason? Real Name Saborjhian

Sarah Palin's SNL Performance

Soldout To Marxist/Communist/Demoralization

Massive Anti-US Baghdad Protest

Rev Manning Rips 'Tarzan' Obama

Zeitgeist - The Addendum

McCain Attended ACORN Event

Huckabee - Norris Argue Financial Terrorism

Berg Interview - Issues In Berg Vs. Obama

Do You Know Enough About Barack Obama?

Bush's Brain

Fear Conquered - A Great Feat

Orthodox Jews Transfer Sins To Chickens

Glenn Beck Warns Of NWO & World Currency

Vote Out Bailout Backers



US Army Prepares To Invade US

Cosmology in Crisis

Conjoined Twins, Abby & Brittany At 16

Farrakhan Calls Obama 'The Messiah'

John McCain's Rage

Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

Kid Zombie Kool Aid Drinkers Sing Of Obama

Ron Paul - 'They Defied Their Districts'


Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout

What's Wrong With McCain's Face?

Deek - The 'Bailout' - From Frying Pan To Fire

H1N1 Evolution In Hong Kong

Food Riots Begin All Over The World

How The Markets Really Work

Only 13% US Adults Proficient At Reading & Comp

Rep Burgess - Pelosi Has Declared Martial Law

SA Surfer Attacked By Two Great Whites

Kaptur - They Want Mamma To Make It All Better

Kaptur - Let's Play Wall St Bailout

WH Coup, Smedley Butler, Prescott Bush

Galloway Drops Caller Over Truth About Zionism

Ron Paul On Financial Crisis

Fake Sarah Palin Earns Big NY Welcome

RussiaToday Interview With Lyndon Larouche

Marine Speaks Out On Using DU In Iraq

New Needles, CA UFO Mystery Surfaces


How 60 Minutes Framed Iran

Govt Covering Up Ike's Death Toll

RFK Jr - How The News Media Fails Us

Pastor Manning Blasts Obama's Parents

UFO - Pioneer Kenneth Arnold Interview

$2.7 Trillion Stolen From Pentagon Still Missing

Ukraine's Government Collapses

Togo Bird Flu Outbreak Is Deadly H5N1

Money As Debt

Paul Grills Lying Asst Sec State On Georgia War

Aerial Panorama Of Homes Destroyed By Ike

UFO Photographs - 1870 to 2008

Chemtrail Compilation

Massive Chemtrails Over Bangor, ME 9-5-8

Vancouver, BC Chemtrail Assault 9-2-8

Amazing Chemtrails Over Pittsburgh, PA 9-4-8

Gentle, Kind Teens Bullied Into Suicide

Cop Tries To Meet 13 Yr Old Girl For Sex

Olbermann - 911 Exploitation By BushCo

This Weeks HeadLIES With Deek

911 Redux - Who Are 'Sheeple'?

Time For Some Campaignin'


Obama & Sex Education For Kindergartners

This Weeks HeadLIES With Deek

Rev Manning - Take Blacks Off Victim Pedestal

America's Obsession With Fame

Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard

Cops Raid 'Possible RNC Protesters'

Palin Wisely Pushes Oil Development

Which Side Are You On

Putin's Defiant Interview With German TV

Russian Duma Member: Neocons To Attack Iran

Total Myth - Gun Control Reduces Crime

Like Father, Like Son - Junior Will Walk Free

PNAC NeoCon Agenda Puts US Close To War


Police Trap Peaceful Protesters In Denver

Hillary Back In The White House

Medvedev's Interview On Giving Independence

9-11 False Flag - New German Video

Obama Handles A Crisis

Watch And Hear Biden The Arch Zionist

Cancer As A Fungus

This Week's HeadLIES With Deek


David Dees New Movie

911 Clues Everyone Missed

War Killed 1,492 Ossetians Say Local Officials

Magnificent Hemp - The Outlawed Master Plant

The Worldwide Battle For Water

Bigfoot 'Body' Hoax Exposed

Lieberman Claims No Evidence of WTC7 Collapse

Zionist Control of America

John McCain - Lost in Space, Part Two

Obama Will Let Bush's Crimes Remain Buried

The Second American Revolution

Cell Phone Popcorn Fraud

Brand New World Order 2.0 - Deek

Len Horowitz - In Lies We Trust

Motorcyclist Texting While Riding

Georgia President Talks Of NWO On CNN

A380 Has Bed-Seats, Bars And Showers

Berserk Virus - Tree Man Makes Prime Time


Amazing Child Drowning Prevention

US Witness Confirms Georgian Genocide

American Accuses Georgians Of War Crimes

Georgia To Declare Martial Law - Vid

Mindblowing Slow Motion Lightning Video

Want to Know When You're Going To Die?

Author Stands By Claim Of White House Forgery

Is There Evidence For Jesus?

The Jewish Role In The African Slave Trade

Olbermann - Intro To The Suskind Interview

Olbermann - Ron Suskind Interview

The Talmud Comes To America

Olbermann - Cheney Worst Person In The World

Gen Partin's Data & Confirm Of 3 OKC Bombs

May UFO Crash Near Vegas - Military Grabs It Fast

Is Obama 'The One?

This Week's HeadLIES With Deek

Larry King - Cell Phones And Cancer

Eustace Mullins Tells It Like It Is

NYC Pig Cops Completely Out Of Control

Over Your Head And Into Your Lungs

Barky Obama - Lies, Gaffes & Backtracks

Growing Trend Weather Manipulation

Palestine - The Facts On The Ground

'Iran Should Sue US To Stop War Threats'

Stan's Water Powered Car

Two More Stan Meyer Videos

Why Is America So Crazy?

Zapruder JFK Film Clearly Doctored

Escobar - Christian Zionists Target Iran

Barky Sells Europe On Afghan War

Choosing The Lesser Of Two Evils

Codex Alimentarius And The NWO

Future Of Food Not Looking Good

Bush Guilty Of Murder 1 - Bugliosi To Congress

Obama Global Poverty Act = World Tax = Socialism

Ron Paul - 'The Mother Of All Bailouts'

One Step Beyond - The Sacred Mushroom

Obama's New World Order Speech In Berlin


Hear The Edgar Mitchell UFO Interview

UFO Taped From Aircraft In UK

Black Project Military Aircraft Caught On Video

Grateful Dead - KGO TV News (SF) June 1985

Israeli Soldier Shoots Palestinian Prisoner

'Selling Sickness' (AntiDepressants)

George Galloway Destroys An Addled Brit

Freemasonry Exposed

Obama Claims The US Has 57 States


Gutsy Canadian Rejects False Flag In Advance

Jewish Woman Exposes Rothschilds

Monsanto's GMO Terminator Seed Sex War

Long Lines At Indymac FEDERAL Bank

Thank You, Obama, For Voting For FISA

Dr. Laibow - Codex & GM Foods Finals Reports

Ex-Gov Ventura Talks About 911 Coverup

Naomi Wolf - US Finalizing 10 Steps To Fascism

Peter Paul Vs Hillary Clinton - Part 1

Peter Paul Vs Hillary Clinton - Part 2

Was Barack Obama Muslim?

Shock Bracelets For All Airline Passengers?

UFOs 'Shut Down' 20 US Minuteman Missiles

David Icke's Brilliant UK Campaign Speech

Jesse Jackson Talks About Castrating Barky

Israelis Show Off Jets Capable Of Reaching Iran

Obama - 'Make Sure Your Child Can Speak Spanish' (!)

Iran Tests More Missiles In Gulf

Bush Tries To Pardon Himself In Advance

FDA Admits Mercury-Amalgam Hazards

Neocons Pushed US Into Iraq War, Iran Next

Radio Frequency Energy And Mind Control

Escobar - How Do Iranians React To Attack Threat?

Another Water Fueled Car Invention - 2 Yrs Ago

British (Zionist) Empire Pushes WWIII Reality

Superb German Documentary On 911 Fraud

Dr. Rima Laibow Codex Commission Report

Criminalizing Peace

Open Letter To Military General Officers

Kinsey's Pedophiles

Carter - US Obliged To Agree With Israel

The Kinsey Coverup

Video Shows Patient Dying On ER Floor

Dr. Laibow Reports From The Codex Meeting

UFOs Over Moscow

Pepe Escobar On Obama - Part 1

Pepe Escobar On Obama - Part 2

Napolitano - Why Patriot Act Is Unconstitutional

Larry Sinclair - What Kind Of Con Man?

This Weeks HeadLIES With Deek

Surprise! (Not) Obama's People Are Clinton's

Iraq Story Buried By Lapdog US Media

Ron Paul Blasts Talk Of Iran Attack

McClellan On Neocon Push For Iraq War

Want To Fly? Get Ready For X-Ray Strip Search

RV Homeless Ranks Growing

Berman Denies AIPAC/Israel Influence On US Policy

Homemade Electric Powered 1975 VW Beetle

Vertical Algae Biofuel Growing

Tractor With Rockets Outpaces Plane

Onstar Will Shut Down Your Vehicle If Stolen


Dollars, Oil & The Big Wipe Out

Flood Waters Inch Near St. Louis Monument

Your Milk On Drugs - Just Say 'No' - Pt 1

Your Milk On Drugs - Just Say 'No' - Pt 2

Fox Says Obama Supporters Threaten Woman


Do You Like Your Skies, Natural Or Manmade?

Solar Powered Electric Car - It Works!

Fluoride Deception - Part 1

Fluoride Deception - Part 2

Fluoride Deception - Part 3

Watch Sinclair's NPC News Conference

UK Farm Pigs Inhumanely Treated

Oz Magnetic Motor Yields 5X Electricity Used

Chemtrails - Danger In The Sky

Sadism Rampant Among US Troops In Iraq

Reasons To Vote Republican

Russians Feel World Food Price Increases

Water-Only Fueled Car Rolled Out In Japan


Downside Of Energy Saving Florescent Light Bulbs

Fully-Animated Lifelike Female Robot

Standing,Talking Female Robot

Tell Conyers To Start The Impeachment Hearings!

Cedar Rapids Remains A City Under Water

Comets In An Electric Universe

Don't Talk To The Police

Olbermann - McCain Should Know Better

Talk Show Host Reagan Wants 911 Truthers Shot

Kucinich Impeachment Speech Censored By Media

Water-Fuel Car Unveiled In Japan

BBC - Jewish Settler Attack Caught On Cam

Pelosi Pulled Iran Bill On Request Of Israel

Biggest Oil Find In US History

AZ State Sen Johnson Pushing New 911 Probe

Chemtrails From The Air

GM Viruses Used To Build Electronics

Neocon Agenda, War & Israeli National Interest


Schools Calls Cops On 14 Yr Old For Talking

Sinclair - Obama Wouldn't Be 'Black' President

14 Yr Old Mentions 1st Amendment - Cops Called

S A Has Become Misery Land For Whites

The Energy Non-Crisis

This Week's HeadLIES With Deek 

Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

Vertical Algae - Growing Biofuel

Algae Biodiesel - 1 Acre Makes 10,000 Gal A Year

Elephant Art And Soul

Myron Fagan 8-Part Illuminati History

Big Obama Backer BLANK On Obama Achievements

The World According To Monsanto Link 1

The World According To Monsanto Link 2

AIPAC Convention - No Room For Debate


Obama's Speech To AIPAC

HAARP - Nature Modification Weapon

HAARP - The NWO's Ultimate Weapon

Another Report On The Denver ET Video

Want To Buy A Ghost?

Prof. Mearsheimer On AIPAC & Congress - Pt 1

Prof. Mearsheimer On AIPAC & Congress - Pt 2

Attacking Iran Insane - Devastating Consequences

This Week's HeadLies With Deek

How Obama Used Technicalities To Eliminate Foes

The Three Stooges - Hillary, Obama, McCain

How The Secret Service Set Up JFK

Musical 'Tribute' To Zionist Bush America

DNC Refuses To Meet Larry Sinclair In DC

Iran War Insane - Devastating Consequences

HBO's 'Recount' Depicts 2000 Coup d'Etat In FL


Olbermann - Rough Day For McCain

RFK Jr - 'They Are Destroying The Constitution'

NAFTA, CAFTA, Economy Bad Now?

Indict Karl Rove - Or McCain Is Already Elected

Sununu Tours Food Banks...Votes Against Funding

Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama & Osama

UK Police State Gets Alien Payback

UK Truckers Stop Driving - Outrage Over Fuel Hikes

Fuel $ May Force 4-Day Work Wk In Long Island

Trotta Apologizes For Obama-Osama Remark

Obama Would Meet Cuba's Leaders

Shocking - Zyklon B Test On Humans

David Cole - Incredible Auschwitz Revelations

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - 30 Parts

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - Entire Film

Science - No Evidence Treblinka Exterminations


SoCal Tornadoes Hits Homes, Stun Residents

Homeless At Heathrow - US Airports Next?

Flying Fish Glides By Ferry For 45 Seconds

TV Creates Reality For Many

Weekly HeadLies With Deek

The Military-Medical Complex

Astrologer Bests Skeptic Shermer On Own Show

More Amazing Software Rolling Out

Weird Color Clouds 10 Min Before China Quake

Bizarre Glowing Clouds 30 Min Before China Quake

The Great Derangement

Dementia? John McCain - Lost In Space

Media Caught Lying

Experts - 911 Whackos Just Might Be Right

Secessionists Convention In Tennessee

10 Close Encounters Caught On Tape

GOP Rips Mrs Obama For 'Proud' Remarks

This Week's HeadLies With Deek

Why Detroit Is The #1 Worst Big City

UK X-Files

Secessionists Convention In Tennessee

10 Close Encounters Caught On Tape

GOP Rips Mrs Obama For 'Proud' Remarks

This Week's HeadLies With Deek

Why Detroit Is The #1 Worst Big City


UK X-Files

Can Robot Nanoworms Find Cancer?

Is The Bible An Illuminati Blueprint?

1 In 5 New Yorkers Now On Emergency Food

China Quake Damage

Cartoon Banned By Mormon Church

John Perkins - Economic Hitman

Video Taken During China Quake

Bible Mistranslations

Military Hiding Behind Fake UFO/ET 'Threat'?

Bush Blames India For Rising Food Prices

Napolitano - A Nation Of Sheep

The World According To Monsanto

Lying Condoleezza Rice Must GO

Gay Militants Shut Down Debate

Shift Happens

Many Middle Class In NY Getting Food Help

Bernays And The Century Of The Self

TOP Secret Govt Facility Holds Flt 93 Evidence

'If I Were A Terrorist'


NeoCon Frum Shoves WeAreChange L.A. Cam

Superclass - Elite Plans To Dominate The World

This Weeks HeadLies With Deek 5-1-08

Take A Walk On The Edge

Turner Again Calls For Population Reduction

Obama Endorses Brzezinski

Infamous BBC 911 Live 'WTC 7' Broadcast

Early BBC Anchor Agrees 911 Possible Conspiracy

This Week's HeadLies With Deek

Food Rationing At Costco & Sam's Clubs

US Fraud Out Of Control

Carnicom On Morgellons - Part 1

Carnicom On Morgellons - Part 2


End Of Nations - The Fascist EU Takeover

Accounts Of CA Brown Moth Aerial Spraying

Canadian Natives Used For Elite Experiments

Children Murdered In Canada Church Schools

Diane Matthews - Central Texas Gardener

Adolf And Controversy

This Week's HeadLies With Deek - 4-19-08

Obama Denies NAU & His CFR Membership

Israeli Slaughter Of Palestinians Continues

Singing Tesla Coils

Warning: New American Civil Submission Theology

TV Newscast During Midwest Quake


Vicious Feminism In The Schools

ABC News Busts Condi's Torture Planning

Voice Over Nightmares!

Homosexuality 101

The World According To Monsanto

Ron Paul Questions General Betrayus

Onion Network News On 911 And Al Qaeda

Iraq Vets Vs War Seize National Archives Bldg

TX Woman Catches UFO On Camera

Subprime Crisis Hits 'McMansions'

First Movie Of 'Tsunami' On Sun


The Money Masters - Part 1

The Money Masters - Part 2

Weekly HeadLies With Deek - 4-4-8

Ron Paul Questions Bernanke 4-2-8

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

Shocking - Zyklon B Test On Humans

A Jew Defends Hitler - Part 1

A Jew Defends Hitler - Part 2

A Jew Defends Hitler - Part 3


Shocking - Zyklon B Test On Humans

David Cole - Incredible Auschwitz Revelations

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - 30 Parts

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - Entire Film

Science - No Evidence Treblinka Exterminations


This Weeks HeadLies With Deek - 3-28-08

The Voices Of America's Destruction

The Truth Behind Hillary In Bosnia

JFK's Timeless Warning About Secret Societies

McCain, NeoCons & The Israel Lobby

Bush's Speech Writer Exposed (Satire)

Black Gang Beats White Kid - Media Silent

Weekly HeadLies With Deek - 3-22-08

Stunning BigDog Robot Is Spooky


German Challenge To Holocaust-Shoah Narrative

HG Wells Portentious Film 'Things To Come'

John Walson Visits The Moon - Part 3

Paulson Stammering Around The Economy

This Weeks HeadLies With Deek 3-14-08

CBS News On Soaring Wheat Prices

Dr. Mohammed Miraki - Afghan Update

Why Fallon's Resignation Is Frightening...

Ron Paul Unlikely To Support McCain

Giant Fossilized Mystery Creature Found

New Stephenville UFO Video Footage Released


PsyOp Or Is Even MTV Warning US?

MSNBC Hopes For 'Secret Prisons' For 911 Truthers

Cannibalism Thriving In West Africa

Who Was Jesus? - Part 1

Obama - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Part 1

Obama - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Part 2

Obama - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Part 3

Zionist Israelis Butcher Scores Of Palestinians

CBS Reporter 'Zapped' By Pentagon Ray Gun

ABC News Reports On Wheat Shortage

Interview Proves Bush Planned Iraq War Before 911

Bernanke Almost Says 'Devaluation' 

Israeli Missile Kills Three In Gaza

How Cops Confiscated Guns After Katrina

Thought Crime Commission In Obama's Hands


Ron Paul - Bernanke Deliberately Destroying Dollar

Paul's Brilliant Opening Statement To Bernanke

Larry McDonald On World Government Conspiracy

Instant Problem Solver?

Ron Paul Censored On YouTube

WWII Atrocity - Soviet Sinking Of Wilhelm Gustlaff

John McCain's 'Hundred Years Of War'

This is What A Police State Looks Like

Prof Randy Pausch - His Last Lecture

Torture - America's Brutal Prisons

Olbermann - Mr. Bush, You Are A Fascist

Troubled Waters - Our Planet

BioFuels - It's Not Easy Being Green

Ron Paul On The 'Soft Fascism' In America

The History Of Political Correctness


Ron Paul On The Coming Economic Collapse

Frozen Grand Central - 'Art' Or Psy Op?

Willie Nelson Doesn't Buy The 911 Lie

Naomi Wolf - Fascism Is Falling Upon Us

We Are Change CO Confronts Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Denies 911 Was Inside Job

Montel Williams Fired For Talking Truth

Bernays Mind Manipulation - Century Of The Self

$1,4B Bad Loans In Just ONE Town

SC Electronic Voting Machines Draw Scorn

SoCal Shanty Town Tent City

History Channel - Anthrax Attacks Inside Job

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 1-26-07


Peru UFO Squadron

Debate: Ron Paul - 'Spending Ourselves Into Oblivion'

Ayn Rand's First TV Interview - Part 1

Ayn Rand's First TV Interview - Part 2

Ayn Rand's First TV Interview - Part 3


Impressive UFO Video From Mideast

Velikovsky - Hero Or Villain?

Lindbergh's Heroic AntiWar Speech Sept 11, 1941

Palestinians Smash Israeli Hell Through Breach In Wall

HR 1955 And S 1959 - The END Of True Liberty

Charges Obama Gay Sex And Coke

Gravel To Teens - Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol

Sibel Edmonds Movie - Kill The Messenger


Palestinians Smash Israeli Hell Through Breach In Wall

Example Of Israeli Helicopter Attack On Civilians

Israeli War Crimes on Civilians

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 1-11-08

Hotel Drinking Glasses Outrage

Are You Earthquake Ready?

Watch The Hideous Truth Of Abortion

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 12-14-07

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 12-7-07

Ron Paul Supporters Drown Out Giuliani In GA

Something Enormous Being Uncovered In Greenland?

The End Of America

Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis & Fats Domino - Together


The Electric Universe

Mary Poppins - The Dark Side

Larry King Hosts UFO Press Conference Presenters

CNN Report On UFO Disclosure Panel In DC

Carol Rosin - Von Braun's Space Weapons Warning

The Uranium Wars - Leuren Moret


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Pot Better For Treating ADD Than Ritalin

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CFR Controls US Media

Ron Paul - Snowball Effect

How Television Works

Rep Watson, Israel Lobby, US Foreign Policy

Daylight Brooklyn UFOs - Smaller Craft Joins Larger

Colbert Announces For Prez - In Both Parties

HOAX - HR 8791 To Prep US For ET Attack, Bird Flu, Etc


Maher Nails Big Pharma To The Wall

Buffalo 'Go Home'

911 Truth Movement - The Film

Best Bird Music Video

Nader - Things A Lot Worse Than We Thought

Will the American People Have Had Enough?


Best Ron Paul Video 

Ritter - 'We're Not Allowed To Criticize Israel'

Ritter - 'Only A FOOL Would Bomb Iran'

Toxic Sludge is Good For You

Gardasil Vaccine Adverse Reaction - A Mother's Account

Hilarious TX Legislature E-Voting Fraud!

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Nanobot Replacing Neurons!

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New Iran Documentary - A Must See

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 9-28-07

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Powerful Elite Group Subverts UK

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Bush Hides Pardon For Himself

Citizen Knows Laws Better Than The Police

Austrlian Air Force Sinks N Korean 'Drug' Ship

Iranians - Don't Let Zionists Make You Hate Them


Ozone Therapy - Why Medicine, Big Pharma Fear It

Deer Jumps Over Harley! 

Zelikow, Genius Myth-Maker, Headed 911 Comm Staff

Zelikow, Genius Myth-Maker, Headed 911 Comm Staff Pt 2

Olbermann To Bush - 'Your Hypocrisy Is So Vast'

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 9-21-07

Money As Debt


Carlin - Education & The Owners Of America

Perspective And The Blinding Speed Of Change

U Florida Student Tasered For Asking Question

The Real Rudy's Sweetheart Deal With Silverstein

Texas TV Coverage Of Morgellons

Piece Of Roswell Crash Debris?

Israel's 'Secret' Massive, Nuclear Bomb Program

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 9-14-07

The Shock Doctrine

Einstein African Parrot - Astounding Vocabulary & Sounds


South Africa - Racist Capital Of The World

MIT Engineer: WTC An Obvious Demolition

Geraldo Live When Jones Arrested

Women In American Film...A Journey

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 9-1-07

Alex Jones Released

Toronto PD HQ Surrounded By Masonic Symbolism

Bush/Cheney Iraq War Planned BEFORE 911

New Ron Paul Speech Says It All

Ron Paul Delegates Barred From Straw Vote

KTVU-TV Special Morgellons Report

Why The Fed Violates The US Constitution


Israel Won't Open Borders - Baby Dies, Others Dying

Drum Solo By The Incomparable Buddy Rich

More! Buddy Rich Versus Animal

Larry Silverbird

Deek's HeadLies 8-25-07


Chemtrails Illuminaten Freimaurer Verschwörung

Dancing Israelis Taping The 911 Attack

Rather Reports: Trouble With Touch Screens

Man Duplicates Stonehenge Without Equipment

Oil Pipeline Rupture in Burnaby, BC


SPP Protesters Catch Cops Undercover

Racehorse Saved By Stemcells

While We Slept, America Has Gone Fascist

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 8-17-07

Paul Nails Blowback From 1953 CIA Iran Coup

AMAZING MSNBC Twit - China's Our Best Buddy!


Cheney '94 - Invading Iraq Would Be 'Quagmire'

The Bionic Hamburger - Watch, Disgusting

Laser Guide Lights On South Tower Before Impact

Another Video Of The Laser Bead On South Tower

Hoodwinked At Shanksville


Alien Figure Caught On Night Video?

Haitian UFO Video (hoax)

Hatian UFO Vid #2 (hoax)

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 8-10-07

Cramer Explodes - Market Meltdown, Armageddon

Cramer - 'When Things Uravel, Not If'

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Why The Fed Violates The US Constitution


Scientology Bunker In New Mexico

Edmonds - 'I Assumed the Enemy Was Foreign'

Video Shows Evangelism At Highest Levels Of US Military

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 8-3-07

Freedom Next Time - John Pilger In Chicago

'White' Gristle-Like Morgellons Items Move, Intelligent

Tunak Tunak Tun

Atty Tom Cryer Wins Against The IRS

Why Ron Paul Is The ONLY Choice

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 7-28-07

Subliminal Advertising - Incredible Control Of People


One Tough Penguin!

Mass UFO Sighting in UK, Video

BBC Doc - How Bush Stole The '04 Elections In FL

When Cars Were CARS

The Pinky Show - Banked Into Submission

New WTC Implosion Vid - Demolition Absolutely Clear 

Apple's Brilliant 1984 Macintosh Commercial

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Animals Laugh

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Moving Morgellons Fibers On Woman's Knuckle


Full Original TV Coverage Of First Moonwalk 

Israelis Who Believe In Jesus

911 & The BBC By David Shayler/Adrian Connock

HAARP - Advanced Tesla Technology

The Boy Who Lived Before

Levitation On YouTube


All Hail Chertoff's Prophetic Gut!

RFK Jr. Shreds Corporate Toady & Flat-Earther

Clinton, Edwards Anti-Dem Remarks Caught By Fox

Another Nut In A Lawnchair With Balloons Soars High

Michael Moore Blasts CNN In Live Tirade

The Week's HeadLies With Deek - 7-6-07

Black US Minister - Death For All SA Whites

Vanunu Speaks To Christian Zionists


Stewart - Cheney Invents Own Top Secret Status

Olbermann: Bush, Cheney Should Resign

Olbermann - Joseph Wilson On Libby Pardon

Olbermann - John Dean On Libby Commutation

What You Should Know About Blackwater


TB Mows Down HIV/AIDS People In Africa

900 Health Lobbyists Inivted To Sicko - 11 Came

Bush Going After Moore & 911 Rescue Workers

An Awesome First Night for "Sicko"

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XDR TB SA-1 Strain Contains HIV Markers

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Mineta Re-Confirms Cheney Ordered 911 Stand Down

One Secret To Solving Global Warming In The Soil?


Dr. Mohammed Miraki - Afghanistan Now 

Paul Slams Bush's 'Demented Philosophy Of Conquest'

Chemtrails Cover NY Skies - Few Notice

Singing Tesla Coil

Iraq - Ron Paul Vs Yahoo News


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Does Facebook Have Links To The CIA?

Bayer Knowingly Sold AIDS-Laced Drugs - 1,000s Died

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UFO 'Drone' Just A CGI Hoax? Take A Look

World's Greatest Uke Player?

Unknown UK Cell Phone Salesman With A Voice

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How The Communist KGB De-Moralized America

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Salt Water Burns - Watch!

Paris Back In The Slam

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XDR TB Video From S Africa

Pilger Powerhouse Doc On What Jews Do To Palestinians

Water Buffalo Save Calf From Pride Of Lions

The Man Who Travelled Forward In Time?

Bilderburger Meeting


WeAreChange Confronts David Rockefeller

Man Claims New Nessie Video 

Large Group Of UFOs Over Santiago, Chile

Flotilla Of UFOs Over Lima, Peru

The Four-Fingered Pianist

The Difference Between Jews And Zionists

Message From The White House Souse

Daylight UFO Buzzes Costa Rica Volcano


US Demands Iraq Change Its Constitution!

So, What Happened To The Flt 93 Boeing? - Vid 

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Olberman - Entire Government Has Failed Us On Iraq

Stop The Clash Of Civilizations

Tell The FCC To Save The Internet Now!

Steven Jones Presents His X-ray Spectrometry Evidence

Proof Bush Knew WTC Attacks Well Before 'Pet Goat' Reading

Big Brother X-Ray Vans Now Patrol The Streets


KITV Hawaii - Leuren Moret On Hawaii Depleted Uranium

Iraq For Sale - Banned Video Excerpts

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Olberman - Bill O'Reilly Really Loses It This Time - Video

Rosie O'Donnell Opens The 911 Throttle On The View

The Scientific Proof Of Life After Death - Michael Roll

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Global Dimming

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New Video From LA's MacArthur Park Exonerates LAPD

Fascinating, Mysterious 'Music' Of High Voltage Lines

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NASA UFOs - Photos And Video!

Proof Bush Knew WTC Attacks Well Before 'Pet Goat' Reading

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Blackwater Mercenaries Deployed In US, Too

DOD Tries To Shutdown Vid Of Snipers Picking Off US Troops 

LAPD Dispersing Demonstrators And Press

How The Bush Family Supported The Nazis

Interview With UK Pilot Who Saw Huge Daylight UFO

Canadians Fight North American Union


911 WTC Demolitions Top 3 On Google Video

The Amero - North American Union Currency

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Apollo 11 Astronauts Appear As Bad Liars


Jimmy Carter On Israel

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Who Really Killed JFJ Jr?

Gay Activist Video - How To Pervert Children

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 911

Kite Flying Master's Marvelous Aerial Ballet


Epic Battle In Louisiana...And America

Rare Flt 93 Video - Debris 'Spread Over 3-4 Mile Radius'

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

LAX Police Repeatedly Taser Unarmed Senior

Letterman - Top Ten George W. Bush Moments

The Judaic Role In Black Slave Trade

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The Israel Lobby - Revealing Dutch Documentary 

North American Corporate Union Explained

Man Draws Tokyo After One Overflight

Many Americans Are Dangerously Dumb

Man Draws All Of Rome After One Overflight


Afghanistan After Democracy

How Americans Are Israel's Tax Slaves

NASA Wants To Find Another Earth

The All-Powerful Israeli Lobby's Chokehold On America

Real Cow Abduction Caught On Video?

Astonishing UFO Footage From Italy? Hoax? UPDATE

Imus' Other Crime - Male Chauvinist (vid)


Deek Jackson's F'ing News - Post Apocalypse Video!

Otters Holding Hands At Vancouver Aquarium

The Titanic Truth Movement! :)

Rockefeller Admitted Microchipped Population Goal

Mena & Clinton's Arkansas Version Of Dr. Mengele


Astronauts Won't Swear To Trip

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

See Captive UK Sailors 'Tortured & Abused' In Iran

Hoaxed US Moon Landing Video Rehearsal?

Daylight Video Of Huge Disc UFO

ET Videotaped At Night In Kuwait (Not For Children!)

Economic Hitman Explains Money Motive For Globalization

Pet Food Recall List Grows

The F'kin News With Deek - Rosie Must Die


Mad As Hell

Foreclosing On The American Dream

New AIPAC-Israel Lobby Video (Mostly In English)

Amazing Pet Penguin

911 Justice

The Real European Union

Trump - 'It's All a Big Lie'

Inventor Of Water Powered Car Murdered


Ex-Child 'Star' Bonaduce Says Rosie Should Hang!

Deek Jackson's F'ing News

Lou Dobbs - Immigration Amnesty Debate

Rosie Suggests WTC7 Brought Down Intentionally

Watch Enormous WTC Steel Beams Turn To DUST 

Cordyceps Fungus - Natures Scariest Secret

Our Moon Isn't 'Ours'


Rudy Giuliani In Drag Smooching Donald Trump

The Secret Underground Lectures Of Commander X

Cheney - The Unauthorised Biography

Bush Adamant Advisors Retain Right To Lie

Astronauts Refuse To Swear They Landed On Moon

Suppression Of Free Energy

Stop Spraying Us


Aerosol Attack

Mind-Blowing Illusion...Or?

Is This How Stonehenge Was Built?

Cramer - Wallstreet Confidential Video

Amazing Freestyle Dressage Final

Insurgent Plants Explosive Under US Tank

Trump Tramples Bush 

Deek Jackson's F'ing News - KSM Confesses All!

Blackwater - Bush's Shadow Army


US Atty Fired Because He 'Wouldn't Play Ball'

Giant UFO Over Yukon Canada

911 Justice - Charge The Guilty

Daylight UFO Over Tallahassee

Viacom Sues Google For Over $1 Billion

The Ultimate 911 Conspiracy - Documentary Trailer

The Great Global Warming Swindle - UK Channel 4

Your ATM Card Info Can Be Stolen At The ATM


Sen Schumer Calls For Firing Of Bush's A.G. Gonzales

Cheney To AIPAC - US Stands Resolutely With 'Democratic' Israel

Mexican Banks Refuse Mexican-Issued Matricula Cards!

The Horrific Drugging Of (Destroying) Our Children

Guaranteed To Make You Laugh!

See What's In The Flu Vaccine

Secret Mysteries of America's


Public Affairs Comm Bush Impeachment Hearing

Poison DUst: The Gift That Keeps On Giving...Forever

CO2 Rise Directly Related To Global Warming

Mexico - Flying Humanoid Clear Daylight

Military Version Of Flying Human Platform

Flying 'Witch' Attacks Mexican Officer's Car


Armstrong 1969 Film Of Ancient Moon Building/House?

Locust Swarms Invade Mexico 

Bush - A Most Despicable Liar

Incredible Russian Air Superiority SU-30

Farming For The Future - Small Gardens, Big Fulfillment

Olbermann Gives Rice A History Lesson


Watch The BBC TV WTC 7 Video!

MSNBC Story On Battle Of LA

NM Sen Rules Committee Impeachment Hearing

Official 911 Exposed Again - The PentaCon

Engines That Run On Pure Compressed Air

Why Ice Fishing Sucks

NM Sen Rule Comm Votes 5-0 To Impeach Bush


Rats Go Wild In NYC KFC/Taco Bell

USAF Gen Dimisses McVeigh OKC 'Single Bomb' Ruse

OKC TV News - 'Three Bombs In Murrah Building'

Iran Calls For Parallel End To Nuclear Activities 

Auschwitz Director Of Archives Reveals Gas Chamber Hoax

Thunderbolts Of The Gods

US Army General Says Flt 77 Did Not Hit Pentagon

Fiat Empire - A Closer Look At The Federal Reserve

Rockefeller Amitted Elite Goal Of A Microchipped Population


Hoxsey- How Healing Cancer Became A Crime

Strange, Baffling Red Dust Coats WA State Cars

Watch How The Feds Monitor YOUR Email

Griffin - A World Without Cancer

The Science And Politics Of Cancer

New York Buried In Snow

BBC Global Dimming

Saddam Hussein - The Trial You'll Never See

The Mystery Of Molech...The Owl

Nick Begich - Are You A Manchurian Candidate?

Huge Squid Blind Victims With Bright Light Flashes

Olbermann - Blame It On Iran!

Wolfowitz All But Say Expect Another Pearl Harbor

Ex-US Army Sgt Describes UFO/ET Contact

Our Kids Are Dying For Israel

2 Lake Erie UFOs Join, Separate And Fly Off

Bush To Iran - BACK OFF

Ike's 'MilitaryIndustrial Complex' Speech

'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman'

UFOs Over Hawaiian Skies

Open Mike: Hillary Doesn't Know National Anthem

100s Of UFOs In NASA Video - Most Embarrassing