Corrupt Top IRS
Officials Face Exposure
In Dope Bust, Part 2
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

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Here are more details of those incriminated by the dope bust in a narcotics "immunity" zone known as Kinsgspoint Condominiums, four large apartment buildings and surrounding area, in a suburb west of Chicago. As we told you in Part One of this story, corrupt top IRS officials took over the buildings, NOT for the public Treasury, but for themselves personally. The property was thus stolen from the original owner, Joseph Andreuccetti. More of those implicated in the dope trafficking:
ILLINOIS GOVERNOR GEORGE H. RYAN, dope laundry criminal and bribe-taker and bribe-giver: Elected Illinois Governor in 1998 amid a growing scandal that previously, as Illinois Secretary of State, he received massive bribery funds from various of his managers, supervisors, and examiners of his Vehicle and Drivers License Bureaus all over Illinois.
By extortion and shake-down and other such arrangements, they received or procured bribes to issue drivers licenses to truckers and others NOT eligible to have such licenses. Several have already pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges, although they contended THEY DID NOT KEEP THE BRIBES THEMSELVES but forwarded the bribes as they believe the system required, to Ryan for his political campaign funds.
As their former boss, Ryan contends he does not know any of these key people running his state-wide facilities when he was the State official heading the whole operation. He does not recall, he says, getting the bribery proceeds but to make some amends is willing to donate 130 thousand dollars to charity to show his supposed good faith.
Ryan was elected State Governor in 1998 in an extremely close race by reportedly bribing the State Board of Elections to push a third party candidate off the ballot. With only four per cent expected difference between Ryan as GOP candidate and his Democrat Party challenger, the third party candidate would have made it impossible for Ryan to win. A judge upholding the removal from the ballot of the third party candidate, also reportedly was bribed. All told, upwards of one million dollars [reportedly from the license bribery funds] in pay-offs reportedly was split between the Elections Board, the judge, and corrupt State and Federal Revenue bosses who blackmailed their way into the deal. An elite IRS team, however, has recommended to the Justice Department, the federal criminal prosecution of Ryan. Ryan has an unholy alliance with the Clinton White House, despite that they are supposedly of different political parties. [See our story, "Centers of Corruption, Intrigue, and How to Get Elected", visit our website:]
In a one hour Cable TV Show I did just prior to the 1998 election, I pointed out that George H. Ryan reportedly works business deals with and for the narcotics gangsters from the Caribbean, such as Jamaica. Just after the election, Ryan as Governor-Elect went, naturally, to Jamaica. Part One of this story deals with an ocean-going boat, owned by former and current IRS and State revenue top officials,used reportedly as a criminal laundry for dope proceeds and such, the Caribbean, Mexico, and places in Europe. A purported floating international gambling casino, it apparently interfaces with a highly questionable riverboat casino, in Joliet, just south of Chicago, Empress Casino, under the thumb of Ryan, as governor, appointing his cronies as members of the Illinois Gaming Commission.
Law enforcement personnel contend that Empress somehow washes major dope funds late at night. Used as couriers, we have been told, reportedly have been airline employees often traveling out of the country. Luggage of airline personnel are generally not searched by U.S. Customs agents and officials. From time to time some of these couriers seem to stay at a mob-owned motel in a Northwest suburb of Chicago. The limousine service, naturally, that transports them from the airport to the motel and elsewhere likewise is owned by criminals.
As the dope traffic link to the "immunity" zone, to gambling operations, and to the boat, almost unraveled a few days after the dope bust, the Chairman of the Illinois Gaming Board, suddenly sent his resignation to Governor Ryan. The monopoly press said it was just a flap caused by the Board chairman, Robert Vickrey, somehow mishandling the supposed "new owner" of the Empress Casino. The whitewash was set in motion when Ryan appointed a former federal prosecutor as the new gambling czar.
Ryan's major financial support and arrangements is from the Berwyn-Cicero mafia enclave, Al Capone Land, adjoining Chicago. It is the location, as we told you, of First National Bank of CICERO, long-dominated by former Vatican Bank Chief, Bishop Paul Marcinkus, originally from Cicero. And Marcinkus is wanted in Italy for various crimes jointly with the American CIA and the traditional Italian and Sicilian mafia, dope smuggling and a lot more.
Governor Ryan tried to divert attention from his crimes by worldwide publicity of his trip to Cuba. Ryan has a great involvement with the dope traffic through the boat, Jamaica, and a few other places. The IRS bosses know that but have for the moment given Ryan a pass to save themselves and their dope traffic complicity.
ILLINOIS ATTORNEY GENERAL JAMES E. RYAN, long-time faker, mob-protector, and dope traffic accomplice: No relative of the other Ryan, this Ryan was at one time chief prosecutor in Du Page County, adjoining Cook County location of Chicago. And, Chicago's "old West Side mob" has moved to Du Page County. One of their national chieftains reportedly has been Aldo Botti, former officer of Military Intelligence, originally from Brooklyn, and reportedly with some of his law partners part of the Gambino Crime Family. With his Law Office in Oak Brook, Du Page County, Botti was at one time Chairman of the Du Page County Board. Knowledgeable sources contend the mobsters current stronghold center is Oak Brook. [Frank Sinatra jointly with his mob buddies were the major owners of Oak Brook Development Company, developers of the area.]
In 1995, Botti stopped our on-location TV production about Oak Brook, the mob, and him as the reputed head of the mob, by getting me falsely arrested for "trespass", although I and the TV crew were not on his law office property. His gangster-police came with attack dogs, stole my crutches, and demanded I get in their police car minus my crutches[which is not physically possible]. I was handled as rough as if I were caught robbing a major bank. Botti was bothered by us using the big sign with his name on it in front of his law office building, as a backdrop for our TV shots.
To protect the Kingspoint dope "immunity" zone, Aldo Botti's crony, Jim Ryan, has been committing various crimes to stop or interfere with our TV Shows about their criminality. In 1996, Ryan told us point blank he was going to "get" us for the TV Shows I and my TV Show associate volunteer, Joseph Andreuccetti were producing about Ryan's criminality. In 1997, Ryan instigated a four-person, heavily-armed, Gestapo-like team to force their way at gunpoint into Andreuccetti's residence which happens to be not far from where Ryan lives. Ryan's team threatened to shoot Andreuccetti's wife, who helps with our TV productions and studio work, and committed an assault and battery on her. Jim Ryan's Gestapo, tied to the crooked Illinois Director of Revenue, Kenneth Zehnder, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT, searched out our confidential records and tapes and documents about THEIR CRIMES intended by us to be used for upcoming shows; the records and such then kept at Andreuccetti's residence. They plundered, grabbed, and stole such items. [Three civil damage suits by us are pending, some naming James E. Ryan as defendant along with Zehnder.]
To try to stop our work, Ryan as State Attorney General brought false charges against Joseph Andreuccetti and his wife, claiming that in a tiny business run by them, that they supposedly mishandled two thousand dollars in state withholding taxes which, in fact, were to have been paid by a Bankruptcy Trustee. The matter was instigated, as well,by Kenneth Zehnder, Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, Illinois' highest and most crooked revenue official. As pointed out in undisputed court records, Zehnder is IN with the gambling casino rackets through reputed mobster William F. Cellini, owner of numerous gambling casinos. Likewise contended in court and not disputed, is that Zehnder's crony Cellini gets a corrupt, under-the-table rake-off from many gambling enterprises.
We did a taped, one hour Cable TV Show about how these local criminals are tied to the Clinton White House, entitled "Corruption: Chicago to the White House". To benefit Clinton and other fellow criminals, Jim Ryan had the master tape of our TV Production seized WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT, and in violation of State law prohibiting seizure of print and broadcast media items except after a special hearing. [No search warrant, no hearing.] (Do NOT waste our time telling us that as electronic journalists, we have First Amendment Constitutional rights. At the hands of such criminals, our rights are cancelled and worthless. And don't bother telling us these criminals are of different political parties. It is immaterial.)
One reason gangster-officials in Illinois persistently attack us, is that they have not forgotten that our work in the 1970s, sent to prison for bribery the then former Illinois Director of Revenue and his sidekick, a former Governor, at the time of jailing being a federal appeals judge, Otto Kerner, Jr. Kerner went on all the monopoly media and called us "liars". Note: he died an ex-convict just as I had accused him to his face. When Jim Ryan ran for State Attorney General in 1998, he sought public sympathy for a mysterious "ailment" he supposedly had. At times, he was mostly at home using a walker or wheelchair. In 1998 was pending a rare and notorious case called the "Du Page 7", with international press coverage. Several assistant Du Page prosecutors were charged with a conspiracy to frame up and send to prison for murder a person. Because of his "ailment", their former boss, Jim Ryan, who had been formerly Du Page chief prosecutor, was NOT himself criminally prosecuted as were his former underlings.
These former assistant prosecutors were apparently blackmailing whoever they could with our undisputed public court records about Jim Ryan, the crooked judges in Du Page, and others. So the charges against the "Du Page 7" were narrowed down. Result: they were turned loose.
During his 1998 re-election campaign as State Attorney General, Jim Ryan's sole challenger, a Chicago city official, Miriam Santos, a long-time outspoken reformer against corruption, was framed up on extortion charges and was on the way to being federal criminally prosecuted. So Jim Ryan was re-elected, unopposed. After the strange re-election, Jim Ryan mysteriously "recovered" as if nothing were ever wrong with him.
If you know a lot about the history of major criminals, all this is just standard procedures. Although asked to take action by another State official, Attorney General Ryan refused to punish or prosecute his crony, reputed gambling casino mobster William F. Cellini. Cellini was accused of cheating the State out of 18 million dollars in a crooked hotel deal underwritten with State funding. Ryan was asked to take action by Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, installed in her office with the aid of Bishop Paul Marcinkus, once head of the Vatican Bank and the corrupt influence of his First National Bank of Cicero. Previously, she was Illinois State Senator, her district being, naturally, Berwyn-Cicero, the mafia enclave. In 1994, when running the first time for Illinois Treasurer, Topinka was on our TV Show lavishingly praising the "wonderful" First National Bank of Cicero and Bishop Paul Marcinkus. In some capacity or another, she apparently did public relations work for that Bank, although she denied her title was "publicist", a splitting of hairs. So Topinka demanding that Jim Ryan take action against his crony Cellini may have all been shadow boxing.
As to Jim Ryan and George H. Ryan's crony Congressman Henry Hyde, the master criminal, see Part One of this story. Hyde at one time was the strategist and protector of the dope and gambling center known as Paradise Island in the Bahamas.
BOTTOM LINE: Corrupt top Illinois public officials including the Illinois Director of Revenue and corrupt top brass in the IRS are tied, through riverboat gambling casinos, and through their ocean-going money laundry boat, owned and operated by them or for them, to major dope trafficking. All this linked to Mexican drug bankers. As to top-level U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials jointly with the American CIA and Mexican drug bankers being themselves in the dope traffic, see the book "The Underground Empire" by John Mills. More details coming.
Stay tuned.
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