Religious Persecution
In America - Unregistered
Churches Attacked By Feds
Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana Militia Vows To Defend Church!
THIS IS AN SOS FROM THE INDIANAPOLIS BAPTIST TEMPLE. Our church urgently needs your help at this time. We are under a vicious assault from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the U.S. Justice Department. Many observers have said that it is the greatest attack against religious liberty in the entire two-hundred and twenty-two year history of our nation. We know that it is impossible to believe, but our government is suing our church for $5.1 million in Federal Court. If our church loses this case, it will mean that our religious liberty as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will be gone forever. Also, every church in America will lose their religious freedom too.
This is a case of first impression. The courts have never dealt with this issue before. There is no doubt that President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno are totally dedicated to the silencing of this pulpit from preaching the truth of God's Word. The evidence also shows that their goal is to control every church pulpit in America, including yours. The issues at stake are very clear: CAN THE LORD'S CHURCH BE FORCED TO KEEP RECORDS FOR THE IRS, COLLECT TAXES FOR THE IRS, AND SUBMIT TAXES TO THE IRS from the tithes and offerings of God's people? Tens of thousands of churches in America do none of these things. If our church loses, their church, no doubt, eventually will be targeted too.
For more than four years, our church has been under the most intense pressure from this merciless rogue agency. Even though they can cite no law requiring the above mentioned things, they have persisted in their effort to totally crush us. They have made impossible demands, such as providing them a list of all those who have given $100 or more to our church over a three-year period. They have sent agents into our church and confiscated sermon material. They have kept an active file on our church ministry since 1971. The first thing in that file was an article with the headline: BAPTIST HIGH TO STRESS BIBLE. There is also evidence that they have had active surveillance on our church and pastors.
If the IRS should prevail in this case, we now have AN OFFICIAL STATE CHURCH IN AMERICA that must totally surrender the sovereignty of the Lord's church to the IRS. The Czar of Religion (cults) in Washington, D.C., will replace the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of His church. If this case should be lost, the Justice Department may very well file criminal charges against the two of us. This could mean five years in prison, and a $10,000 fine on every count.
Our church must have your help immediately. We have asked the various Christian law advocacy groups to help us to no avail. Each that we contacted said that this is not a religious liberty issue; but, the Bible and church history says that it is. The State has always demanded tribute from the Lord's church. The martyrs of the ages cry out that our cause is just. We cannot wage this battle alone. We must have your prayers and financial support. The court costs are crushing. The Biblical Law Center of Redding, California, has agreed to fight for us in Federal Court, but they have no financial base. They and local counsel, which we have been forced to secure, must be paid. Our church has already paid out nearly $70,000. It will take a minimum of $200,000 to go to the Supreme Court. The government has already said that this is where they are going, regardless of how the Federal Judge rules here in Indianapolis. Our congregation has already given sacrificially, but the can only do so much. We must spread the burden and share the load with our brethren across the land. BUT AT ALL COST, WE MUST STOP THE IRS NOW FROM CONTROLLING THE PULPITS OF AMERICA. The New World Order's goal to destroy Biblical religion must be stopped now.
Brother Lester Roloff said in 1979, "Roloff Today, Your Church Tomorrow." Well, tomorrow has come. Now it is our church. It will be yours tomorrow. Please help us at this time. Please send as large an offering as possible as soon as possible. For everyone who sends an offering of $10.00, we will send you and audio tape of our attorney, Mr. Al Cunningham, explaining this case in its entirety. For a minimum gift of $25.00, we will send you the four hour video tape which includes Mr. Cunningham, Rev. Greg A. and Dr. Dixon. Also, any church or individual sending a gift of $100 or more, a local business man has donated a page out of an original King James Bible that will be sent to you.
We have filed a Motion to Dismiss. We will keep you informed. Please pray intensely for us at this time. We need your help now; no gift is too small. Please pray about this matter and send as large a gift as possible.
This letter has not been written by professional fund raisers. If it had been, it would be much more sophisticated. This letter is written with much prayer and trembling and with sincerity from our hearts. We admit that we are not experienced in this area. We promise you that not one dollar you send us for this cause will go to any professional fund raiser. We also commit to you that everything we receive will go to the cost of this battle.
Thank you, dear friend, for standing with us as we stand for the rights of all Christians and churches to continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in this great land and around the world. And please, may we hear from you soon? Remember the word of Paul, "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." (Galatians 6:2)
Yours for Christ and liberty,
Rev. Greg A. Dixon
Dr. Greg Dixon
Senior Pastor
Pastor Emeritus
Indianapolis Baptist Temple Telephone 317-783-6753
19th Judicial District Fax 317-781-2775
2711 South East Street E-mail
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 13, 1998
Indianapolis Baptist Temple
19th Judicial District
2711 South East Street
Indianapolis, Indiana
RE: IRS Attack On Indianapolis Baptist Temple
On April 14, Federal Marshals delivered a summons and complaint from the Internal Revenue Service to Rev. Greg A. Dixon, senior pastor of Indianapolis Baptist Temple and Dr. Greg J. Dixon, Pastor Emeritus. The complaint petitioned the Federal Court in the Southern District of Indiana to render judgment against Indianapolis Baptist Temple on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service for alleged income and FICA Withholding Taxes totaling $5.1 million dollars the IRS alleges the church owes for the years 1987 through 1993.
Indianapolis Baptist Temple denies that the church owes taxes in any amount.
Many pastors and legal observers across America agree that this case and the issues it raises will make this challenge the most important state vs. church case in American history. The issues include the following questions:
1.Does the IRS have jurisdiction over the Church of Jesus Christ? 2.Does the IRS have authority to define a church? 3.Does the IRS have the authority to force a church to deny its faith that Jesus Christ is the sole Lord and Head of the church and to acknowledge and submit to the IRS as an equal or superior lord and head of the church? 4.Is the church required Biblically or Constitutionally to keep records or collect taxes for the IRS? 5.Must a church forfeit its property and other assets if it does not submit to involuntary servitude in keeping records and collecting taxes for the IRS? 6.Is the U.S. Government establishing an IRS approved state church in America as in Russia, China, Cuba, etc.? 7.Does the IRS have the authority to prescribe or restrict the content of a pastor's sermons?
Should the court rule favorably on behalf of the IRS in this case, the IRS will have accomplished its goal in becoming the new, self-proclaimed head of every church in America. All churches in the United States will be State Churches taking their orders from their lord and head, the Internal Revenue Service.
Jesus Christ is the sole Lord and Head of Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
Remember. What the IRS and the courts can do to one church in America, they can and eventually will do to every church in America. Wake up, preachers! Wake up, Churches! Wake up, America!
Contact: Rev. Greg A. Dixon or Dr. Greg Dixon, Pastor Emeritus Phone: 317-783-6753 FAX: 317-781-2775 e-mail: Web Site:
April 13, 1998
On Thursday, April 14, 1998, one day before the 1997 tax deadline, two U.S. Marshals delivered to Dr. Gregory J. Dixon and one U.S. Marshal delivered to Rev. Greg A. Dixon a summons from the United States District Court from southern Indiana.
The summons is a lawsuit between the United States of America vs. Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Gregory Jerome Dixon and NBD Bank for nonpayment of alleged employee withholding tax.
The Summons is asking the court to confiscate and foreclose on all properties owned by the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, including a church parsonage. The following is a scenario of events:
1983 IBT lawfully separated herself from the old Indiana corporation.
1984 IBT officially became and began acting as a New Testament Church which is a body of scripturally baptized believers in Jesus Christ.
1995 The IRS officially revoked tax exempt status of Not-A-Church Inc., which IBT had already given up and had not used since January 1, 1984.
1996 The IRS audited 50+ IBT members.
1998 IRS denies church donations as tax deductible gifts.
1998 IRS sues in District Court the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Gregory J. Dixon and NBD Bank for nonpayment of alleged taxed owed, by asking the court to foreclose on all church properties.
The following facts is an answer to the Biblical foundation on which the Indianapolis Baptist Temple rests:
1.There is absolutely no law requiring a New Testament church to collect, withhold and remit taxes of any kind to the IRS or any government agency.
2.A New Testament church has no employees (only corporations have employees), but ministers of the gospel.
3.Every minister of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple that was audited has already voluntarily paid their individual tax liability that has been assessed to the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
4.In the case, Robert A. Shelley, RLA.T.C. Memo 194.132, at 94-2300(1994), appeal pending, No. 95-2731 (11th Cir. 1995), the tax Judge ruled that church ministers are self-employed.
5.We as a New Testament church stand on our Biblical and Constitution rights based upon the first amendment that Congress nor any government agency cannot and shall not hinder our right to worship or practice our faith.
6.The Indianapolis Baptist Temple receives no benefits nor desires any benefits from the state, including federal identification numbers, tax-exemption, school vouchers or financial subsidies. In return, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple owes absolutely nothing to the state.
7.The first New Testament church Jesus began gave no allegiance to the state and likewise His New Testament church today will not and cannot either.
8.We the Indianapolis Baptist Temple have the constitutional right to assemble without restriction or persecution as long as the Indianapolis Baptist Temple does not hinder ones life, liberty or property.
9.The Indianapolis Baptist Temple is not an unincorporated association but a New Testament church.
As the Pastor of a historic Bible Believing Baptist congregation and as members of the same can do nothing else but stay true. the Lordship of Christ. our historic Baptist position. the four root principles of our Baptist heritage.
a. Sacred Scripture is sole authority for faith and practice.
b. Autonomy of local New Testament church and priesthood of the believer.
c. New Testament church is composed of scripturally immersed believers.
d. Principle of religious liberty of conscience and opposition to a state church.
4. to our Biblical convictions so that the church might remain the church and have . a meaningful voice in society.
Written by the Pastor of Indianapolis Baptist Temple
Rev. Greg A. Dixon

(Principle Texts: Matthew 28:18-20; Eph. 5:23-33; I Peter 2:9)
1. Do not incorporate. Do not operate an unincorporated assoc. Church members of a corporation.
2. Do not file any federal, state, county, or city forms.
3. Do not have corporate instruments such as a constitution or bylaws. A statement of faith, covenant, or in-house agreement only are biblical.
4. No corporate officers such as trustees, treasure, clerk, business managers or official board. Only a pastor, superintendent (I Tim. 3:1) and deacons-attendants (I Tim. 3:10).
5. No annual business meetings. No congregational voting. Counsel and consent only asked by the pastor is biblical.
6. Do not apply for a federal employment EIN number or TIN.
7. Do not apply for tax exemption of any kind. The church is not tax exempt but non taxable.
8. Do not use federal regional zip code for address.
9. Do not participate in corporate debt.
10. Deal in cash only unless a bank account can be secured without an I.D. number.
11. Make no agreements concerning discrimination.
12. Accept no inspections of any kind C fire, health, welfare, zoning, building permits, etc.
13. Do not have any employees, only servant/ministers.
14. Pay pastors or others with cash love gifts only.
15. Give no W-2, or W-4 forms to anyone.
16. File no 941 or 1099 forms. Pay no workers compensation or unemployment compensation.
17. Keep no records for the IRS or any other government agency.
18. In most states, own no property. If so, deed must be written right. Call for advice.
19. Have no vehicles registered in the name of the church.
20. Do not recognize or obey any court order addressed to the church or its ministry.
21. Do not take a license to preach the gospel from any level of government.
22. Do not marry anyone with a state marriage license.
23. The church cannot officially be associated with any incorporated denomination, fellowship, or mission board.
24. Do not support missionaries from an Incorporated mission board.
25. Do not put educational ministry under any incorporated agency, secular or religious. No accreditation.
26. Receive no government subsidy, earned income credit, school vouchers, etc.
27. It's best to have no utilities listed in the name of the church.
28. Fly Christian flag only inside and out, flag of Kingdom of Heaven.
These are guidelines that we have learned over 15 years.
If you have questions please call.
Let the church be the church.
___end guidelines
Source: Alex Jones radio show
Published: 2/22/00 Author: self
Posted on 02/22/2000 10:40:31 PST by blackcat
A Confrontation is shaping up in Indianapolis as Temple Baptist Church of Indianapolis prepares to defy a court order to vacate. The 7th Circuit Court has order the church to vacate and allow the government to confiscate the church on April 10, as a result of failure to pay/withhold taxes. The church is not a 501c3 and has not registered as a church or school, but has continued to operate as a free and independent church and school.
Upon receiving the court order, the Indiana militia began to look into the matter. Last night, it was announced that the Kentucky and Ohio militia will join with Indiana to defend the church. Today, on the Alex Jones radio show, there were suggestions that the Tennessee and Michigan militias would also join the effort.
The Baptist Temple Church, 19 Judicial District 2711 SE, Indianapolis, has a Sunday attendance of about 1000. The former pastor of 50 years, Pastor Greg Dixon, was on the Alex Jones show today to discuss the matter. His son is currently the pastor of the church. Pastor Dixon said that this is a free country, with free speech and freedom of religion. He said the people of the congregation do not plan to leave their church. He also said that Janet Reno is actually Johnny Reno, that anyone can see that she is a man.
Most likely, it's such remarks that have failed to endear the Pastor to the feds who have obviously targeted this church for an April, 2000 confrontation - yes, it's April once again.
I don't have any additional information on this matter. If you want more information, you can call the church at 317-783-6753.


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