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Chemtrails & Further
Earth Fragmentation
From Dr J S Chiappalone <>

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Hello to you all once again.
Here is some more information for you. What I have written below will make more sense to you if you have the knowledge of what we have published previously, and are therefore aware of the Clearing Process for this planet, the evil alien control of the physical, the extent of the illicit Counterfeit Creation, the Plan of Evacuation, the fragmentation and decay of the Physical, the sorting out of consciousness, and the elimination of all physical matter.
My oh my, things are indeed developing rapidly around the globe, and the fragmentation of the physical is accelerating as never before, just as we predicted. All the feedback I am getting is one of massive acceleration of the process of fragmentation which we predicted and decay of all aspects of the physical.
We for our part are very busy doing "work" which is essential to the future evolution of viable consciousness. We are spending more and more of our time "elsewhere", hence, these journals may be sporadic and even stop abruptly.
However, for the viables left out there (you will be warrior consciousness, for all civilians have been successfully evacuated) there is ample information in our books, tapes, interviews, newsletters, journal entries, etc., etc., with which to attain the Keys for deciphering what is going on at any time anywhere on the planet. The Pathways for connecting to the proper nurturing energy are also there if you need them. Those genuine viables know this is so. The doomed failed fools will have no idea what I am writing about. Forget them. There are dissipating shadows of an Illusion about to disappear.
If you have read most of our material, you will have noted that our writings impinge on almost all aspects of human existence and the biological systems of this planet. By a process which our physical minds do not understand, we have infused Clearing Energy into each aspect and the results of that are now easy to see. In fact, the fragmentation of the Evil Aspect caused by the infusion of this Clearing Energy is becoming easier to witness with each passing day. Now perhaps you will understand a little more what we mean when we say "all the fuses have been lit"!
Even our discussions and exposure of Zionist fraudulence has been more than sufficient to eradicate those evil controlling energy patterns around the globe. You will witness the decay of Zionism more and more daily. There is no need for us to do any more!
Journals may stop That being the case, there is really no need for more such things as these Journal entries. However I may keep them going to keep you informed while the evacuation of Warriors now proceeds.
Warriors Consciousness to Evacuate Indeed, the "work" being completed means that even Warrior Consciousness can now begin to be evacuated. This Process will commence on February 23. As the process of decay marches on, more and more consciousnesses of warriors, who are now no longer needed for active service in this dimension will be evacuated. The G-7 project has been successfully completed, the M-24 project is in its final stages.
* Judging from your correspondence, many of you are shocked by the speed of mental decay, the extent of social disintegration and the overt Terminal Madness affecting your neighbourhoods. Realise that this is an inevitable process, as I pointed out in the essay on Terminal Madness (You will find this essay in newsletter #22 of June 1998).
* Y2K
Those of you who listened to the Sightings interviews I gave will remember that I said this Y2K problem would not really be a problem and that any problem that arose would more likely be due to commercial and industrial sabotage. This has proved to be the case. The scare-mongering before the end of the year was all due to whipping up hysteria amongst the robots.
* Ill Winds A'blowing
This topic is a lot more serious than the Y2K non-event. People around the globe, especially in the USA, Europe and parts of Australia have become aware of contrails which are more than jet exhaust in the sky. In fact, they are purposely caused chemical trails. Simultaneously, people are becoming quite ill in unprecedented numbers with an influenza-like illness which lingers, and lingers, and lingers. These two incidents are connected. In anticipation of people figuring out the connection, various excuses are being circulated by governments and quasi- government bodies. The excuses range from experimentation in attempting to find antidotes to possible terrorist anthrax attacks to the excuse that people are suffering mass hysteria.
The excuses become more and more ridiculous as you will see. Do you really believe governments would go to the expense of seeding millions of square miles with chemicals just to test the efficacy of the spray on anthrax spores? Come off it! They would do that sort of thing in a quiet little isolated lab somewhere in secret, using a small amount of solution and a petrie dish of spores, a dish small enough to fit onto a man's hand.
So, what is going on?
Simply put, the air is being poisoned in order to poison the major part of Humanity. If you have listened to the Sightings show I did last, #10 on October 20, 1999, you will find the following easier to understand. If you have not listened to that show, I suggest you do.
The controlling Reptilian aliens, who control virtually all governments around the world, and who are now shifting their power base to China, began implementing their genocidal policy for a takeover of humanity and the planet almost 3 years ago with this chemtrail seeding. It had been undetected until recently. Previously they had tried to eradicate large numbers with prion seeding in Cows, prions in vaccines (AIDS and Gulf War Syndrome). These stalled somewhat and finding they are running out of time and energy, they have initiated this seeding program to pollute the air, water and soil.
By the way, they are desperate for energy now that all viable "civilian" consciousnesses have been removed, and that is why you will find they are going mad faster and also committing more injustices and exploitative practices to try and gain non-existent energy. Beware! They will do anything for they are starving to death. Couple this with changes being made to the Sun's energy and you will see that they are doomed to perish. However that has not stopped them proceeding with their genocidal plan for humanity. Spuriously they think they can still beat the Clearing Process by which their days are numbered.
What are they spreading?
The chemical sprays that are criss-crossing our skies contain prions and prion-like particles. Prions are rogue proteins which have been identified as causing such things as Mad Cow disease, gulf War Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The prion-like particle which I identified on the last Sightings show causes Immune Deficiency and AIDS. These prions are everywhere and have infected soil, water, plants, animals, humans and now are in the air. These chemtrails will spread with the wind and all of humanity will be physically affected.
What is the aim?
The aim of the Reptilians is to surreptitiously take over the surface of the globe and enslave a portion of humanity while disabling the major portion which they expect to die off as zombies. The small percentage given antidotes (injected during abductions) will be the active slaves as will be the clones. It is the evil aliens intention that the rest of humanity will be crippled and will be unable to offer any resistance to their control. Any suffering Gulf War Syndrome, AIDS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome know they suffer a living death. Their energy levels are low, their cerebration is slow, their reflexes are slow, they can hardly think or look after themselves. They are turned into useless zombies by the disease. Many suicide because of their plight. Many others are involved in fatal accidents in part due to their poor control of vehicles etc. Those who develop dementia as in Mad Cow Disease are worse and die within a few short years.
Prions are now being found everywhere. They cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time before most are infected by them and show signs of debilitating, incurable disease. Indeed, the living will envy the dead.
Couple this information with the almost universal attempts by governments to control medicines, vitamins, etc. - even ones which are available in supermarkets and over the counter in pharmacies at present - and you have a recipe for more extensive control. Even rudimentary palliative care will become so expensive that it will be almost out of the reach of most people who, generally around the world, in reality, are becoming poorer by the day. The evil aliens are dictating what governments are doing for they control these governments. Hard to believe? Watch as things develop. I am not forcing anyone to believe this information. All you have to do is read a little of the data that is now available, and keep your eyes open as things develop just as I am describing.
Of course, bear in mind that an overriding plan of Clearing will engulf this genocidal activity of the Evil Aliens and their Plans will eventually come to nought for they and their plans will be annihilated by their own evilness as the physical is terminated, just like I have described elsewhere.
This is only one aspect affecting humanity. Bear in mind also the lack of clean water around the globe, the violence and anarchy caused by fragmenting minds and Terminal Madness, and you will see evolving a Doomsday scenario.
* Growth of Chinese Power is Real
I mentioned previously that the controlling evil alien essence, which I also identified as the ontological Zionist essence, is moving from the West (especially the USA which up until now has dominated the world since the Second World War) to China.
All reports are that China is becoming far stronger militarily, and much bolder. It is interesting to note that it was the illicit Zionist country of Israel which helped set up China's Nuclear capability. This clearly demonstrates that the Zionist consciousness controlling Israel was preparing its bed in China. Add to this the assistance the USA's White House gave to further refine this Chinese Nuclear Arsenal and you will realise the Zionist Essence controlling the White House - which has always been soft on China - has also helped to prepare its bed in China for future use.
Of course superficially it appears Israel helped arm China with nuclear know-how in order to make a few dollars, and the Clinton administration helped China because of massive contributions to its election fund. The fact is that both the US and Israel actively sought to build China up. That is because the Zionist Essence controlling these nations knew it was moving to China. Why it is doing so I will perhaps explain in more detail later.
This Chinese boldness and build-up of military might has the Chinese psyche telegraphing its intention with little ambiguity. Consider this report which appeared recently:
War With US `Inevitable' Say Communist Chinese Defense Minister ; 1-12-00 Excerpt: Last week, Hong Kong's Cheng Ming newspaper quoted Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian as saying war with the United States is inevitable. "Seen from the changes in the world situation and the United States' hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable," Mr. Chi told a military conference in early December. "We cannot avoid it," he was quoted in the newspaper as saying. "The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war. . . . We must be prepared to fight for one year, two years, three years or even longer."
Could anything be more ominously obvious than such a report to indicate the coming of World War 3 between China and the West, as I previously predicted?
By the way, the physicist Lee from New Mexico who has been charged about giving nuclear secrets to China is as guilty as Skippy the kangaroo. He is just a ploy to appease the Circus Maximus attendants and allow the FBI, CIA, etc., fool the people some more and keep their jobs. The fact that all lie detector tests done on him have exonerated him have received little publicity. This is the ploy of finding a scapegoat, a "whipping boy", and keeping the sheople from stumbling onto Truth's trail.
* What's David Irving Doing?
The historian David Irving has sued a lying Zionist from America and her publisher for libel in the UK. David is taking on the Evil Might of Zionism which has executed many truth seekers in the past and exposing the fraudulence of the Zionist "Holocaust" which has been used to control the masses with its evil web of lies and deceit. The fact that he has done this shows attacks on Zionism are now in the open. There is no doubt whatsoever it is weakening. As a result of what we have written in the past David Irving is openly attacking the Untruth in a Court of Law. This will further weaken the Lie and the People of the Lie as we predicted would happen. Even if he loses the case the energy interactions of previous exposures and of this case will fatally decimate the evil controlling energy patterns of Zionism. Of that you can be certain. Just watch and witness that it is so! Is Irving not courageous to do this? Indeed he is. Would one expect any less from a "Warrior"?


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