The Absurdity Of
Gordon Michael Scallion:
Every Prediction Since
By Michael Goodspeed

For the past 10 years, every network broadcast of a Doomsday related program has featured a man who needs no introduction in the world of alternative talk. His terrifying prophecies of earth-changes and global cataclysms have been aired on such shows as Unsolved Mysteries, Ancient Prophecies, Sightings, even the Roseanne show, and he is one of the most frequent guests on the popular late-night talk show, Coast to Coast AM With Art Bell. He claims his psychic accuracy rate to be an astonishing 88%. The many devotees of his books, newsletter and radio appearances swear that he is a geuine seer whose warnings about our planet should not be taken lightly. He is a articulate, soft-spoken, well-demeanored man who has NEVER ONCE, as far as this author can ascertain, accurately predicted an event, be it geological, sociological, economical or political.
Perhaps the chicanery of the oft-lamented Gordon Michael Scallion was best summed up by Nostradamus and ancient prophecy scholar John Hogue, who wrote in his book 1000 for 2000: "I predict that some people who took Gordon Michael Scallion's advice and moved out of California because he predicted it would sink into the ocean will demand that he pay the expenses for their return." In my recent interview with John Hogue for the Extraordinary News Network, he referred to Scallion as being from the school of "Chicken Little" prophecy, pointing out that he has repeatedly staked his "reputation" on dire predictions that have never come true.
Despite this fact, as we are a few days from the end of the 1990's, Scallion is in higher demand with the media than ever before. The aforementioned Bell plans to bring in the new year with an eight-hour broadcast featuring Scallion this Friday night.
Given the outrageous number of instances that Scallion has been provably wrong, it's baffling to many why so many in the media refuse to challenge him. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there is a data-base of Scallion's genuinely-funny predictions for those who want to know the truth.
On NOVEMBER 11, 1994, the following predictions were given by Scallion to David Sunfellow at
* Scallion has predicted that three large earthquakes, each one larger than the one that preceded it would strike the LA area. The third of these great quakes, which Scallion says will measure about 8.3 on the Richter scale (+/- .5), will initiate the breaking up of America. According to Scallion, the first two of these predicted LA quakes have already taken place: A 6+ on April 22, 1992 and the 7.5 Landers Earthquake which took place on June 28, 1992. Scallion is predicting the third one will occur before December of 1995. When the third earthquake occurs, a three stage land fracture and break-up of the entire western portion of America will begin. According to Scallion, the cause of this massive break-up is a very large magma bubble that is pushing up beneath the United States. This magma bubble is caused by a build up of ice at the poles. The ice build-up at the poles is causing an instability in the Earth's rotation which, in turn, is creating instability in the earth's magma and core.
* The first land fracture will run along a line from Eureka, California, to Bakersfield, to Baja. Land on the west side of this great fracture will begin to break-up and only a few isolated areas will remain as islands. This great fracture could take place immediately after the third LA earthquake, or shortly thereafter. This first great fracture will set in motion a massive migration of people from California, Oregon and Washington into Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and eastern portions of the country. In earlier predictions, Scallion predicted, incorrectly, that this first great fracture would take place before May 9, 1993.
* Before 1998, the second great fracture will occur. This fracture will run from Newport, Oregon through Nevada down to Phoenix, Arizona. The land mass to the west of this fracture will again be inundated and only isolated islands will survive.
* A few months to three years later, a third fracture will occur. This time vast sections of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado will be swallowed up by the ocean. Phoenix, now a coastal city, will eventually emerge as a major seaport city. A very large seaport city will also be established in the Nebraska region. Denver and Sedona will become coastal regions.
* While the western portions of the United States are being broken up, the eastern portions of America will also be undergoing major changes: Portions of New York will be inundated, Manhattan will lose approximately 50% of its land, 1/3 or more of Maine's coast will be lost, most of Rhode Island will become submerged, more than half of Connecticut will go into the sea, Long Island will completely disappear, 50% of Florida will be inundated. And as land is eaten up by the ocean, new land will rise. Scallion predicts a portion of the ancient continent of Atlantis will rise of the east coast of America, near Florida. Ruins of the great cities of Atlantis will eventually be discovered in the Azores, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Sargasso Sea.
* As changes occur in the western and eastern portions of America, the Midwest will also undergo major changes. Chief among these changes will be the great lakes expanding into one giant inland sea while the Mississippi river will expand into one gigantic seaway. Scallion attributes the changes in the Mississippi and Great Lakes regions to melting polar ice caps. According to him, the poles will melt because of volcanic activity in the polar regions and shifts in the land mass. The transformations in the Midwest will also be brought on by continuous storms and repeated flooding.
* During the same time period, Alaska will also lose about 25% of its land.
* Due in part to tsunamis unleashed by the super-mega California earthquakes, only four of the Hawaiian Islands will be habitable after the changes--Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii--and these four will lose approximately 25% of their land. About 1000 miles to the east of Hawaii, the ancient continent of Mu, or Lemuria will rise out of the Pacific ocean.
* Scallion predicts that Japan will be completely swallowed by the ocean, which, in turn, will unleash more giant tsunamis.
* Scallion believes the major changes listed above will be followed by a shift in the Earth's poles, which will take place sometime between 1998 and 2001. The pole shift will cause ice to cover much of the land in the Pacific area. It will also alter the entire weather system of the planet. As the result of these changes, most of the United States will become temperate, with an average temperature of 75 degrees year round. Before the major changes mentioned above begin, Scallion believes the following events will occur as warning signs:
* Mt. Rainier in Washington state will erupt. Scallion predicts that Mt. Rainier will explode in a southwesterly direction and that its eruption will be greater than Mt. St. Helens.
* At the same time Mt. Rainier erupts, a major earthquake (in the vicinity of 9 on the Richter scale), will strike Mexico City or nearby.
* A new volcano will be born in the Sierra Nevada near the Nevada-California border.
* Water temperatures off the west coast will rise.
* A hum phenomena will begin to make vast numbers of people sick with flu-like symptoms in America. The hum phenomena, according to Scallion, will be caused by tectonic plates rubbing against one another. This rubbing will generate a sound just below the threshold of human hearing and will cause nausea, chest pains, possibly even heart-failure in some people. It will affect the inner ear, thyroid, pituitary, lungs and heart. Animals will also become increasingly erratic as this phenomena becomes stronger and more wide spread.
* If volcanic activity occurs simultaneously on Mount Vesuvius and Mount Etna in Italy, or Mount Pelee on Martinique, then the West Coast break up will occur within days.
* Large solar flares will help trigger the super-mega California earthquake.
* And finally, an increased activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire is a sign the major upheavals are preparing to begin. Other Scallion predictions include:
* Seven plagues will manifest on the planet in the next seven years:
1. Metastic Melanoma Cancer; 2. A new virulent TB; 3. A different strain of the AIDS virus, which can be transmitted through the air, or even electromagnetically; 4. The failure of the optic system; 5. The failure of the thymus; 6. The failure of the pancreas; 7. A disorder of the Astral and Etheric bodies, wherein they meld, making the victim susceptible to interference from the "borderland" beyond death (which would create psychic disturbances).
* Weather will become erratic all over the world. Dry places will become wet and wet places will become dry. There will be extended droughts, wide-spread flooding, unusually powerful storms and summer and spring will merge into one season in America.
* Water will become as valuable as gold in the next five years (in part because of salt water contamination and changing water tables).
* There will be a year of darkness, the result of several volcanoes erupting in the Pacific area.
* There will be intense electromagnetic disturbances, causing wide-spread disruption and failure of machines and electronic equipment.
* According to Scallion, the greatest source of damage and loss of life will be due to the inundations unleashed by earthquakes, volcanoes, or other upheavals, rather than the specific events themselves.
* Five areas will be established in the United States as children's relocation centers. The purpose of these centers will be to protect children through the times of change. Hundreds of thousands of children will be sent to these centers by their parents. These centers will be located in Colorado, Massachusetts, Idaho, Florida and Arizona. 75% of those who survive the changes by the turn of the century will be children under the age of 15.
* Rural communities, located at least a hundred miles from the new land boundaries Scallion has seen, are the best places to live. Cities like Phoenix, which are presently located on this new coast, may not be safe places to be during the coming changes as Scallion is expecting water to flood perhaps as far as a hundred miles inland before receding to its new, permanent coastline. He also foresees wide-spread food shortages and rioting, especially in areas where there are large concentrations of people.
* Scallion advises no-one to move or relocate out of fear. Rather, he encourages people to seek guidance from Spirit and then stay, or go wherever they are directed.
* As the result of the catastrophic physical changes in America, both the American government and American economy will collapse.
* The United States of America will eventually restructure itself as thirteen colonies.
* By the turn of the century a new sun will appear in the skies. During the day it will appear as a small white light, similar to the way the moon looks when it is visible during daylight hours. In the evening, this new star, which will be blue in color, will appear as a bright light in the Milky Way. It will be approximately 10 times brighter than the brightest star or planet presently visible.
* Although not completely ruling out the possibility that some kind of miracle could alter the major upheavals he is predicting, Scallion generally believes the time has passed for there to be any major changes in the events he has outlined. He does, however, still believe it is possible to make changes in specific areas if enough people band together and correct the destructive thoughts and actions that are causing the Earth to react.
I think it could reasonably be stated that the predictions listed above may slightly lower Scallion's accuracy rate from 88%. Oh, what the heck.New Year's Evefamily gathered around the radio....why should a trivial matter like the truth get in the way of a good time had by all?


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