The Phase Of The 'Shells'
By Dr. J. S. Chiappalone <>

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After today, this world will be a world of "shells" containing non- viable, counterfeit consciousnesses, for viable consciousnesses will have been mostly removed, in preparation for the total termination of this dimension of, and around, Earth.
These Journals and other public works may continue in order to sustain the various viables still on the plane assisting in some way, and still needing energy. They also provide energy for various ongoing phases of the fragmentation.
Remember at all times that we are in the midst of a War of essences (of Good versus Evil) and, as in any War, there can be abrupt changes without notice. Also realise that prophecy and propaganda are always part of any war.
Having mentioned prophecy, you will have realised that the "script" for what is to happen on this plane has not followed what Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and other earlier seers have foretold. Is that not so? Well, the reason is because the final plans were never given. They were given information from other levels of consciousness while still working under the old energy patterns controlled by the demiurge.
From this day, it will become increasingly obvious that this level of consciousness is doomed. There will be accelerated decay, with more violence, anarchy and wars. The processes of decay I have mentioned previously will continue.
The spread of diseases will accelerate.
The violence of the weather will increase and more upheavals can be expected.
More massive earthquakes will shatter all continents.
Madness will be the order of the day as demons are unmasked more and more, and they, being desperate for energy, will do the most malicious things to try and gain that much needed energy. Sexuality in all its vile forms - perversion, bestiality, paedophilia, necrophilia, abusive pornography, etc., will be openly flaunted and will indicate the moral decay of all the societies of the demons and counterfeits.
The war between the UFO groups around this Earth and the Elohim is obvious now to astute ones, but will become more so from today.
Massive exposures of corruption in every field of endeavour will occur, so much so, that the rottenness of the basis of the counterfeit "Humanity" will leave no one in any doubt that the whole "show" has to go.
Demonic Deniers of a Terminal Phase, of this Endtime, will not be so tolerated by the robotic "shells" as the End becomes obvious to all except the most malicious, deceiving demons.
Scientific explanations of increasingly frequent but most unusual observations and occurrences, such as strange UFOs and battles with "fire in the sky", will be seen to be inadequate; and with such an assault on the restricted awareness of the "shells", minds will shatter and go crazy. Science will be seen to be the fraud that it always was.
Religions too, unable to give satisfactory explanations, will be seen to be false facades maintaining the duping frontiers for the "shells" in a fragmenting Virtual Reality.
Anger and rage will reach their zenith as the "shells" realise they have been deceived and exploited by the demonic archons. Their emotions will be released with dire consequences for those who deceived them.
Initially, the changes will occur slowly and perhaps erratically, just as they are occurring in a lesser way now, but by 2001, a crescendo will be reached and massive destructive effects will be seen in that year all over the world.
The Children of the False God, Jehovah (Yahweh, Satan, the Demiurge), will slowly become aware of the counterfeit nature of their creator and their consciousnesses, and will undergo further mental fragmentation with the realisation of their inability to exist outside of this counterfeit dimension.
Zionism will be exposed and attacked in all lands and the backlash will fulfil the prophecy of the destruction of those of that ilk.
Seeking safety in greater numbers, evil Reptilian consciousnesses will invade the consciousnesses of the Chinese and make them the dominant evil force to be contended with in the world very, very quickly. China will confront and attack the USA within 3 years (as things stand today).
The USA, weakened by internal strife, not short of civil war, will fragment morally, socially and physically - the process being compounded by massive damage from Earthquakes and terrorist attacks by nations whom the USA had, under its Zionist control, punished most unreasonably with its military might, and with its population-destroying commercial sanctions. Indeed, foul deeds will inherit foul deeds. That which was sown will be reaped!
As things stand today, the Earth may linger on for 10 to 20 years, perhaps. However, it could blow up at any time due to the erratic and destructive behaviour of the Reptilians who are realising they are trapped. They have the knowledge and means to blow themselves and the planet up completely.
If Earth continues, war, famine, drought and heat, with anger and rage in all populations, who will become increasingly intolerant, will make existence most unpleasant, and slowly, impossible.
If Earth continues, nuclear war in 2003 (as things stand today) will kill 2 billion people in 3 months. Another 2 billion will starve to death within 2 years.
If Earth continues, a massive meteor will strike in 2007 and devastate half the remaining population. Thereafter, one billion or so will live in prehistoric conditions.
By 2012, if Earth continues, disease and starvation, wars and the Rage of Terminal Madness will have reduced the population to some 200 million, scattered throughout fractured continents.
Communication and intercontinental travel will be non-existent.
By that date, most alien forms will have been captured by the Elohim and placed in Transmutation vats, as had been the consciousnesses of the "shells" which perished from this date onward.
By 2018, if Earth is still in existence, another massive meteor will strike and will fracture it completely, as did Maldec whose remnants now form the meteor belt. And all life on the planet will cease.
Those who remain between 2001 and 2018 will witness the decay and destruction of other celestial bodies including Earth's Moon, and the termination of ALL life in this dimension will become obvious. The depth of despair in the minds and consciousnesses of the "shells" will be unprecedented.
In the meantime, those viable consciousnesses who had been evacuated will have been transported from "intermediatory villages" to the New Dimension which I have previously mentioned.
Realise that details may change from day to day; however, the general gist of it, and the timing, are fairly accurate.
* Is this possible? Is this probable? Is it true? Only you can decide what to believe. Only you can decide what is true for you!
Dr. J. S. Chiappalone ANNWN PUBLICATIONS PO Box 28, Malanda, Australia, 4885
Esoterically, this date is significant for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is exactly one week before the completion of a very, very important EVENT!!!
On this day, it is safe to assume that if you are reading this essay, regardless of the website in which it is located, you are doing so because you are aware enough to want to know more about what is going on in your life, in your country, and in the world generally. It is obvious that massive changes are occurring everywhere. Hence, the reasons ought to be known if you are to be more aware.
Here are some points to assist you in your acquisition of more complete awareness. Please understand that I am giving a very general outline only, and that the situation is very complex. As always, you are free to accept these points as you see fit.
* Earth is undergoing a Final Process as a result of the resolution of a War of Essences.
* Humanity is inexorably involved in this Process as are all units of consciousness in all classes of consciousness in this Universe. There are seven classes of consciousness in this physical dimension and for details readers are referred to our books.
* The Process involves destruction of the physical dimension - all of it - in due course.
* Consciousnesses have been assessed for viability. In other words, whether you want to believe it or not, the Final Judgement, as such, has been accomplished. All that needs to be done now is to have the verdict given to each unit of consciousness.
* The viable consciousnesses - their spirits, not their decaying bodies - have been steadily evacuated. This Process of Evacuation is scheduled to be completed one week from 11-11-99.
* A few thousand workers/warriors, who are of course viables, will remain in physical bodies to assist Amitakh and myself as we supervise the Process which will terminate Planet Earth.
* The Process involves other levels of consciousness, including the etheric and astral, and other para- dimensional levels around the earth.
* Elohim spacecrafts are physically in the dimension. Some 22 Mother crafts have encircled Earth. Other massive structures are orbiting around the Sun. They are not static structures and move in and out of the dimension. Nonetheless, many have seen them and have photographed them. The large structures around the Sun have not employed the process of size reduction which is often done on entering this dimension. That is why they appear so massive.
* These crafts have many functions including:
i evacuation of viables;
ii modifying solar emissions thus cutting the energy supply to evil aliens who have implanted themselves around the Solar System and around Earth;
iii perfusing a special energy, which our readers have been told about, into evil alien bases, driving such aliens into the open for active confrontation. In response to this, the evil aliens, and associated governments such as the USA's, are preparing for a Space War which they cannot win.
* As a result of diminishing energy from the Sun, the Evil aliens, mainly Reptilians, are panicking and attempting to recreate energy sources from old equipment, some of which was discovered at Giza, Egypt. The attempt is futile. They are attempting to reopen inter-dimensional apertures also - which the Elohim have closed, as I stated previously - in order to attempt an escape out of this enclosed dimension. Such attempts are also futile.
* From December onward, it will become increasingly more obvious that not just the Earth but also the Sun, and the whole Solar System, and all the Physical Universe are decaying,
* Even though they realise they are trapped, the evil Reptilian aliens - also known as the Annunaki - have persevered with their Plans to take over the surface of the Planet and eradicate 75% of Humanity, hoping to enslave the remainder who are to be under the control of their clones and hybrids. This explains the accelerated phases of the Eugenics Program, initiated in the 1930s, with the use of prions and prion-like agents.
* As with everything Evil beings do, this Eugenics Plan has gotten out of control and they have poisoned every aspect of nature with their prions and prion-like particles. Hence, all life in the Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms is threatened. This is being allowed to occur, as the physical is to be allowed to decay totally, in preparation for the Stage of Transmutation.
* The Processes I am describing now are, in fact, occurring, and shall be completed, regardless of whether humans believe this to be the case or not.
* The fear which this information engenders in people is directly proportional to their degree of ignorance of what is going on, and the likelihood of their spiritual failure.
* There are no other explanations for what is going on. There are no escape routes for "Failures".
* I have given ample data elsewhere of the Process of Fragmentation allowed to occur in, and to, the physical world.
* As the fracturing, fraudulent Religious, Philosophical and Scientific facades of the rapidly vanishing Virtual Reality collapse more and more, the programming, pollution and indoctrination which have held the minds of this dimension subdued - minds of both theomorphs and counterfeits - will dissolve completely.
i Social structures will collapse - they are collapsing now.
ii Science will be seen by all to be incapable of plausibly explaining exactly what is happening. It is deficient now, but is bluffing its way along, assisted by the ignorance of the masses.
iii Organised Religions will be seen, by all eventually, to be mind- and spirit-controlling mechanisms of Evil, consisting of fatuous fabrications and myths with a hint of Gnostic Truths which evil archons have purposely distorted and abused.
* The Final Process of Dissolution, of Correction of this Celestial error, is obvious even now, and the fragmentation of that which is not viable explains the anarchy and Terminal Madness of the Endtime which astute ones see in all aspects of humanity everywhere, and in all aspects of nature, for the animal and plant kingdoms are involved too.
* Attempts at mind and emotional control of the masses by the panicking Reptilians are failing as they themselves are also going crazy and making inappropriate decisions.
* The only result guaranteed by fracture of the system is the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, with more violence, anarchy and atavistic self-destructiveness.
* Those who have denied all this most vehemently will be shattered the most when they realise the degree of their failure. The despair they will suffer is self-inflicted.
* Each will receive Justice. All will get what they deserve.
* The end result for each consciousness is the result of choice by each consciousness. All have had almost infinite chances to turn to the True Light.
* The inability of counterfeit consciousnesses and "Failures" to recognise the Truth, even as it manifests as the Corrective Process, just as I have been saying, is another aspect of the reason for termination of this dimension.
* Those of Untruth cling to the false message of the Evil Aliens that all is well, that the Earth is being healed and that there is no assessment, that there are no failures, that Earth and all its inhabitants are all somehow graduating into a Galactic Federation etc. There is no evidence for this, only the rhetoric of evil deceivers.
* The True Message is of separation of those of Goodness from those of Evilness, of Sorting of consciousnesses, of evacuation, of earthly decay and Termination, and of Transmutation. All true evidence supports this.
* No matter how unpalatable this cure may appear to the "Failures", there is no other Process for the re- establishment of an existence of Peace, Harmony and Love to those who value these things.
* All this has been prophesied to occur at some stage. The timing is fortuitous. As I explained elsewhere, "I" used the year 2000, which in itself is meaningless, as a time- marker for the Evacuation of Viables.
* The Planet may physically linger for another 10-20 years, but conditions will become horrendous and the "living will envy the dead". That, too, was prophesied!
* When Amitakh, my lovely wife, and I first published this information in 1985, there was little in the way of evidence. But now things have changed. There is ample evidence to prove the existence of
- UFOs - they are ubiquitous, and we have explained the differing types in our publications;
- Reptilian consciousnesses;
- interference with humanity (abductions);
- hybrids (chupacabras);
- manipulation of animals (mutilations);
- Solar decay - abnormal burn pattern, erratic solar flares, and abnormally variable Corona Mass Ejections [CME];
- Degeneration of Earth's Magnetic Field;
- Anomalous radar patterns, other celestial activities of scientifically unknown significance;
- A Celestial War between the Elohim and the Evil Aliens in and about the physical environs of earth, with evidence of "light" and sonic pulse weaponry;
- New World Order Eugenics Plans (UN papers, agendas; Kissinger Memoranda);
- Mother crafts; plasma crafts;
- Evacuation Plan - many around the world who have not heard of me or our writings have independently been told of this Evacuation Plan and the Termination of Earth;
- Two creations; it is obvious societies had divided into the peace lovers and bellicose anarchists.
- Fragmentation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of existence in "Failures". The spiritual fragmentation is seen in the exposed demonic nature of more and more who engage in the grossest forms of perversity, rage, conflict and violence;
- Death of the Planet and the biological ecosystems with fatal pollution, chemical poisoning, prion diseases, sterilisation of species, radiation poisoning due to Ozone depletion, Greenhouse Effects and destruction.
* These are but a few points given briefly. Where do they leave the deceivers who want to argue that the planet is being healed, that Evil is diminishing, that a One World Order is creating a "Heaven-on-Earth", that humanity is elevating into a more sublime spiritual state? The answer, simply, is that such liars are being left in the wake forming the dust of their own Hell.
* In answer to the query many of you have voiced: Of course this fits into the distorted Biblical Paradigm of the Last Judgement and the Rapture. Realise that these concepts, all from the Gnostic Doctrine of Eschatology, had been distorted and abused on purpose. There will not be a "One thousand years of Earthly Peace". This is the Declaration of the End. And yes, "I" do fit in somewhere in that paradigm, even though it has been grossly distorted by the evil archons.
* As many of you know, snippets of evidence relating to some of these issues which I have mentioned are in various sites scattered throughout the Web. Be aware however, that false explanations invariably accompany the evidence to purposely obfuscate the reality of what is going on, in the world, and in this dimension.
* To those who have not failed, what is occurring is as obvious as the noses on their faces.
* At present, "Failures" cannot see clearly because of fear, and perhaps due to anger at being reminded of that which is inevitable. All knew, however, that a Day of Reckoning would come. Well, it's here!
* Why am I so certain of all this? That is a question for you to answer. The answer is in the deep recesses of your spirit!
* You may wish to dispute these facts, but it is not sufficient to merely air fatuous, personal opinions. Name- calling will get mockers nowhere either. Even the least facile of readers surely realise this information is not something conjured up by a mere physical mind. Do any of you have genuine hard evidence and facts to disprove any of the things I am describing? Of course you have not!