Appeal To Save The Tesla
Museum In Belgrade
From NATO Bombing
Appeal for Salvation of Nikola Tesla Heritage
NATO pact have been bombing Yugoslavia and Belgrade for weeks. NATO bombs do not hit only military targets but hit civil targets as well. Museum of Nikola Tesla, scientist who was American citizen of Serbian origin, one of the greatest inventors in the field of electrical engineering is in Belgrade. Museum keeps complete archive of Nikola Tesla (150,000 documents ), his personal belongings, and instruments. NATO bombs now imperil part of the world cultural heritage and destruction of Nikola Tesla archive would be the crime committed against remembrance of the whole humanity.
Nikola Tesla Museum is 300m away from Serbia TV, which was destroyed in NATO air strikes.
We are appealing to you, to do what is in your power to stop bombing, thus preventing cultural catastrophe that might have happened in a case that Nikola Tesla archive is destroyed.
Director of Nikola Tesla Museum dr. Branimir Jovanovic
Dear Sir or Madame, thank you for your concern for NIkola Tesla heritage and Museum stuff. We are safe and sound for now. Please, forward this massage to people you know it will be useful.