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UPDATE - More LA 'Camps' Exposed
From Sonny earth1 communications <
Mr. Bradleys allegation of a "camp at the 405 and 5 interchange:
The short 'runway' refered to by Bradley is in fact a mock 4 lane highway intersection approximately 400 feet long with painted lane markers and such! Right next to it is a high speed practice pursuit ralley course.
As you go south on the 405 you can pull over on the fwy and view the entire field...and most of the time see LAPD cars practicing maneuvers on the track.
AGAIN, I urge you to investigate this for yourself.
In addition we were again at the pearblossem site last sunday and looked with a fine tooth comb ....NOTHING! I REPEAT N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!!
People like Bradley are zealots and have but one agenda and it does not include the truth.
Lest we not forget than misinformation stories like this could cost lives if there were to be a political problem, or that some panicked individual or group goes out and starts shooting at what THEY believe to be a camp.
The more we look the more we find...LIES!
Update 3-27-99
Note - We have been dilligently covering the issue of FEMA apportioning the US into ten different administrative regions for years. We have been covering the allegations of 'camps' for the past six years going all the way back to our ground-breaking interviews with attorney Linda Thompson in 1994. We have covered 'Garden Plot' and 'Rex' and the frightening array of Executive Orders now on the books. We have NO trouble with the concept that there are plans to utilize camps in times of 'national emergency'...the usage of which could range from nefarious and completely evil goals to using them to quarantine victims of mass plague or biological-chemical warfare attacks. The possibilities are numerous, the ramifications run the gamut.
Mr. Bradley has made a number of claims in his Southern California concentration camps story, which, so far, do not hold up to close scrutiny.
Fact: His story was first posted on 3-7-99.
Fact: Within a week, 'Sonny' had gone to the area with several others, had taken pictures, and then submitted his rebuttal story on 3-13-99.
Fact: 'Sonny' asked that Mr. Bradley be given an opportunity to agree or disagree that the photos in 'Sonny's' story were of the same facility he described in his 'camps' story. The photos were emailed to Mr. Bradley.
Fact: We have subsequently asked Mr. Bradley FIVE times to answer that question. He has refused to do so. On 3-23-99, we posted the dissenting story submitted by 'Sonny' with some of his photos. We ask Mr. Bradley again: Are these photos showing the same Pearblossom 'camp' at which you said you were threatened by guards with automatic weapons and were then escorted completely out of the area by mysterious 'vans' in front of your car and one in the back? Is this the same area you claim to have attempted to overfly in a small plane but were threatened by air traffic control as you flew near the location?
Further, can you offer any proof that, as you state, anyone caught simply stopping their vehicles on the Pearblossom Highway to look at the 'camp' fences would be escorted by vans, front and rear, out of the area all the way to Highway 14 or all the way to I-15 at Victoville?
Fact: We have asked Mr. Bradley to send us copies of the 'dozens' of pictures of the Pearblossom facility he claims he took from the ground and the air. None have been received.
Fact: Mr. Bradley, when pressed, promised that he was 'overnighting' the photos of the Pearblossom 'camp' to us. None have been received.
Fact: We challenged Mr. Bradley to send us even one single solitary picture of one single 'guard' at Pearblossom carrying an MP5 or an M16. No pictures have been received.
Fact: Over half a dozen people have emailed to tell us they have personally, individually been out to the Pearblossom 'camp' and could find nothing to match Mr. Bradley's claims and descriptions. In this group are a physician, an attorney, and a woman who LIVES in Pearblossom...all reject Mr. Bradley's story.
Fact: Mr. Bradley continues to maintain the inward-pointing barbed wire strands on the perimeter fences prove his contentions that the Pearblossom location is a 'camp.'
Fact: Our calls to fencing contractors determined that inward pointed barbed wire is NOT uncommon. Many companies, in fact, are now having their wire re-pointed INWARD to prevent LAWSUITS over LIABILITY issues of INJURY from outward pointing barbed wire. This is ESPECIALLY desireable when the fence lines are on or very near the edge of the property line. In our litigious society, many companies have been sued by people claiming that outward pointing wire has caused them injury.
Fact: Mr. Bradley states he is going out to expose the Pearblossom 'camp' with the help of two reporters from the national mainstream media but refuses to name these people.
Fact: Mr. Bradley has now posted two (2) pictures of the alleged Pearblossom 'camp.' at this url: The photos show nothing more than than 'Sonny's' pictures and do not constitute proof of a 'concentration camp.' He continues to maintain the inward direction of the three strands of barbed wire necessarily define sinister intent. As we have demonstrated, inward pointing barbed wire is becoming commonplace. This is the text that accompanies Mr. Bradley's two photos:
"Location 10: Pearblossom at Ave 116 and the Pearblossom Highway. Status: Created in 1996 from what was a small then repair facility, it is now huge, some 2.3 miles by seven miles of moats, guard shacks, and fences with all the Barbed Wire POINTING IN. Caution when approaching."
We await further developments.
Note - We have had half a dozen other people go out to the Pearblossom location and email in reports. None of them, zero, could find anything to corroborate the information in the original story. ???
From: billingsley
To: <>
Subject: Pearblossom Camp
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999
A friend of mine did me a favor and went to the site of the alleged camp. He reports to me that the only thing there was only a pumping station used for the California Aquaduct. In addition, he reports that there was a sign giving a telephone number if someone wanted to request a tour. This man is a prominent doctor here in the Antelope Valley so I think he was able to identify what he saw ok ,but maybe it could be a cover. He reiterated that he saw no guard towers. The bottom line....we don't know.
Pearblossom NOT A 'Camp'
From Sonny at earth1 communications
Submitted 3-13-99
(posted with photos 3-23-99)
Yesterday our team went to the alleged 'death camp' Pearblossom site and did a full recon including a 7 mile perimeter sweep.
This location is, in reality, nothing more than a California Aqueduct pumping station.
The gates are open and regular tours are given...cameras are allowed.


This facility sports a huge 6' high fence, 35 years or older, as the tops are rusted. In addition, the 'mote' is, in reality, a catch basin in the event the pump system fails and the water stream cannot be shut off right away.
The facility pumps water from a low level to a recieving station 1/2 mile away, where the water is re-introduced into the canal and sent on it's way...
ALL facilities are open to the public there. All gates are open during regular business hours..


The attached pics included as an attachment show 1 front gate entrance 2 the overall terain all flat no trees this is desert! 3 uper pump recieve station fenced on a 1/4 acre the tower is a maintainance shaftdown into the pump works 4 another angle of 3 5 california acquduct going into the lower station 6 speeks for it self
As far as roving patrols...the only ones we saw were rabbits guarding their food.

Do three strands of rusty barbed wire angled inward
make this a 'concentration camp'?
The alleged '2-3 mile facility at 5/405 freeways'?
This is the Van Norman dam ...the lower part was drained in 1971 as a result of the earthquake.
The facility is used by the LA Department of Water and Power (DWP) and the LA Police Department. The LAPD uses it as a training vacility where they have a race course set up to train for high speed chaces as well as a SWAT training area which includes out buildings and such.
A large building next to the freeway with a semi-curved black roof is a solar generating far as guards go, we saw only one city employee at the entrance gate...
The upper part is the Mullhulland /Van Norman reservoir which contains water. On the east side of the facility are large pumping units which supply water to the San Fernando valley.


As far as the area mentioned in Fillmore...why bother? That area is ALL privately-owned orange tree orchards.
When we have need to go to Ojai, we will inspect that claim of a 'camp' there as well. An additional point: Federal 'detention camps' will probably be located on Federal land..
Another Debunk Of 'LA Concentration Camps'
Hi, after seeing the article on your site I will refer you to a posting I made in newsgroup misc.survivalism at Dejanews address: LINK
I also took some photos, I need to have them scanned if needed. If you have need of them contact me email. Thanks, great site.
After seeing the lead-in message about containment camps (and other rumors of same elswhere), I live close enough to verify one of these locations, so I did.
I went to the location in Glendale, CA, which I'm long familiar with. The area is sourounded by upper middle class neighborhoods, backing up to a pocket of wilderness area where there are more neighborhoods on the far side of the foothill range. I took the hike up Brand Park, I've been there many times.
This is a water runoff control area for these foothills. There is a reservoir there, substantialy filled in with dirt. It is, of course, sourounded by chain link fence topped by barbed wire, slanted in. However the fence is only about 5 feet high and old, and not in a well-maintained condition. Some of the barbed wire supports are rusted and have fallen away.
I talked to a venerable lifelong citzen of the area, 76 year old 'Charlie'; he hikes around the area frequently collecting cans and such. He has been aquainted with all of the work crews over many years. I asked him if he'd ever seen any soldiers or guards in the area. "NO" was his answer.
I hiked up about a mile and the road becomes a narrow service road, along which there are a few small work areas of pipes, dried foliage branches in dumpsters, etc. Nothing that would be in any way construed as a containment camp. It's not even a feasible area for that. This area has several small dams for flood control, probably built during the Depression era.
I also have a lifelong friend that works at the Pearblossom water pumping plant mentioned in the list and having lived in that area also, can verify that it is part of the California Aquaduct system.
Seperating fact from fiction will certainly help us to deal with whatever comes. At least these two elements can be disproved as to the claims alluded to here.
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