Chemtrails Over Albuquerque
By Debby Stark

Attached are three jpgs of photographs I took here in Albuquerque just after Christmas '99. I was at Indian School and Carlisle NE, looking east toward the Sandia Mountains. The two pictures with the Fox Photo stand can be sort of pieced together if you wish, with the stand in the middle. The view was so vast that it took two pics to get most of it. The third picture, with just the pole, is somewhere in the middle, taken a minute or two later. I recall that it was a nice day, warm, but then it's been warm for most of the winter (cold mornings, warm afternoons) except for the brief snowfall we had last week.
The pictures are "unretouched" by me. I note that the processor (a Walgreen's contractor) didn't clean the negative for number 3.
I don't think the government or anyone else is purposefully putting anything dangerous in airplanes so that it is shot out via the exhaust. I *do* think there are plenty of dangerous chemicals in that exhaust already, and that alone is enough for everyone to be concerned about.

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