Why Jeff Rense And Brad Steiger
Don't Like Ouija Boards!

'The Incident' is an Artwork
As you might have guessed 'The Incident' is not at all what it pretends to be, it is all made up by me. I am scared - not of dark powers but of the "New-Age" we are entering.
Manipulation with words, pictures and humans has become so easy that we have to be extremely critical with everything we see or hear. And specially with those things we want to hear.
The greatest manipulator is one's own mind will pick up the things we want to hear and forget or distort the rest.
I have in 'The Incident' tried to take it so far out that it becomes an absurdity.
You will if you look carefully, find references to The Roswell Incident, Lords of the round table, Nazism, Communism, Cold War Intelligence, Spiritism (obvious), Christianity, The assassination of JFK, the New Word Order (a conspiracy theory), Lars von Trier's movie "Epidemic" (great film) and Yves Klein's photo "Yves Klein hurling himself into space" (famous photo-document that I've revealed as a montage), and if you look even closer there are 2 pictures of me hidden somewhere in the pages..
For the technical interested I can tell that It took me 3 days to make the pictures with "Adobe Photoshop" and a bunch of old photos. Depending on your temperament and belief you can look at "The Incident" as a modern kind of an Edgar Allan Poe story, an artwork, a manipulation, a satanic piece of humor, a hoax or simply a reminder to be critical with what you see, hear and believe. The choice is yours.
Best regards
From Rev. Troy Heidt
< 3-13-99
I saw the photo from 'The Incident' on your Ouija board link, you do know that that is a hoax, don't you! I will cut and paste the letter I got from Orlick below!
I was really disappointed to learn about it not being real, it seemed like it would've been such a cool thing to have explored had The Incident been a real thing!
As far as Ouija Boards go, it is a good thing not to mess with them.
As a minister, I could relate story after story to you about some pretty spooky things that have happened. I'll briefly share one now:
A young man in a town I pastored was in his basement and he'd been playing Ouija with his friends for sometime. Everyone went home and he stayed in his basement alone. He thought he'd ask it some personal questions and was amazed when the cursor seemed to move itself on the board! After a few minutes of questions the young man asked the board what it was. It pointed to A S P I R I T. He thought that was strange, so he asked another question!
"Where are you?"
I A M S I T T I N G O N Y O U R L A P !
He felt a cold chill go up his spine and could feel an eerie presence in the room. He grabbed the board and the cursor, threw it against the wall and all through high school wouldn't play Ouija again.
This isn't an Urban Legend, I actually know this man, and several others with stories that are just as freaky!
Thanks again for your time Jeff, Blessings to you, always enjoy the show,