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Black US Minister - Death
For All SA Whites

Note - The caption under this 'man's' name reads 'The Black Hitler.' In fact, this lunatic makes Adolf look like a cub scout in comparison. Here are just a few quotes in the following, shocking, YouTube video:
"Kill the white women in South Africa - if they are white, kill them all!"
"Why kill the (white) women, why kill the babies when they are just innocent blue-eyed babies? Because they grow up to rule your babies, so kill them ALL now!"
"Kill the (white) women because the women are the military manufacturing sitters and every nine months they lay down on their backs and a reinforcement rolls out from between their legs, so kill the white women...kill them all!"
"And kill all the old whites in South Africa. Why did they get old...because they suppressed the blacks in South Africa, that's how they got old..."
"And then go to their goddamned graves and kill them again because they didn't die hard enough."
Do all Black Americans think this way? Obviously, NOT. But this IS a reflection of some of the virulent, incendiary anti-white racism and hatred that exists in America.
Now, watch the entire 'sermon'....and pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to the incredible REACTION of the congregation of American Blacks listening to this call for white genocide:



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