SoCal Concentration Camp
Locations In LA And
Ventura Counties
Note - If any of you can get to these locations and take some photos, we
would appreciate seeing them and will add them to this story. Suggest you
use caution and take a zoom lens along. Thanks to Don for this information.
Concentration Camp Locations in Southern California
For all you disbeliever's and gun control idiots who think the government knows best, I've compiled a short list of camps you can visit. These camps have armed guards, surveillance systems, and many fences with the barbed wire pointing IN. If you voted for gun-control, then you probably deserve a place in one of these things, as you've sold not only you and your own children down the road, but me and mine as well. Thanks a lot.
1. PEARBLOSSOM, CALIFORNIA: Located at the intersection of Ave 116 and the Pearblossom Highway, this is a full-service facility, complete with gas chambers, moat, machine gun towers, and roving armed patrols. Visit at your own risk. If you do decide to see this one, you will be descended upon by some very mean fellows, who will get your ID and license, then monitor you. 2. FILMORE, CALIFORNIA: Located on highway 126, this at first glance looks like an orange grove and is located on the north side of the highway. It sports guard centers, three--count em--three sets of fences, all pointing in, and some very nasty armed men who tell you to "mind your own business." This camp is huge. 3. SANTA PAULA, CALIFORNIA: This is a holding camp, designed as a stock-yard type of facility for those rounded up in the early sweeps. 4. VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA: This is one of the largest camps ever constructed and measures some two miles by three miles, using the resivoir at the intersection of the 5 and 405 freeways as a cover. New buildings, armed guards, new roads, and many hundreds of buildings for housing the damned. 5. GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA: Right behind Brand Park, take the 5 interstate to Western Ave, then head north up the hill till you arrive at the park. Then take the road -- by foot -- by the doctor's house on the northwestern part of the park. Proceed up the hill to you reach the resivoir, which is in fact, a holding facility. When we were there last, there were five armed guards with M16s walking around.
Commentary on the Concentration Camps
Dear friends,
Recently, I sent out to the various news media an extremely small list of Concentration Camps recently built by your United States Government. As it happens, very few journalists acted upon the information and shared it with listeners/viewers/readers. Of course, once the information was made public, I've now become slandered, attacked, and called all sorts of names and the like. How interesting it is that when we bring truth to our world, the messenger is killed, even if symbolically.
Many of us in the media have been aware of these hideous camps since their inception. It only takes a look at the history of this century to know what will happen in them once they are populated. The heart shudders at such knowledge but ignoring it won't make it go away. The only answer is to get the information out there in the world and make our elected government answer.
I've personally visited these camps and have taken pictures. They are REAL. They are manned. They have moats, motion sensors, inner berms to hide the main complexes, guards at the gates, electric gates, processing centers, and of course, high fences with razor wire and barbed pointing inward - not outward - but inward to KEEP PEOPLE IN.
The larger facilities are called golf courses or water treatment plants. When was the last time you saw a golf course (Portland, Oregon) with armed guards carrying M16s? Why do the larger facilities have smokestacks? Ever see a crematorium? The smaller facilities are usually holding facilities, obviously designed for the short-term roundups prior to the hapless souls being shipped off to their final destination somewhere else.
You have to know that it was never my intention to uncover this information to frighten anyone nor to get publicity, as so many claim. As my readers are well aware, I stumbled upon this stuff in research for a new book. I have a family and want to see them grow up and they want to have a father that is alive, not dead. Reporting this type of information has made me very unpopular with the government and I've been warned many times by the FBI to 'mind my own business.' Unlike many of my contemporaries, I've chosen to research these camp claims for myself.
I HAD to see them with my own eyes. They do exist. But the real question that needs to be asked - and asked fast - is why?
Why are they being built? Whom are they for? Why does the government deny their existence? A friend of mine and I discovered 32 camps in just one county in Colorado alone. You can drive right up to them. However, the Department of Corrections in Colorado, the Marshall's Office, the County Sheriffs office, and the Federal agencies in Colorado all claim there is nothing at these sites except the lonesome prairie. That's just a flat out lie.
Because of the staggering amount of mail I've received on this, my friends in the media - what few there are who have the guts to print the truth - have allowed me to answer a myriad amount of questions regarding the camps. No one - not a single person - has reported this information on the evening news nor in their newspapers. Most of these questions are from the Internet by people who have read the research material and it is their questions that are being answered.
? Why such a short-list? This was a good question and I've given the reason much thought. We've uncovered over 700 hundred camps so far. We have pictures to prove their existence. The answer is: We wanted to get as much of a complete listing as we possibly could before going public. The reason for that is obvious: you can't research very much when you are in jail on trumped-up charges or dead, can you? The other part of the answer is that we are still observing the construction going on there. For the most part we are very much watched when we visit them; we are stopped by armed men who ask to see ID. This on public roads. Making a circus of these sites will only get innocent people killed. Know this; if you visit these camps you will end up under government surveillance, and these folks are not very kind. Also, most, if not all the construction on these facilities happens at night. Why?
? Locations. They seem to be popping up everywhere. For example, in January of 1999, there were no camps in Fillmore California, now there are two (March 1999.) They seem to ring around population centers for the most part, with many short-term 'holding facilities' buried in the hills and dales around the inner cities. There are over 53 camps in Southern California.
? How do you determine if they are a concentration camp? This one is easy. Have you ever seen a prison up close? They do have certain features that are unmistakable from other types of things like schools or churches. Here are the determining factors. It has to have:
1. Barbed wire or razor wire fences that point inward. Look at most security fences. The top portion points out to keep trespassers out, right? Prisons, labor camps and the like all have their fence tops pointing in so that the inmates are greatly hampered in climbing them.
2. Some type of guard facility that is defendable and wired with microwave transmitters.
3. Armed guards parading around in golf-pro shirts or department of water clothing. I wasn't aware that our utilities were arming their employees with MP5s and M16s. Even the smallest facility we found had five, count em, five armed guards in tactical gear.
4. Tactical berms to hide the main complexes from the road. These also have moats, not yet filled with water, that surround the inner complex. The camp in Pearblossom is an excellent example of a full-service camp. The people go in, but they don't come out.
? What was all that nonsense anyway about gun control? My research into concentration camps revealed that prior to each country's use of such things, they first disarmed their people with gun-control propaganda. Personally, I'm all for gun control, as long as it applies to true gun control - and that means disarming - not militarizing the police, the criminals, and the dictators the world over. Have you ever seen someone gut shot? It's horrible. However, when you find them rounding up you and your loved ones (separating the parents from the children) you'll soon realize the only preventing a repeat performance of The Holocaust is firearms. The founding fathers of America knew what they were talking about and had some pretty good insight when they created the constitution. It is a well-known fact that the CIA created HCI (Handgun Control Inc) and that it is a well-funded creature of the CIA. Why does the CIA want America's citizens disarmed? That's the real question. You can't have a dictatorship or Martial Law if the voters are armed, can you?
? Mr. Bradley, I think you are full of it. That may be so, but if I am wrong, why is the government going to such lengths to hide them in orange groves and other 'first-glance' disguises? Why are they tapping my phones, following me around, and then following the people I talk to? Why are those men and women in the media who are publicizing my research being called by people who are trying to discredit me as some kind of nut case?
? Aren't you scared? Sure. Everyday of my life. But not for my own existence. Quite frankly, after spending two years exposing Remote Viewing for the mind-control sham that it is, I haven't been in good graces with the alphabet-soup agencies. I fear that this knowledge may be too little, too late. Quite frankly, if we don't get some public awareness on this issue and soon, we might all be having some firsthand experience with camps. When they come for you in Martial Law, they round up journalists who are independent, Lawyers, History Professors, Constitutionalists, Minorities, and anyone who won't surrender their firearms. As well, they also have been compiling, since 1994, lists of people buying food, weapons, clothing, etc., Again, the right question is, why the lists? Why the camps? Why so many? Why moats and electric fences? Why turnstiles that are color-coded for processing? Why are there angry white (I don't know why, but so far the guards we have run into have all been white males in their late twenties to early thirties) guards carrying automatic weapons and telephoto cameras? WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT BUILDING THESE CAMPS AND DENYING THEIR EXISTENCE?
? When will you supply us with the complete list of camps? Well, not sure if it will ever be complete. We've been to places where there were only two camps (El Canon City, Colorado, February 1998, for example) and went back five months later and there were seven camps. The camps in Colorado, by the way, are Huge in every sense of the word. These, it seems apparent, are final destination or full-service camps. Also, I am only one man. It takes a lot of time and money (both ever on short supply) to research these things and I usually do it when traveling on other business. Plus, having a machine gun shoved in your face tends to ruin your day. The camps around Utah and Arizona are the spookiest ones we've photographed. These are very clearly camps for the undead. All the full-service camps have rail spurs and landing strips adjacent to them.
? What are the purposes of these camps? Read history, what of it in print they haven't managed to dispose of by now. Camps hold people. They aren,t prisons in the normal sense of the word. A prison has a hospital, a gym, food facilities, recreation yards, and cells for the inmates. Camps are like stockyards for humans. Very little shelter and a great deal of death.
? What do you think the government's reaction will be to this report of yours? What it has always been: plausible deniability, a phrase and action created by the covert agencies of this country. First, deny the existence. Then, if that fails, explain it away with a limited hangout (short for another lie, but this time with a small miter of truth.)
? When we're they built? By all indications, and since we've started looking at these things in early 1998, it appears most of the larger facilities were started around 1995 and are still being modified. The smaller holding type facilities are being rapidly built RIGHT NOW.
? How can I find one in my area? It's rather easy, but you have to have two things: one, a mind that isn't sleeping or daydreaming. Two, a watchful eye. That's how we did it. We just started paying attention to our surroundings. The government counts on most folks not even really knowing what is around in their own neighborhoods. Also, start looking at the fringes of your city, as this seems to be where they like to place them. Look first for the fences pointing in that's the most noticeable feature about the camps that you usually can see from the road. Near Trinidad, Colorado, many of the outlying residents watched the construction happen and were warned off by armed men without badges when they tried to approach the builders. Most, if not all building, is done at night.
? Why were they built? That's the question, isn't it?
? Isn't there some other explanation for them, like a new kind of cheap prison? Really? Would you want to be in a prison with no shelter, hospital, nor any other kind of formal living arrangements and exposed to the elements? Listen, I wish these things didn't exist. I get sick everytime I find another one. I didn't create them, you know. The messenger isn't to blame for the message.
? Have you seen Elvis and where is he now? I'm sorry, that's the next site over, not this one. Please move on.
? When do you think they will start populating these camps? Don't know. But by all indications, they are being built up at a rather startling rate. That indicates a time-line of sorts. A deadline has been set and they are trying to get in place and readiness for something.
? Anything Else? Sure. Tons of information. What would you do with it? Most people don't want to know, period. It's scary stuff.
AMERICA - Will We Lose Her Soon?
From 3-8-99
With the recent abundance of articles--primarily in the form of postings on the internet--about the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] and the use of presidential orders to declare martial law; the reported widespread sprouting of what are apparently domestic internment camps, also on the internet; the now highly publicized threats of domestic breakdown due to y2k, and biological terrorism..but this, mind you, mainly in the majority press; the uneven accounts of practice, urban military operations across the Land, complete with live ammunition and black helicopters, to counter whatever is on the menu of the day; and finally, a 3-7-99 Drudge Report [re-posted on Sightings] exposing a secret, underground command and control center in downtown Los Angeles to be used in the event of civil disturbance, one more item to the picture is now offered.
Scares you?..Scares me
Based on the above, I would suggest if FEMA is at the operational level of overthrowing the government, then what Mr. Drudge reported on is an extension--the local community version--of what is notoriously known as "Big Brother". It has not gone unreported where Big Brother is, but not much in the way of its characteristics have been described previously. However, a report produced by private individuals with sources within the intelligence community gives a small glimpse into the eyes of the "Beast". In that it was not its primary focus, it is all that is available at this time. For information, in the way of background, only a handful of persons at the National Security Council have full authority in this.
From the Report: Re: Electronic Surveillance of American Citizens
"The Government has reportedly circumvented the prohibitions against domestic intelligence gathering by the CIA and the NSA by adopting the pretense that the data about the financial transactions of American citizens in U.S. banks are being collected for and stored in databases under the control of FEMA and the White House's National Program Office. These agencies, in turn, justify the data as needed in the event of a national emergency such as a nuclear attack. The agencies reportedly store the data in a remotely-located facility in Culpepper, Virginia, that supports super-secret contingency programs known as 'Continuity of Government' and 'Doomsday'. Once such databases exist, however, encrypted telecommunications links can make the remotely-located databases instantaneously accessible, even without a national emergency, for such nefarious purposes as insider trading and political blackmail. According to confidential sources, these databases are in fact supporting such activities."
Doesn't Affect Me..
It doesn't? Do you really believe it will stop there..or that it has? Maybe you have the wrong religion, or maybe even that you have one at all. Ever belonged to SDS? You a card-carrying member of NRA? No to both? How about a relative? Have they? Ever written a letter to the editor? Vote 'independent'? Subscribe to a conspiracy mag? Visit controversial Web sites; that is to say, not endorsed by the mainstream..or ones that criticize the status quo? Remember this when you pass through the color-coded turnstyles at the 'relocation' center: One degree of separation more only gets you through a different gate in the New Order of Things.
Sleep on it..
Michael Levy
Camps - Fact or Fiction?
By Don Bradley
< 3-15-99
Recently, I posted an article on various web sites dealing with the advent of Concentration or Internment Camps springing up all over America. Many have read this article, passed it around, and discussed it with your correspondent and among friends and family. A very few have gone on and visited some of these sites for themselves. As well, some have just outright called me insane, a liar, and other names too foul to mention. Some have thanked me for the research and have committed to joining the search for the truth, no matter where it may lead.
Since the release of the article, I have received a few invitations to speak to groups about my experiences and even to go on a few radio shows, which I've done. Some have asked me on only because they want to discredit my research and are waiting for their own people to come back with some info that will explain away my findings. They are HOPING to find any miter of evidence that they can use to, again, discredit this research. As before, I must take such things and give them all the due possible on a point by point basis.
Still, there is silence from the media and our government about the creation and staffing of these camps. Why? Even if to deny the claims, why can't our elected officials meet with me and others from the press at these sites and explain their purpose to us, so we can all go back to sleep and watch more TV? Why not open the gates and let us inspect these places? If they have nothing to hide, then where's the problem?
I have received hundreds of letters in the last few weeks, with many containing new evidence of camps and other things that make our case even stronger. The naysayers don't seem to have any proof, except a foul mouth and opinion of those men and women who are looking for the truth. This was to be as expected. Some, I believe, are working for the agency and have been working night and day to ruin my name. Others are simply the haters and denial people. Not liking what they hear, they simply won't see what any normal person can see with an open mind and open heart.
Here are some answers to many new questions raised by these folks.
1. Yes. We do have photographs. A lot of them. Yes we will publish them. As I write, we are collating the best photos and getting ready to get them up on the Internet, complete with address and map coordinates. These photos will be up at many sites. I will post the list of sites which will carry these photos at my own site, which is at
2. Yes. We do receive help from many people in the Army and National Guard, who have given us location tips regarding these camps.
3. The holding camps - which are by nature, simply fences enclosing an open area - have little in the way of facilities. These were areas already in existence (reservoirs) which have recently been modified with new barbed wire and concertina with the tops POINTING IN. These camps are lock stock - pens for cattle. Have you ever seen the stockyards? They are really just temp areas for holding cattle. The holding camps are scattered everywhere, in all major cities, and our intelligence sources confirm that these are going to be used as some sort of interim roundup places where those gathered can be place until these souls can be shipped off to somewhere else. Don't expect much in the way of guard towers and the like as they were never meant to be more than what they are.
4. For every major full-service camp, there are probably twenty holding camps. Makes sense, doesn't it?
5. No, I do not believe these camps are for aliens. They are designed for human beings.
6. No. I have not seen UFOs around these camps.
7. Hundreds of officers from the Air Force and Army are leaving the service and resigning their commissions because they believe something is about to happen that they don't want to be a part of. In October of 1998, I met with a Lt. Colonel from the Air Force in Colorado who was buying, through privates sale, ammunition and weapons for his family, because in his words, "he wanted his family out of the city and in the country before summer of next year.[1999]" A friend of mine has a law practice with another lawyer in Colorado who helps officers with their discharges and in the last two years, they have seen a flood of men and women - all with horror stories mind you - who are throwing away their careers to avoid something you don't want to know about. These men and women have nearly the same story. The US Government is going to declare Martial Law and take over the country by force, with the military and the intelligence community running things. They intend to rid our country of some twenty to thirty million people. They have lists. They have plans. They have been practicing. They are coming.
8. Yes, we have full location lists of camps from Florida to Alaska, but I've only seen those west of the Mississippi. Quite frankly, I just haven't the time to go and see them all.
9. Do your own thinking. Research these camps for yourself. Take the time to look at the evidence, which is abundant. When the pictures are published, look them over well and decide for yourself. Only you can save you. I can't do it, nor will any group step forward to do it. In fact, if someone tried to, they no doubt would be prevented.
10. The disinfo agents are redoubling their efforts, now that these reports are making their rounds. They don't look at the evidence, they simply slander and name call. That's fine. Sticks and stones.
11. No, I do not believe the UFOs are behind this. It is our intelligence/money/military cabal that is behind these camps. They have an agenda for us that is simply evil. I believe the UFO situation is a smokescreen to keep us looking the other way. I do not doubt the veracity of UFO sightings, only the source of such machines.
12. The Art Bells, Hoaglands, Dames, Ghostwolfs and others are not what they appear. Be careful of what these folks tell you. Not a one of them has ever produced any real proof of their claims.
13. Y2K? It might be the trigger for Martial Law, but our sources tell us the evil behind the camps isn't going to wait for that incident, though it is most convenient for them to have everything shutdown so they can get on with their plans.
14. The FBI, DIA, and NSA has been compiling lists of gunowners, food stockpilers, religious persons, new agers, patriots, etc. Why? Are these the people destined for the camps? The answer is yes, and more. They are looking at anyone who is not going to jump on the N.W.O. bandwagon as someone to be dealt with. It's in their plans, the National Guard has been training for it, and notice how the commercials lately are all telling us how wonderful the National Guard is and how much we need these fellows. Also, The DEA and FBI have been training, since January of 1999, to do house to house searchs for guns. Why? Firearm ownership is still a right and is legal in this country, so why train en masse? Troubling.
15. Yes, I do believe the media is a willing and cooperative accomplice with all that is coming. Know what conditioning is? Well it is what is happening to us now, via the media. This explains why no one in the media is investigating these reports.
I'll keep these commentaries going, every week, as long as someone is interested in freedom from slavery. Thank you for your time.