Chemtrails Make The News
by Ken Welch (

Well it finally happened! Unmistakeable chemtrails all over the network evening news. No, the story wasn't about chemtrails. After all they don't exist! But there they were in glorious color in an ABC evening news report about Latino influence in Arkansas (why this is newsworthy I can't imagine). The image below, which all chemtrail watchers will immediately recognize, came in Friday night's broadcast, 1/21/2000.



This image was captured and sent to me by Chuck Shramek - News director at Houston radio stations KLOL and KBXX - another Houstonian deeply concerned with the near continuous spraying of Houston and so many other major cities around the country.
I never watch network news, but I had noticed chemtrails occuring from time to time in CNN "headline" news stories, as early as last July. I finally gave up trying to catch them with the VCR on the next story cycle because, no matter how interesting the underlying story was it would be pulled before it could go around again.
It is interesting to speculate on who goofed with the ABC story. After all, the fuel-aerosol spraying of cities and suburban areas is now so common it is getting hard to avoid them in any shot that shows the sky! They are even showing up in commercials, now. Apparently, so many people have lost the ability for critical thinking most now assume aerial spraying is a natural phenomena. Obviously, the ABC production crew didn't think anything of it!
Was it a conscious decision to air this footage, or was someone asleep at ABC's managed-news switch?


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