Contrail 'Bio-Alert' Called
For West Coast - Interesting
Satellite Photos
From Ken Welch in Houston <>
Saturday, 4/24/99, 2PM Pacific Time
About an hour ago I got the note reprinted below from a dedicated weather watcher who is following our story about the biological attack on America. He reports spraying trails appearing at this time on satellite images of the West Coast.
I've located the satellite image he refers to at this URL:
If you receive this too late to see the unmistakable spray patterns off the coast of Oregon and northern California, I've frozen the image and posted it at:
I don't know the wind speeds involved, so cannot estimate the time of arrival of the spray package, or how long it will linger, but I would suggest staying inside this weekend.
Ken Welch
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Date sent: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 11:27:44 -0700
Subject: Chemtrails GOES visible sat image
17:00 UTC GOES 10 visible satellite image (weathernet) currently shows a pattern being laid offshore along the coast of California and Oregon. With the recent decrease in winds and the building high pressure ridge, this is exactly where one would lay down a pattern of spray to drift in with the onshore flow over coastal areas. I am a serious weather junkie, I minored in meteorology, and I know my atmospheric science. Having viewed thousands of satellite photos and images, I have never seen the kinds of 'clouds' that are visible in your images...and the ones that appear in the current West Coast image. The crossing of the contrails is antithetical to weather dynamics and would occur naturally, in my opinion, once in a million.
Looks like a good day to stay indoors!!!
Lee Elder