Semantics At Plum
Island - Investigation
From Patricia Doyle <>
Hello Jeff:
Yet another news release about the upgrade.
I have detected a very subtle change in the Plum Island statement. The last report I read stated that Plum Island did not have a level 4 lab capable of handling large animal experiments.
So, are they saying now they have a 4 but they need an additional lab capable of handling large animals. Maybe I am getting my message out.
Plum Island has a level 4 lab and level 5 designation as I proved with my documents from SUNY Stoney Brook and their own ARS United States Animal Health Assoc. web pages.
So, now an additional lab is needed for large animals.
If you remember back in 1978, Plum Island was handling large animal experimentation. They allowed, through carelessness, Foot and Mouth Disease to escape the lab. They voluntarily ended all large animal experiments... i.e. until I exposed them last month on Alan Hutner show.
I reported that they were experimenting with horses and West Nile Virus. As I put it, are horses now small animals? The West Nile virus actually broke out very early in the Summer. I would say June. The first birds were found late June. When the horses got sick and some died, in August, I think Aug. 3rd, samples were sent to Plum Island. At Plum Island horses were brought into the facility for study. These healthy horses were injected with samples of the virus.
Since the bioaccident, large animal experiments were volunarily ended at Plum. Then, we hear that horses have been studied and infected at Plum Island.
Now, we hear the upgrade is for a Level 4 lab capable of handling large animal experiments. My, oh my, sure is a head scratcher.
I said it once, and I will say it again, Plum Island is a Biolevel 5 lab. It does have a Biolevel 4 lab which Plum island and SUNY Stoney Brook had considered using back in 1996 for joint experiments.
I rest my case!
Blessings to you, Jeff and thank you for letting me publicize my research. I think it paid off. There seems to be a change in the winds from Plum. Patty
From Patricia Doyle 1-21-00
Hi Jeff; I've just told you about the new presentation Plum Island is using for the upgrade. Plum now needs a NEW Level 4 lab that can accommodate large animal experiments.
I have here another article, Reuters, and everyone is missing the boat on this. The Level 4 or 5 is not the issue. I read the section about Ames, Iowa needing funds because some of their research work is being done in strip malls.
Where is the outrage on this one? Glazed over in the press?
Among some of the pathogens being researched in the rented space in the strip malls are Anthrax and Mad Cow. If they are doing it in Ames, Iowa, darn sure they are doing it elsewhere.
Pullman, Washington does a lot of Level 4 work, maybe they need more space and are doing their research in malls.
Where is the outrage:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Responding to an increased threat to humans from bioterrorism and animal disease, President Clinton will seek $340 million to boost research on the diseases, administration officials said on Tuesday.
Some $40 million of the White House's planned request for fiscal 2001 would pay for building a more sophisticated research facility on Plum Island, New York, to study diseases in large animals that can easily infect humans and for which there are no vaccines.
The rest would be spent to upgrade the U.S. Agriculture Department's 30-year-old research facility in Ames, Iowa. Currently, some research in Ames, including studies of anthrax and madcow disease, is done in rented space in strip malls, officials said.
The proposal will appear in Clinton's budget request for fiscal 2001 that begins on Oct. 1. The extra funds for animal disease research would be spent over a seven-year period, officials said.
Clinton is expected to unveil the 2001 budget formally on Feb. 7.
Jeff, am I missing something here? Is it me? What the heck is going on here in the US?
The talk shows this morning were discussing Monica Lewinsky. Seems as though it was two years ago today that Mr. Clinton said that "I have never had sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."
Where is the outrage and discussion about Anthrax and Mad Cow in neighborhood strip malls.


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