Astonishing UFO
Footage From Italy?
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Astonishing UFO Footage From Italy?

UPDATE 4-15-7

The same footage can be seen here, brighter and considerably less "grainy" with music to boot, which suggests it is some form of "production" perhaps for a program about UFOs? Hoax? We'll leave it for you to decide. . If it is a fake, it is a very well thought-out UFO design and action, and meshes very well with the lighting and background elements.
This is very fascinating footage. Providing that it is not entirely a hoax, it appears to resemble a quantum leap in 'Avrocar' saucer design and engineering, though certainly light years beyond anything ever revealed to the public.
There appears to be very distinct vents or flaps which open and retract when the craft needs to hover, accompanied by rotation of the entire craft. This seems to cease entirely, sort of "clutched out" when forward thrust takes over. There is no sign of a permanent upper canopy for an occupant or any sort of wing/tail guidance device. The craft also appears to be able to achieve extreme speeds in a matter of seconds, if the final moments of the video are to be believed.
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Frames From Video As Saucer Stops To Hover Then Regains Forward Movement

This footage has been around for sometime. It was released in the U.S. by researcher Paola Harris at the 36th Annual International MUFON Symposium in Denver, Colorado 2005. Paola lives in Italy and was given a fourth generation copy by an anonimous source who told her the video was recorded in Aviano, Italy near from the infamous Aviano Air Base, center of a UFO controversy.
According to Paola Harris the original videographer remains unknown and the object seems to be terrestial in origin, more properly some kind of military prototype remote controlled. The feature in which the disc dissapears at the end raises questions for the italian researchers and Paola thinks the military may be involved.
Paola Harris mentioned that this was clearely a flight test since the videographer was in position focusing the camera where the disc appears initially. The object is not CGI. The footage was analyzed in Boulder, Colorado and they concluded this was a physical object most probably a remote control prototype. The case still remains inconclusive.
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