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From Tim Matthews <>

Capenhurst, a sleepy village in Cheshire situated a couple of miles from Ellesmere Port on the Wirral Estuary, has become the focus for an extraordinary scandal in the last two days. On Thursday night, Channel 4 News, part of the Independent Television Network, known for its' first-class investigative reporting, exposed the 10 year spying activities of the British government whereby an anonymous telecommunications tower was used, from 1989, to intercept all data traffic between Britain and the UK.
The scandal has rocked the British and Irish governments at a time when they are struggling to keep the peace in Northern Ireland and may have serious implications for future joint efforts. One must ask what basis for trust can exist now that this latest dirty secret has been exposed....
The Irish Green Party were amongst the range of political groups in both countries to reel in horror at what they described as a "fundamental breech of human rights".
This morning, 17th July, our intrepid team of roving reporters set out to Capenhurst in order to get pictures of the tower and surrounding facilities for SIGHTINGS.
Capenhurst itself has been associated with another scandal; in the 1980s and early 1990s peace protesters held regular demonstrations and vigils to highlight the activities of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. (see 'entrance' jpeg). BNFL has not only pumped radioactive sewage into the Wirral, the River Ribble and the North Sea over the last 40 years but has managed to successfully pollute much of the North-Western coast. What is more, Capenhurst was inextricably linked with nuclear reprocessing as part of the nuclear weapons industry.
The spying activities at the adjacent MOD facility carried on until early this year. The Telecom tower itself is now covered in cream-coloured screening and is approximately 100ft high. The tower is now encased ready for sale or removal. A price tag of some £20 million is said to be put on the facilities.
The Channel 4 team gained access to the huge bunkers below the tower and showed close-up footage of the severed high tech communications and intercept equipment inside.
Furthermore, Channel 4 News made it clear that this system has been replaced with an even better one and we suspect that the Echelon global satellite system is probably what they mean.
Spying on possible terrorists is one thing but it is evident that the Capenhurst Spook Tower was used to intercept information of an economic, political and personal nature. Several Members of Parliament here have been unsuccessful in challenging the activities of the National Security Agency site at Menwith Hill. Niorth Yorkshire, where thousands of phone calls, fax and email messages are routinely intercepted on a daily basis. US business has been given an unfair advantage over European competitors; in one instance Boeing was able to outbid Aerospatiale through the activities of the NSA spooks......
Tim Matthews.
Deceptively quiet English countryside. Secrets lie beyond...
Belly of the Beast? Nuclear facilities with spook tower
(covered in sheeting) behind.

There must be something to hide around here....and it's not just nuclear.
Barbed wire; keeping the peasants out is vital. Strange
dome lies within secret facilities...
British Telecom spook tower now shrouded in special sheeting.
Spook tower is over 100ft high
THE BIG GIVEAWAY!! 3 lightning rods stick up
above sheeting to indicate presence of tower below! Look closely!