TRV Videotapes - The Proof
Will Set You Free
By Michael Horn <>
As I have played a pivotal role in the production of the Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) videotapes marketed by Psi Tech, Inc. for home study, I feel that I have a responsibility to express the concerns that have arisen in me over the past year as to their efficacy, and to the efficacy of TRV itself. First, a little background as to my involvement in the project. I had first heard Ed Dames on the Art Bell radio show in May of 1996 and, like many other people, was fascinated with who he represented himself to be and the information he presented which he attributed to his work with TRV.
I expressed my interest in all of this to Mr. Harry DeLigter, an old friend and the owner of Lightworks and DeLigter Productions. I succeeded in contacting Ed Dames and his girlfriend Joni Douriff and arranging a meeting with Mr. DeLigter, another one of his associates and myself. This meeting ultimately led to Dames and Dourif and their company Psi Tech entering into an agreement with DeLigter to produce and distribute the TRV videotapes.
It is not my intention here to get into the details of that contractual arrangement, or the subsequent legal conflicts between the parties, just to lay out the groundwork in as concise a way as possible so as to explain my present concerns. It is also not my intention to launch into any personal attacks on any of the parties, my forthcoming criticism of Eds performances on the Art Bell show are directed at his self-proclaimed status as a scientist with, in his own words, "a monopoly on accuracy."
The following publicly and/or privately proclaimed, and therefore implicitly "100% accurate" statements by Ed, to the best of my knowledge, have not been proven to be true:
* 300 m.p.h. winds sweeping over the U.S.
* Bovine AIDS killing masses of infants
* Martians stealing fertilizer from U.S. companies
* Pregnant Martians living underground in the desert
* Stock market crash in 1998
* Flying fungus from outer space cylinder destroying all crops
* The eruption of Mammoth in 1998
* The crashed F-14 fighter being found in Arizona (it was Colorado)
* The killer of Jon Benet as identified by Psi Tech
* Flight 800 being downed by the malfunction Ed claims (250+ witnesses dispute it)
* "Arts Parts" being from a future U.S. space craft test
* "A dead body on the floor at Lightworks offices"
* Psi Techs partnership with Lightworks viewed as their optimal business relationship
* $55 million in sales of TRV tapes the first year
* The existence of "Satan"
* The existence of angels
* The existence of "God"
* The death of President Clinton by lightening on a golf course in April 1998
* The exact circumstances of Maddie Rae Clifton's death
* The exact whereabouts of atheist Madalyn Murray OHair
* The exact location of Amelia Earhart's plane
* The "Primary Cause of Art Bells Radio Show Departure" vs. Arts "family" reasons
* The alleged fraudulence of the Billy Meier UFO case
* AIDS as being of canine origins (contrary to scientific linking to monkeys)
* Alien autopsy subject is a bag with an air pump below it
It is entirely possible that some of the above have been, within the full context of Eds statements and claims, proven to be 100% true without my knowledge. However, the statement that Ed and Psi Tech have a "monopoly on accuracy" should be absolutely applied and proven to be true for each and every one of the above and other claims which have been flung fast and furiously by Ed, who perhaps is counting on people having pathetically short attention spans as well as memories.
Ed has what could be called "aural charisma", he sounds good, convincing and compelling. Its likely that he believes these things completely himself, I dont question his sincerity, but certainly his accuracy and, to a degree, his motivations. Ed proudly refers to his reputation in the military as "Dr. Doom" and acknowledges being currently identified with "doom and gloom". This labeling in itself bespeaks an agenda, and agendas are very unscientific attributes. It is well known that agendas and expectations (in terms of what one will find) are an enemy of objective research and Ed makes no secret of his expectations. I personally asked Ed several times during my working association with him to target the solutions to the big disasters, epidemics, etc. that he was always forecasting. He consistently declined, declared his non-interest in doing so and closed the door on any such discussion. Folks, if TRV can detect a fungus inside a cylinder in the wake of a comet, deliberately sent by who-knows-who from who-knows-where, why cant TRV find...the fungicide? Not sexy enough, too much burden of proof?
Let me admit to you that I too was looking for certainty, for a new means to know the future, all the same interests that fascinate the insomniacs and (other) security junkies who thrive on this kind of stuff. I thought that I had found a legitimate technology and its impeccable representative. I was thrilled to do all I could to bring TRV to the public so it could be used to solve, or avert, some of the ominous conditions that not only Ed was talking about, but which had been talked about and predicted for years, even centuries. After all, solar activity, comets, catastrophes and cataclysms of all sorts have, no pun intended, plagued humankind for eons.
It also finally dawned on me that, if TRV was really such cutting edge technology, how come Ed was free to walk around and teach it to anyone who could afford his course, let alone sell tapes to teach the rest of the world? After all, was our government so dopey that it would allow the biggest, most powerful intelligence gathering tool the world had ever seen to be publicly promoted by a guy who was using it to find pregnant, let alone fertilizer stealing, Martians?
Ed spoke now and then about the destabilizing effects that doing TRV had on a General Stubblebein (I may have made mistakes in rank and spelling of the name but my reference target is accurate.) He said that this particular man became so engrossed and involved with the process that he became very mentally unstable, apparently something Ed feels himself immune to. But this raises clear questions of the potential damage of TRV to ones psyche, their mental and emotional health. Questions of the effects on ones sanity, stability, and perceptions, in all areas of life, are being raised but not answered. Is TRV a real scientific tool or something significantly less with less than benign effects on those most eager to embrace, and promote, it?
Ed told me that intelligence work often includes wrapping a lie in the truth, an 80-20 ratio is the example he used, is TRV possibly such a deception?
A specific concern of mine wherein Ed echos the intelligence communitys public position is his referring to the Billy Meier UFO case as fraudulent, a charge for which, like most of his other statements, he offers no real proof. Let me say that I am, after 20 years of research on all the available information, partial to believing that Meiers case is based in fact. Meier published information in 1975 pertaining to the connection between atomic testing (as well as bromine gases) and ozone layer damage, resulting genetic mutations and food chain damage, as well as the connection between earthquakes and volcanoes and the extraction of petroleum and natural gas, all of which predate Eds recent "discoveries" in these areas by more than 20 years. Meiers published information was also independently scientifically validated by top national laboratories and universities who were unaware that their "new discoveries" were also already previously published by Meier.
Additionally, the recent statements Ed made on Arts show about our military experimenting with weapons that caused great damage to our atmosphere were again preempted by Meiers publishing similar, and more detailed, information by 1978, at least 21 years before Ed. If Meier wasnt getting his highly accurate, scientifically validated information from ETs, then maybe hes got a better, more accurate system than TRV. If Ed wants to find, or is waitng to be found by, "Starman" he might want to go to Switzerland and talk to someone who may have been doing so for over 25 years. If you want to check out the merits of the Meier case I refer you to my ten-page article on it (with links to further info) in the March 1999 issue of UFO Magazine, draw your own...informed...conclusions.
Also, Psi Tech announces a work in progress about Chinas hidden strategic weapons program. Have they read the regular old newspapers over the past couple of weeks? In all fairness, there may be a lot more that Psi Tech will discover and reveal but the cat is already out of the bag on this one.
If you wonder what my own "agenda" is, consider the following:
I was the Finder and the Associate Producer of the tapes with a percentage due me, from Lightworks and Mr. DeLigter, for both those positions. (I also created the concept of Ed as on-screen monitor for the students so that there would be a repeatable teaching structure built into at least Module I, I havent seen the other finished tapes so dont know if this device was retained or another used.) Therefore, it does not serve me financially to bring this up because: Should purchasers of these tapes suddenly return them, feeling that they were duped or that the tapes really dont work, causing Psi Tech to refund their money, and should DeLigter prevail in his legal case against Psi Tech and Psi Tech consequently not have the money to pay him, its unlikely I will be paid whatever balance may be due me for my services.
Clearly, if DeLigter doesnt prevail he would most likely also not pay me. Add to this two more facts. One, though I was under contract to Lightworks/DeLigter, I found Psi Tech their lawyer, at their request, when they had failed to do so for themselves, not to DeLigters delight but with his knowledge. I was also offered the position of CEO (and talk of a six-figure salary) by Psi Tech on a couple of occasions, which I declined due to lack of both interest and (self-assessed) qualifications on my part. I should add that when Psi Tech released the tapes themselves, thereby eliminating the chance that I would be paid by DeLigter, I asked them to pay me which, correctly, they declined to do. You might get the picture that at this point neither of the two camps is in love with me (which is just fine.) Talk about one big convoluted mess.
The point is, there ain't nothin' in it for me now except to try to correct a situation in which my participation contributed to the dissemination of some very questionable material. The questions I raised deserve to be answered, with an emphasis on accuracy.
If this "technology" can be proven to be really valid and consistently accurate in the hands of those of you who have obtained, it I will feel: (a.) silly for some of the aforementioned concern, and (b.) very relieved that the stuff actually works.
The Answer, Finally
It is extremely easy to resolve the issue regarding the tapes: Those of you have been using them can call in and fax Art Bell and inform the rest of us just how well it works. Maybe Art can even reserve a special night for it. You can let us know what your results have been, how complex and detailed your targets were, and how accurate your answers were. Have you made verifiable medical or scientific breakthroughs, found missing persons or lost treasures, is this really the teaching and learning tool of the future? Of course you will have to provide proof, as would be required for any scientific claims, contrary to what we have seen from Psi Tech so far.
Real proof from you, the users of the TRV tapes, would fulfill my original intentions to make a positive difference in the world, and be more than compensation for lost income or a bruised ego. It would also help validate at least some of Eds claims regarding TRV, which hasnt been helped by his hyperbolic inaccuracies. Lets find out if were dealing with a real science, and a legitimate scientist, or a late night, cross between the National Enquirer and a New Age Wizard of Oz waiting for us to pull the curtain back.
There is one last thing, I need to give Ed his due when he unequivocally and accurately predicts something, when he is 100% absolutely right beyond a shadow of a doubt. Well, he said that he was moving to Hawaii, and he did. Aloha!
From Skye Turrell
From: Jack S. <
I was dismayed when I read the story on PSI TECH's TRV home course that is posted at your website and I can personally attest to the efficacy of this course. It works and is truly amazing.
Here is an example of a training session performed by one of Ed's students:
You may wish to also visit this link: to view some of the facts regarding the lightworks litigation which has long since been dismissed. PSI TECH won. It appears that the author of the document you posted is simply bitter about this loss. The author also has not fact-checked the document. Example: "F14" which should be "A-10", among other errors. Ed Dames also correctly identified that the pilot of that plane was dead, which was the original purpose of working that target and he stated on the air that the sessions were preliminary.
I would also appreciate it if you or your webmaster would post my comments along with these links to the bottom of that story.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
From Michael Horn < 5-5-99
Dear Jack,
Thank you for responding to my article. To cover the points you raised, one by one:
Though l can appreciate your enthusiasm for the home study course it must be considered as anecdotal, falling short of the request l made in my final paragraphs for real proof. You refer us to a lovely drawing, the target for which is described as "TARGET: [8100/1581] United States/most secret aerospace project". Now, Jack, how do we verify that which is, by definition, our country's "most secret aerospace project"?
Regarding your comments about the lawsuit, apparently there is an upcoming trial for which l have been deposed as a witness,. Perhaps you are privy to something that all these attorneys don't know. lf so, please inform them so that l can go fishing instead of sitting in a court room.
As to "being bitter about this loss", in addition to the apparent prematurity of the claim, I am not Lightworks and, if you read my article/letter, you would see that, therefore, the outcome of the trial would have little impact on me.
Regarding the plane. l am sure you are right that it was an A-10 not an F-10. However, if you will look at the point l raised, "The crashed F-14 fighter being found in Arizona (it was Colorado)" my emphasis is on WHERE the plane was found. This was the information that Eddie personally shared with me at the Psi Tech office, pointing out that, using TRV, he was able to identify the state flag and therefore be absolutely sure (as in "100% monopoly on accuracy") of the plane's location. Also, many people in the media and the military already presumed the pilot dead at the time. Since l was there and you weren't, I'd appreciate it if you didn't rewrite my experiences for me.
You also mention "among other errors". Please do point them out and also refer to where l say, "to the best of my knowledge, have not been proven to be true" and, "It is entirely possible that some of the above have been, within the full context of Ed's statements and claims, proven to be 100% true without my knowledge."
Please do supply whatever information you have to set the record straight, l would like to think my initial enthusiasm for all this was based on something far more accurate than it appears to have been so far.
As a final note, l originally sent the above article to Art, Eddie and Harry on March 22, 1999 and asked Art to post it and open discussion on it. Neither he nor Psi Tech used their public forums to do so, nor were they so obligated. l am grateful that Sightings has made it possible for this to be openly discussed by all interested parties.
Sincerely, Michael Horn
From Michael Horn < 5-5-99
I would like to say that the article of mine posted on the Sightings page only appeared *after* I received no response after having sent it to Art Bell, Psi Tech and Lightworks on March 22, 1999. As a matter of record, my email to Art was prefaced with:
Dear Art,
As you and I are to a large degree responsible for this product's existence and success, I feel it incumbent upon our integrity to address the points contained below, whatever the risk that may entail. In the spirit of courage and truth, I hope that you will make the following available to your listeners and website visitors so that they may respond.
Michael Horn Associate Producer
Of course, there was no obligation on anybody's part to respond to it, publicly or privately, nor, equally, any obligation on my part to remain silent about my concerns. My article brought a large response from people wanting to tell me (more than I'll ever want to know) about TRV, CRV, SRV and RVs and motor homes. The correspondence also contained personal attacks on me, Eddie, Joni, Harry and other personalities in the aforementioned RV worlds. My intention of course is to not engage in, encourage or support any personal defamation, but only to deal with the issues of credibility and accountability I raised in my article. I felt that I accomplished my intention, and would have been content to say no more, except that several of the people who communicated with me raised a troubling matter in regard to one of the points I raised, the famous "Flying fungus from outer space cylinder destroying all crops"
What follows is an excerpt from one email I received, I have removed the name of the person who sent it and the person referred to in it. I happen to know the person referred to below as they were involved in the video taping of material for the TRV tapes which I was working on:
"...As for the plant pathogen... according to ***** (who is now on mainland somewhere) that data originated in one of her student sessions. She had a week of training as a remote viewer (I've been at it two years and would NEVER claim to predict anything) and she got some very questionable and non-specific data. ***** told me that Ed and Joni took it and turned it into this huge fantasy of the alien plant pathogen. ***** never believed it herself..."
The reason I mention this is that the whole plant pathogen thing has been widely promoted by Psi Tech as a product of their professional team. Seeing as the item seems outrageous in and of itself, one question is: what professional team came up with this? And, if in fact the repeatedly broadcast, hysteria-promoting claim was the result of a trainee with about a week of training, there are significant questions of credibility and accountability raised anew.
Psi Tech is certainly in the position to clear this up and should certainly do so promptly. I trust that those who have been upset with me, as the messenger, will instead direct their attention to carefully scrutinizing the material in question. I found the following, as anyone can, in the transcripts and chats available on both Art Bells and Psi Techs pages:
Chat 2/12/97
Will the cylinder LOOK like something engineered or will it look natural and will it be apparent it's purpose/effects immed.?
Ed Dames: It will burn almost completely up in the skies above Africa -- effects appear immediately.
Inbound cylinder? Please explain. Is this going to be some type of Plague that is going to wipe out Africa or Kill so many people there? What is a Meme?
Ed Dames: The 'cylinder' contains a plant pathogen (bye-bye wheat, rice, etc)"
3/6/97 Transcript
Bell: Alright and your company, when it undertakes a project, it is not Ed Dames alone who goes into a room and goes into some sort of altered state and comes up with the answers. It is a group of remote viewers who are given random numbers as target information and, in order for a commercial contract to be completed with 100% accuracy, there is a whole group involved.....correct?
Dames: There are 6 to 8 team members. I have about 30 individuals who work for the company and we divide them up into teams depending on the operation. We usually use 6 to 8 teams members and they work individually and they work independently. Most of the time the individuals do not know what the target is when they first start but, remember, these are trained psychics.... technical remote viewers are after about 20 or 40 minutes of working, they are going to know where they're at. When they start out in the blind, so to speak, and that is the term that we use.....eventually they're going to know what they're working.....whether it's the TWA ft.800 explosion or a missing person."
Transcript 4/13/97
Nathan: Hello, thanks for your time! I would really like to know what the beings who sent the pathogen are planning to do once its effects have been passed on. And could you elaborate on who they are please? thank you.
Ed Dames: We have not established "chain of custody" on that special delivery package, i.e., we have not established "ownership."
Dreamer: Does Maj. Dames stand by his fax to Art Bell re Hale-Bopp a & b ? Plau: Could RV capabilities be enhanced by electronic means?
Ed Dames: The cylindrical part has already detached.
Nathan: Hello, Major. I would like it if you would please elaborate on who the beings are that have sent the pathogen, and what their plans are concerning why they have done this. Also, what do they plan to do in the future? Thank you for your time.
Ed Dames: The only data that we have indicates that an "intelligent agency" was involved (possibly "superhuman") and that the package is succor for a sick planetour own.
Dreamer: Regarding Hale-Bopp a & b, did they separate and can we visualize this with telescope ; do U still stand by this ?
Ed Dames: The cylinder is a dark object. It will break up in the atmosphere over Equatorial Africa, (most likely)."
"Transcript 9/18/97
Bell: Alright, let's see. An update, if we can, on the plant pathogen. You said, a long time ago, that there was a cylinder that separated from Comet Hale-Bopp, when it came by, and that it contained a plant pathogen that would enter our atmosphere.....probably over Africa.....begin in Africa....and would kill green things. Do you have an update on that?
Dames: Yes, we do have an update. Although this is right out of the fantasy and science fiction books, I don't know what to say to your listeners. We take what we get and this is as real as the other work we do. It's out there and it's headed our way. So, let me give you a spot report. It separated about April of this year, shortly after it's closest approach to Earth. It is inbound from a trajectory above the plane of our solar system and is heading toward intercept with Earth, okay? It is moving around....let's say nominally about 20,000 miles an hour......about half a million miles a day......about 10 months transit time from the point where it separated from the Hale-Bopp comet. We are looking at an actual impact. Yes, it will burn up over Equatorial Africa but there will be a piece of it that appears to crater and the center of mass for that crater, that is where the impact will actually occur. This object will enter Earth's atmosphere, somewhere between December and February.....December of this year and February of next.....we don't have the time pinned down tighter that that, right now. Somewhere along a line that stretches from Eritrea in the north to Swaziland in the south with center of mass.....that's the most likely impact point.....right in the small country of Burundi or Lake Victoria. Interestingly, the seat of the genesis of our species.....homosapiens. I find that quite interesting.
Bell: Yes, well full circle.
Dames: There will be spores released as it burns up and there will be spores released at impact. These are very small....larger than a virus.....we don't know how much larger. They are fuzzy. They look very much like other spores that we're aware of, microbiologically speaking, and they are going to spread like wildfire.
Bell: And it will kill green things.
Dames: It will kill green things. Not algae, and that's lucky. Now, I've got some good news along these fronts later but I think the bad news should be delivered first. I have mentioned before and everybody knows how severe I think the winter is going to be this year, in the Northern Hemisphere.....very, very severe."
Miscellaneous Chat Room Conversations:
Will there be a period of time that it is clear the plant pathogen has come but it is not recognized for what it is?
Ed Dames: No, I think that the canister will be picked up on radar, close to Earth.
Does it seem organic or is it clear it is a canister?
Ed Dames: Organic (pathogenic) spores embedded in the cylinder's material matrix."
Transcript: 10/1/98
Bell: Alright, next item. We're just gonna cover a lot of bases here. A million people have asked me to ask you about the plant pathogen. I mean here I go winging my way toward Africa, which is where the plant pathogen you suggested will land or has landed. And they would like an update on that. What can you tell us if anything?
Dames: We'll go into the background right now, it's associated with this device that enters the Earth's atmosphere. We lost track of the device. We lost chain of custody with this particular cylinder. The next time we pick it up in Technical Remote Viewing is particulate matter disseminated in the atmosphere over the continent of Africa. When we research this particulate matter we find that it is what I would call a fungal accelerator. It's some type of a catalyst. I don't know how broad spectrum it is within fungi..within that class of organism..plants.. but it appears to accelerate the growth of fungi. Many different kinds of fungi. And that's was in the atmosphere over Africa. Now, that notwithstanding, you are already aware, you're going to tour Kruger National Park. You'll probably have some of the last pictures of healthy animals because virtually all the lions in the park are dying of tuberculosis.
Bell: That I know..
Dames: That they have contracted from other animals that have tuberculosis..
Bell: I know..
Dames: The entire continent of Africa..take some pictures of the people too because they are facing zero population growth.
Bell: That also is in the news.
Dames: Yes, it is. But this fungi, the idea, in terms of phytopathology..this is not an's as if, the Earth were striking back and needed a little assistance from an outside agency. And it came in the form of this booster shot, that kills not mammalian life, but the food that we eat. Because if you look at the world's food crops, they are in trouble right now from fungi.."