Air Crashes, Black Boxes,
And Unsafety Boards
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

More of the Same?
The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, and its predecessor federal agencies, have a long, sorry history of covering up foul play involved in some aircraft disasters. The word "sabotage" is a dirty, forbidden word to them and the airline industry. How can they sell tickets if passengers are haunted by the idea that some planes are put down by bombs, missiles, or other bloody work? Some NTSB panel members, in the past, have been suspected of concealing that some of their family members and cronies have financial interests, if not actual stock ownership, in the airline travel business.
There is, in short, nothing safe about the Safety Board.
About 1965 a commercial plane was en route to Chicago. Just offshore of the Windy City, the plane blew up and fell in relatively shallow water of Lake Michigan. Early news accounts in some of the newspapers said a bomb was suspected. Later editions, like with political assassinations, cleaned up the messy details. Further stories dismissed the crash as merely some kind of "accident".
One night a diver went down to the wreckage and apparently stole one of the "black boxes", that records various parameters of the plane's operations or records voices in the cockpit. Also removed were apparently certain items in the wreckage. What was that all about? According to some news reports, it was some kind of an unsolved mystery. Left out of reports in the monopoly press were that one of the passengers was a disgruntled top official of the American CIA. He was on the way to meeting a prominent journalist in Chicago. He was going to turn over documents showing that there had been a high-level cabal implicated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. [Not the only time key witnesses were snuffed out on the way to meet with reporters. Example, the Karen Silkwood case. AND, see our details in an earlier story, about Reporters and Assassins(they sleep together)].
These details I had confirmed to me from two reliable sources. One of them was federal air crash inspector. Unlike some of his colleagues, he had several times endangered his job and career demanding the truth be told about some crashes. BUT, his superiors always told him to "shut up".
The facts were simple. To silence a top espionage official an entire plane was put in the drink killing all onboard.
In December, 1972, one month after President Nixon was re-elected, a commercial plane was headed from Washington's National Airport, set for a stop in Chicago. Among the passengers were twelve WATERGATE figures, including Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar. She was nervous about her luggage. So, she bought an additional first class seat ticket for her baggage right near her. Why? Well, contained there was two million dollars of "hush" money, that her husband reportedly blackmailed out of Nixon. Both Mr. and Mrs. E. Howard Hunt were long-time CIA officials. Both reportedly knew about the role of Tricky Dick implicated in the political assassination of President Kennedy. The two million dollars in valuables were to be "parked" apparently with her Chicago-area relatives, one of whom reportedly owns a sizable accounting and motel operation some say is tied to the "boys", the traditional mafia.
Some of the passengers perished when the United Air Lines plane pancaked just short of Midway Airport. Sooner than the police and fire departments, 150 FBI agents were already in the crash zone keeping local authorities away from the smoldering plane. The FBI headquarters is 12 miles away. How did that many FBI get there that soon, ahead of the fire and police? The FBI apparently were already in the vicinity of the airport waiting to take Mrs. Hunt and some of the other Watergators into custody, to be charged with extortion, that is, shaking down a federal official, namely President Nixon. It was supposed to result in a secret "national security" federal criminal prosecution with the court records sealed.
From all the details we uncovered, we knew Mrs. Hunt and some of her confederates survived the pancaked air plane and were poisoned later by the FBI.
We arranged to "liberate" the entire 1300 pages of documents and pictures of the National Transportation Safety Board, showing sabotage. The NTSB did NOT intend to release THOSE documents in the form they had them. Without telling the NTSB we had their file, we sued the NTSB, claiming sabotage cover up. A local crooked judge, however, put us out of Court without any formal hearing. Because of the lawsuit, the NTSB re-opened their public investigation later. Because of talk radio at the time we had caused a commotion and United Air Lines, likewise unaware we had the complete suppressed file, demanded we be questioned and silenced by the NTSB.
At the start of two full days of special public hearings, I grilled the NTSB panel members on their conflicts of interest, because they were financially tied to the airline industry and United Air Lines. They refused to answer my questions and threatened to remove me from the special hearing where dozens of Establishment reporters had gathered from all over.
I opened up several suitcases containing THEIR records. In front of numerous national reporters and spectators, about 250 in all, I defied the NTSB panel to then and there arrest me for having THEIR file. They ordered me as the subpoenaed witness together with my other witnesseses to proceed. I demonstrated it was most likely a fraud that the NTSB claimed the "black box" from the rear of the plane, the Flight Recorder, had been supposedly "jammed" and no recording made of the technical features of the flight. I showed THEIR transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder, proving the airport "Outer Marker", a key navigation instrument, had been turned off ONLY for the Watergate plane. Another key landing instrument device, according to the documents, was turned off for this flight as well. Result: the plane was falsely steered into the ground, and the plane pancaked short of the airport.
I showed THEIR own documents proving the electrical system of the plane had been sabotaged. I put into their faces THEIR own report showing the bodies of Mrs. E.Howard Hunt and her group had an unexplained high-level of cyanide.
I put on the witness stand two witnesses regarding a federal espionage operative who, in a jumpsuit, escaped from the tail of the plane. In an interview, he had blurted out that it was NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, meaning the pancaking of the plane was not to have occurred. Mrs. Hunt and the others with her were supposed to have been arrested by the FBI when they were to have gotten off the plane at Midway Airport.
I had the documents and pictures all spread out on a large table in front of the NTSB panel. During a recess, a reporter for the Hearst Newspaper chain said to me, "You have not proved, Mr. Skolnick, there was a bomb on that plane. Without that, you don't have anything." Angry, I replied, "Look, friend, not every plane put down by sabotage is because of a bomb onboard." He said, "I don't care. I am not reporting anything from here unless you prove there was a bomb."
The Chicago Tribune photographer and a reporter took a picture of me at the huge table full of suppressed NTSB documents and pictures. In their newspaper, however, they chopped off part of the picture showing the table with the pictures and documents laid out there, and only showed a picture of me. Their story alongside their phony picture, said "Skolnick has no documents of any kind to prove his charges of sabotage."
After a long, full day of testimony, I made a joke. "I do categorically admit that I have no proof whatever that President Nixon and his crony the President of United Air Lines got on that plane and ever shot Mrs. E.Howard Hunt with a 38 caliber gun." In a screaming headline, the Chicago Sun-Times blasted me, turning my joke against me, stating "Skolnick admits No Proof Whatever of Sabotage". I was sore and when I again saw the reporter I said to him, "Friend, this wheelchair is an uninsured, unlicensed vehicle. So if I run you over and put YOU in a wheelchair, well, it is perfectly legal."
To their credit, Associated Press, AP,on their national wire, ran a story, "Chicago legal researcher Sherman H. Skolnick today has presented to a special hearing of the National Transportation Safety Board a heavily documented case of sabotage in a plane crash in which Mrs. E. Howard Hunt and others perished." Only one newspaper, being in the State of Washington, used the AP story. The rest, catering to United Air Lines' owners, the Rockefeller Family, were silent. The Rockefellers own all three major news networks, then and now. Later, in the so-called "Final Report", the NTSB said it was "pilot error" that caused the crash. As part of the whitewash, they released a falsified version of the transcript of the Cockpit Voice Record er, covering up details tied to the other documents we had showing sabotage. Since I had the transcript before it was falsified by them, I had proof they were rotten liars. If the documents and pictures were widely publicized, which they were not, United Air Lines, then the largest U.S. airline, would have or could have lost their certificate to fly, putting them out of business for covering up airplane sabotage killing 12 Watergate figures, among other passengers.
Soon thereafter, I wrote a book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage". It was a favorite device, I noted, for Adolph Hitler to get rid of his opponents. The book was stopped in the printing cycle by the Rockefeller Family lawyers. Alas, no copies are available.
Later in the 1970s I spoke on college lecture platforms demonstrating the suppressed 1300 documents and pictures of the NTSB. The result of all my efforts? The monopoly press which had once reported some of my crusading efforts in voting cases and judicial corruption, started a total news blackout. Mentioning anything about Skolnick was forbidden. Until I became part of a non-commercial, public access Cable TV Show in 1991, and in 1995 became the moderator/producer of the same----until then, people would stop me and ask, "I don't see you anymore on TV, Mr. Skolnick. I thought you quit, were dead, or left the country."
I mention all this because it seems we are to suffer more of the fraud by the commercial-airline-dominated National Transportation Safety Board.
In 1996 Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., returned from Europe reportedly with a complete list of airplanes shot down by missiles, whether by terrorists or by "friendly fire" mistakes. Most of those on the list apparently had not been mentioned in the monopoly press. Once part of the Senate Intelligence Subcommittee. Gore has been in a position to understand these things from the standpoint of espionage agencies and their dirty work. Is it just because of "national security" excuses that the list has not been made public?
Regarding the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990, the federal secret political police, the FBI, have caused their media lap dogs to mislead the public that Flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean because a relief co-pilot grabbed hold of the controls and, wanting to commit suicide, aimed the plane down toward the water. "The liars and Whores of the Press" went along with the FBI, trumpeting that this co-pilot had mouthed off some religious words indicating he was about to commit suicide. Because of the alternative press, postings on Internet, talk radio, and such, the monopoly press could not quite get away with this fraudulent explanation.
Without coming right out and saying, "On behalf of the FBI, we lied to you last week," the Associated Press story started out,"The suspicious words 'I made my decision now', are not on the cockpit voice recorder of EgyptAir Flight 990 after all, a government official says." [AP story, 11/20/99.] Since the NTSB policy is never to release the actual tape, how can we ever independently verify what, if anything, was said in that ill-fated cockpit? Like the Watergate plane crash in 1972, are the FBI and NTSB going to fake up a supposed transcript of the Cockpit Voice Recorder of Flight 990 to release to the sucker public? Like some crusaders, WHO is prepared to somehow arrange to grab their records and fling them into the face of the secret political police and the Unsafety Board fakers?
Some as yet unanswered questions about Flight 990:
1. Was the Cockpit Voice Recorder actually retrieved much earlier than revealed, altered, and then flung back into the ocean to be "found" later?
2. Were some of the upwards of 60 Egyptian military officers on that plane---some already revealed, some not yet---FOR or AGAINST the Established government in Cairo? [As an example: 8 officials of the French CIA died in the apparent missile attack on TWA Flight 800. A top officials of that French spy agency, however, at the last minute, refused to get on that flight with his colleagues. Sixty French nationals died in Flight 800 which had been bound for Paris.]
3. Did the American CIA, experts in airplane sabotage, play any role in the demise of Flight 990? 4. Why do the fakers, in the press, in the FBI, in the NTSB, keep mouthing off about the sole importance of the "black boxes"? The super-secret National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, in charge of satellites and video imaging from satellites, has accurate images showing whether there was an outburst of an explosive device on Flight 990, or a missile hit or near-hit, which the pilots may have been trying to evade. Apparently a U.S. Coast guard sub-chaser plane, a P-3, mentioned only in early reports, was shadowing Flight 990. Why? And why isn't the public told that foreign submarines, some hostile to the U.S. and missile-equipped, often lay offshore on the East Coast? The P-3 can spot submarines at the bottom of the ocean. And what about the several sub-chasing airplanes in the vicinity of TWA Flight 800?
[Counter-terrorist experts who appeared on one of my TV Shows, off-camera told me that the best informed believe a former Soviet submarine, bought and owned by Iran, manned by a Russian mercenary crew, apparently downed Flight 800 with submarine-based missiles, as known to the Clinton White House. And Clinton did not and does not want to start up with Iran, but rather, to divert public attention from his scandals, by attacking Iran's archenemy, Iraq.]
For national security, the Eastern seaboard is surveilled practically inch-by-inch by NRO satellites. Until about 1995, it was unlawful and forbidden to mention in the monopoly press that such an agency as the NRO even exists. A key official of the NRO, Daniel Potter, was murdered in March, 1998. He was an expert on video imaging and was aware the agency had images showing, for example, the missiles attacking TWA Flight 800. And had images showing Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.'s body was removed from near the White House and parked in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia, as if he committed suicide when he was,in fact, murdered. The bottom line: Does not the U.S. Government and the Clinton White House already know what happened to EgyptAir Flight 990? And are they heading off, by leaked lies, a huge airplane sabotage commotion with international implications? Cynics say the answer for traveling within the U.S. is to have speedy "bullet" trains like Japan.
Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991, a regular panel member and since 1995, moderator/producer of "Broadsides", a one hour weekly public access Cable TV Show cablecast in Chicago. For a heavy packet of our printed stories, send $5.00[U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [#10 size, 4-1/4 x 9-1/2] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick,chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office: 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days- (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE no "Just Routine" calls]. Before sending FAX, call us.
TWA800 - Some Amazing Confirmations
Jeff: I've just finished reading Sherman Skolnick's comments on the downing of TWA800, and was more than intrigued by this statement [toward the end of his comments, as posted on your Web page]: "Counter-terrorist experts who appeared on one of my TV Shows, off-camera told me that the best informed believe a former Soviet submarine, bought and owned by Iran, manned by a Russian mercenary crew, apparently downed Flight 800 with submarine-based missiles, as known to the Clinton White House. And Clinton did not and does not want to start up with Iran, but rather, to divert public attention from his scandals, by attacking Iran's archenemy, Iraq."
On November 6th, 1996, I did a radio interview for the Derry Brownfield radio network, in which I clearly stated that:
1. We had been tipped off by an on-site source that all available US Navy attack submarines had been ordered to put to sea as rapidly as possible the night before on the East Coast [the only exceptions, our source emphasized, were those undergoing repair]
2. A fishing vessel in the area that TWA800 went down had reported striking a 'large object' submerged just below the surface, a matter of hours prior to the shootdown
3. Information relayed to us from a very reliable 'source' with contacts right in the Kremlin within days identified this as a RUSSIAN submarine - and one of the benefits, although not the primary purpose, was to permit the Russians to use the incident to get almost immediate, continous access to the FBI's databases on the pretext of fighting such 'terrorism' together [ie - the implication was that they had set the operation up, or knew of it; promptly took advantage of it to get Freeh to agree to 'share data' unrestrictedly on terrorism with them, and made sure that the blame stayed well away from their own and the true culprit's doors by directing it at Iraq] 4. I also emphasized that the Mossad had warned the US of this operation and that an El Al jet, reportedly booked into that takeoff slot, was pulled out of the queue at the last minute because of a 'bomb scare'. TWA800, the next in line, moved up to take its place....
Derry no doubt still has the master copy of that three year-old show - if not, I have a copy. Yet more confirmation that things are not always as they appear at the time with these mysterious aircraft downings! Feel free to make whatever use of this you wish.
With best wishes, John Whitley.
Jeff - I intended to add this into my previous e-mail to you:
* You'll recollect that the Bilderbergers determined that Barak would become Prime Minister of Israel, prior to the last Bilderberg meeting in May in Portugal, and then determined that he would reach a peace agreement with Israel via the return of the Golan Heights [we provided this information, and the Bilderberg meeting agenda, to the PORTUGAL NEWS, which printed it just before the meeting began and credited to the 'New World Order intelligence Update]. We pointed out that Egypt had already been brought on board to back this.
* Reports on the newswires over the last few days confirm that this Israel-Syria peace agreement is about to be signed. The only potential dissidence of note would have come from EGYPTIAN ARMY OFFICERS, already disaffected by Egypt's coexistence and agreements with Israel, numbers of whom have been imbibing - and disseminating within the officer cadre - radical Islamic fundamentalist beliefs and becoming members of secretive Islamic militant groups. This is known, and a source of real concern, to the Egyptian government itself.
* Just before this critical peace agreement is announced and signed, a large number of precisely this officer cadre die in an 'aircraft accident' - and their presence onboard is quickly virtually sanitized from North American press reports...!
With best wishes, John Whitley

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