Stroke Sidelines Popular
Talk Radio Host Dave Allen
By Rayelan Allan <>
Dave Alan, The NightHawk - Popular TALK AMERICA Radio Host Sidelined With Stroke. Mr. Alan was one of the first American Patriot Talk Show Hosts
APTOS, CA - Dave Alan, 48, a popular radio host on local radio station KSCO and the TALK AMERICA radio network, suffered a major stroke over the weekend. Mr. Alan was out of town when he felt tired and dizzy. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was admitted for tests. The tests showed that he had suffered two mild strokes. While in the hospital, Mr. Alan suffered a major stroke. It will be some time before the extant of damage has been determined.
Dave Alan, the Nighthawk, has been a local phenomenon on Santa Cruz radio station, KSCO since the early 90's. Mr. Alan was one of the pioneers of the talk radio Patriot Movement. At a time when most small radio stations were running syndicated radio shows, KSCO had Dave Alan, who fearlessly took on government corruption, smarmy politicians, the illegal Federal Reserve, the FBI siege of Ruby Ridge and Waco, gun confiscation in America, the demonization of smokers, the erosion of our Constitution, the Clinton body count, the murder of Vince Foster and any and all topics of government crimes and corruption.
Dave's program was instantly recognizable by his "bumper music", a cacophony of machine gun bursts, small arms fire and cannon blasts. After the epidemic of school shootings began, politically correct gun confiscators put pressure on KSCO and he was asked to change his "bumper music". He retained his cannon and used it judiciously to "blast" rude and ignorant callers off the air.
Mr. Alan's guests ran the gamut from the far right to the far left. The one thing all his guests had in common was a love of the American system and a desire to expose the conspiracy that is threatening to destroy the United States and replace it with a New World Order.
The list of Mr. Alan's guests would be too long to cover. He was one of the first radio shows to air Bo Gritz and Jack McLamb as they tried to negotiate the surrender of Randy Weaver. John Trochman of the Militia Montana, pointed out the erosion of liberty in America. Former FAA investigator and author, Rodney Stich discussed the related pattern of government crime and corruption that is the norm for today. Chicago Investigator Sherman Skolnick, was one of his most popular guests. Skolnick's topics covered the murder of Princess Diana, the Federal Reserve Bank, the coming collapse of the economy and other suppressed stories.
Dave Alan didn't just cover the political and patriot spectrum. He covered all aspects of suppressed information. When you tuned in to his radio show, you never knew if he was going to be interviewing an investigator of Clinton crimes, an alternative health practitioner, an esoteric historian, an expert on mind control, chemtrails, implants, UFO abductions, or an ex FBI, DEA or CIA agent. Dave was as comfortable interviewing an astrologer as he was interviewing right wing Patriot politician.
His guests have included, Robert Morningsky, David Hatcher Childress, Father Charlie Moore, all of whom were immediately picked up by the Art Bell Show. Many callers to Dave's program have remarked that he must be the "test run" or "try out" for the Art Bell Program.
Dave Alan was an original, a one of a kind. He will be missed by his listeners.
If you know someone who has been a guest on Dave's show, please forward this article to them. KSCO has established an account at a local bank to help Dave pay for his medical bills and living expenses once he is released from the hospital. The address is:
Coast Commercial Bank 1850 41st Ave. Capitola, CA 95010
The account number is: 6206867
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