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You can now hear "conspiracies" in action. Each audio file is accompanied by a read-along transcript.
One of my favorites:
Haldeman: "...the problem area because the FBI is not under control, because Gray doesn't exactly know how to control them, and they have, their investigation is now leading into some productive areas, because they've been able to trace the money...
Ah, he'll call him in and say, "We've got the signal from across the river to, to put the hold on this." And that will fit rather well because the FBI agents who are working the case, at this point, feel that's what it is. This is CIA...
PRESIDENT: When you get in these people when you... get these people in, say: "Look, the problem is that this will open the whole, the whole Bay of Pigs thing, and the President just feels that" ah, without going into the details... don't, don't lie to them to the extent to say there is no involvement, but just say this is sort of a comedy of errors, bizarre, without getting into it, "the President believes that it is going to open the whole Bay of Pigs thing up again. And, ah because these people are plugging for, for keeps and that they should call the FBI in and say that we wish for the country, don't go any further into this case", period!"
Source: Richard Nixon and H.R. Haldeman Watergate White House "Smoking Gun" tape
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More gems from
1. The tape of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover briefing President Johnson on the FBI's investigation of the Kennedy assassination.
This was recorded, as were all telephone conversations with the president, secretly by the White House.
2. Joseph Alsop, Washington Post columnist, talking Johnson into approving a high profile commission to investigate the assassination for PR purposes.


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