Threats Against Chicago
Mercantile Exchange? - Skolnick
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
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It is an open secret: The Red Chinese and their Secret Police dominate the commodity and currency markets in Chicago.
The long-time head of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Leo Meladmed, has reportedly been quiet that he was born in China, speaks fluent Chinese, and from time to time reportedly travels there. Former Clinton White House Senior Advisor, Rahm Emanuel, is now reportedly big in promoting the financial deals of Red China.
The Red Chinese, along with the ethnic Chinese, the ruling elite of Indonesia, reportedly are using the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, to launder huge illicit funds from the trafficking into the U.S. via a major in-take point of Chicago, of "China White", high purity heroin from S.W. China. Some of it is coming in through the drug trafficking of the Kosovo Liberation Army, largest druglords in Europe.
Also laundered through the Chicago markets are funds from the burgeoning traffic from Red China of human body parts, merchandised like auto parts, through U.S. hospitals. [We are going to expose these hospitals in an up-coming public access Cable TV Show in Chicago of which I am the producer/moderator].
The Chinese supply the human body parts harvested from political prisoners in good health--they are condemned to death as the U.S. hospitals receive orders from wealthy patients requiring hearts, livers, lungs, etc. The trade is dealt with on a soon-as-needed basis, with political prisoners shot as the body parts are needed in the U.S.
Rahm Emanuel operates as a bigwig of an investment firm reportedly with sizeable Red Chinese accounts or dealings, Wasserstein & Perrella, a New York headquartered firm with offices in Chicago. Emanuel also apparently is now an official of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This route is used for among other things, the raising of huge funds for William Rockefeller Clinton and his cronies in the Rockefeller family.
Clinton comes from time to time to speak before the "Merc" as it is called, yet the local pressfakers never seem to report what it is the President says there. Now as part of a series of international manipulations of public opinion, the counter-terrorism consultants available to the "Merc" have reportedly warned them that it is an open secret that the "Merc" whose security is lax and difficult is possibly subject to an attack of some violence, such as a bombing. The consultants no doubt if such a disaster occurs may well have certain alleged "lone bombers" in mind or that it is part of some complicated scheme.
"Merc" traders are grumbling so loud that they suspect a bombing, that some of them insist to their trading firms they want to go home by 3 p.m. on weekday afternoons. Some even talk openly but off the record that they would like to leave the building by 2 p.m. in the afternoon even though the markets would still be open. Some of the brokers, introducing brokers, and such, are equipped with computers to trade and transact off-site such as at home or from a non-downtown office site. Back-office personnel are livid that no provision is reportedly made to have them not stay late doing the office work at various trading firms. The counter-terrorism experts reportedly are comparing the threatened situation to the non-accidental bombing of the Red Chinese Embassy in Belgrade which altered world opinion on several levels. If violence occurs, as some suspect, will the Red Chinese claim they are the victimized party like in Belgrade?
Some alternative journalists have warned all these matters are dangerous to discuss. Why? The FBI is circulating rumors, believed by some to be true that they soon will be more "physical" in dealing with loud-mouth dissidents who rail against the U.S. central government and circulate stories that Clinton is a traitor, having committed treason, and should be arrested.
Can the FBI prevent such fears and threats reportedly against the "Merc" from being posted on Internet? Savvy folks point to the fact that AOL is not an Internet Service Provider but rather an On-Line Service transmitting folks to an ISP. AOL has a screening committee that reserves the right to censor--and we are not talking here about porn but politics. Post this story on other websites and categories---it is important that these matters be openly and publicly discussed.
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If this story gets mysteriously unposted or "cancelled", it is just the rotten FBI doing their thing. Oh, I forget to mention: have you seen those weird, surreal TV commercials for First Union Bank? Who do you think are among the major owners? Reportedly they include Lippo Group and Lippo Bank, reputed major drug traffickers in with Bill Clinton. Where is all the money coming from for First Union to be buying up banks all over the U.S.? Comments on this would be appreciated.